The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 1: The Landscape

The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 4: So What Happens Now?
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The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex: The Landscape. I think it useful to explore the behaviours of individuals and groups, in relation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and, in particular, the Duchess, these last three years. It has taken unimaginable strength to survive the daily onslaught from arrows coming over the hill, from all directions, reported on every social media platform worldwide, alongside what counts as newspaper these days too in the UK. It has been relentless, cruel, and done with malice and intent to destroy. Destroy any semblance of individual thought, and to conform to the will of the UK media.

The alternative is to become a target of hate to a variety of extreme groups, and for the continued psychological injury approach, to the point where their intended victim lies whimpering begging for them to stop, or worse, loses their life. UK media would absolve themselves of any blame, and no doubt would pat themselves on the back and write articles declaring how things could have been different, and console themselves with the increase in sales and clicks online. Eventually, the media would find another victim to pursue, because the British press’ proficiency now is hunting prey.

It is not interested in news as such, but more like bear baiting and writing about the ripple effect of that approach. The target is dehumanised and becomes a commodity on their media store shelf, with marketing campaigns on how to sell the most units of their publication if they include some reference or other to their target in the headlines. The proliferation of podcasts & TV series by Royal Reporters, interviewing each other about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and rarely about any other member of the Royal family is stark. When the Sussexes are away, e.g., Maternity Leave, Christmas period etc, these programmes do not run, because they are the main content drivers. Laughable, considering the Sussexes are constantly told by the UK press that they are irrelevant, and only senior Royals garner interest and attention. Yet there is no evidence of sales of their products or viewing figures to support that line. The proof as they say, is in the pudding.

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have walked away from the whole Royal family and their media friends’ stage show, interest has apparently dropped in the Royal family, and so as expected the UK media resorted to paying people to hunt down the Sussexes in Canada. A move that all involved soon discovered was not a good strategy to adopt, courtesy of stern warnings a la Schillings, particular privacy laws on Vancouver Island and the organic Islander-led anti-paparazzi crew, to protect the Sussexes from media intrusion.

What the UK media, and in particular the Royal Rota press pack, did not anticipate was the extraordinary strength and resolve of the Duchess of Sussex. None of them believed that she would still be standing tall after the cruelty inflicted upon her daily for the last three years, including during pregnancy and continuing since the birth of their son Archie. The Duchess has experience of coming from a very dysfunctional family, and to be able to survive that, and survive the Hollywood trail to becoming a successful and highly paid actress in a hugely successful and long running TV show is not easy, and is doubly hard for a person of colour and a woman. The Duchess was a millionaire several times over before she entered the Royal Family, and that does not happen unless a person has strong self-belief and does not undervalue themselves based on the perception of others. The Duchess is highly intelligent, multi-lingual, and highly educated. No one else in the British Royal Family has those credentials and experiences. It was naïve to try to denigrate this family member when the family could have truly welcomed and embraced the additional benefits.

Master and slave mentality was evident from day one. The ‘slave’ was meant to be so grateful at being allowed into the hallowed walls of royalty, that she would accept poor treatment. The Duchess took on all of her roles and performed them beyond expectation, in reality out-performed those higher up the food chain. It quickly became clear to the nation and the ever increasing global observers, that the Duke of Sussex absolutely adored his wife, and that they were indeed a team as he’s said in their engagement interview; in every project that they were involved in, and in every interaction with others. An equal partnership. Unheard of in Royal circles.

As is always the way in that kind of business environment (RF is a business first, not a family) it was not viewed well, and as usual the woman is always blamed for having power over a “weak” husband. That was the only way the unapologetic love and respect shown by a husband to his wife, and his own self-assuredness and agency in this context could be framed by the media, to fit their archaic and repressive norms. It had to be some anomaly. Not only is it ludicrous as a way of thinking, it exposes a media trick, long employed to deceive it’s audience. Selective amnesia. Everyone who has eyes and an intellect would have noticed that Prince Harry has always been courteous, respectful and considerate of people around him, especially women.

