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Meghanpedia is a fact-based information website dedicated to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. The website’s goal is to gather all important information about the Duchess of Sussex and combine them in one single library.

We are supporters and a global tribe who believe that the work that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the former Meghan Markle, champion promotes respect, peace, prosperity through empowerment, freedom for all people regardless of ethnic origin and we seek to highlight the impact of this work. We believe in responsible reporting of their work because education brings insight. We simply want to bring light to a global audience.

The internet is full of information, facts and gossip about the Duchess of Sussex. Meghanpedia collects reliable information with references to facilitate fans, bloggers , writers and activists  with credible facts about Duchess Meghan. Our goals are to

  • Educate those interested in the life and work of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • Promote objective reporting and defend what’s right.
  • Question fake news, tabloids, racist trolls, outright lies, skulduggery and propaganda of the forces of darkness.

This is a repository educational site based on reported information, while we take every precaution to verify the accuracy of the information, we are not responsible for the content of other sites.

Check out The Tig Archives, Duchess Meghan’s now defunct lifestyle, travel and food blog. Meghanpedia is constantly updating and expanding the archive pages.
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