Are Prince William And His Wife Behind The Relentless And Coordinated Media Attacks Against Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan?

The British Royal Family Have a Family Problem

Are William and Kate behind coordinated media attacks against Harry and Meghan?

It is no longer disputable that the UK Media, online commentators and trolls have been relentlessly attacking the Duchess of Sussex since her romantic involvement to Prince Harry became public. The first I heard of said attacks was via Prince Harry issuing a statement asking the media to respect his then girlfriend, Meghan Markle’s privacy in November 2016. Rather than cooperate the media mocked him and doubled down on the attacks. The tone and nature of the attacks have been virulent, sexist, xenophobic, racist and sustained over three years. One of the most alarming aspects of the attacks is that the underlying -isms are now overt and have become entrenched, with avowed xenophobes and racists like Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins joining the pile on. There’s even a dedicated hate group which I will not dignify by naming, who traffic in conspiracy theories about the Duchess of Sussex and imbue her with ridiculous traits, mock her and share doctored and falsified images of her on social media and have on occasion relished in her demise.

While inexcusable and irresponsible, it could be postulated that the media’s initial response to Meghan was so sensational because, their union was different than practically any previous royal romance. As a result of all the underlying prejudices, the media went full court to portray her as less than, unfit or not good enough to become a royal spouse, with all kinds of racist tropes. Some “experts” openly dismissed her as a fling and nothing more. With the passage of time and the ensuing engagement in November 2017, there appeared to be a turning of the tide in the build-up to and after their most glorious nuptials and into their Oceania tour.

Towards the end of the Oceania tour however, there was an abrupt and unmistakable change in the tone of the coverage. It became noticeably corrosive and vitriolic, more focused on portraying her as a bad person. It was almost as if it was decided that since she was very well liked and seen by many as assuming her role flawlessly, in spite of the earlier “she’s black’, ‘of the wrong DNA’, ‘actress; translate wrong social class’ attempts, then this time they would attempt to corrupt her image by portraying her as inherently unlikeable because she is not a nice person. The racist, xenophobic and sexist undertones remained but the stories became very cutting and personal. A lot has been written about online commentators and trolls. At the foundation however is the UK media’s attitude, which they have miserably failed to reflect on and evaluate. This opinion piece makes the case for why its author is making a considered opinion that the media have likely been handed their orders by the Cambridge court, to hurt the image of house Sussex.

Reporters’ own accounts.

First, the April 2019 Tim Shipman article in The Times which essentially detailed Prince William’s displeasure at The Sussexes’ popularity and the ideas he and his court had considered as a way to put him back in the spotlight. This has been corroborated by the assertions of a few royal reporters when there’s been intense pushback by the Duchess of Sussex’s supporters in response to their virulent attack articles. The salient paragraph from Shipman’s article is shown below along with a tweet from a royal reporter Emily Andrews, in response to a tweet regarding her coverage of private jet-gate, implying that the attacks/ push back was coming from within the family.

Similarly, another royal correspondent on a radio show said “ It is so much easier for them to blame anything uncomfortable on racism rather than address the fact that much of the negativity is coming from within the royal family”. Watch and listen to that account here. This theory/notion is widely held and was even the subject of discussion on a recent episode of Jeremy Vine’s TV show. The relevant part of the transcript is presented here.

For context, this was around the time of the faux private-jet outrage, in August 2019. So we have at least two instances where Prince William/ his court have been named directly and two others when it’s been implied that the negative coverage is instigated from within the family.

Timing of Smear.

Even though the negative coverage around the Sussexes has been chronic, there have been periods of exacerbation temporally related to big Sussex news events. First there was the post-Oceania tour smear. Following a wildly successful tour and understandable buzz around the Sussexes, there was this abrupt change in tone of reports: frankly strange stories of a “diva” bride, sister-in-law, boss, wife, what have you. It was as if someone literally said, ready set go! It was so heavy handed and just so contrary to the known and publicly displayed personality of The Duchess of Sussex that it was obvious someone was out for blood. Further, there seemed to be no logical reason why reporters after the boon of the tour would just happen to be looking for dirt, unless some entity was freely dishing it out.
I can point to several other instances where this dynamic has been in play:
The move to their Frogmore residence, was shortly followed by stories of “unreasonable Sussexes banning staff from using parking lot overlooking Frogmore cottage”( an accuracy complaint by the couple has just been upheld by the IPSO).
Prince Harry posted behind the scenes photos of his trips to Africa; that was a no-no because “they were trying to upstage Prince Louis’ birthday”.

