Opinion: The Meghan Effect Triggers Toxic “Feminists” Like Emily Giffin

The Meghan Effect Triggers Toxic “Feminists” Like Emily Giffin

The Meghan Effect Triggers Toxic “Feminists” Like Emily Giffin. If you don’t know what the Meghan effect is then hit your search browser and look up Meghan Markle, look up Duchess of Sussex, look up Prince Harry’s wife. The phenomenon is real. There is power to Meghan Markle’s name and her magnetic personality that, at the time the royal family/British media started “marketing” the Royal Fab Four, no one imagined that Meghan and Prince Harry would outshine the king-to-be and his wife. Almost instantly, the soaring popularity of Harry and Meghan as a couple, and Meghan, as her own woman, was undeniable. That meteoric rise translated into people being interested in what she wore, what she ate, who her friends were, what charities she supported, and simply admiring her beauty and charm.

The tabloid media swarmed to right the scales of royal justice with the fury of outraged avengers; to infiltrate, instigate, corrupt, and destroy by escalating false narratives that generate money for their institutions. Misleading angles to stories, constant insults, rabid vitriol by television presenters joined in to shred any positives about Meghan. Their efforts began the construction of a racist, misogynistic, and classist platform designed not only to destroy but to obliterate Meghan’s shine and shade her accomplishments. The idea is to make her life so miserable and her reputation so damaged that she is not a viable commodity to interested parties. This campaign is heavily focused on Meghan, more so than Meghan and Harry, or Harry, as a solo entity.

While the Meghan effect has not dimmed one bit, the backdrop of active sabotage continues with the additional insidious fallout from triggered trolls who make insulting Meghan a passion project. For the most part, these haters are faceless. However, there is a niche of men and mostly women who earn a living tearing down Meghan and exploiting the misogynistic themes against her. The British tabloids scum have opted for a career mining the sewers of investigative reporting and serving up its smelly contents on shiny platters for consumption. And this daily diet has fed the British for so long that it’s part of life.

There is a societal passivity that is mind-boggling for, on the one hand, there is a gluttonous acceptance of the negative bile, while on the other hand, there is a surrender to the abuse hefted by these institutions. It goes without saying that, not every Brit subscribes to this tabloid impregnation. However, suffice it to say that if you drew a Venn diagram of self-proclaimed royalist/traditionalist(in and outside the UK) and British tabloid/royal media consumers, there would be a massive intersection. And within that toxic heap, we come to author Emily Giffin for whom the Meghan effect seemingly causes sleepless nights.

The Meghan Effect Triggers Toxic “Feminists” Like Emily Giffin

Here is a fine example of someone losing their self-awareness and self-respect in a public display of stupidity and brazen, mean-girl spirit. She, like the others of her ilk, probably feed on the same teat of spite and bitterness. As a writer of women’s fiction or chick-lit books, she proclaims herself a feminist in her bio. This self-proclaimed feminist uses her platform where she publicizes and opines about her stories geared to uplifting, celebrating, highlighting women to also deliver her “honest and unfiltered” trashing of women. Way to go for feminism!
That continuous diet is fed to her readers like a steady drip of poison that they appear to accept with likes and follow. And it’s with that energy that Emily mimicked the talking points from the tabloid sewers, showcased her obsessions with cardboard cutouts, and siphoned off her brand of feminist ideology to be a cow dung spreader on Archie’s birthday, via social media.

However, a portion of social media said, ENOUGH! As expected, after the news outlets picked up on Emily’s public spanking, she “apologized” with an explanation rather than sincere regret for her actions. I doubt, however, that Emily has learned anything other than being called out sucks. I doubt that Emily has seen the flawed logic that brought her to this point because she is the victim. I doubt that Emily will do better, if not for herself, for her readership because she has trained them to expect nothing higher than a trashcan personality.

She has built this brand of what I deem spite and hate as her author-schtick to sell books and sell herself. I am reminded of the performing monkey banging the cymbals to keep readers’ attention between book releases. Compare the levels of professionalism among authors in her genre by looking at the top women’s fiction authors’ websites of Susan Mallery, Kristin Hannah, Colleen Hoover, Emma Straub, Barbara O’Neal, or Mary Kay Andrews and peruse their social media accounts. Pay attention to their brands and public persona. NONE prostitutes herself as an enemy of the very gender who defines her readers. By the way, Emily has made her Instagram account private so only like-minded toxicity can gain entry.

