Let’s Talk About Camilla Tominey’s Voracious Appetite For Lying

Let’s Talk About Camilla Tominey’s Voracious Appetite For Lying

Camilla Tominey says she’s a journalist. She’s employed by the Daily Telegraph as an associate editor, straddling political and royal commentary. As a self-styled royal expert, she appears on British and increasingly American TV shows to comment on Harry and Meghan, the now self-supporting and independently funded members of the royal family, who no longer work for the family business.

When you think journalist, you think accuracy, objectivity, fairness. Not when it comes to Camilla Tominey’s reportage of the Sussexes. For reasons known only to her, her coverage of the Sussexes has always seemed agenda-driven. On Tuesday June 22, it all came to a head.

As you may well know, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex discussed her children’s book, ‘The Bench‘ in an interview given to National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition that aired on Sunday June 20. She remarked that “Archie has a voracious appetite for books” and “whenever we read to him, will say again, again”. This was a sweet anecdote and hardly surprising to anyone who watched the video of Meghan reading Archie Duck Rabbit! for Save with Stories last year, to commemorate his first birthday. He was clearly engaged and interested. But will Camilla let a 2 year old just enjoy being read to? Of course not.

She appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Tuesday June 22, to discuss Meghan’s book and interview and blatantly lied, saying, that Meghan said Archie was a voracious reader, and sneering at what a claim that was. Her words. She implied that Meghan wasn’t truthful. Naturally Harry and Meghan supporters rightly called her to account on social media. Rather than correct her obvious lie, she doubled down, defending her initial lie with the lie 2.0 saying “Meghan says Archie has a voracious appetite for books and re reads them”. The italicized portion of the previous statement is a lie. Meghan did not say that, but you see the craftiness of that sentence? Partly accurate (voracious appetite for books) partly a lie(and he re reads them) that she uses to justify her original lie, rather than take responsibility, recant and correct as one would expect from a journalist.

Credit: https://twitter.com/faith_first1

When pressed further, she said “I’m speaking my truth. You and your fellow nutbags better get used to it”. Since when does a “journalist” report their truth about someone else’s verifiable account of an event? It’s insane that a “journalist” would take such a dangerously entrenched position on something so fundamental and crucial as the truth. Unsurprisingly, Harry and Meghan fan accounts and non-Sussex fan accounts continued to call her out, getting the #CamillaTomineyIsALiar trending on Twitter. To these questions, she mostly responded with insulting replies, calling people trolls and accusing them of spreading hate. Needless to say, being called to account for lying when it is your job to report accurately IS NOT spreading hate. That phrase has been weaponized by Camilla and several others in the British media to sidestep accountability.

On Wednesday morning, this saga took a dramatic turn when Camilla tweeted a message with a screenshot of a death threat to her kids, that she said was sent to her website. Death threats have no place here and are unequivocally condemned. There is not and should never be justification for such a threat, if it indeed happened. As expected, this triggered an avalanche of messages of support and denunciation from media colleagues across the board. While the threat is despicable, it does not negate the fact that Camilla Tominey chose to blatantly lie about a relatively benign and inconsequential anecdote. We can walk and chew gum.

While as supporters of the Sussexes, we are never going to condone death threats to anyone, what we will absolutely not abide are lies, mischaracterizations and agenda-driven narratives presented as journalism. We will continue to hold so-called journalists accountable for their false reporting where necessary, so long as they continue to traffic in anti-Sussex propaganda.

The IF that qualified my condemnation of the death threat is borne out of the fact that, Camilla Tominey has a long history of dishonesty while covering the Sussexes, as well as several attempts to discredit the Sussexes and their online community of supporters. This prompted scrutiny of her claim and several problematic aspects emerge.

First, she attributes the death threat to the Sussexes’ supporters without any categorical evidence. She writes in part, “I am posting this death threat, sent to my website this morning in the name of #HarryandMeghan ‘fandom’.” The screenshot neither mentions Harry, Meghan, nor their supporters directly or by implication. Further, there is no stated grievance or motive from the sender that will indicate they’re a fan of Harry and Meghan or doing it on behalf of their fans. It is purely slanderous conjecture.

It wasn’t that long ago, that Camilla Tominey wrote an article to dismiss Sussex supporters on Twitter as Russian bots, based on some dubious research. She would subsequently refer to Meghan supporters as Megbots. Somehow, these Russian robots have undergone human transformation and are now sending death threats, according to Camilla. Obviously the online community of Sussex supporters are not robots. My point is that Camilla has taken every available opportunity to discredit these supporters, but I digress.

