Trouble Is We Are Not Going Anywhere


The British Media has had a sustained disinformation and discredit campaign against HRH Duchess of Sussex going on since 2016. The smear campaign went into full force after the 2018 Oceanic Tour. What the British media fails to comprehend, however, is that whatever they may throw at the perverse dartboard, ‘WE’ will not be gaslighted and ‘WE’ aren’t going anywhere! To use improper grammar-who is ‘WE?’ Well, WE are the #SussexSquad. We are also sometimes Megulators and for those in the bitter British Royal Press, we are Megbots.

Additionally, there are new Royal Watchers in town called Meghanists, who couldn’t give two defecations about the rest of ‘The Firm’. The Meghanists only interest is in that of the Duchess of Sussex, her immediate family (The Duke and Archie) and Queen Doria of California. Then there are the scores of well-wishers around the world who don’t identify with any group but just know that the Sussexes are good, kind hearted, philanthropists that don’t deserve the vitriol. Together, however Sussex supporters might identify, we make up a group of people that unless and until Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan truly do something worthy of losing our support, we are here to continue to uplift them and help them to fulfill their charitable endeavors.

Specifically leading up to and during the Southern African tour, the British Media tried as they might to push a mantra that the Sussexes had ruined their goodwill with the mythical ‘public’ and needed a successful tour to redeem themselves. There were numerous articles and talking points on UK TV.

The above examples are a fraction of the headlines of a Google search depicting their supposed PR disaster. Despite the obvious coordinated effort, the proof of unwavering support for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are undeniable. Regardless, the British Press continued to scream into a vacuum at each other and the bigots around the globe who were NEVER going to support the couple whether they walked around the world or flew commercial.

Despite the Royal Pack’s attempts to ignore the Sussexes’ worldwide support system; the evidence to the contrary of proclamations of wavering popularity is enormous. In September, the Duchess of Solutions (as pinned in Malawi) made her triumphant return from maternity leave. While she was at the crib with Archie, the September Issue of British Vogue released and sold out in 2 weeks! See Editor Edward Enniful’s interview in The Guardian. On September 12th, ‘Meghan the Magnificent’ launched her Smart Set Capsule Collection and Prince Harry had an engagement with adoring children on the same day.

Duchess Meghan’s launch was yet another rousing success; the collection’s tote bag sold out before the official engagement began. The items in the collection were to be available at the BOGO (buy one, get one) promotion for 2 weeks. Most of the products had to be restocked before the 2 weeks expired. Shortly after the engagement, an announcement was released stating that the SmartsWorks Charity had enough items in stock for an entire year. The following was reported on the SmartWorks Charity’s Instagram account:

“In just eight days, your active support has helped equip the women of Smart Works with enough units from this capsule collection to help for a full year! Though many of the items sold out quickly, most are being restocked so you can continue to play your part.”

Moreover, despite their popularity issues, most of the British Media not only clamored to attend the Smart Set launch and Prince Harry’s engagement, there was their usual numerous articles.

Let’s not even get started on the noted 380 press credentials for the Southern African tour, with most of those same publications spouting PR issues heading right over. The crowds in Cape Town and Johannesburg cared not about the British Media’s posturing. The reception that Prince Harry experienced on his solo lag of the tour showed unwavering support and appreciation. The Sussex Royal Tour was a joy and most of that joy was back dropped by the Sussex Royal Instagram account and not anything the British Media said or did! Check out the engagement numbers for the 10 days of touring. Check out the views and likes for their joint and solo engagements. Master Archie’s Royal Tour debut is nearing 6 million views! Prince Harry in his safari gear pulls more likes than other Royal females… just saying, LOL. Who needs the British media?

Basically the truth is that despite the proclamations, posturing, and gaslighting by my most of the British Royal Press, nothing has happened to the Sussexes’ popularity and sane non-bigoted people DO NOT have a problem with them.