So, there is the possibility that the feminist who Emily is espousing to be is of an exclusive club. A positioning that is similar to the modern development of feminism during the American industrial period, from which the political breakthroughs benefited white, middle-class women. While later versions of feminism morphed and continued developing, the net was cast wider to include representation of women from various social-economic and racial groups. Still, the majority of feminist movements were under white women’s purview.

And now in current times, with the help of internet inroads to break down further barriers, there is no one group leading the way, defining the movement, acting as the gatekeeper. That’s a good thing. Just look at the data and polling of the U.S. and the U.K. of what conservative and liberal white women will campaign for and protect against, at times, to the disadvantage of marginalized segments of female space.

The ongoing climate drives home the point that inclusion and diverse voices continue to matter in the private, corporate, political, and yes, within kingdoms. Inclusion and diversity continue to need defending against sabotaging females who lack empathy and enjoy a homogenized, constrictive point of view. And we- as many as are up for the challenge as possible—must remain constantly vigilant against hate, discrimination, and terror tactics by the audaciously privileged.
By using the author brand and platform to support or declare someone “unmaternal” and “phony,” Emily Giffin has inserted herself in the tear down Meghan Markle project for entertainment value and personal satisfaction. She has boldly put her face, brand, and labor to joyfully perform character mutilation of a high-profile, female POC. Her rant could fit the theatrics of a hip-hop beef where one artist calls out the other for unresolved misgivings or for a showdown of dominance, but not really.

Emily is not Cardi, Nicki, Lil’ Kim. She has never met Meghan to even have a beef. There is no way, except in a delusionary state, that a battle with Meghan for the throne of being relevant, inspirational, and a visionary would occur. And, NO, having published books on a shelf, books-to-movie deal, nor a legal career do not earn a pat on the back for tearing down any woman/mother, but instead showcases entitlement and privilege to think it is okay to do so.

To push the point further, should she ask her readers if they or their children have ever been bullied or cyberbullied, or ever suffered the effects of discrimination (with no pre-empting), there surely would be many horrific and heartbreaking stories that eerily resemble her actions.
Is Emily woman enough to stand in front of the mirror, look her mean-girl, spirit animal in the eye, and redeem herself? That would take some soul searching that, so far from the weak apology, appears to be a feat beyond her ability.

I wanted to read Emily’s books to see if I could determine what made this woman tick. I filled up my Kindle with eBooks from the library. I wanted to read the stories displaying her passion to be a storyteller. Were her characters memorable and relatable? Did her themes speak of hope and joy and optimism? Alas, the public life of Emily was enough to make me know that I would bypass her books just like I would bypass dog poop on the sidewalk. I don’t have to step in it to know that it stinks because she (her personality, her choices, her actions) stinks. Emily Giffin can keep her brand of toxic feminism.

In closing, while Meghan was referring to gender equality, this quote has deeper resonance for women and their interactions with other women:

“Your confidence comes in knowing that a woman by your side, not behind you, is actually something you shouldn’t be threatened about but, opposed to that, you should feel really empowered in having that additional support that this is really about us working together.”

Meghan Markle, Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Dumbarton, Baroness Kilkeel shouldn’t trigger anyone to be spiteful because that manifestation says a lot about you, than about anything Meghan has done and will do on behalf of all women. If you are triggered by her existence, living, mothering and whatever else, then it’s time to mediate your internal battle, provoked by your insecurities, weaknesses…, fill in the blank. Dumping on Meghan will not heal or help your issues.
Do better. Be better.


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35 comments on “Opinion: The Meghan Effect Triggers Toxic “Feminists” Like Emily Giffin

  1. Cecilia Haynes-Scholes

    Thank you very much very interesting and not one sided in this you have supported them thank you

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Cecilia,

      Thank you for reading and letting me know your appreciation.

      Kind regards

  2. Zanye

    Thank you for the article and even more for the comments. Sometimes when you follow the Meghan and Harry story, people judge you for showing interest in what they perceive as a “frivolous” topic. And yet there are much deeper issues at play here and what we see on this global scale may seem entertaining for some but it highlights deep-seated problems that exist in our individual spaces. So it is good to see the breadth of discussion.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Zanye

      The (multiple) insults from Giffin were probably deemed entertainment. But on Archie’s birthday, the actions took on a more sinister motive that crossed lines. My thoughts on the matter were for the readers and potential readers of the upcoming book to wake up and walk away from this trashy woman. And for some who may have been sipping on the toxic juice for more than a minute, they might have needed a full analysis of why she is a hypocrite and taking them for granted, while taking their cash.

