Meghan, Author and Duchess of Sussex, Has White Female Authors in a Tizzy

Meghan Markle, Author and Duchess of Sussex, Has White Female Authors in a Tizzy

Congratulations Meghan on another triumph. I’m certain that her motivation isn’t to stick one more accomplishment under the mediocrity horde that can’t wait to see her fail. That would be allowing those wretches rent-free space in her soul.

As Meghan said in her statement, The Bench started as a poem that she wrote to Harry on Father’s Day after Archie’s birth. So, add poet to the mix. She wants to celebrate and highlight the special bonds of fathers and sons.

Before the detractors yammer on about her relationship with her father, you sound daft pushing an agenda of her reuniting with a person who has continually betrayed her trust. It’s like taking an abused person to task for not embracing the abuser. It’s her life and her prerogative to decide who should be a part of her family.

Onto brighter things.

Meghan is joining other women of color in the publishing space. Whether as a celebrity or not, it’s a big freaking deal. Here is a sample of news articles pulling back the rug about the publishing space for people of color (POC):

  • The Guardian, January 30, 2020: U.S. Publishing Remains As White Today As It Was Four Years Ago
  • The New York Times, December 11, 2020: Just How White Is The Book Industry
  • Publishers Weekly, January 29, 2021: “The Unbearable Whiteness of Publishing” Revisited
  • The Grio, September 9, 2020: Book Publishing Insiders Reveal Systemic Racism In Industry.

So, Meghan’s star power, her literary panache, her strength as a communicator has afforded her a platform not only in an industry that is still heavily underrepresented by people of color but in a category of fiction where the diversity statistics of children books written for and about people of color can’t be lauded, yet.

None of those facts about the history of publishing, the uneven playing field, or high barriers to entry for anyone of color matters to the sorority of angry white female authors. These folks got triggered when their usual racist and prejudicial heartstrings got plucked by a woman of color.
Show me their comments raging about another white woman getting a publishing contract, another white woman’s writing abilities, or credentials to write said book, if you feel inclined to defend their racist rot.

The triggering of the caucasity (slang for the audacity of white people to do things they feel safe doing around their whiteness) horde included the usual suspects, though. It was like the dinner bell had sounded and the waft of cheese enticed the rats to emerge from their holes, licking their chops to rant about the book, Meghan, Meghan and the book.

First, the psychopathic stalker disguised as a second-rate fired journalist can’t help blathering on about his obsession. Imagine him and his wife over a romantic dinner. She’s chatting about the memories of their honeymoon and wedding anniversaries. Meanwhile, his multitude of thought bubbles are about what is Meghan doing now? How can I get Meghan to answer me? Meghan, why didn’t you invite me. So, wife of the pseudo-journalistic stalker, blink if you need someone to call 911/ 999 on his creepy a$$. Or maybe, wifey’s secret kink is… you guessed it, MeGhAn!

Then, there were the royal gossip twits who get paid to have brain farts about the royals. This self-indulgent lot popped up online, happy to have something to do because the boring lot of them don’t garner much attention outside of the U.K. And don’t try to tell me about U.S. magazines covering the royals, they will also publish nonsense about space aliens. Doesn’t mean we give two craps about that either. But the Royal Rota enjoys trying to take down Meghan with shady duplicitous nonsense and anonymous sources intel. Notice, the word try. At this point, they are so unoriginal and tedious that it’s like watching grass grow in the desert.

Then you have the monarchists who regularly come to the social media table with their lack of self-awareness that their empire will be a country-of-one in this century (praying for sooner), including the coon brigade, to dribble on about Meghan and the book. What a bloody boring lot. It’s best to leave them in the kiddie pool away from the grownups.

But the winners of the public relations stupidity belong to a special batch of white women—white women authors, the dumb a$$es, who leveraged their mediocre writing careers to attack a woman of color for her audacity to enter the publishing industry. Obviously, they missed the memo when author Emily Giffin got slapped silly on social media to the point that she had to cut off comments and perform the apology tour for her asinine opinions.

(Receipts by Alicia)

Don’t dish it out if you can’t handle the hellfire that will come your way. They have learned that lesson well. What’s utterly comical is how these women charge out the gate with their snarky, uninformed hot takes, only to scurry away, tails tucked neatly between their hind legs, hiding behind newly private accounts, disappearing tweets as if they were Houdini. Too shy now Karen? All I’m saying is that I wish these women, when they decide to show their racist/bigoted selves, will have the freaking guts to take the heat. Have a backbone to match the size of your mouth.

These women don’t deserve sympathy, empathy, or a friendly ear. They are so caught up in their white women’s privilege that it never occurred to them that having a book about to be released and showing their a$$ isn’t a good combination. Stupidity of the highest order.

But to then take the position as gatekeepers, deciding who can participate in the industry is pretty rich when they, collectively as a race, have been given the big assist from the publishing industry who historically kept POC participation at token levels.

These grown women relied on that inner mean girl vibe to troll. They automatically went into bully mode because their inferiority complex and talent insecurities got the better of common sense. And as a result, they showed their readers, some of whom may be fans of Meghan or simply supporters of POC’s rights to exist and thrive wherever they want to be, that they see the world one way and one way only. By the end of the day, comments were deleted, fake apologies issued, rinse and repeat for caucasity in action.

The “I’m listening and learning” verbiage tired and old. How about they actually learn? Like inform themselves first? That should be a given as authors. Like my mother taught me, look before you leap.