  1. Guest editing a magazine with humanitarian issues as its focus doesn’t get our collective panties in a bunch.
  2. Two known private jet flights (I’m not counting the Ibiza trip because there is no proof!) out of countless commercial flights, don’t warrant a purchase of ‘tar and feathers’.
  3. Neither does not visiting grandma in another country when you live in her backyard.
  4. Nor does not showing your baby weekly, who although extremely cute, looks remarkably like a baby.

This stuff is all dumb and irrelevant. Whatever small dent that they may have put into their support in Britain is more than made up for internationally. The self-absorbed British press can’t get pass itself to realize that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are indeed loved and there is nothing they can do about it.


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27 comments on “Trouble Is We Are Not Going Anywhere

  1. Kagiso Malao

    Always accurate… I however was a Harry fan for years (And Meghan’s) as well and the two of them getting together was like Christmas cane early… The Royal Family is tone deaf.. can’t wait to see what this lovely couple will do in the future…

  2. Jessyca

    Great article. It is well written and loaded with facts. We will continue to stand by the DDoS and Archie and rightly so. WE aren’t going anywhere.

  3. Rose

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a summer of hell, and are public relations disasters. Really? Really?
    In a summer where there was a major pedophilia scandal involving a Royal, Meghan and Harry are THE public relations disaster for the Royal Family. Let’s not forget the ignored alleged affair or affairs, oh no, we won’t talk about that. But we will start every “story” involving Meghan with “supposedly, apparently, reportedly, according to royal sources,” and by the second sentence, it has all become fact, and the self appointed judge and jury has passed sentence.
    The bias is incredible, but thank God for all the supporters with websites and all kinds of social media platforms. The ability to fight back at this level wasn’t available for Harry’s mom, but thanks to all who are in the trenches for the Sussexes, as Harry said, they need you all. #ISTANDWITHTHESUSSEXES.

  4. Deborah Fraser

    Fantastic article. They can not touch the supporters of the Sussexes. The level of professionalism is one that the Bias mischief liars and their trollop regurgitators can not match or touch. Have to question the level of the universities these shameless lack of moral and ethical compass that let loose the most corrupted human beings on the masses. Meghanpedia and all other Sussex platforms has risen and will continue to do so with integrity and pride. Well done and God continue to bless you all richly. # IStandWithTheSussexes.

  5. ThisIsUs

    Very good, summary article of the #racistbritishgutterpress and the #guttersnipes it breeds. They must think the rest of the world and the commonwealth are as dumb as the average british #gutterpress consumer.

    Hv they forgotten that it was mainly immigrants from Asia & the Caribbean that laid the foundation for the modern, multi-cultural place that Britain is today? If you look at the average #guttersnipe, they hv one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel and they cater to their counterparts in the society. In other words, they are the past; hanging on for dear life to said past and screaming as it slips through their gnarled fingers like the proverbial sand thru the hour-glass.

    And the subject and object of their agony is the inside-and-out beautiful; highly accomplished; loved-up Duchess of Sussex; First of Her Name; amazing wife of HRH Prince Harry who proudly tells the world that his #1 job is to honor and protect his wife; mother of the most adored baby in the world; daughter of the most Dignified & Serene Mother-of-the-Duchess in the BRF.

    #sussexsquad…..we love to see them in their agony. Never forget thats what all the braying is abt.

    1. M. J.

      Your comment is very powerful! You didn’t miss a beat laying out how loved are the Sussexes and the RR and the rest need to be replaced as they can’t keep up in a world of diversity. Thank you!

    1. Kimberly Ramsey

      Great comprehensive essay covering the disinformation campaign by the Uk tabloid press and responses by the public and Sussex supporters. Totally agree that solid defense and support for philanthropic goal are foremost in the actions of most dedicated supporters.
      Many thanks, Regina

  6. Kelley Small

    You forgot to mention that the insane BP ran a story about Meghan owing the credit for her collection to Kate Middleton, which was completely laughable. Loved this article though.

