Our message to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Never surrender!


Members of the public are feeling the heartbreaking words in Prince Harry’s statement regarding the lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday (MOS). Between the smear campaigns sanctioned by whoever in the Royal Family and their courtiers and the Duchess’ father selling her out (not to mention TOD) it’s evident in the Duke’s statement that they are thankful for the warm love and support coming from a world of complete strangers whom I prefer to recognize as their global extended family.

#Sussexsquad is not just a fandom blindly and fanatically supporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This support is a pushback of the obvious injustices stemming from British tabloid media, royal reporters, online trolls, and “inside palace sources,” which we easily debunk with an endless supply of “receipts.” We support this family because we love their work ethic and their productivity. What we love most is how they use their very privileged platform to shine a light on so many wonderful causes and inspires us to become a part of the solution to some of the world’s problems.

The contents of the Duke’s communication concerning the lawsuit skillfully highlights the negativity, so I will address the extreme positivity of the #sussexsquad’s fight against the Number One issue: BULLYING .

Rewriting Duchess Meghan’s history in a negative light is virtually impossible since her pre-royal life is well documented; which makes the attempts to assassinate her character laughable. Her humanitarian work, feminism, wealth, wardrobe, education, professional acting, etc. – all well documented.

The Wardrobe – Much of the clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories she wears came across the pond with her. The inflated prices reported by the tabloids of her new items; pure lies. An attempt to depict her as an excessive spender: BULLYING.

Hollywood, a very much used and abused word. Arriving in an expensive car, stepping out dressed in expensive garbs and sparkling jewels, waving to the poor onlookers as cameras flash; that’s Hollywood. All the members of the Royal Family engage in “Hollywood” behavior, but only the Duchess of Sussex gets labeled. Duchess Meghan simply had a successful career in her own right that allowed her to earn her own millions of dollars. Yes, through hard work the Duchess became a self-made millionaire. She’s been vocal since the age of 11. Her poise and diction is a result of professional training. Her association with charitable and humanitarian projects happened before her title and has nothing to do with Hollywood. The fandom highlights her many bright points by talking about those charities she supports and her great work in advocating feminism through gender equality. This is how #sussexsquad fights BULLYING.

Difficult another word used and abused to gaslight her work ethic; a work ethic proven to be phenomenal and beyond what the British tabloid media is accustomed to seeing coming from a Royal.

Throughout her pregnancy and while on maternity leave the Duchess was subject to horrendous defamation and character assassination. The depth of the negative reporting would have easily caused a pregnant woman to fall into a state of depression that could lead to a miscarriage. However, the Duchess stayed focused. During her pregnancy while on maternity leave, she guest edited the September issue of British Vogue, which flew off the shelves and organized the Smart Works Capsule, another successful venture. Once again, the fandom’s pushback BULLYING by highlighting her creativity and productivity despite the extreme sabotage, defamation and character assassination attempts. Her steadfastness is an Inspiration to many. She teaches us that strength and focus can exist even in extremely bad conditions.

The outrage over the Sussex’s use of private jets was an attempt to sabotage the launching of the Duke’s project “Travylst.” The concept of “offsetting” was totally overlooked. The tabloid media described the carrier used as lavish, conveniently omitting that it is an eco-friendly carrier. Many people are not familiar with the concept of offsetting as it relates to the carbon footprint, and despite Prince Harry’s attempt to explain it in simple form, it was much easier for the trolls to accept the tabloids version and as a result the Sussexes were labeled as hypocrites.

Access to Baby Archie – BULLYING. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is a private citizen, he does not have a royal title. The Duke and Duchess wants him to be treated as a private citizen like the other children in the Royal family who do not have a title. The demands to see this child is unreasonable. HM the Queen did not show the heir to the throne until he was one month old. Archie is 5 months old, people have seen more of him at this young age than any other Royal. The Duke and Duchess don’t want to hide their child, they simply will not allow the media to monetize him. The fandom respects the Duke and Duchess request for privacy for their child and fought hard against the BULLYING for access. Privacy and human rights was the anti-bullying pushback. The baby, the mother, and the father are not commodities; they are humans.

#Sussexsquad fights hard against double standards and bullying in all its forms concerning the Duke and Duchess. Through the anti-bullying process of the fandom, we continue to learn much about the racism black people are still subjected to whether it is thinly veiled or blatant.

The Sussexes are some of the most prominent faces in the world today. According to YouGov polls, many in the UK and the throughout the world are seeing through this savage bullying. The positive messages of support and encouragement from millions from all walks of life, who are aware of the dreadful ruthless process, is heartwarming. This is the bright side of this lawsuit.