Prince Archie’s delivery was yet another huge media melt-down. Nothing was ever good enough, that the Sussexes did. Whatever it took, they were determined to sour the joy of Archie’s birth with nonsensical gripes. Never mind that his birth and presentation was arguably the most tasteful, well organized and dare I say regal of a royal baby in recent times. Then there was the calculated Wimbledon smear, after the Duchess of Sussex took in a game with her friends, with beautiful pictures and headlines beamed all over. They just needed to cut her down a little bit. By now you get the pattern.

Double standards in reportage(benefiting Cambridges)

Where does one even begin with the double standards? A lot of the perceived “sins” of Duchess Meghan that are prosecuted by the British media are really trivial and immaterial. Very often events are deliberately presented without context, just to make the story fit a certain narrative that they have been trying to build around the duchess.

If you’ve been paying attention, you will notice that whatever issue the media decides to chastise the Sussexes for, it is done in a way that sets the Cambridges up to benefit from it. So whether its clothing or the elusive protocol rule book, Duchess Meghan never gets it right, doesn’t quite understand, isn’t ever as appropriate as her sister-in-law, the English Rose. Nonsense of course, but this pattern has persisted. When SussexRoyal posted about LGBT issues on Instagram, the heavens had to crack open to behold how controversial and political the Sussexes were. However, William was just being a compassionate future king when he shared his thoughts on Prince George hypothetically being gay. Also Prince William could talk about Brexit at his engagement and it was as if the media’s outrage button was out of commission.

Similarly Duchess Meghan’s guest edit of Vogue September issue was dishonestly panned by the media as unprecedented and every other negative adjective they could summon. But we all know it wasn’t. The reporters are the same ones who wrote about previous royals editing print/news magazines but anything to chip at the Sussexes, even lying is apropos.

Then there’s the all-consuming private jet saga. The Sussexes were castigated and called all manner of names for flying private to their vacation but for the Cambridges Caribbean trip, it was just an innocuous and well deserved vacation, fit for a future king! Same applied to Prince Harry’s attendance at Google camp. He was characterized as hypocritical barefoot environmental polluter while, just a couple days prior, when the press thought that the Cambridges had attended the same event, the papers and websites were flush with glowing headlines of the future king and his consort hobnobbing with A-listers in Greek temples and what not. Never mind that regardless of which brother attended, the same events would have taken place. But then again, remember whose profile they are trying to diminish and whose they’re attempting to build. Add to this what seems to be unified script that the press play to. From Wimbledon to Frogmore, to Archie… across the board, they always appear to have the same theme or framing of their most current issue. That in my mind alludes to some level of organization/orchestration.

Cambridges presenting a counter image/ front to whatever the Sussexes are being chastised for.

In the build up to and after the birth of Prince Archie, the media were hounding the Sussexes for access and somehow there were suddenly pictures of the Cambridges out as a family on weekends, several appearances and photo ops with the children in mummy’s garden. Then there was the infamous Cambridge-Flybe fiasco of a PR stunt, when the Cambridges were pictured flying on a budget airline to Balmoral, juxtaposed against Prince Harry and family being lambasted for flying by private jet. It was almost as if they were saying look, we’ll gladly show our kids for the benefit of the almighty taxpayer and it’s fine. We’re modest and environmentally conscious travelers. The model royals, see? Except that they were too busy flexing that they left footprints along the trail of the PR stunt. See news excerpts below.

It really was suspicious but the reporters went to great lengths to convince readers that the trip would have been booked way in advance of the travel date and not done on purpose. Until the report from the Scotsman that detailed the last minute flight arrangements, along with the extraordinary measures taken, including flying two planes empty, to create the “responsible royal” moment. How is that for being caught with egg on your face!
It was recently reported that Prince William had paid the Queen a surprise visit at Balmoral. He was neither pictured getting on his “budget flight” nor was any reporter remotely interested in how he got there. Co-incidence or by design?

Blatant efforts to steal the spotlight/ undermine the Sussexes.

As this media campaign against the Sussexes has worn on, a pattern has emerged whereby, whenever the Sussexes get good press or have major announcements, The Cambridges swoop in to attempt to dilute/dissipate the impact of said event/ announcement. Granted, it’s a big family with busy principals who may have conflicting calendars but some of these announcements from KP have been curious at the very least. E.g. In May this year, in the middle of Prince Harry’s Sentebale Polo match in Rome, KP announced that Princess Charlotte will be going to the same school as her elder brother. Cute, but what was the urgency, given that it was months in advance and towards the end of August, they made the announcement again.

