ETOnline Traffics In Harry and Meghan Propaganda

ETOnline Traffics In Harry and Meghan Propaganda

ETOnline learned from the worst and traffics in Harry and Meghan propaganda. Here’s a recent headline in ET online – “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal ‘Raised Eyebrows’ in the Royal Family.”

The fact that “raised eyebrows” are in quotes is telling. This is a well-known trick the British tabloids adopt to avoid lawsuits and it allows them to destroy reputations without accountability.

So, it could be that Katie Nichols fabricated the whole story and really she’s representing the position of the British media who are waging a campaign of destruction against Duchess Meghan. This wouldn’t be the first time she has made up stories.

On the remote chance this is true and not a fabrication of Katie Nichols’ imagination, this would be a sad commentary about the monarchy. If a thousand-year old institution cannot work effectively because two former working senior royals are engaged in private enterprise separate from the institution, then it is clear the issue is not what Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are doing. The institution needs to reimagine itself and its working model.

One has to wonder what the British media, the Royal Family and their courtiers expect of Harry and Meghan. What exactly is their idea of financial independence? How exactly did they expect them to gain financial independence by sitting on their hands for a year?

Examine the quote below closely. Why would the fact that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan doing business unrelated to the monarchy, in their private capacity( as several members of the Royal Family do), distract from the work of other senior members of the Royal Family?

“ET has learned there have been some raised eyebrows about how the attention on this new deal could distract from the work of other senior members of the family.”

The Royal Family should understand that the hyper-interest in Harry and Meghan is not transferable to other members of the Royal Family, senior or otherwise. Most supporters of the Sussexes hold other members in contempt for how they treated Harry, Meghan and Archie, or are just not interested in other members of the family. It is that simple.

If you ask me, I say they should be concerned about being in an institution that protects a member with many dubious financial dealings and harbors the same miscreant from answering to the FBI on accusations of pedophilia.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Sophie Wessex was confronted with the duplicitous reality of this institution that is in fact undermining and distracting from their own work, by burying their heads in the sand when it comes to Prince Andrew and his problematic and potentially criminal alliances.

Twenty plus year friendships with a convicted pedophile and child sex traffickers are not values most normal people admire or find inspiring. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are inspiring because of their values and actions.

Raising the one year review as a point for complaint, exposes the Royal Family/institution’s true intent in instituting it. For one , we know that Prince Harry was opposed to the review period, in favor of a clean break. You only have to look to the transition updates to see that.

Further, if the one year review period was instituted as a “safety net” for the Sussexes, as has been intimated, why would getting on with the business of standing on their own feet be a wrinkle in that plan? How does the expectation that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan should lay low for a year even make sense? What a convoluted way to say they are disappointed that the couple are succeeding in their efforts.

They should just say they expected Harry and Meghan to fail, given the copious amounts of money and time they invested in organizing the coordinated, incessant media and troll harassment of the pair. They’d hoped attacking any new organization working with them (through propaganda-fueled media and internet trolls), regardless of the status of some as charities, would scare potential partners away. I imagine that the calculation was that, with such difficulty, they – read Prince Harry – would return to the UK.

Harry and Meghan’s supporters are thrilled that has not come to pass. The Royal Family should adopt their much touted never complain, never explain mantra and get to work to earn the global reverence they desperately seek.

No one owes the British Royal Family global popularity. The British monarchy doesn’t have dominion over the United States for obvious reasons. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan live in United States, Meghan’s native country where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are enshrined rights. The sovereign of a foreign country and her family across the pond don’t have a right to reverence and unearned admiration by citizens of our republic.

The Royal Family should have accepted the interest in Duchess Meghan as a natural outcome of being the new member. Instead they overreacted and sanctioned three plus years of bullying and harassment by royal reporters and recruited over 95% of the British media to join in the relentless demonizing and dehumanization of Meghan.

They told Meghan to go home, that she was not welcome in the UK, called her names, likened her son to a chimp on three different occasions and labeled him a spoilt brat at 8 months old! The fact that the media attacks intensified on Meghan when she was pregnant, all while the Royal Family was maintaining its stiff upper lip was repugnant and many, like me, will never forget and some will never forgive.

The die is cast. Harry and Meghan are off to make a way for themselves. In turn, the monarchy can have their stiff upper lip. I encourage them to keep it.