She did not at any point in her numerous tweets and replies indicate that she had filed a police report, the result of whose investigation could be used to make such an emphatic statement. One would think that would be the first order of business. Actually, a Sussex fan account tagged the Metropolitan Police on Twitter asking for help identifying the culprit. The MetUK promptly responded directly to Camilla Tominey’s Twitter account asking her to file a report. She did not publicly comment on, or reply to that request. Instead, she was posting messages thanking Twitter for banning people sending her death threats.

I’m baffled, because Twitter has no jurisdiction over what happens on Camilla’s website. The cyber crimes unit of the Met police will be the ones to do that, but curiously she gave no indication that the threat was reported to them. Even though the sender’s email, subject etc. are all visible, a time/date stamp is not visible on the screenshot. Further intriguing is the fact that the sender’s email, an explicit Yahoo email is verified by Yahoo to be non-existent in their system, and one that couldn’t be created based on their terms and conditions. I can grant that the sender could have used a fictitious email to evade capture, but if indeed they sent the threat from her website, then their IP address would have been captured. Another reason why Camilla should have the police on it.

What is ironic in this hullabaloo, is Camilla’s complete lack of self-awareness. Her reporting on the Sussexes over the last 4 years has largely contributed to a monumental amount of online hate and abuse directed at the Sussexes, particularly Meghan. She, of the infamous Meghan made Kate cry article, that trained royalists’ ire on Meghan for the cardinal sin of upsetting their future queen consort.

The anatomy of the story has changed so many times. At first it was insinuated that Meghan spoke harshly to Kate at a wedding rehearsal. Then before the release of the Finding Freedom book, several iterations were advanced on behalf of ‘palace sources’. It was about Kate dictating that flower girls wear tights at Meghan’s wedding. Then it was, oh actually, it was a disagreement about the length of dresses. Like a chameleon, the story changed to fit the situation.

This is the case in almost any story that arises from ‘palace sources’. When it was reported that Meghan’s name was removed from Archie’s birth certificate, we get one account from Meghan and 5/6 different versions from the palace sources over as many days. Each time, the web widening to entrap more characters. Most recently, with baby Lili. First Harry and Meghan didn’t ask permission, then they informed the Queen but didn’t seek consent, and then somehow the Queen was implied to be senile, hard of hearing and unable understand what Harry was saying over a long distance call, as if the conversation were over a party line.

In spite of the evolving narrative of her ‘palace sources’, and the very convenient fibbing, after Meghan revealed in the Oprah interview that it was Kate who made her cry, and that the institution knew that and refused to correct it, Camilla was still adamant that her version of events was true.

Why so? Because according to her, the story was well sourced and she believed it to be true. During that appearance Philip Schofield interrogated her sourcing, and you can see her noticeably uncomfortable but rigid in her stance. The fact that she was unwilling as a “journalist” to consider the possibility that her sources were not credible is stunning. She actually took issue with the fact that Phillip questioned her. She characterized it in an article as follows: “Having seemingly been completely bowled over by Meghan’s version of events, Schofe then went for the jugular”. Went for the jugular? That’s what she calls rightly examining her account in the face of new information? Camilla is not above reproach. Far from it, and the notion that she would not expect to be questioned is ludicrous. In this particular article, whether by design or by accident, she inserts herself into the Sussexes’ story: “Harry, Meghan and me: my truth as a reporter”. Her “truth” rears its head again. She should know that Harry’s and Meghan’s story has little to do with her personally.

I believe it’s her inability to step outside of the personal- her own entrenched feelings towards the couple- that has rendered her totally incapable of objectivity, reasonable or logical thought and appraisal when she writes about them.

If you examine most of what she’s written about the Sussexes, you do come away with the impression that she’s on a mission to cast them into a certain mold, rather than purely report the news, or that where Harry and Meghan are concerned, the unvarnished and unmanipulated truth is unpalatable to her. But why?