Then there was that Saturday late night ( for both Britain and Pakistan) announcement of the Cambridges Pakistan tour on the same day the Sussexes attended the London series baseball game in aid of Invictus Foundation. The timing seemed odd, almost trying to muscle their way onto the frontpages of Sunday papers, which was a fail by the way. Don’t forget Prince William launching the Heads Together FA project on Duchess Meghan’s birthday, which this year fell on a Sunday, and the announcement of an upcoming mental health collaboration between the Cambridges and some man who Kate met privately, on the day the Smart Set collection was launched. As noted before, it’s a big team and there’s bound to be conflict but some of these really induce head-scratching, and considering that the Sussexes can’t even post pictures on Instagram without being accused of upstaging a first birthday, it’s odd.

There have also been instances where the Cambridge camp has appropriated credit for work done by House Sussex. The most recent example was the ludicrous attempt to credit Kate for the successful launch of The Smart Set Collection. Also remember Shout? Which the Cambridges launched in a manner that almost completely erased the Sussexes from what was at the minimum a team effort. It just seems to be a pattern of stealing the Sussex thunder that frankly arouses questions.

Other Circumstantial Evidence.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge claims Tatler the tea table topper gossip magazine as a favourite and is connected to two different people at Tatler: Richard Dennen, the Tatler editor and David Jenkins a writer at Tatler. The picture below shows Richard Dennen, who went to school with William and Kate and has social media posts indicating they are still close. Kate’s current stylist is a lady who lunches and is friendly with Alexandra Shulman, the ex-British Vogue editor-in-chief( with her own past race scandal) and current partner of David Jenkins, the man who wrote a Tatler hit piece on the Duchess of Sussex.

Tatler’s latest hit piece on The Duchess of Sussex which is without merit was posted on Instagram with such overt malice, so offensive and distasteful that they had to delete it on the same day due to objections from supporters of Meghan and even some non-royal watchers. The confidence to post such vitriol about their friend’s sister-in-law indicates to me that at best, the writer had no expectation of dissent from Kate or at worst had the blessing or OK from the Cambridge court. It is worthy of note that about a month before this despicable hit piece, Tatler did a piece about who had the most social capital in Britain and of course the Cambridges were at or near the top of that list. Do you see how that juxtaposes with the whole “Duchess Meghan the social climber” move Tatler made? Coincidence? Maybe but this curious mind thinks someone is actively trying to make and simultaneously break some individuals’ social status.
Also, recall the December 2018 interview granted by Carol Middleton to the Daily Mail, in which she went out of her way to say that royalty is not all about giving speeches, even though the purpose of interview was to celebrate a milestone of their family business? It was clearly seen as a swipe at Duchess Meghan following the wildly successful Oceania tour, during which she made several speeches that drew the admiration of many and led to the inevitable comparisons of the sisters-in-law’s public speaking ability. We now know that speech-making is so inconsequential to the role of a royal that, the complete overhaul of one’s voice and accent in order to become a “confident public speaker” has reportedly successfully taken place. Yes, that was sarcasm.

Another theory that’s been offered for The Cambridges’ seeming collusion with the British press is to hide an alleged affair. The deal with the UK media vultures being that they won’t cover the alleged affair by Prince William as long as they have access to “palace sources” with which to trash The Sussexes, especially Meghan. The Cambridges get to muzzle unfavourable stories about themselves while the Media continue to monetize the Sussexes, the most in-demand couple, with sensational stories: a perfect quid pro quo. See screen grabs of social media posts below for reference.

The Cambridges sweetened the deal further by granting more photographic access to them and their children, a real boon for the media who are essentially double dipping; selling the “wholesome” future, future, family versus the “problematic” Sussexes, so they willingly oblige. The benefit to Prince William and Duchess Kate are clear, becoming more popular( in their estimation) and of course squashing all coverage of alleged affair.

By trashing Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex the UK media satisfies their latent xenophobia, misogyny and racism while hoping to gain access to their private lives. The cynical and Machiavellian calculation by the UK media is that the more negative press they generate about the Sussexes to create an impression, albeit false, that there’s a public relations issue, the likelihood that Prince Harry will be forced to grant them more access to his family to help repair the “PR problem” will increase.

