Harry, Meghan, UK Monarchy Rules And Human Rights – Introduction

Harry, Meghan, UK Monarchy Rules and Human Rights
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UK Monarchy Rules and Human Rights? Have you ever wondered whether the British Royal Family and their associates in the British Media (particularly those in the Royal Rota) live in an alternative universe compared to the rest of us? Are there different forces operating in their zone? Does the UK Monarchy use a different rule book when it comes to interaction with the Sussexes as opposed to every other family member? Is slavery still alive and thriving in the UK Monarchy?

Is the chasing of Harry and Meghan around the world, for breaking faux rules and/or protocol part of a new reality show that we have not been informed about? Is the mission to break them psychologically part of a new game show of endurance, and if so, who is behind the concept, and which TV network is financing it all? When does this new game show come to an end? Is this a nod to the Matrix, except in this case there is no rule of law, just permission to chase two people who dared to have independent thought and wanted to live outside the zone designated for them?

Or is this a cruel game based on an enslaved group, who are plied with a significant degree of luxuries(or the appearance of it) as barter for the trampling of their rights, and the audacity to peddle abuse as “team-building” for the preservation of an Institution. One so ‘awesome’ one dare not question it, yet paradoxically quite fragile.

Anyone who dares to question this abusive oppressive society is pounced upon with the aim to break their spirit and to then mould them in the clone-like stature of the other members. If that is not acceptable to any objectors they are treated like slaves gone bad, and they are treated like prey – hunted down around the globe until they break or their heart stops beating.

In the real world, this alternate universe with its barbaric operations manual should have no place. Instead of the mould that the Sussexes’ detractors aim to cast them into two wealthy people shirking their responsibilities, let me suggest that there are red flags being waved enthusiastically, of a very dangerous game being played out in front of our eyes.

Naturally, the key groups acting as oppressors are the beneficiaries of the current set up. More importantly, if those elements stepped outside of their protected bubble did half of what has been going on for years, it would be considered against the law- national or international. This article is a foray into basic human rights legislation, and how it is selectively applied within that protected cluster if at all, as it pertains to Harry and Meghan versus the rest of the Windsor Clan.

I am by no means a legal expert, and do no claim such. This article is based on my perceptions and my informed thoughts of the events that have played out. These are my perceptions of how certain groups have been given permission (direct or implied) to operate outside of established procedures in the pursuit of the two people who are now treated like modern day runaway slaves.

UK Monarchy and its partners in the media are acting like an ex-partner who cannot believe their other half has left, and is publicly using abusive methods to gain sympathy for those with limited clarity on what is happening, in the hope that the one who escaped them, here Harry and Meghan, will break and return. Make no mistake, there is no love here. Only loathing. A visceral and palpable rage over the loss of perceived control. The firm has made its aim quite clear, through dozens of ‘sources’. They want Harry to leave his wife and son and return to the Royal Family and be used to bolster the image of the UK Monarchy(don’t ask me what the purpose of the heirs are), until the Cambridge children are adults. And then Harry would be cast aside, to become part of the people in the Firm who serve no purpose and who are shoved into the background and form part of the Royal wallpaper pattern.

Like I said, if this occurred in any other family setting, legal groups would be concerned for the people within the framework, particularly the children born into that framework who are in the Line of Succession. Children created to serve the monarchy, essentially born without rights. Apart from the first born, children have no inherent value outside of being a prop- in every sense of the word. Children who are not allowed independent thought, or the opportunity to fulfill their potential, and who must at all times devalue themselves in order to make the first born look good and feel good about their shortcomings. In any other walk of life, treatment of children along those lines would be considered anything but positive, and on several fronts, a breach of human rights.

Harry, Meghan, UK Monarchy Rules & Human Rights – Context


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21 comments on “Harry, Meghan, UK Monarchy Rules And Human Rights – Introduction

  1. Gael Lewis

    I have listened to your articles twice and will probably keep re-listening at regular intervals. Clear, concise, insightful and always on-point. Thank you. Any article that highlights the injustice and violation of basic human rights H & M continue to endure can only be beneficial in bringing these issues to more peoples’ attention. We can only hope that eventually all that is hidden will come to light under the spotlight of the public’s demand for truth and justice.

    1. Ivy Barrow

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am pleased you found the content interesting. I tried to keep it interesting for the audience whilst ensuring salient parts of the law were linked to the points I was making. I don’t have a legal background but the injustice as you state in your comment is stark, in my opinion. I hope that the more people that see the article and listen to the podcast, will have discussions with their friends and family and hopefully start to question some practices described as duty or tradition for instance. Thank you once again.

  2. Akono caroline

    Ils peuvent toujours attendre que Harry laisse ce qui lui ait cher pour cette famille d’une autre époque qu’il a tant soutenue. Un adage dit : les os que l’ont brisent s’endurcissent avec le temps. La différence avec Diana, Meghan son mari l’aime et elle a une armée de fan derrière elle pour la soutenir elle et son mari et défendre le petit Archie.