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45 comments on “ETOnline Traffics In Harry and Meghan Propaganda

  1. B

    I have tried to muster so much courage over the years stood in solidarity in support of the incessant bullying see the hemorrhaging of news abuse and hype. Those who continue putting blinders and ignore the total BS going on in the BM, have mercy upon them all; from shrieking what! no way! that’s not right , to their brazen constant lies was the daily scribe. As one guardian columnist headline put it, in 2018 and I quote “ Tormenting the duchess has become a nat’l sports, and it shames us” from where am standing not many cared. Their daily supply of tabloid news has already taken over the usual cycle for their gossip mongers, no truth coming from UK reporting… has completely become obsolete to them. Wasn’t H& M suppose to embody post racial Britain so much for that. I eventually gain my composure and emotional strength from it all to avoid major news outlet and tabloids as well. I also became unbothered by the hysterical captious headlines and overwhelming million publication of negative coverages towards MM. These yellow journalists don’t report to only phish for ratings and sell gossip for a living their ego quest ignores respect in exchange for favors profit over ppl the status quo you snooze you lose trend with no high ratings it’s a fail. US helping UK to destroy their own is asinine and unforgiven no matter what! I’m done using angry words to vent my frustrations; this song by the lovely voice of the late (Doris Day; que sera sera) , whatever will be will be! The future is never ours to see . Wish the couple & family all the best in their endeavors and to stay safe and well!

  2. Alicia

    I am happy to see that I’m not the only one who noticed Kevin Frazier’s disgusting comments on our favorite couple. This is ET’s 40th anniversary and it appears that they are losing viewers and have decided to go negative. When Frazier covered Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018 his reporting was absolutely giddy and now he’s throwing shade on them. Is it possible that Rupert Murdoch has purchased a large portion of CBS/ET now that the Sussex’s have filed lawsuits against him in the UK?

  3. Joyce

    Thank you as always for your wonderful piece and for once I am lost for words on the relentless abuse and harassment of this couple because they fell in Love. I still wonder to date what is their crime apart from the fact that the royal family have failed to see the bigger picture due to racism and jealousy. They are annoyed that Harry made the right decision for himself and his family, they wanted him to be another Princess Margaret whose life was manipulated by the royal family and in the end became a shadow of herself with misery, this led to her death. Thank God The Sussexes have got support world wide and we all should always keep them in our prayers.

  4. B

    Thank you for your support in providing such great analysis and perspectives to the contrary. Coming from the relentless smears of the MSM news umbrella for BRF, UK press pack of (7) right wing newspapers, royal reporters & media paid trolls. Other countries news groups followed as well. It’s nice to see the in real time the actual truth from a much wider lens on the couple’s constant struggles with these bigwigs & powerhouse bullies created to destroy them at all cost. I don’t know what results they’re still looking for with one-sided attacks & threats they’ve wielded years gleefully with no care just to annihilate two ppl who haven’t burned down a house nor cause any bodily harm to anyone. What happens with civil unrest use the same energy level? QEII use her royal powers to censor 2- US cable news from airing stories of her son’s misstep, but failed to stop the vicious smears and slanders leveled at the couple. So now she wants to use the same power tactics into their business affairs. It still hurts at this moment; to see such cruelty played out to the world against one woman, how dare her to breathe among their clean lungs to contaminate theirs.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      It’s clear accusations of paedophilia, associations with paedophiles, associations with dictators and dodgy financial dealings are all defended by the royal family. The only thing they won’t defend is the bullying and harassment of a black biracial Meghan, who’s done nothing wrong, and her husband Harry who had the audacity to marry her and bring her into a space the British establishment believes is reserved for white women only. Their son Archie since he was a few hours old have been abused and un-defended as well.

  5. CRP

    Great article. The ET franchise is suspect even for a gossip source. Still, I’m sure more than eyebrows were raised when the British Royal Family and British media (including royal experts) learned of Harry and Meghan’s boss moves. I imagine blood pressure pills were passed around like candy at Halloween! Harry and Meghan never needed titles for success. I think there are people who would love to white wash Archie and his descendants right out of the British royal blood line and off the family tree. Removing the duke title now prevents Archie from ever claiming it. That starts the first step toward rewriting or at least blurring history in due course. Confusion similiar to the questions surrounding the ethnicity of Queen Charlotte is today.