Our message to the Sussexes, “Never surrender. Fight no matter what the risks or the outcome.”

#Sussexsquad KEEP IT UP!


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12 comments on “Our message to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Never surrender!

  1. M

    Great article, #sussexsquad STRONG, we will keep the receipts coming #WESTANDWITHTHESUSSEXS 🛡⚔️🌊

  2. Kelly

    You ,my friend have plucked the mask from the face of the Pharisee if i may quote Charlotte Bronte. Kudos!

  3. Sonia

    I am in America and have been following the RF for a long time but haven’t seen much since Princess Diana’s death until Prince Harry and Meghan. What I see is an obvious effort by some of the press to pick Meghan apart for every little thing that the rest of the RF is allowed to do without reproach. It was clear to me that there are double standards here and maybe time will tell. However when the bullying and harassment by Piers Morgan got so out of place it became clear what was happening. At the same time her half siblings and her father were given the green light to sweep the floor with her. All this put together made it an embarrassing and often annoying display of what real hate in a family looks like. Based on that I realize that there were issues from the day Meghan was born. I can imagine what Doria had to go thru. It’s hard for Samantha and Thomas Jr to hide their underlying distain for Meghan. Her successes made them jealous and that was clear by all the things they did to sabotage the wedding and her life. Their fathers attention to Meghan must have been a very sore point throughout their lives and to top it all off she is smart beautiful and successful.
    Being a very hard worker with a lot of integrity also puts her in a similar situation in the RF. Her work ethics and genuine support for charity work is on another level. This is great but some people see that as her wanting the lime light. Every single member of the RF wants the limelight that’s what their job is. Parades, gala,, tours, dinners, the commonwealth, unveiling’s plaques and charity work etc, this is what keeps Britain relevant to the rest of the world.

    I am so grateful to Meghanpedia, Sussex Squad and all the other blogs dedicated to supporting what the DDoS are doing to make positive changes throughout the world and for giving us facts about their activities and the reason behind some of the media dishonest interpretations of their lives.❤️

  4. Triny Mitchell

    This is my first time commenting on any of the written pieces on this website, and I must say this is extremely well-written just as all the others I have read. It absolutely breaks my heart but they’ve had to go through what they’ve gone through in our continuing to go through. We must continue the push back as it is the right thing to do. What Megan, Harry as well as Ben Stokes and Gareth Thomas have had to go through could happen to any of us. There has to come a time and place where people need to be held accountable for their actions. My Hope and my prayer is that the courts will hold the British media accountable for their actions. I pray that the monetary award is of such a magnitude that the British press will think twice about what they approve to go to press. I have so much respect for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their bravery and for taking a stand. They’ve done so much together in such a short amount of time that inspires us all to do better and to be better.


  5. Gladys

    A very well written piece & full of facts, yes we will stand with the Sussexes no matter the outcome, thank you again for the super article 👌👍

  6. Dinah

    Very encouraging article.
    Thank you for highlight the different kind of bullying Harry and Meghan have had to face in the past three years, which exploded over the last year, after the Oceania tour.
    As Nació said (I my words), ‘I will defend this guy with my life’ – we, as the Sussexsquad add: ‘ We will keep defending the unjust against them with all means possible’. xo

  7. Paula

    Thanks Lillian.
    The UK and the world is indeed seeing through the lies of the British trash press. To condemn Duchess Meghan without condemning the whole British Royal family is blatant white supremacy and/or anti feminism.
    Her clothing comes from allowances, so how she spends her allocation shouldn’t be a topic. It goes without saying that she cannot be receiving more than Kate whose wardrobe expenses is acceptable. If a < 2 and b is less than a and values below 2 are acceptable then b is acceptable, period.
    She wears some of her own clothing and jewelry in royal functions; something that the press don't report. She is a Duchess of solution, something they are too proud/timid to declare.
    Condemning her as Hollywood is a joke considering the amount of actors that have been honoured from MBE to knighthood. There is nothing about her that needs apology, NOTHING.
    I don't know what kind of mind control they think they are using on the public, but it's not working. When they make statements like they are no longer popular, it could only mean that popular has changed meaning.
    The dishonest scale used in accessing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should only make all people who do not conform with negative press and privacy invasion appreciation this active steps.
    I hope the DDoS will start using their website for print articles on topics such as "carbon offsets" and other promoted projects. If at the time those lies were spread, it would have been a good time to put a link explaining carbon offsets and the imparts of travylst.
    God bless Sussex squad and God bless the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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