Stunning reluctance of Cambridges to offer support.

Ever since The Sussexes’ relationship became public in 2016, up till their engagement, marriage, birth of Master Archie and the interspersing projects and work engagements with the attendant intrusive, malicious and caustic media coverage and harassment of the Sussexes, not once have the Cambridges offered any words or deeds that could be remotely construed as support for the Sussexes or displeasure at the way the media have treated them. There have been no denials of hurtful fabrications about Meghan making Kate cry or whatever. On the contrary, we usually get some exclusive of how Prince William is unhappy with how his brother and his wife are conducting themselves( with reference to private jet-gate) or how William was not in favour of their marriage. In a sense, the implication was that, whatever the media was parroting had no objection from the Duke of Cambridge.

Of course we cannot ascertain the veracity of these reports and The Cambridges are not the only members of the royal family who have passively observed the media harassment of the Sussexes but, actions speak louder than words and I offer that, the Kensington Palace social media pages are very instructive. There is a plethora of abuse hurled at the Duchess of Sussex in particular, that in spite of their so-called social media guidelines, remain in the comment sections unmoderated. Not the same for comments that are remotely uncomplimentary to The Cambridges or raise touchy subjects. Those are promptly deleted and posters are even blocked. So the guidelines and tools exist but are just not deployed where the Sussexes are concerned. I wonder why. Especially as William has recently launched an anti-cyberbullying campaign. Is it just an unfortunate oversight or a purposeful indifference? Your guess is as good as mine.

So here lie the signposts leading to one obvious palace, in my opinion. Could all these occurrences be down to happenstance? Possible, but what is the likelihood that all these pieces/components just happen to be stacked together? I hear hoofbeats and something comes to mind. What about you?


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38 comments on “Are Prince William And His Wife Behind The Relentless And Coordinated Media Attacks Against Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan?

  1. C.T.

    I concur with with your factual analysis. I believe not only are The Cambridges behind the smear campaign, but they also have the approval of Prince Charles & The Queen. Further evidence that they’re behind the relentless attacks is the leak to the press of The Sussexes moving to Frogmore 2 days before the official announcement was made. The leak of the location of The Sussexes summer rental home in The Cotswold. The leak of the household split before the official meeting & announcement. The leak of Hillary Clinton’s visit to The Sussexes. I further believe that The Cambridges was the source of the leak of the baby shower. These people are heartless & inhumane. They made a deal with the devil (racist British press) & it’s going to come back on them big time. They’ve opened a door that they can’t close. The press is going to turn on them too! It’s just a matter of time!!

    1. 137

      While I don’t entirely disagree with you, I do not think anyone had the approval of Prince Charles and the Queen to conduct a smear campaign. Prince Charles clearly adores Meghan and the Queen would never approve of such a thing, ever. I think that notion is ridiculous.

      1. C.T.

        I don’t think that the notion is ridiculous at all. As Head of State, The Queen is aware of everything that goes on. The BBC (a national channel) was allowed to air a racial satire depicting Duchess Meghan as stereotypical, knife wielding, angry black woman against “white” Kate. Baby Archie was depicted globally as a chimpanzee. There were no statements whatsoever by The British Royal Family against the blatant racism. However, there were several statements defending alleged pedophile Prince Andrew.
        People need to realize that The BRF is not only a family but also a business. Perception is everything. They want to be seen as an all inclusive, modern day entity. Duchess Meghan was the tool they used to do it. Hence the approval of The Sussexes’ marriage. Meghan is a valuable asset to them. However, They really don’t want this woman of color in The Royal Family. They’re still the same racist, stoic institution as they’ve always been.

      2. 137

        I would agree with that. I don’t think the queen would give “permission” for such a thing. She’s not as in charge as people think in running things. She is 93 and this is not a priority for her. I do find Charles suspect thought and I don’t trust William at all. Kate goes along with everything and has no mind of her own.

        1. C. T.

          The Queen’s hands are just as dirty. She is definitely part of the smear campaign. Her age has nothing to do with it. She’s just as racist, bigoted & dishonest at 93 as she was at 53. She was silent while Duchess Meghan & Archie were racially abused. Yet, she continually shows support for alleged pedophile Prince Andrew. The Royal Family threatened a major American Television Network “a million ways” to squash a story about alleged pedophile Prince Andrew and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The Royal Family, especially The Queen are a ghastly group of people Any true & decent thing The Queen does (which is a rarity) is all for a good public relations show.