There are pictures of him as a minor helping his father with his shoes at polo, ones of him assisting his grandmother, to the ubiquitous images of him looking out for the Duchess of Cambridge, his sister-in-law. Why then is it surprising that such a man, who by the way professed his feminism years in advance of his marriage to the Duchess of Sussex, would not only hold his lovely wife in the highest esteem, but treat her with the commensurate consideration and respect and be her fiercest advocate? It is the logical expectation, and any deviation from this is what would be anomalous. This sensible appraisal of events however throws a few screws into the ever rotating wheel of royal media propaganda and disinformation machine so of course, they choose the slant that fits with their narrative. Based on this false narrative, more arrows are thrown at the Duchess.

The media onslaught continued, material in abundant supply by both dysfunctional families. Make no mistake, the British Royal family is no different to the other family in terms of dysfunctionality; the only difference is that they have more wealth at their disposal, which allows them to maintain a “dignified” facade by accessing the media for assistance at a higher level, in a futile attempt to put distance between them and the smear. Wealth and status aside, the two families are matched in their level of scheming, spite and the target of their animus.

The Royal family underestimated the Duke of Sussex, and from all appearances, seems to have hoped to destroy the marriage. In fact the more we hear, the more plausible it seems that, it was hoped that the marriage would not take place. Unable to stop it, the marriage was then used to give the façade of the UK being inclusive at the level of Royalty, but the reality was and is very different. There are at least three instances, once by Tom Bradby, and two others on SKY and ITV, where journalist/commentators have alluded to some egregious happenings around the time of the wedding, which if it became public will reflect very badly on the royal family as well as justify Harry and Meghan in their decision to leave.

With legal cases on the horizon and in their efforts to thwart those matters being discussed in court, the media, both families, and some members of the public are doing their best to wear the couple down. All groups continue the daily onslaught and want the world to believe that the Sussexes are misguided in their pursuit of legal action and should therefore drop the suits. It would seem otherwise simply based on the magnitude of effort being used to try and truncate legal proceedings, even though all implicated or at-risk parties believe that they have no responsibility for the outcome should it be negative, or worse tragic. WRONG!

None of them anticipated the Duchess valuing herself enough to realise that, she had no need to stay in a toxic environment. For her, no tiara and jewels or being a part of this so called prestigious family was going to be prized enough to accept abuse from in and outside of palace walls, with not one Royal finger lifted in support for her and the duties carried out to date. Second, and equally stinging for them, was that the Duke too would walk away from it all, leaving a massive hole in the work output of the Royal family and their reputation on the world stage severely tainted. No one else in that family would have the nerve or the competence to operate outside of its confines, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are about to add a milestone in the history books, and more to the point, they are going to be a huge success.

I am confident that their new charitable entity, whatever it is finally allowed to be called, will be a huge success, and will be a vehicle for this humanitarian couple to be able to work on a wider number of charitable causes, without being held back, in order to make others shine or soothe fragile egos.

This series of articles will attempt to show the groups who all took part in throwing arrows and knives into the Duchess of Sussex, and why she is still standing. The series will also show the responsibility that each of these groups has due to the treatment of the Sussexes, the Duchess in particular, and some elements that are questionable under law. i.e. UK and Canadian. I will outline the indicators of the impact of certain actions against the Duchess, and the possibilities of what may have been experienced by the actions of her family since her engagement. I will show how actions of the media and social media public discourse add to the cycle of abuse, in operation for the last three years, and how it became obvious to the Sussexes that the health and wellbeing of their family is paramount and accordingly removed themselves from a toxic environment.

Look out for Part Two: Characterising The abuse, Part Three: The Protagonists & Part Four: So What Happens Now? Modernise or Wither Under Tradition.

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(This book showed up in many different searches that I made for reference material, and was recommended by a number of people. It may be of interest to some of the readers).