Already, The Bench is a best-seller, sold out in pre-orders on several sellers, and at the top of the children’s books list. Silly rabbits, you can’t tear down what is divinely protected.

Major shout out to Christian Robinson, a black illustrator, who worked with The Sesame Street Workshop and Pixar Animation Studios. Let’s also keep him uplifted for this major accomplishment. The Squad will always honor Meghan and her accomplishments. The global allies who recognize the aged empire’s double standards against Meghan will also celebrate this book.

The Bench will accomplish what Meghan intended for her audience. The End.


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20 comments on “Meghan, Author and Duchess of Sussex, Has White Female Authors in a Tizzy

  1. Alicia

    Never fails to amaze me how quickly so many women rush to attack Duchess Meghan within minutes of any announcement regarding her accomplishments. They seem to be standing at the ready, as though they don”t have a life of their own. Ironic, considering how much work the Duchess puts into uplifting women around the globe. Apparently I was foolish to think that the “English Roses” would back off once she returned to her home state of California. May this, her 40th year, be her best one yet!

  2. Loretta Krause

    Mish Monk excellent presentation. Next level as always. Both you and Ivy are always spot in. I read and listened to all y’all bring. Thanks, Love you much.

  3. Rebecca Arthur

    Ms Monk, first of all let me say thank you, Ivy, and Meghanpedia for what you do. i love reading your articles. the way you put words
    together is so beautiful. i am very found of your writings. Is there any book of yours out there for me to read? Will be very much appreciate it, if you direct me to any. Thanks

  4. Beverly McCaskill

    Mich Monk, I fully agree with what everyone here has said and so much more. Two of the phrases that you used had me almost on the floor. “Watching grass grow in the desert” , “Stupidity of the highest order”. The article was so very well written and these “WHITE” woman writers just need to stay in their white lanes and don’t even try to compare themselves to the Duchess. Squaddies let us just keep uplifting the Duke and Duchess and their children and grandma Doria with our prayers, For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. Galatians 6:3

  5. Gladys

    Thank you Mitch, am always horrified at the envious behaviour of M’s haters, the jealousy is so embeded in them that they can’t even think of the consequences to their works.

  6. Rose

    I saw a headline decrying publishers giving writing contracts to celebrities, which was definitely code for Meghan, but you only have to google celebrities who have written books, and a list of FORTY pops up! Some of them have been writing for years, apparently Madonna has worked on more than THIRTY books, but I certainly never heard a stink about it. Not to mention members of the royal family have written books, including the racist Nazi’s daughter who styles herself on the cover as HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, yes the one whose husband has allegedly been colluding with Russia!

    1. Carol

      Both Beatrice and Eugene both work and use HRH and their mother Fergie has written numerous books using Duchess of York . These idiots need to take a seat Meghan is above them her book trolls said was a copy of someone else’s book THE author said it’s not like my book at all , they know they look stupid but continue

  7. Arnold Sanders

    This is so right. They just couldn’t not comment. They jumped the shark on this one.

  8. (Ms.) Curtis Morgan

    Your commentary was absolutely on point and the sarcasm was hilarious!! I am so happy to read some PRO-MEGHAN comments, as opposed to the insane jealousy-laden and racist rants coming from her critics. Thank you for the breaths of fresh air!

  9. Jacqueline Matthews

    Thank you for delivering some powerful truths with a touch of humor. Fantastic job Mich!

  10. Conie Brussels

    Oh dear,oh dear!!!!!!! once again another excellent article!!!!!! Always on point 😂😂!!!!!! thanks a lot and well done!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!!

  11. Marjorie Ireland

    Wow! You said it all@! Drop Mike moment!!! Whom God bless no person can curse!!!!

  12. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful piece, the racism these misfits exhibited in their outrage was very astonishing. In a way it was good they showed themselves and I for one wouldn’t be buying or reading any of their mediocre books. The fact that they are still triggered by anything about the Duchess has exposed to the world the racism she has endured by marrying the man she loves. They should get use to it, because she is going nowhere and more of her talents to be in their faces and most of them will combust, I am here for it. We will continue to pray and support the Sussexes. Once again thank you for putting these no hoppers in their place.

  13. Joyce Anderson

    You are so right. I listen to all of your podcast and agree wholeheartedly. How do I support your channel financially? I am not technically savvy, but would love to support you

  14. Trinette L Mitchell

    Damn right!! Mich, you brought the heat 🔥!! I love it!! It’s straight to rhe point and tell it just like it is!

    These fragile whites are going to learn that professional spaces, positions of status, etc, aren’t exclusive areas only meant for them. It’s about TALENT. Yes, Meghan is a world figure, a Duchess and some might say a celebrity. But she brings something to the table that any artist or writer should have…TALENT, and so much more than that. She has a platform and offers ideas that people can relate to.

    Whites, please stop acting like you’re entitled to be the only occupants of these professional spaces.

  15. Donna Sinclair

    Wowwwww! Boooooom🔥 On point! Lots of laughter too! You took the rats to task Mich Monk! This part👇🏾
    Then, there were the royal gossip twits who get paid to have brain farts about the royals. This self-indulgent lot popped up online, happy to have something to do🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣You never disappoint. Thank you👊🏾☮️💟

  16. Beverly Hardy

    Hi Mich Monk. Great read. I love the way the rats were running and the man child was flogged. I laughed until I cried. Thank you

  17. Shiela kerr

    As usual you nailed it. Not much can be added to what you published except my tried and true response of “spot on,” when I completely agree with an article. Thank you.

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