Empowered and Fired Up: A Salute To The SussexSquad

Empowered and Fired Up: A Salute To The SussexSquad
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Salute to the SussexSquad – Empowered and Fired Up.

“There are times when we must speak, not because you are going to change the other person, but because if you don’t speak, they have changed you.’ Silence doesn’t change the world it changes us. It shrinks us. It takes our stories and feelings away from us and buries them alive. Unearth what is buried within you. Free yourself…” Cleo Wade’s Where To Begin (Atria Books, 2019)

The Sussex Squad is a collective body that coalesces online and embraces all who are Sussex supporters. Some of us are energetic and over-the-top showing our love for all to see, while others are low-key and reserved but still fierce with their feelings. Hang around the squad and you’ll see the various sides of squaddies—funny, sarcastic, bombastic, intelligent, caring, generous, brutally honest and sometimes unfiltered.

For some, the path to the Squad may have started from the pre-royal days when Meghan Markle came online with The Tig, her TV series and movies, or upon the revelation that she and Harry were an item. Or maybe the journey was by way of Harry and his royal life, his engagement to Meghan, the wedding, and the nightmarish campaign to tear her apart. For some, it was the dramatic interview in the African Journey documentary, the exit from the island, the final farewell at the Commonwealth Day ceremony, the official exit from senior royal life, or any of the moments in between those markers of Meghan’s and Harry’s lives.

Wherever we have started, we’re here, forging a remarkable bond of unity and community building around the Sussexes and their charitable endeavors. The Squad pulses with an energy that attracts others to link up and be part of a community like no other. Support travels beyond borders and over international waters with Squaddies raising their hands from almost every continent. We laugh, we discuss, we dissect, we have differences of opinions, but nothing comes in the way of supporting the Sussexes. It’s always the priority.

The division of labor occurs seamlessly and with such coordination that it draws astonishment, and a lot of envy, because goals are met with massive success. We have trees planted for Archie’s birth, tens of thousands of dollars donated for Archie’s birthday, and the uptick of awareness raised around issues and charities near and dear to Harry and Meghan. We are a force to be reckoned with, we are more about action than talking about what we could do, more about achieving goals than hosting pity parties around our royal peeps.

We are the self-appointed scouts and sentries of that royal unit. We are the aunties and uncles of King Archie. We are going to defend their humanity from the pestilence of hatred, bigotry, jealousy and dishonesty directed at them. We don’t tolerate racial insensitivity, bigotry, sexist, misogynistic behavior toward a Squaddie or the Sussexes. Any mention from the loathsome tabloids, their reporters or organized network of trolls will initiate an Operation Drag That Ass (ODTA). The media do not get to report their biased news unchallenged anymore. We will not be silent. We will not be complicit. We will not avert our gaze.

There’s mention that the supporters of the brothers don’t get along. The Squad has no rivals or competition since our sole focus is the Sussexes. No other group matters to us. We are unbothered by who is doing what for relevancy, that is, unless they take any member of the Sussex family’s name in vain. The no-fly zone outside the Squad is that no disparaging remarks of Meghan and her family will be tolerated, whether it comes from supporters of other royals or the generic hater/troll. The Squad will initiate ODTA until we are done and finished with them.

Within the body of the squad, there are several organically developed platforms with websites, podcasts, and social media platforms. All independent but solidly united in dismantling the unfair and toxic dialogue around the Sussexes. It’s not uncommon for news outlets to insert themselves into the Squad’s online threads or podcasts seeking engagement. They quickly learn that the Squad is not to be trifled with and is not in need of their publicity. Charities can count on our ability to organize and support because the squad is inspired to build. But we are focused on charities tied to Harry and Meghan, because they are the source of the inspiration. We are not intrigued by trinkets or shiny objects. We prefer substance.