Why did she write an article linking Meghan and women of The Hubb Community kitchen to terrorists? Especially since she got a pat on the back from known white supremacist leader David Vance, “for putting my Meghan Markle ISIS Mosque cookbook story on the front page of the Telegraph”. The Queen, Princes Charles, William and Harry visited the Grenfell community before Meghan got involved with the women, yet none of them were linked to terrorists. All the women are from the Grenfell community, but not all of them are even Muslims. They were just a group of displaced women that the Al-Manaar mosque had allowed to use the kitchen in the mosque’s community center to cook and feed their families. In any case, if that terrorism story had merit, why was a royal correspondent reporting it rather than being in the remit of a counter-terrorism or national security reporter?

Prince Harry was targeted by white supremacists because they deemed him a race traitor. Two young men were convicted and are currently imprisoned for a plot to assassinate him, but what do I know?

Similarly, when Meghan guest-edited British Vogue, Camilla wrote a poorly informed piece accusing Meghan of bias and discrimination against men and white women. Perhaps if her blinders were off, she could have appreciated that Meghan, a vocal women’s advocate, honoring a group of women was hardly a faux-pas- a sure bet rather, and that diversity was represented in several different ways, not just color. But perhaps, Camilla was looking for her “truth”.

She took her “royal expert” self to Australian TV to advance this narrative that, Meghan’s guest-editorship of British Vogue was inappropriate. Of course the host challenged her assertion with the fact that other members of the royal family had guest-edited magazines, and that Kate had even been on the cover of Vogue. Having no reasonable comeback, she resorted to pushing previously debunked stories alleging things that Meghan hadn’t done, to justify why Meghan was wrong to do the Vogue issue. Crazy right? Just watch the video.

That story was patently false. Before it went to press, the Sussexes’ communications team refuted it, but that didn’t stop the SUN from printing it. The Sussexes prevailed in an IPSO complaint. Even if those debunked allegations were true, they had no bearing whatsoever on the propriety or otherwise of Meghan’s guest-editorship. The fact that she kicked up that filth, rather than acknowledge there was no legitimate basis for the critique, speaks to her intent.

In April, she wrote one of her “exclusives” about meetings between the Sussexes and Quibi. The point of her article was that Harry and Meghan were plotting their exit from the royal family more than a year before they left. Again, try to discredit Harry and Meghan, who had clearly stated they left when it became untenable to be part of the family business. The fact they began the process of establishing their foundation in UK will support that, but why let the facts get in the way of Camilla’s “truth”?

Actually, Harry first met with Quibi execs when he was at Kensington Palace and the discussions were centered around a sustainable tourism project- which we now know to be Travalyst– that Prince Harry launched in 2019. I don’t recall any reports at the time, that The Sussexes were plotting their royal family exit, but Kensington Palace sources were aware of the initial meetings. Also, the meetings were at the request of Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg. If you don’t think the purpose of Camilla’s bullshit exclusive was propaganda, then I have a spicy Yahoo email to sell to you.

Just yesterday, instead of focusing on helping the Metropolitan police investigate her alleged death threat, and on a day when the royal family published its annual financial reports, she was on to some clap trap about Archie’s title. That the Sussexes rejected the Earl of Dumbarton as a title for Archie because they were afraid he will be bullied because the word ‘dumb” appears in it. Never mind the fact that Harry IS already the Earl of Dumbarton(his title when in Scotland) and Archie WILL inherit that along with Harry’s two other titles.

I mean this woman will not stop. She’s obsessed! She has sunk her claws into the Sussexes for some reason, and has discarded all sense and objectivity, purposely in my opinion. She believes it is part of her job as a member of the media to shape the reputations of public figures, by “reporting and commenting”. True to form, that’s been her mission from the beginning. Camilla should take her own advice and “step out and feel the air in her hair, rather than spreading online hate”.

It is why a mother’s innocuous statement about her child enjoying being read to, became a controversy. It was given the “Camilla truth” treatment; one that resides in a fact-averse universe and thrives on lies and obfuscation. So here we are. Camilla “my truth” Tominey managed to deflect accountability, albeit temporarily, with allegations of a death threat that make your spidey senses uneasy. For the safety of Camilla’s family and for the sake of truth and accountability, I sincerely hope that she shared the original message with the police so that the perpetrator is brought to book.

Some questioned how Camilla could have made such a glaring mistake as a “journalist”. I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, it was not a mistake. It was intentional and calculated. People who make mistakes correct them. There is no remorse here, just malicious intent. Camilla knows that and I believe it’s best summed when she says “I’m speaking my truth. You and your fellow nutbags better get used to it”. How can she act with such impunity? Because she operates in a system that enables her unethical ways. She will feign respectability but saying she, as a British “journalist” abides by an ethical code of conduct and that she reports without fear or favor. Absolute nonsense! Here’s the head of the IPSO(UK press regulator) in an interview saying, the british media are allowed to be biased and to be campaigning. They are not required to be impartial. So yeah, british media is[designed to be] a cesspool and this girl is striving for all the medals.

