Grasping at straws: British media’s desperation for Duchess Meghan news


Once again a standing ovation to Emily Andrews for her stellar performance in publishing yet another article designed to create a misleading impression using tabloid reportage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The above headline is another of her multiple stories laced with untruths that can be found online. Emily, you lost your credibility a long time ago. We see what you do, we know what type of person you are, but the question remains, when will you learn?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are working tirelessly with their many charitable endeavours to help those who are less fortunate. People all over the world are paying attention to what they do. Instead of embracing and supporting their work and using your platform to share the goodwill, you and your colleagues chose to focus on trivial issues for the sole purpose of distracting and attempting to create a negative image of this hardworking couple. Realistically, what is really happening is with the help of your “Royal Sources” you are accelerating your irrelevance.

So, when I came across the above headline, I laughed out loud, because this story is really laughable, so ridiculous and unfortunate, that the paper for which Emily Andrews writes as a Royal Correspondent, thought it was suitable to print.

Emily Andrews, self-proclaimed clairvoyant and tabloid gossip reporter; fabricated a baby shower article with complete ‘sources’.

Ms Andrews, are you implying that a member of the Royal family cannot or should not have a pedicure costing £50? A Google search of the average cost of a pedicure in the UK ranges from £ 20 upwards. Your use of the old line “taxpayers’ money being used friviously” is supposed to drive public outrage? I am certain Prince Harry with his inherent wealth can afford to pay for his own pedicure. Speaking hypothetically, with all the hard work he does to keep the British Royal family relevant and giving it a new lease of life, one would think taxpayers should be pleased that all he spent was £50.

Another question Ms Andrews, are you alluding to the fact that having a pedicure is going against yet another “Royal protocol,” or that because Prince Harry wants to save the planet he should not have his toe nails cut? The term army “hardman” is sexist. May I remind you that women also serve in the military? Therefore, if she gets a pedicure is she no longer considered an army “hardwoman” or are you saying pedicures are for women only? You are so intent on writing character smearing articles that you don’t take the time to think about the impact of your statements, which are petty and utter nonsense.

For your information, there are benefits for men and women to have a pedicure:

  1. A pedicure improves foot health as it helps to improve anti-bacterial protection.
  2. A pedicure helps to relieve stress. Dealing with tabloid negative press coverage on a daily basis most certainly can be stressful.
  3. A pedicure prevents ingrown toenails which can be very painful.
  4. A pedicure makes your feet look good. Ask most women and men their opinion of a mate who takes pride in how they look – head to toe. Try it, you might like it.

This question is for Ms. Andrews, Piers Morgan and the rest of the negative reporting crew (you know who you are); what is it about the Duke and Duchess that you fear? What do you really see when you see them? Is it so hard to perceive your Prince who has grown up to become a matured hardworking man so happy and in love? I’m talking about a grown man who realizes his privilege and is happy to help others who are not so privileged and to do it with a woman who is “amazing” and not afraid of hard work? Or is it because she is an American?

The United States which, incidentally, is supposed to be the most important ally of The United Kingdom, yet the treatment you give to a citizen of one of your most trusted allies is shameful. Or is it because she is divorced? In case you have all forgotten, your next heir to the throne is also divorced, as is two of his siblings and his mother’s now deceased sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden. Or could it be that she is showing up many of the Royals who really do not do much?
It’s inconceivable that British taxpayers are actually happy for Royals to simply travel around the country just to cut ribbons, unveil plaques, shake some hands, spend 30 minutes or so at a place, waving and smiling for the cameras and then be whizzed off in a security escort back home? And yes, I will ask the ultimate question: could it be that your handsome Prince Harry has fallen in love with a hardworking, supportive, beautiful, sexy biracial woman? The Duchess of Sussex is a woman who is articulate, intelligent, can speak for herself, and endure your continuous abuse but still rises, smiles and gets on with the job. I already know the answer to my questions which may not necessarily coincide with yours.

In closing I share my final thought. If the British media is so afraid that just one woman has the power to bring down a Monarchy that has existed for centuries, then perhaps you need to dismantle the Royal Family and leave the Duchess of Sussex, her husband, and her son alone because you really do not deserve her. Then you can get back to doing your job, that is engaging in responsible and respectable journalism.


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