      1. Jacqueline Matthews

        Thank you Vicki. Indeed, they deserve and we pray for a happy life filled with joy for Harry and Meghan.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      Given how the British establishment tormented his mother 24/7 while she was pregnant, Archie deserves to be the next Duke of Sussex. If they want the title removed let them enact an act of parliament so it will be properly documented in history. What treasonous crime would they accuse Harry and Meghan of committing to warrant removing their titles and if the concort a crime, what will they accuse Archie to justify disinheriting him.

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  7. Millbrook Grant

    I personally have challenge ET regarding their use of Katie I know nothing nichols. I asked them if they
    Would pay me to tell them completely made up stories that comes from my sources. The sources that
    we all know don’t exist. This woman is the female Walter mitty who lies so much that he couldn’t tell the truth from lies. Everything this woman reports have been proven to be lies.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      Let’s keep challenging the ET franchise. They lack credibility and integrity. More people need to be aware of their tactics so they treat them the way they deserve to be treated, like the enquirer. They have earned it. It’s one thing to gossip, but smearing and defaming public figures with lies and fabrications with a veneer of legitimacy is unacceptable.

  8. marena38

    Thank you for this great article, when is Katie Nichols stop spreading her lies & her hate towards Meghan? They want to see them fail badly that they will do & say anything to destroy them so they will go back to them on bended knees. M&H together are strong they will rise to the occasion

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      God is with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. The propaganda Katie Nichols spews on behalf of the British royal family cannot harm Harry, Meghan or Archie. Every evil they wish for them will be sent back to them 1000 fold.

  9. Beverly

    Ms. Matthew, thank you for that beautiful and very well written article. So true all of it. I sometimes feel sorry for the BRF because they are not getting it. Our Duke and Duchess are truly thriving and going great places here in the US and around the world. With regards to ET I have stopped listening to them because they are as bad as the BM, especially the turncoat, Kevin Frazier. Katie N. is more than likely about ready to lose her job if she doesn’t make it sound like she is getting the information from their sources. Remember Harry stated, “If it doesn’t come from them, H/M, then it is a lie.” I will be keeping the Sussex family in my prayers.

    1. Jeanette Williams

      I agree with everything you said about ‘entertainment’ tonight’. I stopped watching them when they advertised that the turncoat Kevin Frazier was going to interview piss moron about Harry and Meghan. Piss has never had anything good to say about Meghan. I too can’t wait for Katie nichols to lose her job here and go back to that horrible island where she can make up all the lies she wants to on the royal klan. I wish all the so called royal experts would follow her.

      1. Jacqueline Matthews

        We all need to call ET out on their lies and propaganda. They keep using lying Katie Nichols to fabricate stories about Harry and Meghan. They need to stop doing it.

    2. Jacqueline Matthews

      Thank you Beverly! We all need to continue to pray for Harry, Meghan, Archie and Doria. Don’t feel sorry for the BRF. They are evil and took delight in working with the British media to try and destroy an innocent life, Archie before he was fully formed in his mother’s womb.

  10. ann washington

    The problem is no one cares what the royals are doing. If they did there is no way Harry and Meghan could detract from their work.
    If you do nothing of substance why would any one be interested in your work.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      Precisely. No one cares what the other royals are doing. If they spent half the time they spent denigrating Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in the media working on substantive work people would pay more attention to them. Nothing is inspiring about abusing your power, using it to attempt to push other people down.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      Thank you Elizabeth! I appreciate your feedback and it helps to sharpen our focus on what topics to cover.

  11. Chris

    Very good article. I don’t know what the RF was expected from the Sussexes! We all knew they would succeed right away! They are two highly intelligent individuals. The RF, the nasty Courtiers, and the Rotten Rota better be prepared for the launch of Arcwell, because it is going to be massive! The biggest mistake the RF made in 2020, was to let them go! They should have accepted their demand( half and half). Now the Sussexes are free to take over the world!

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      I agree. The biggest mistake the royal family made was not taking the part-time offer by The Sussexes. Some mental gnats and myopic strategists let the British media goad them into demanding all or nothing from Harry and Meghan. Moreover, I think they started believing their own fabrications about Prince Harry. They underestimated his love for and value of his nuclear family and believed because they don’t see any value in his family he would side with them and abandon his wife and son. It says a lot about the mindset of those pulling the levers of power in the British royal family and media, not Harry.