All told, Camilla Tominey has not demonstrated any interest or capacity for ethical reporting as far as the Sussexes are concerned. She is a propaganda hack, whose weapon of choice is disinformation. At best, she’s proven herself a bad faith actor. British media may continue to platform her, but there is no good reason on God’s green earth that American networks or media houses outside the UK media establishment should continue to entertain her. If you see her on your TV screen, do yourself a favor and turn it off. If you see any of her lies, call it out.


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20 comments on “Let’s Talk About Camilla Tominey’s Voracious Appetite For Lying

  1. CJ

    OMG absolutely disgusting piece of scrotum that camilla tomniney is and all the other idiots that follow her into believe everything she writes everything she say. I always knew she was full of shit. Jealousy is a dangerous thing. That camilla and Piers Morgan belong together so much alike. Sounds like they both of a major crush on Meghan Markle.

    I bet it was the Queen and Prince Philip put their foot down not to hsve Piers Morgan at 10 at Prince Harry and meghan’s wedding because they all know he is full of shit. I prey evey single day and night not only for our Dear Lord to bless protect and watch over and jeep all my gorgeous family and their love ones. My sister sister friends and their love ones and gorgeous friends and their love ones. I also pray that our Lord God almighty to bless, protect watch and keep our gorgeous Prince Harry and his gorgeous wife Meghan their gorgeous children, Prince William Kate and gorgeous Children half of the Royal family safe any not for getting our lovely Queen who can’t even voice her own opinion. Keep safe from wicked, vile, evil, disgusting scumbags. I guess that’s one of the other reason Prince Harry and Princess Meghan walked away because they wouldn’t have a voice they would have has to put up with all these bloody lies. I really don’t understand why bitch is getting away with this. I know for a fact Devil Camilla and all like her will have our Lord God almighty to answer to come Judgment Day.

    The thing that gets up my nose is that Princess Maghan didn’t do anything 2 people met and fell in love got married and have a gorgeous little family. You notice how the lovely family haven’t got nothing bad to say about her just getting on with their lives. Has for the fathers side of the family Pure sad jealousy. I bet Morgan and camila Deville na she’s worse than that.

    After what happened to gorgeous Princess Diana, of course Prince Harry would have some hate in his heart for what his dad and family did to her. I suppose Prince Harry getting older reading and hearing what his family did to his mum of course he would have resentment towards his dad and oh my God another camilla. Facing that cow who got in the way of his poor mu
    m yes of course Princess Diana had affairs I’m not saying anything about that only why should be one rule for Prince Charles and none for poor gorgeous Princess Diana. I thing even if Harry didn’t meet gorgeous Meghan he would have left anyway. Some many stupid dumb people believe every single thing that they read they can’t make their own judgement. Yes I do agree that vile disgusting Karen should be made accountable. Can I just apologise to all you gorgeous people reading my rent for my spelling mistake and miss punctuations etc have a fantastic day please all stay safe and take care of yourselves most of all thank you so much for gorgeous lovely Irene for bringing this to us your amazing. 💟🤗♥️

  2. Majorie Williams (Kathleen Williams)

    Excellent and comprehensive article. When you lay it out like this, its mind boggling that Camilla T has any credibility left. What I don’t understand is her motivation. She is either being handsomely rewarded for this or her and her mother’s former excessive drinking have caused some sort of cognitive impairment.

    1. Airat Adekunle

      I think Camilla has a mental disorder that predisposed her to attacking a particular figure…in this case,Meghan. It may be a light form of schizophrenia that allows her to be so fixated on Meghan and to continue to weave all these untruths. I have a close family member that singled out 3 innocent relatives whom she labelled ‘enemies ‘and she has continued to lie to malign them over the years even though they have not been in contact with her.Psychiatrists should have a name for it.
      Camilla’s bogus letter to herself really raised the red flag for me; it is worrying because her own husband is in trouble and he should be careful because she has subconsciously revealed her disdain for him by using the word’nasty’ . As far as she is concerned, Meghan is her project and she must concoct stories to publish. She blocked me too.She is not ok..I shiver!