  2. Pablo

    I think Prince William needs counselling & I don’t mean resting his head on carol Middleton lap.
    He seems to be unhinged it’s not healthy constantly
    Trying to bring down his brother & siter-in-law.

  3. Peblo

    Great article
    I always thought Kate was not a very sincere person
    She turned up at Lovely Archies’s christening wearing princess Diana’s earrings, which Diana wore at Prince
    Harry’s christening. I thought is was strange and insulting to maghan. what point was she trying to make. The tabloids started saying how lovely kate was describing what she was wearing etc. At the christening.
    I can easily believe that Prince williams asked the queen he did’t want maghan wearing any of Diana’s
    Jewellery & we see on many occasions Kate wearing
    Diana’s jewellery with glee. Maghan has only a few pieces .

  4. Amy

    The article is very good. It is so sad that a brother would do these things to his own flesh and blood. William lacks compassion and he is self serving. It is going to catch up on him one day. This reminds me of Proverbs 26:27 He who digs pit will fall into it and he rolls a stone, it will fall back on them. Thank for sharing your opinion I agree with it one hundred percent.

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  6. Ann Bnum

    Kate is beautiful as the next door girl but Meghan is an international beauty. Kate just can’t compare with Meghan who is so filled with love and joy. She loves Harry and is not afraid to show it. William has changed since Harry and Meghan married. It is a shame when he should be happy for his brother. William and Kate have really tried to change their personalities but it is not working. The personalities of Harry and Meghan just comes natural.

    1. claire

      Maybe William didn’t change at all, the now circumstances unveiled his true character. That’s sad because Harry was always there for him. I pity him; to be a great king you have to show compassion. I hope before he ascend to his throne he has a change of heart. It’s never to late. #ISTANDWITHTHESUSSEXES, #WeLoveYouMeghan

  7. Meghan for the win

    This is clear as water that the Cambridge’s kkklan is behind that smear campaign.
    God never sleeps.
    Their strategy isn’t even working.Will and Kate’s fan base are far right bigots who are scared of Meghan.Their fake love isn’t genuine.They will crush this couple at the first occasion.

    The Cambridges are slaves of their master in the press.Look at them bowing down to them and offering their children.Because since they are complicit they can’t say a word against the press who can now put way more pressure on them and black mail them.
    They will even destroy The likability of their by exposing them too much in the media.At such an early age.Just look at the Cambridges video during that football game.Archie’s one still got more excitement reactions and love.

    I Don worry for Meghan and Harry the other two who don’t even look like a real couple wil lose at the end.
    And carole Jenner Middleton will regret playing with the fire.

  8. Elizabeth Badu

    This is well written article, for l have always known Prince William is behind the negative press of the Sussex’s because Prince Harry has always done the hard work in their previous foundation and he has been forced to show the British what he can do when he becomes king but we are all going to wait and see what impact he can make, because we all know the impact the Sussex’s are making and continue to make.they will never match them but we’re going wait and see .

  9. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

    It’s clear that William suffers from the same pangs of jealous that his father did when Diana, who was supposed just be the meek and pretty wife, turned out to be a royal superstar. In this case, Harry and his wife have eclipsed William & Kate with their charisma, work ethic, and ability to tap into social media. Harry has established Sentebale and the Invictus Games on his own, working as a full-time royal while William and Kate were either hiding out in Wales or in the country, while William worked as a rescue pilot. There were stories for years about how William was reluctant to step up to the plate to become a full-time royal, so I’m not surprised that William is behind this and Kate just goes along with it, the way she has done with everything since the day the two of them started dating.

    1. Rose

      I have some doubts about Kate just going along with it. There is ambition there, and ambition can be an ugly beast. I don’t want to be mean, but remember the moniker the press gave her for a long time before they were married. Behind that ambition, there are forces pushing and shoving to get to the top. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the sources for the smear are indeed very close to Kate. The story about making Kate cry over bridesmaids dresses had to come from somebody who wanted to get maximum sympathy for Kate. That story did not come out until Meghan’s popularity hit sky high. I think the palace staff wouldn’t have sat on it for 5 months. If it had actually happened, it would have been very juicy gossip, they would have told right away. I really believe this came from somebody very close to Kate. She was the IT girl for a lot of years, imagine watching somebody usurping that after all the hard work you did to get there, you would want to bring them down a notch or two.