All this success and transformative bad ass energy is affecting. This level of awesomeness sucks the soul of the Meghan haters and trolls. They are so twisted and bitter that their day is incomplete without trying to be destructive. They have sent threats to members of the Squad. They try to hack accounts, make false reports against social media accounts, and spew their toxicity online just because of the Squad’s existence and capacity. The trigger to fragile egos is massive. They want us to go away and be silent for them to continue the abuse of the Sussexes.

Sorry, X and Co. Not Today, Not Tomorrow, or ever in your wildest dreams.
We will not be silent. We will not be complicit. We will not avert our gaze.
ODTA is ready and waiting, all day, every day.


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20 comments on “Empowered and Fired Up: A Salute To The SussexSquad

  1. Dinah

    We have fun together, we laugh, we uplift each other, but we can also put up a fight. Since quaddies are the smartest fan based community ever, our researching forces are big; we argue and weaponize with receipts, in no time. Periodt.

  2. Beverly S McCaskill

    Yes, a very well written article. Thanks for everyone showing so much LOVE and togetherness for this awesome and beautiful couple (and of course MASTER ARCHIE), Let us remember, that they found each other so they could both be a “FORCE FOR CHANGE” . Let’s stay on course for the different charities that they will be supporting so that they will know that the Squaddies have there backs. All those evil RR, BRF, CH, BP, KP will fall soon, GOD’S IS IN CONTROL.

  3. Gladys

    Whilst you are all here dear squadies for those who’re on twitter there is some work to do, PLEASE REPORT THIS DISGUSTING RACIST ANTI MEGHAN ACCOUNT – twitter.com/tinabrush thank you.

  4. Fatoumata

    Bravo pour cette article qui résume bien notre raison d’être. Harry et Meghan sont la source et nous nous joignons à eux pour changer les mentalités et les injustices. Nous sommes la force tranquille et positive avec eux. Merci pour vos actions.

  5. Shirley Slaughter

    I am very impressed with the level of support Sussex Squad brings to Harry and Meghan. I was so disheartened and offended by the ugly headlines perpetrated against them every single day. I only discovered you the early part of this year. It’s a relief to know you are here. I always loved Harry and fell in love with Meghan as well, and I am an American. Thank you for being here for them.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Shirley

      Yes, it can feel quite overwhelming to see the amount of hate and lies that come at Meghan and Harry. And sites like Meghanpedia and other fan accounts are an oasis to celebrate H&M.

      So stick around and celebrate with us.

  6. Lanre

    Thank you for a lovely article. You kept me smiling as I read. I love that Commandment: Thou shall not take in vain the name of a Sussex!

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Lanre

      Glad you liked the article.
      LOL on the commandment. We do take that seriously.

  7. Sherry

    Thank you a well written article on the Sussex Squad and our commitment to the Sussexes and the charities they support.

  8. Elizabeth Badu

    Yep,a well written article and there’s nothing to add and again to emphasis your words in capital letters WE ARE UNBOTHERED AND UNBENDING, AND ANY TROLLS Will BE SLAYED UNMERCILESSLY ,because we won’t tolerate their crap, thanks Mich,until next article have an awesome day.

  9. Gladys

    Well written Mich & thank you, yes the squad’s truthful energy & love to the Sussexes evokes so much jealousy & yes a lot of envy, BUT their hatefulness cannot & won’t break this Sussex tribe.

  10. Dominique Ravenel

    Respect….excellent article comme d’habitude. Le Squad est fait de différents éléments à la fois indépendants et interdépendants. Il fait bloc quand c’est nécessaire. Sa jointure sa graisse son huile de connexion sont la défense des Sussex et de Archie contre toute malveillance.

  11. Joyce

    Thank you Mich, as always you bring it home with a good perspective,. What can I say?. The Sussexes are always true to themselves and understand how to appreciate people and we know their worth as authentic and not phoney. Those who hate are doing it out of jealousy and envy, we have to pity them. The supporters are more determined than ever and more grease to their elbows. God bless everyone and stay safe, stay true to yourselves.

  12. Ebony911

    We are here and we are ready. Wakanda. 🙂🛡️ Force for Change. “Support and Uplift”.

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