    1. Rose

      Wasn’t that utterly insane! First, they are constantly telling us how they don’t get along. Every time they are seen in public is touted as a photo op for public image. Meghan made poor Kate cry and has just been nasty to staff and all. Yet amid all this they got together so Kate could help her with the collection, never mind that Meghan obviously has done this before and needs no help. If Kate has experience, which you would think would qualify her to help, why has the Media not reported about it?

  7. Estrella

    You make more sense and write better than most of those in the Royal beat. Thank you and keep going.

  8. Paula

    I laughed so hard my butt shook! For real.
    The British press are really trying to sell their mystic public.
    I Thank God for His continual guard over all that concerns the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I wish them good success. Thanks to #sussexsquad. This is a service to humanity group.
    To Vee, B Jane, Linda, Francesca, Tina, Christine, Gilbert, Sarah and other greats; you are Forces For Change. You may not have make planes, gone to space, defined gravity but you have really shown yourselves as humans, Sisters/brothers and a guide to truth for those who did not know better.
    I appreciate each or you because speaking against this injustice does not only benefit the DDoS but also so many others.
    Thank you and may the God Lord bless your strength and wisdom.

  9. Dinah

    Great article.
    Indeed, no one in the British press pack can come up with any evidence for their “The Sussexes have become unpopular and they need our good press and a successful tour to gain the public support back” claims. They are left red faced because of these stupid orchestrated claims, because the reverse happened: the Sussexes, including Archie, are more popular than ever.

    It seems as if they all have to recover from the dropped lawsuits bombs from Harry and Meghan against almost the entire British gutter press. In recent days, there were no hit pieces in the tabloid press, in talk shows on radio and TV, by columnists and RRs; that is to say, we’ll see how long that ”decent behaviour” will take. They must be rethinking new Sussex-slandering-strategies and calculating who could be a party to the lawsuits or the next to receive one. WHAT EVER, WE ARE THERE TO BACK THE SUSSEXES, For better, for worse. #WeStandWithTheSussexes.

  10. Elsie Clarkson-Williams

    Thank you for this excellent article. Sections of the British media turned round and stated that the couple had poor PR advisers when they’re the ones deliberately publishing negative articles about them to fit a narrative that would get the public to turn against them.
    Stunningly cruel and heartless to witness this behaviour and we can fully understand Prince Harry’s pain to see this cruelty and feel powerless to put a stop to it. I’m so happy they’re suing.

  11. Gladys

    Again a great article, its really disturbing to watch these British gossipers character assassinating
    the best royal couple to ever exist in the Windsor Mountbatten if not in the whole Windsor family & so depressing to see the royal family corraborating with the gutter press in this no win endavour due to their jealousy & envy as per the article yes, we’re not going anywhere & we stand with the Sussexes

  12. Cindy

    I love Duke and Duchess of Sussex for all they stand for and what they represent they are truly Blessed and Highly Favored by God. I will never stop fighting for them. Awesome article as usual. Thank you

  13. Marjorie Ireland

    I loved Meghan long before Harry! She is a remarkable woman. I read her Essays for major magazines. I watched Suits & her movies! For me it was Love At First Sight!!! I have 2 daughters who are also super achievers so I became another “mother” to Meghan! To quote Diana`s brother Earl Spencer”She needed no Royal Title” to make her Royal! Meghan was born a QUEEN!! Now she is the Queen of our Hearts!! I loved Prince Harry from birth and now I love Archie the King! Together the Sussexes are unstoppable!!! Search the internet, scour all media and you will not find 1 article that speaks to anything the other Duchess did for anyone before marrying into the Royal family! Nuff said!

  14. Yaa Boama

    Well done Meghanpedia for another great, informative article. I am happy to call myself a Megbot and a member of the Sussex Squad. #Westandwiththesussexes #istandwiththesussexes #sussexroyaltour

  15. Mahevo

    Great article!
    I for one never had an interest in the royal family, i was never on social media. I was a Suits fan though. But I only knew Rachel. I got an Instagram account to support them and now a Twitter account to spread their causes.

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