  10. Joy Allwood Lecky

    If this true, then it’s really sad. Princess Diana must be rolling over in her grave. What a shame if these things are true.

  11. Paula

    I don’t know if Will was ever taken to counseling post the drama of his parents divorce, the part of playing a backbone to his Mom and her tragic death. If he had been told to always be in charge and never allowed to be vulnerable then he may have a lot of things he needs to seek real counseling for.
    My reflections are;
    I have the suspicion that Carole Middleton is a trouble maker in this too. Always busy body in Meghan’s affair; attending that Christmas carol, taking swipe at Meghan at a supposedly business anniversary which did not make sense considering it was a first at 25years anniversary after they had express outraged at the possible interview of Doria by Oprah. I think she may be messing up Will head with ideas about ascending the throne (and may be using Camilla as a motive) before Charles and Harry is not for it so the campaigns to smear Harry’s popularity which will help Charles and may be blaming Meghan for Harry’s closeness with Charles. I think Charles is aware of her possibly negative impact and may be the cause of past tensions between them.
    May God remove any log or mind control of Carole Middleton over Prince William this autumn in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.
    In 2018 Christmas Kate (with her puffy eyes) and Will were not talking or holding hands like 2017, yet those journos were more concerned whether Will and Meghan were talking, obviously the press knew by then the rose stories.
    God bless the Sussex households with good success and I too hope they sooner establish their foundation away from all the drama. God help the Queen to favour them also.
    Also Farage and poor man Medusa should be sued if possible and security wise, for endangering the lives of the Sussex households by spreading a hate propaganda of class infiltration in a country where a xenophobic travelled from Australia to NZ. they know the truth not printed in their lying press; which is, UK loves Meghan (majority wins) but they wish to lie to the masses. like shouting, ‘the street is on fire’ every body inside the house will believe unless the step outside to see or have a camera view of the outside. That’s one of the reasons I’m glad about the suit and I see a need to respond to some racist feeds.

    1. G.Norris

      I’m wondering why besides Caroline Middleton, why her sister Pippa is always in the spotlight as if she’s a celebrity of some sort. From her wedding to her pregnacy, till now. I’ve read some where that Caroline forced Kate into getting married to William..And, didn’t William have a go at his father Charles for telling Caroline to leave? Something along those lines..

      1. Paula

        Pippa has what I call the mouth of a gossiper – I may be wrong but she just has that twisted look. Pippa at one time after Kate Marriage complained about public scrutiny and the media blacked out on her. Now she walks her son and smiles at the media quite frequently from what someone commented (I don’t follow her news – I just don’t get positive vibes from her).
        A biographer wrote about tension between Carole and Prince Charles due to her demanding Will and Kate and the family spend extended time at her house. Carole is the indisputable backbone and mentor to Kate’s marriage. I did admire her mentoring of Kate; helping her pick up herself and dazzle in the press when Will broke up with her but I think it has stopped Kate from thinking and kept her waiting to be led (imo). Kate doesn’t have any record of initiative act in charitable works that she spearheaded prior or EVEN post marriage. I never had any problem with that because I felt she just wasn’t cut out for it and she was doing her best. But to see smear campaigns against Meghan simultaneously setting Kate’s simple achievements as standard is provocative.

        1. G.Norris

          I’ve also read that before William proposed to Kate, the Queen had put her into an uncomfortable situation. I think it was in the UK news that she had to find a job.!! Diana had two jobs before she got engaged to Charles, and was self reliant. She had to give her jobs up to mother the future’s King/s and had her own money also before she entered into the royal family. Only a couple of days after Megs and Harry got married, the Queen had Meghan acompany her on the royal train. She’s never done that to William, Harry or Kate. That action spoke louder than words.. That was showing and leading by example. A good example for the public to take note of.
          And she’s financially stabled. If I’m allowed to say so. What has Kate done since she entered into the royal family. She seems to be on her back a lot of times and popping out babies like there’s no tomorrow. Who’s supporting them financially.?? I haven’t seen much progress from her since. Too busy making herself look pretty and flashing off Diana’s jewelry. I don’t see any public scrutinize when she walks out with a new frock on, or a new piece of jewelry. Meghan gets scrutinized every time she walks out into the public..The Cambridge children throw tantrums when they’re out in the public eye and gets all the admiration and the attention from the public as a good mum. I think that’s all a put on. I’ve seen her caught a few times by the press looking so angry. Trying to be “The perfect future queen consort” ..but oh well. The press have now Harry & Megs to throw dirt at. There is a site called pinterest..there’s some photos of her with her wearing a dress, where when the wind blows, she’s showing more than she should. And what’s William doing about it ?? Sounds like that he likes to share. Oh well, sharing is caring..They’re all leaving Camilla alone..Until next time. Who’s their next victim after Harry & Megs..??What’s the go with Andrew?? His wrong doings are worse, but is covered up by the only couple who are showing good intentions and acting on what they say and do a brilliant job as a couple. I think that the Sussexes will soar with their projects as a power couple when they do their own thing. They are the power couple of the future. They are both young, powerful with their titles, in their own way. They have the strenght and the capacity to challenge anything that they set their minds to. They understand what the newer generation want, and they get in there and get the job done..!! What’s the go with Kate ?? Did you notice the grin on her face at the polo match. When Meghan was there also with Archie acting like the perfect mum? William should be ashamed of himself. He should be there standing up and supporting his younger brother, but he’d rather sit back and enjoy the show.