  3. Sharon Jackson

    First I love reading your Article. And this one is the truth and nothing but the truth. Camille have a very dark heart her soul belongs to the devil. One thing I know she have no idea who God is. In life it’s a saying what go around come around, and it might be to someone she love my God have a way or doing thing. You shall not lie. Ps 37: 32 the wicked watch the righteous and seeks to slay him. The lord will not leave him in his hand. HM will not be condemn. By camille tominey . I have much love for Meghanpedia. Keep speaking the truth. 💕

  4. Beverly S McCaskill

    Irene, this is a very good article. Thank you for pointing out all the lies that the pigeon face, woman hating female version of Piss (piers) Face Morgan has done. I have sent a letter per Tina/Michelle to the network of ABC for them using these so called RR, Royal commenters, or what other piece of trash words that you may want to use, for them to STOP using these people if they can not tell the truth. If the US news people listen to the NPR podcast then they heard what the Duchess said and should be calling Bird Face Tominey out on it. I hope there are others sending letters to our MSN stations for them to double check these idiots before the have them come on air to spill there lies. ABC, NBC & CBS, please don’t be as stupid as those British so call news people.

    1. Wilha

      You have done an exceptional job in clarifying and bringing receipts for the lies this woman has spread against The Duchess of Sussex. BRAVO♥️

  5. Kelley

    Excellent article, thank you. Camilla Tominey is a complete stranger to the truth. Nothing but a paid liar. Thank you again for getting the truth out there.

  6. Marjorie Ireland

    Kate Middleton lied to the Press for 4 long years about Meghan bullying her. Her mother Carole Middleton went on TV and repeated the same lie. Billy Goldsmith, Kate`s Uncle & Carole`s brother posted on Twitter that “Meghan Markle is the Worst N—-r” This so called “Journalist ” tried to still peddle the Big lie that Meghan made Arayan Princess Kate cry. Here in the USA, FOX News has started covering Meghan and Harry very negatively and taking the snow While UK Royal Family`s side! No surprise there!!!

  7. Pamela Porter

    Wonderful article. The hate campaign has moved to the states. Right-wing media is getting in on the act and negative articles have been appearing in American magazines. Turning off the major networks and cable that offer a platform isn’t enough. We will have to do what we do well— forcefully pushback by depriving Camilla Tominey and others from on-air work as royal experts.

  8. Sharon Augustine

    Thank you for a well written article . ❤️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  9. Sasha

    So ironic that royal reporters like Camilla who say Meghan and Harry are attention-seeking while they say want privacy are the ones that keep talking about them. Camilla is almost like Piers Morgan, secretly obsessed with them, so she goes on and on. The only difference is Piers is more direct with spewing hate, but Camilla is more discreet with her hate. Can’t wait till karma gets her. May I add, I have seen on many instances Camilla say that Meghan and Harry want privacy, but she has not yet understood what privacy is. It is about having control over what they want to share to the world. What a shame that this woman who reports on Meghan and Harry so much can’t even take the time to actually understand it.

  10. Claudia Barnswell

    You did a wonderful job with this article, Irene. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 There’s an angel by the name of Karma, and she’ll be paying a long overdue visit to camel toe herself. And believe me, that day is fast approaching.
    Thanks again for the good read, Irene 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  11. Conie Brussels

    Another excellent article!!!!!👍👍👍 Well done and keep it coming!!!!!!💞💞💞

  12. Rachel

    Great article. I cannot recall any british media/royal reporter ever reporting on the actual work Prince Harry and Meghan did whilst in the UK and yet they report on them daily, talk about them hourly about nonsense. I pray for the day when someone will go rogue on all these reporters. Its astonishing that if they had reported fairly on H&M, they would have had good content and earn all the money they want. Instead of spreading lies which will endanger this couple.

  13. Gladys

    Its not easy to hate someone but god, i dare say that Camilla Tominey woman gives us all the reasons to do so & i’ve heard she’s working on behalf of a certain mama who i hear is paying so much to so many to do slander works on the Sussexes especially the DoS, so the Tomney woman lives me no chance but to abhor her.

    Thanks for this analysis.

  14. Rae

    It was amazing to see everyone coming together to hold this vile karen accountable. I hope US networks will stop inviting her own. Thanks for writing this incredible article Irene. #sussexsquad really came together.
    #camillatomineyisaliar #CamillaTomineyIsALiar

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