Opinion: The Royal Family is not deserving of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex


Using the hashtags shown, helps me to describe HRH The Duchess of Sussex in a few powerful words and expresses my opinion.

Any charity supported by either the Duke or Duchess of Sussex benefits greatly because of the positivity they bring to the table. The performance record of Duchess Meghan, the only person of color (POC) in the Royal family, for her first year has been outstanding and considering the daily pressures placed on her by various aspects of the British media, she deserves more than a medal or two.

I am born and bred in the UK. Whilst my parents, natives of Jamaica, West Indies, took an interest and had huge respect for the Royal Family, my interest only began when Princess Diana came onto the scene and in the last three years, my limited interest has gone from minor to zero. The only people in that family with whom I have an interest and care about, are the Sussexes. My support will continue wherever they are based in the world, and whether or not they remain inside the Royal Family, assuming that there will be a monarchy over the next 10-20 years or so. Personally, I am doubtful of The Firm’s future.

In my opinion, the Royal Family is not worthy of Duchess Meghan. Her work ethic is impressive. Even though they are more than willing to accept the income and positive images she generates, their silence enables a group of elitists in the UK to openly make the most vile statements about her. Occasionally they offer the odd platitude much like rewarding a child with a pat on the head and then sending him/her off to play. It is clear that this group has no intention of accepting a divorced, American actress into the Royal Family. What they are really saying is that anyone who is not from aristocratic stock, a true English Rose, (as Ingrid Seward quite proudly declared on American TV), not to mention a POC, will never be accepted. Ticking all the other boxes, there is an absence of respect, which will never exist as long as none is shown by the Royal Family. The Firm eases its conscience by consoling themselves that at least Prince Harry, for too long designated as the spare, is now happy. However, they were not prepared for the change. After all, what could a biracial woman, with no family in the UK, and “trailer trash” family on the paternal side possibly do to rock the boat?

The Duchess was never to exceed their expectations. She was supposed to be at or below the level of intellect of most of the “Stepford Wives” type women accepted into the family. What they did not know was that Ms. Doria Ragland raised a strong, intelligent individual, who has had to graft hard in life. Duchess Meghan is accustomed to hard work, and quite business savvy, which is clearly evident in how she has taken on her Patronages and how her involvement has boost their income and profile. The Royal Family, who does not openly support or protect her, also benefits. I am confident that her current and future charitable endeavours will be equally successful.

Duchess Meghan is not the first member of the Royal Family to guest edit or appear on the cover of a magazine. She is however, the first family member whose involvement has generated so much negative criticism. Knowing the limited reporting seen over the years, I am certain that the least some of the participants did was little more than sign their name and stand in front of a camera. No expectation of any tangible benefit from any of those appearances was ever reported or anticipated. I already know that this September Vogue 2019 issue print and electronic will reach the highest sales in history, and charities featured will realize astonishing benefits.

Every negative description used to denigrate and devalue all of the projects that Duchess Meghan has endeared, mirror the self loathing or feeling of lack of achievement by the people who utter or write such vile things. The Royal Family represents the top of the food chain. On the next level sits the courtiers and elites, (inside and outside The Firm). These people who struggle to remain relevant and believe their duty is to prevent anyone, top or bottom, from changing the status quo. It is also their belief that the UK population is content to have the Royal Family bless them with a wave and a smile several times a year. This level manipulates the UK media and Royal Reporters who are like the scum of the earth, the refuse of all things that can barely float on top of the toxic waters in which they operate. Unfortunately the UK media and Royal Reporters manipulate the general population.

The general UK population like to identify themselves as the taxpayers who finance the monarchy. They do not mind that Royal families, comprising four or less, live on exclusive massive properties in more than one location. Case in point: There is a particular Royal couple, not married, as a matter-of-fact they were divorced years ago, that are living on a Royal property ten times the size of Frogmore Cottage. Both parties have questionable pasts and dubious dealings with refutable people. One member of the couple ran short of funds and was able to return to the Royal fold and live expense-free. I have an opinion on that arrangement which I will withhold, but what it does say to me is that British media, Royal Reporters and UK citizens are quite selective when it comes to demonizing the living arrangements of the Royal Family members; hence the uproar surrounding the renovation of Former Cottage. For most members of the Royal Family, surviving outside of the Royal bubble will be a challenge. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no such worry. I believe they will be more than fine.

In my opinion, the Royal Family is not deserving of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It doesn’t matter whether or not one likes this couple, they are entitled to receive the same respect afforded to other members of the family, regardless of position in the line of succession or title. History will reveal that the Duchess of Sussex achieved much for the monarchy, against a backdrop of ever present pure racist thinking that was kept under the surface in a civilised way. Anti-Meghan groups within and outside the UK and Royal Family members don’t feel the need to mask their hatred, which is usually wrapped in typical gas lighting terminology. It is all out in the open, so much that recently a member of the Royal Family publicly acknowledged and ‘liked’ a comment made by a well known TV commentator who is known for their obsession with the Duchess; that in itself speaks volumes.

History will also record the Duchess of Sussex as one of the most successful additions to the Royal Family, who survived the most vicious and vitriolic attacks in the tabloids. The Duke of Sussex will be listed as the most ‘woke’ and designated as the People’s Prince. Even though this couple is currently seen as a powerful force of change, they are destined to become an even greater global force for positive change.

There appears to be a lack of real understanding or genuine interest in the Commonwealth, at least below the level of the next heir, Prince Charles. Unlike the Royal Family and the bottom of the abyss namely Royal Reporters, Sussex Squad completely recognises its influence, its impact and its potential. The antics shown over the past three years have ensured that the Commonwealth and the world-at-large, have seen the underbelly of the British people, and its treatment of the only POC in the Royal Family, and in so doing, has elevated the Duchess of Sussex in particular to even greater heights. Also, the creation of Sussex Royal, the social media account of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirms they no longer depend on the UK media to present without bias their goals and objectives to the people. And so, the demise of the UK media industry and Royal Reporters in particular, will occur even quicker than it would have without their gutter behaviour. Meanwhile, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will soar and Sussex Squad is here to support them all the way.

Without that, I think they will be better off elsewhere and I do think that the Royal Family deserve who is coming up in the wings. I will put money on that implosion occurring in my lifetime. And I doubt there is much above Prince Charles level.


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  1. Kate

    Excellent, I love reading articles and I usually share them to my friends and relatives around the globe.
    Thank God, we have people like you and the others who can write so we can be educate of the real issues about the Sussexes and how they are unfairly treated by the BM and RF.


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