  12. Dianne Hawkins

    I must say all has been stated clearly, succinctly and factually in this article. I don’t always agree w/ ET postings, but so far as the Sussexes are concerned, the British Media and Royal Family lost their campaign of hatred, division and racist commentary. They have lost all credibility as being anything approaching upstanding. The silence they invoked during the targeted bullying should be continued now as it is clear the Sussexes are doing just fine where they are and how they are. The love sent their way continues and will never be transposed to those so called, relevant working royals who dared not to share the spotlight generated by the popular pair. They find now they are left in the dark and Sussex Sunshine continues brilliantly in the USA and globally. I’d say the Royal Family and their media trolls bet on the wrong horses and truly lost.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      So true Dianne. Many bet on the wrong horses and lost. They just have to live with the consequences. The BRF has shown the world who they are and we believe then.

  13. Patricia Nya

    👍🏿 très bon article. Si les autres “royaux” ne veulent pas être relégué au second plan ils devraient commencer à travailler véritable et non pas demandé aux Sussex de ne pas travailler.

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      Merci Patricia. I understand enough french to be dangerous so I appreciate your sincere compliments. The other royals need to focus on their own work and leave Harry and Meghan alone to do their own work.

  14. Donna Kay Edge

    Great article as always! Love that I know I am always reading or hearing the truth on here and your podcast. That Island will never have the support, love and most of all character and empathy that Harry and Meghan embody. They work from the heart and always will. Love you all.

  15. Rose

    ETOnline is a gossip monger, and they frequently regurgitate BM puke. Their TV versions are not any better. There are two idiots that sit on their anchor desk in the Canadian version, dumb and dumber.
    And dear God, when is Kate Nichol going to just hang her head in shame and go away because of the many provable lies she had told. As recently as Meghan’s birthday, she was talking about how Meghan was going to spend the day wth Oprah, when the Sussexes had already moved weeks prior and she didn’t know. If she has the inside scoop as she wants us to believe, (she delivers her lies with a smiley knowing face), wouldn’t she have had this information!

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      I agree Katie Nichols need to stop. Her lies and fabrications are so obvious and I cannot fathom why US based media like ET and Vanity Fair continue to give her a platform to spew her provable lies. I guess the revenues they receive from clicks and views is better than having any integrity.

      1. Catherine

        Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For calling out ET. They have always been suspect to me because they employed Katie Nichol. But since H&M announced they were leaving it has become clear that they are all in on normalizing British Media negative narrative for the American audience. Now, that H&M are in the US it is going to be important to shade and shun the american platforms that collude with British media.

        1. Jacqueline Matthews

          I agree. We must name and shame US media outlets that either copy and paste the lies and propaganda from the British media and/or work to normalize the negative agenda for the US audience.

  16. Gladys

    Oh! wow! What an interesting read, thank you Ms. Marthews, bravo!! for you’ve hit the truth on the head, as for me i say I WILL NEVER FORGET & WILL NEVER FORGIVE those evil envious jealousy people from that country namely the Royal family lets say mostly from KP, the idiotic royal reporters & the money hungry British Press, i say they should go to hell where they all belong.

  17. Conie Brussels

    Oh dear your last 💝❣️ line is beautifully 😍 said!!!!!👍👍 Thanks you for this fantastic 👌👌 article!!!! Very very impressive!!!!and well done!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!

  18. Marjorie Ireland

    Wow! Another Great Article! Thank you for telling the TRUTH as always!!! Now we are hearing that Meghan & Harry`s Titles must be taken away but not Andrew`s? The British Media is living in the Dark , Very Dark Ages!

    1. Jacqueline Matthews

      Thank you Marjorie! I love reading feedback on our articles. I cannot believe the audacity of the British establishment moving the goal posts. Their continued inhumanity where people of color are concerned is massively irritating. They still view themselves as empire and colonial masters.

        1. Jacqueline Matthews

          Yes. Thrilled they are out of England. It is the worst treatment of a stranger in strangeland I have ever observed. The BRF as we saw briefly on commonwealth day service in March 2029 were cruel, the British media were malevolent as we saw them intensify their bullying when they found out Meghan was pregnant, and segments of the public enjoyed the inhumanity of Meghan’s treatment and joined in by trolling her and Harry.

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