The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 2: Characterizing The Abuse

The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 3: The Protagonists


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16 comments on “The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 1: The Landscape

  1. Pat

    What’s done in the dark will Always come to the light. I believe that wholeheartedly. I haven’t read this entire piece but I personally feel like Charles and William are totally behind the lies to the press. I believe Piers Morgan is playing a role as well. Piers is just happy to be a mouth piece for the ones involved. The Queen isn’t nieve to what’s going on,she’s fine with it as long as it’s not traced back to her directly. Katherine is an airhead so she does whatever Will tells her. Camilla is as cold and racist as All the others are. Harry is the Only good person in his entire family,the entire group of that family should be abolished. They Don’t represent the majority of the people that support them. They represent about 10% of the people. The other 90% of the people are people of color that contribute to the funding of the monarchy. It’s time for them to kick their lazy,racist,entitled asses out of the taxpayers pockets. I can’t for the life of me understand why people of color have put up with Any of them this long. The monarchy should have been over long before now, I really hope that the majority of the people will stand up and make it go to a vote that Lizz is the last one. When she dies the monarchy should die with her.They are worth 88 billion dollars and will be wealthy regardless. The majority of their wealth has been because of colonialism and racism. They have stolen so much of the resources of African countries making them extremely wealthy. Elizabeth as well as Charles and the rest of the Queen’s family have benefited financially from the very people that they continue to see as subservient to them and not equal to them. It’s time for people of color in the UK to get rid of the monarchy permanently. Get a backbone and get them and their racist ignorance out. William is a womanizing cheater just like his father and his grandfather. These men have no morals, no loyalty. Women marrying into that family are human incubators. Will controls,bullies run’s the marriage and Kate shuts up and accepts it. She’s a lazy airhead and clearly loves William much more than he loves her. Kate’s petty and jealous as well

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  4. Madeleine

    The BRF and the BM are only in shock because they never ever believed that Harry would leave too. The relentless BM, lack of support from the RF and making some minor mistakes by the couple, which is only human, but were putting under a huge magnifying glass. Especially when they are making mistakes other royals also made, but were not hold accountable for in the same way the Sussexes were hold accountable.

    Examples: like Harry, William also went to the Google summit. Guess who got slammed? The press kept it hush hush that William went. H&M were excused of being hypocrits for preaching about the environment and climate change. William hopped on a private plane to Davos to preach on wild preservation and climate change, jetted back on a private plane to pick up his family and fly with a private plane to Mustique to enjoy a whooping 27.000 pound per week holiday.

    It didn’t help also that William never let Harry forget who was going to be King. Or that he reached out to senior figures in the press as he prepares for kingship and those same newspapers side with the Palace by putting namely Meghan in the most negative coverage. Before Meghan, Harry was always the 3rd wheel, with Meghan the couple reach so much starpower they overshadowed the future future King and his Queen Consort. William dropped Harry as a hot potato when Meghan came on the scene. Williams insecurities fractured the relationship with his brother.

    Why didn’t the Royal Family do more to protect Meghan? Comparing the coverage of royal women is an exercise in futility, but were one to weigh the number of disparaging articles against the number of Palace rebuttals, the results would clearly illustrate how rarely they push back. People have been quick to point out Kensington Palace’s strenuous denials over Kate reportedly getting Botox. Aides delivered the rebuke because Dr. Munir Somji, a plastic surgeon, was attempting to capitalise on the Duchess by suggesting she was one of his patients. The Palace’s carefully-worded statement noted the Royal Family never endorses commercial activities, but it didn’t directly confirm or deny the claim Kate had had work. It represented a classic example of the Palace protecting the institution as opposed to one of its members.

    The majority of reasonably minded people would agree the trivial nature of Botox doesn’t come close to a baby being compared to a chimpanzee. There’s no justification, no worthy excuse and such a comparison barely dignifies a response, but the lack of response cut deeply for a broad cross-section of society as it must have for Harry and Meghan. In my opinion: More should have been done to protect Meghan, but as history has shown, when the royals intervene, negative coverage has a tendency to escalate. In this instance, however, the royals’ self-imposed silence had the exact same effect.

    Reading all these headlines and the image they project makes it obvious why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex choose to quit from it all, even if it was a shocking and bold move to make. If your boss (aka the taxpayer) bully you every single day 24/7 you would quit your job too. But they never would have expected that Harry would leave everything behind he ever known. A divorce yes him leaving no.

