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How to support our Work

Without the support of our writers, editors and contributors we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Whether it’s providing topic suggestions, writing and editing articles or collecting receipts, we rely entirely on volunteers.

Volunteer as Writer

“Every thought can be turned into an article”. This quote has been our motto on Meghanpedia. A journalistic background is not required to write for us. We just seek out well-written quality pieces. Writers are free to choose any topic they want but content of articles(claims, opinions and speculations) must be premised on facts that are already available and easily verifiable. Receipts/ evidence are very important to us, therefore we ask writers to add sources and screenshots to their articles. Reliable sources can be linked in the article but tabloids are referenced by screenshots only.

Volunteer as Editor

Editors are our fact-checkers on Meghanpedia and the final instance before publishing the article. As an editor, you review the article, proof read it and check the writer’s claims. As an editor you are allowed to add your own input to help strengthen the arguments in the article. You can also deem an article not strong enough and advice the writer to edit or rewrite his/her article.

Are you interested? Contact us at volunteer[at]meghanpedia[dot]com


Many readers have been asking how to donate to Meghanpedia to support our work. We feel honored that you want to support us. Maintaining a platform such as Meghanpedia is resource-intensive and we would appreciate any financial support to help keep this website running.

If you found value in any of our articles, please consider making a donation towards our platform.

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