      One book marketing platform named their top beach reads and thankfully, her book wasn’t listed. Don’t know if it was even in consideration, but at least, it was not on the list.

  3. Ivna

    So very well written article. To the point!!! Feminism today is a great topic that a lot of women scatter around but actually don’t know the real meaning of it and don’t act like one. But your article kept me at the screen with my both eyes widely open and absorbing all the words!

    1. Mich Monk

      HI Ivna,

      Thank you.

      The thing is when a person puts labels as part of their bio (especially as a public figure), they have set expectations with the public by their own hand. I think she used the word feminism because it sounded good and trendy. But with her mindset, she would have been better off leaving the word out of her bio or adding TOXIC to feminist. Since she so happily put her behavior out there, she should own that she’s a toxic feminist..

  4. Rose

    You got me at “cow dung spreader”, because that is exactly what these people do, and unfortunately, some follow like lambs being led to slaughter. Wonderful article, my wish like other readers here, is that these could be more widely read.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Rose,


      Just for sh*ts and giggles, I just looked up Giffen on Google and her attack on Meghan is reported not 7 pages on Google. And when I looked up Giffin and feminism, this article is number 1 and it’s been shared and another article used similar points to talk about Meghan and Chrissy Teigen. So this article did its job and will continue to do so for a while.

  5. Coinie

    Once again another fantastic article.well done Mich Monk and my dear Joyce said everything I wanted to say!!!!!.

  6. Estrella Alarcon

    Mich Monk, thank you, for this beautiful article. I wish major publications would pick up your piece so that more of the reading public could be educated on why some women harbor so much hate and anger in their system that they lash out at people they don’t have any personal interactions with. This I understand: success in one’s career does not guarantee internal happiness and bone-deep contentment that allow no space for envy, jealousy and malice.

    1. Mich Monk

      Thank you, Estrella. My sincere wish is that none of the bookclubs, such as Oprah’s or Reese’s give Emily’s book the time of day. Her behavior doesn’t need to be rewarded with any public platform for further apologies and book promotion.

      Onward and upward.

  7. Joyce

    A very well presented article, the problem is that these people who pretend to be feminists are not in the least feminists. It is their self serving and self entitled air of superiority when it comes to people from minority groups. The issues with most of these bullies who have decided to make Meghan their target are mostly older women and feel she is not good enough to be in the royal family. Unfortunately, they need to get over themselves as she is going nowhere,they have lost their sense of reasoning and objectivity. They use feminism as status symbol and badge of honour without knowing the true meaning of it, they are the most vile and obnoxious women,hence women have along way to go to achieve equality, because we tear each other down.
    Emily Griffin and her other group of bullies have been at it for a while, she had issues with the name The duke & duchess gave to their child,she wasn’t called out then hence she went further this time. I have been thinking about how she would appreciate being criticised as a mother herself and what qualities has she got that makes her disparaging to another mother she hardly knows. The audacity and self serving of these attention seeking groups of nonentities who feel they have to gain notoriety by bullying someone they know nothing about is sad indictments of the society we live.
    I don’t believe she is sorry for what she has done, she is sorry she got caught this time,because as I was made to understand this has been her mantra for a long time.These bullies have thin skins, they can dish out but can’t take the heat very sad life they have.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Joyce, yes, to all your points.

      I don’t think Emily woke up one morning well into adulthood to be mean and spiteful. I suspect that this is her M.O. for a while. And if she has children or nieces and nephews, I hope that they see her as the outlier and not the role model for female intellect and power.

  8. Airat

    Mich Monk,thank you for bringing another poignant issue to the fore. Most of the time ,when we are trying to discuss feminism ,women empowerment with our male acquaintances or our grown sons, we find ourselves in the hot seat: l am always sad when they remind me that most of my felminist ‘friends ‘ actually disembowel their fellow women. Go into to corporate organisations, politics and other business domains and see the malice and the destruction of fellow women ‘s careers.
    With regard to female authors like Emily Gifin,Germaine Greer and Joan Collins ,their form of feminism is a far cry from that which sincerely clamours for fairness and progress; theirs is pecuniary in principle. They branded , proclaimed it and ’embraced it to sell books and enshrine themselves, if possible, crushing other women in their wake. They strive to create an elite /exclusive group that must not accommodate too many women. What they are doing to Meghan is a reflection of their insecurities,fear and their inherent, but well hidden shop girl character. They never grew or left their high school mean girl trait ;they just repackaged themselves to attain ‘success’.
    That is why you do not put these women on a pedestal . They are worth it. My experience with Germaine Greer!