    1. Ivy Barrow

      Thank you for your comment. Meghan and Harry are in a better position than Diana was in terms of support. Social media exists now, which poor Diana did not have. The Sussexes have a global support network. Our support is a lifetime one. We won’t allow or accept any adverse behaviour towards thus couple. We will always push back. Meghan has been treated so badly by the Royal Family and their friends in the media. Unforgivable. Harry is doing for his wife and child, what Charles never did for Diana and now he has done nothing for the Sussexes. I believe in karma. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Ivy Barrow

      I feel fairly certain other legal challenges will come over the years, but I suspect they will wait until current ones are sorted, before commencing more legal action. Just a guess on my part. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Gladys

    I get so mad with the haters on line who just see the skin colour & then all sense & reason flies out through the window, but i say if this madness, envy & jealousy by the RF & the BM was around one of their own then they would have posed & use a little bit of brain cells & then may be have some empathy & humanity but gosh! these people are really like rabid dogs they want blood.
    Lets continue praying for H, M & A 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Ivy Barrow

      Agree. Keep the Sussexes in our prayers. As for the haters I just ignore them. The haters cannot be reasoned with. Most are people who have no other hobby than to post things in social media for a reaction. It gives them a purpose to get up each day. They have no logical reason for their opinions; it has just become a habit. Others make money from generating and perpetuating hate. Their income generation is limited and they too will fall into an empty space questioning the purpose of their lives. Best to be ignored. Focus on the Sussexes and the wonderful difference they will make to the world, regardless of the haters; they are just noise. The spaces for them to air that negative rhetoric will reduce over time. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Eileen

    Wow, superb article! In my opinion the RF and British media are absolutely vile and are behaving in the most appalling manner. They need to understand that this is not the 1930’s when they banished David and Mrs Simpson, then ruined Margaret’s life because she wanted to marry a divorced man, no , time has moved on. What they are attempting to do to H, M & A is beyond belief , I just pray they have the strength to get through this storm and are eventually left alone to lead their lives as they wish to do.
    I know lots of people support them , I just hope that they know that.

    1. Ivy Barrow

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes the establishment are trying to recreate decades old approaches to modern day framework. It was never going to work. Harry and Meghan have experiences from their global humanitarian work for many years and therefore they are in a better position to consider modern options as a couple inside an archaic institution. The establishment underestimated the Sussexes big time. Now they need to look at the people they have left and decide how they move forward. One day I hope the country decides to look at whether it needs a Monarchy. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Faye Colbert

    Thanks for this. I read all three parts and now am coming back here to comment. Extremely clear explanation of human rights law for the average person to understand. I firmly believe that BM and RF have been and continue to violate Harry, Meghan, and Archie’s human rights under U.S. and international law. BM and RF have literally been stalking HMA as they have moved around the world. I am so glad that they are in the U.S. now. Anyone who doubts that laws are being broken needs to read these articles. Their minds will be changed.

    1. Ivy Barrow

      I tried to link elements of the legal framework with the points I was making. The Sussexes have been treated so badly by the Royal Famiky and U.K. media but I firmly believe they will come out on top. The world needs more people like them and I am confident that their future projects will make a huge global difference. I suspect that once current litigation processes are completed, others may well follow. In my non legal opinion they have grounds on a number of fronts. Thank you for support. Share the links to the site as well as links to articles and podcasts. The more people that have access to the topics, the more discussions will take place and then hopefully questions asked. Thanks again.

  6. Jacqueline Matthews

    Fantastic article and makes the case that Harry and Meghan’s human rights are being trampled on by the British media sanctioned by the British royal family in an effort to destroy them psychologically or physically so Harry can return to the royal family for the purposes stated in the article. What is clear at this point is that even if the British media succeeded in driving Harry to abandon his son and his wife and go back to England, they won’t be satisfied until they have blood. They won’t stop pursuing Meghan, possibly Archie, until they see her broken body without life. Harry’s spirit broken beyond measure so he becomes the caricature they have created leading a craven, depraved and hard drinking wasted life destined for an early grave only after his niece and nephews are grown and have become new targets.

    I have now stated for a long time that Meghan should sue the British media, and I have now come to believe the monarchy, for human rights violations in the United Nations court. I’m not a legal expert but it would be great to try it for precedent since the British laws put no checks on their rabid and sinister media.

    1. Akono caroline

      Je croise les doigts qu’elle porte plainte devant la Cour des N U. mais je pense qu’elle attend la fin de la première procédure, parce qu’on ne peux courir après 2 lièvres. Patience

      1. Ivy Barrow

        Agree. I have responded to earlier comments that there is a need to have current litigation processes complete, before starting new ones. The Sussexes also have Archewell underway inc a number of projects. All that needs to happen will happen at the right time. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Appreciated.

      2. Ivy Barrow

        I don’t think that we will hear of any additional court cases until the current litigation is over. I believe that they have justification to pursue a range of legal arguments in the future. I hope their legal team is continually gathering evidence. Happy that you liked the content of the article and the podcasts. Thank you taking the time to comment. I do appreciate it.

        1. Ivy Barrow

          I don’t think that we will hear of any additional court cases until the current litigation is over. I believe that they have justification to pursue a range of legal arguments in the future. I hope their legal team is continually gathering evidence. Happy that you liked the content of the article and the podcasts. Thank you taking the time to comment. I do appreciate it.

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