        2. Rose

          Why do reporters include Pippa in Royal Coverage? She hasn’t done anything to earn fame. I think she tried to do something in the States and failed.

      2. Rose

        I too have wondered why Pippa gets covered as though she is a royal. She tried for a career in the states and failed miserably. I too have major suspicions of the Middletons as sources. I can’t see carol sitting back and letting Meghan overtake her daughter and it was surely happening. She would be hard pressed to let all that work she did to get her daughter get married go by the wayside.
        They keep talking about Harry being dominated by Meghan, which is a laugh, but we know somebody who was led by a ring in his nose right to where they wanted him, all he could do was refuse to wear a ring, that might have interfered with the royal tradition of having affairs, allegedly.

  12. Delilah Smith

    This was brilliant. It is the same conclusion I believe many have come to especially myself. The hypocrisy of the patron of the anti cyber bullying was the nail in the coffin for me when I researched Twitter & discovered that they are listed as partners against harassment under the Twitter board. This made sense why so many hate accounts remind active while supporters accounts were suspended or shadow banned for lesser infraction

  13. etta ibok

    One word… BRILLIANT!!!
    How can we get this particular article into the mainstream media. William should know that he has overplayed his hand.
    Like to add to this the story about banishing Harry and Meghan to Africa. The earliest version of that story clearly stated that William did not care where Harry wanted Harry and Meghan our of the U.K. and as far away from him as possible and he did not much care where they went. However, the US was deemed to be out of the running because of its rich media market. Governor General (I think that is the title) of Australia was suggested but was also rejected because that was the equivalent of creating a separate kingdom for them, including the entire Commonwealth. The only option that seemed acceptable was impoverished Africa with its limited media market. In less than two hours the initial story that linked William directly to the contemplated banishment was completely revised and in its place, the move was now crafted as something that Harry was contemplating as a way of shielding his family, especially given his love of Africa where he has openly said he feels the happiest. The third revision came after some commentators pointed out that Harry and Meghan had responsibilities to their charities in the UK that they could not fulfill living full time in Africa. At that point, the story changed to Harry was considering spending some extended time, perhaps up to 3 months at a time, in Africa.
    I go into this detail because I have always maintained that William and Katherine are behind the smear campaign against Meghan and that story with all its changes was my smoking gun. But the initial story was scrubbed, wiping the only receipt. This article offers irrefutable proof to support what has been quite obvious to anyone following the saga closely.
    So. I say well done and thank you for a solid and articulate marshaling of the evidence.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😍😍👍🏾

  14. Elsie Clarkson-Williams

    Excellent think piece, thank you.
    This thought dawned on me while reading this article. The tabloid pack started putting out all these negative articles as soon as they returned from the Oceania tour. This same press pack never thought it would be good to give the Sussexes time to lap up and enjoy the success of the tour and ride the wave of good reviews. But strangely, with the lawsuit announced on the night before the last day of the Tour, this same press pack are outraged, stating that the Sussexes have overshadowed their own success. SMH

  15. Rose

    I was reluctant to believe in the beginning that William would do this to his brother, and I wanted to believe it was just the old guard palace loyalists afraid of change and the popularity of the Sussexes. The way the Cambridges have paraded out their children this summer, whereas before all the press would get were controlled pictures that Kate had taken herself was eye-opening, and my suspicions have solidified with the very eloquent way you have laid things out here. The whole budget flight thing was very blatantly fake, by the way, the story of empty jets was quashed very quickly, the one about Range Rover sending cars to South Africa without the knowledge of the Sussexes is going to linger.

