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Meghan And Harry - 2020 The Road To Independence

Meghan And Harry – 2020 The Road To Independence

A brief recap on key events from November 2016 to December 2019 relating to treatment of Harry​ and Meghan​ by British Media​. Events that led to that famous announcement on 8th January 2020 by the Sussexes that they were stepping back from Senior Royal life. Key dates from January to March 2020 culminating in their Farewell Tour, and all the successes achieved from April 2020 despite the barriers and obstacles placed in their way by the British Royal​ Family​ and British Media.

First year as a bi-racial UK Princess

The Reasons Why I Chose to Write a Book About The Duchess of Sussex – First Year As a Bi-Racial UK Princess From a ‘Supporter Perspective’

I began to save articles and social media posts about how the Duchess of Sussex was described in the various narratives being portrayed on a number of platforms; these would become my ‘receipts’ to be included in some kind of subsequent action once I decided what would be the best route. My notes that I started to write daily covers the last three years.