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Airat, thank you for your comments. As we saw in this case, feminism means quite contradictory philosophies depending on the person’s capacity to be self-aware and empathetic. Thank goodness for Internet to capture the vile comments that she was putting out there. Although she had been at it for a while, not just that day,, she faced a day of reckoning. I expect that she will be more restrained with her commentary for a bit. But if not, I’m more than happy to assist with the slap back to reality.

  9. Sharon Jackson

    Very good Article. Well done 👏👏💯 Emily she is getting older internalize her own insecure on to Meghan. Something’s is wrong in her life. To nevertheless met Meghan but put her feelings on what she think from reading lie’s after Lie’s. She have no idea what happen behind close doors. But She see a WOC happy with her husband and son so Emily feel like she needs to add her hateful in..

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Sharon, Thank you and I agree with your sentiments.

      Let’s continue to uplift Meghan and her family.

      All the best

  10. Sheffaneese Knight

    She is part of an orchestrated campaign to try to prevent Meghan from succeeding and overshadowing the Monarchy

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Sheffaneese,

      All the haters and trolls do have a role to play. I’m glad that Meghan is steadily moving forward and has consistently been positive and kindhearted.

  11. Jacqueline Matthews

    Fantastic article. Emily Giffin is a cyberbully who’s emboldened like others to bully Meghan because the British royal family made Meghan a scapegoat with the British establishment media to hide dodgy finances by other members and their amoral, degenerate behaviors.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Thank you! Yes, a cyberbully who acted as if she was untouchable or unbothered until the spotlight was turned on her.

      Have a great week.

  12. Gladys

    Thanks Mich Monk for a well written piece, to fill in the blanks about this Emily Griffin woman & all the Beckies & karrens i type in capital letters: JEALOUSY, ENVIOUS/ENVY & a NOT PLEASANT TO LOOK AT oh yes all so UGLY IDIOTS.

    As for her books as for now i pass.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Gladys,

      Thank you for your comment. She needed a gut check and the squad and even those outside the squad delivered the reality check. It’s a new day.

      I couldn’t bring myself to open one book. Life is too short for such an exercise, even if it was for this article.

  13. Kate

    Well done… remind me of the Karen and Betty who cried for everything, self preserving ego centric white privilege..
    Really I like reading every article here. I learned a lot from and I usually sent link to some of my friends .


    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Kate,

      Thank you. I had two intentions with tackling toxic feminism–to recognize that there has been an historic advantage to a select group within the female space but to highlight that all of us need to do better with tearing down the other, unprovoked and unwarranted.

      You know the saying, you can’t love someone else, if you can’t love yourself. Well, you can’t strive for gender equality if you have such hate for your gender.

      Stay strong!!

  14. Phyllis

    Good article! As a POC with a Kindle full of Emily Giffin books, I was shocked and disheartened that she would use her platform to attack a new mom. Meanwhile, Meghan is spending time in a mask and gloves, delivering meals to the less fortunate.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Phyllis,

      Thank you for your comment. I had no idea who Emily was and vaguely remembered seeing one of her book covers a while ago since I’m a voracious reader. Emily had a disastrous oops and I hope other readers are also appalled by her behavior.

      And yes, Meghan’s priorities center around her family and helping others.

  15. Marjorie Ireland

    Another Brilliant article. HRH Duchess Meghan of Sussex, Princess of the UK said “I am not interested in competing with anyone. I am hoping we all succeed.”

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Marjorie,

      Thank you. I’m thrilled to be able to share this article on Meghanpedia.com.

      Meghan’s light will shine brighter than ever. So the haters had better get some shades.

  16. Marcy

    Good article and readily defined. Implicit bias. Ethnocentrism. Manifest destiny. Superiority complex. The universal human condition of judgement/categorization of our fellow humans in order to justify/validate/uplift our individual place in society. Found in every culture known to man. Anthropological, societal, physiological, psychological, etc., volumes written on the subject fill libraries. Definitely not the most pleasant part of being a human being.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Marcy,

      Yes, how true of us. I suppose for some, the need for a few life lessons to teach them to be caring and productive humans are a necessity. Common sense was not a given in Emily’s case.

      All the best

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