    My hope for the Sussexes, please make plans to leave when the change in Monarchy happens. You do not need this nonsense. Do it for the sake of Archie and your future child. I get anxious for you, and I am on the periphery, I cannot begin to imagine what it is like for you. Obviously it has been very painful as you stated.
    You have tremendous support behind you. Your Foundation will not suffer, and I wager it would do better with support from all over the world.

    I have to say something about that tweet from Emily Andrews. I found it to be beyond egregious. I wonder if she is totally oblivious that the way she describes The Duchess is offensive. Putting that aside she says she doesn’t hate her and indeed admires her for tose “qualities” she lists. But then she goes on to say that these characteristics that she admires are upsetting a lot of people in the family and household. As a journalist, she simply could not ignore the upset Meghan is causing just because she likes her! My question to Emily Andrews is, are you a journalist or the household and family protector? This would be a major fail in any journalistic class. This tweet raises major questions about your integrity as a journalist. Your declaration that you don’t hate her has been brought into question several times. You were behind the parking furor for which your paper has recently issued an apology, were you not? This one was especially designed to generate as much bad publicity as possible because you couldn’t even bring yourself to use her full name! Who is this Meg who is telling your upset staff that they could no longer pack there? I don’t think you have issued one publicly yourself. I think you were also behind the story of Priyanka Chopra visiting baby Sussex, right down to the price of the supposed gifts, turns out never happened. Maybe it is time to take the information these upset members of the royal household are giving you with a grain of salt. Maybe you could revisit the class on ethics and responsible reporting that you must have sat in on while in Journalism school! Maybe you could investigate before going straight to bashing!

  16. Clare Kibuuka

    Very good read, it’s so mind boggling if the Cambridges have not orchestrated this negative press, why does William even pretend to champion racism and bullying

  17. Dinah

    My take on this:
    William, as a youngster equally affected by the phone hacking scandal, could have jointed Harry in the lawsuit against The Sun and Mirror, to help put an end or perhaps at least regulate the press intrusion of the (younger) royals and – in future – of their own children. Reading about the nature and character of his (court’s) alleged collusion with the press against his brother and sister in law, we get it why he didn’t.

  18. Dinah

    I’ve been reading and have appreciated all fan’s / blog articles, written about Harry and Meghan regarding their treatment by the British media (being: broadsheet journos, online and print red taps, magazines, Royal gossipers, so cold royal ‘experts’, columnists, radio and TV show hosts & panellists and other talking heads), on all the different blogs, but this article comes close to perfection.

    Why? Because, it offers any (new) follower/ observer or fan of the Sussexes in and outside the UK, a good understanding of the roots, nature and developments of the orchestrated hate, defaming and disliking campaign against Harry and Meghan, in particular against Duchess Meghan (said enough). Receipts included. Brilliant.

    Note: The link to the article need sharing, for a wider audience to take notice, form or change their opinion.

  19. Marjorie Ireland

    Agree with the article. The writer articulated what I had been thinking ever since Harry & Meghan`s relationship became public!

  20. Lydia

    You are spot on. Should be forwarded to the new US correspondents for NBC and ABC for some context as they assume their positions.

    1. Dinah

      Be invited to do so. I did, on their twitter account.
      The more people follow suit, better the change of their editors to notice it.

  21. Kate

    No this is a great read.
    Although as a person who followed the life of Diana, and now Prince and his wife, I did questions some of the press timings and why the Cambriges are so look up praise for everything while the Sussexes isn’t even though we the public saw the real deal. Yes, something fishy with in the Cambridges camp, in my opinion. Prince William never said a word about how his sister in law being trash trash and vilified, it seemed they were enjoying all these garbage thrown at the Sussexes.
    As a follower and though I am across the pond, I can attest that sussexes are way way much like by the majority than the Cabridges. Sad to say but Kate never proven anything in her 8 years as royal, the only thing she’s proven is wearing all the expensive jewelriex of Diana, and parading in all these expensive clothes.
    The more they trash the Sussexes, the more people will side on them because we the public are not idiot, we put two and two together.

  22. MrsMe

    Fantastic work. This is my go to for honest fact based information on the Sussexes and what is going on around them.
    Thank you!

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