    1. Rose

      Madeleine, I agree with your take on this, except for a sentence in your second to last paragraph. “More should have been done to protect Meghan, but as history has shown, when royals intervene, negative coverage has a tendency to escalate.”

      I do agree with the first part, I am not sure anything was done by the family to protect Meghan, it seemed to be a one man battle by Harry, but they should have definitely done something.

      As for the second, it may have been the case in the past, but things seem to have changed. Think how quickly the palace put out statements to support a Andrew. That story never ever caught fire as it should have considering the seriousness of the story. Instead every time it got attention, there were hatchet pieces on Meghan from multiple media. William threatened legal action when rumours about his alleged affair started to come out, that bought silence, and no push back at all. Now imagine the media frenzy if Harry was involved in any such scenario.

      Every time Harry put out a statement defending his wife, that old adage of never complaining and never explaining was regurgitated time and time again by the likes of Piers Morgan and Camilla Tomney, but it never seemed to apply to anyone else.

  5. comfort Gyarteng

    Thank you for this wonderful article.I am just very happy the the world saw the BRF true self.

  6. Claudia Barnswell

    I love this article and can’t wait for the rest. Racism mixed with jealousy and envy is why those haters did and are doing their hatchet job on the Sussexes especially Meghan. This was the same reasoning that caused the US to destroy the black community known as Black Wallstreet. But what those people fail to understand is that whom God bless, no man/woman curse. Harry and Meghan are going to be just fine. Trust. ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  7. Joyce

    Thank you for this very well thoughtful masterpiece, I had to read this a couple of times and it brought tears to my eyes. The Sussexes will always be a couple of courage and example to everyone looking at how they have conducted themselves in the wake of antagonism. The media and their respective families have shown the world what they’re like,due to envy and jealousy, make no mistake the Sussexes will succeed in all their endeavours. In a way, it’s good the Royal family in particular has shown their true self and lost the respect of many observers. The display at the commonwealth service said it all and the world was watching. I wait to read the next piece of this informative and truthful assessment of this saga.

  8. Elizabeth Badu

    Excellent article!!keep exposing all of them, they are a disgrace to mankind and l tell you their day of reckoning will come. Until the next article, have an awesome day.

  9. Kate

    Well done!
    Thank you for this great article. Meghan is the definition of a stron woman given the left and right onslaught of her from the BM she project calmness and her divinity is intact.
    Can’t wait for the next one..

  10. Lovi

    Great can’t wait for the rest. Karma will stop at each and everyone of them who participate in this abuse: This is all about JEALOUSY how can a black intelligent woman come and outshine these White privileged lazy asses. I think if they all had embraced her she could have taught them a thing or two on how to b a true humanitarian.

  11. Kimberly Ramsey

    I am reading this as case study of a gaslit nation. 45’s admiration of the British monarchy can be understood as his desire to emulate. Awaiting the next essay in this series. Thank you.

  12. Dinah

    Brilliant. Keep bringing the receipts. Looking forward to the rest.
    PS: Can somebody with access, notify H&M/their lawyers about this series?

  13. Gladys

    Bring it on Ms.Ivy Barrow, expose these jealosy envious racists, because i tell you its the ENVY & JEALOUSY by all those people the BM, rr, Royal family especially KP & the courtiers & ofcourse the internet vermins.

  14. Rose

    Well done, can’t wait for the rest.

    In the first video, notice how quickly Piers diverts the conversation. He doesn’t want anything to distract people from his hate campaign against the Duchess, but he knows, oh yes he knows what it is!

    It is very interesting that there has been so many leaks, most rubbish, that painted the Sussexes in a bad light, and this that might shade light on the whole situation apparently in their favour has been clamped down tight.

    1. CL

      You’re so right about that. The lies that put Meghan in a bad light are always supposedly leaked but the lid is shut tight on the truth. I have to believe that the truth cannot stay hidden forever and will have to come out in due course.

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