The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 3: The Protagonists

The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 4: So What Happens Now?
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The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex: The Protagonists. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex to be over scrutinised and unnecessarily critiqued every single day for the last three years, whether or not she was actually involved in any public engagements. None of it positive, and even where the journalists could not actually find any questionable behaviour, there were always comparisons made with at least one other figure, who apparently did something similar and got it right!

Any reasonable and kind person would initially give those so called journalists the benefit of possible poor judgement, but it became clear that there was a theme emerging, with the same members from the Royal Rota, writing similar headlines and photos about the same activity, it went beyond conclusive proof. Can you imagine what that must have felt like for the newest members of the Royal family, in a new country, with none of her friends or family nearby? Harry, who hitherto truly believed that she had found the “family she never had” must have been disappointed as the months turned into years and the viciousness of the attacks intensified. History was repeating itself. A painful one at that.

Not one word of public support from any member of his family, yet there were a number in respect of other family members within hours of something said or published about favoured members of the family. The adage “never explain, never complain” clearly was very selective in its use. Naturally, the Duke became the sole defender of his wife. With the repeated denials of bias from the media about their behaviour, the blatant refusal to even consider the ethical failures in reporting and the deliberate gaslighting that followed each challenge, it became obvious to supporters that there was no real interest in fair or substantive reporting around the Duchess; the charge was to create the most controversy and negative sentiment about the Duchess of Sussex and it seemed a co-ordinated effort.

From tabloid columnist to TV presenters, there seemed to be constant feedback loop where newspapers write nonsense, Tv presenters bring on so-called “experts” to review and discuss said nonsensical content, then newspapers write new articles about “expert’s” opinion on Meghan’s crime of the day, or week or whatever timeframe the puppet masters had set. These segments are usually billed as royal news but it might as well be called Sussex news. We all saw the nonsense that went over December 2019, with the Royal family trying to fill the gap with a range of contrived scenes in an effort to grab their moments in the headlines.

Pierce Morgan is a poster child for the journalistic malpractice that was entertained on a major television network. His regularly generated vitriolic outburst about The Duchess of Sussex was devoid of any objectivity or substance but simply rooted in his mind boggling unhealthy obsession and fixation with the Duchess, whose acquaintance he may have made. Their supposed meeting is still questionable, given the lack of proof and credibility or lack thereof, of the messenger. He hailed her as a fantastic and suitable choice for Harry when he had hopes of getting an invite to The Sussexes’ wedding. Mysteriously, and for no apparent reason other than reportedly ceasing to communicate with him, his opinion of her soured.

If she embodies all the virtue that he described prior to the wedding, then his bilious take of her after the wedding, without any further contact or interaction cannot be credible. He was either lying ante or post nuptials. At best, his post nuptial tone is down to sour grapes and really should be a conflict of interest for him to be allowed to discuss Meghan, as his objectivity is supplanted by spite. Any rationally thinking person can see that. His unhinged obsession with Meghan has crossed the line by miles. The verbal and written attacks should have attracted legal intervention by now. Absolutely certain in my opinion, that if a man of colour had done a quarter of the things that this TV presenter has said and written, that individual would be unemployed by now, because no other network would risk such a controversial figure.

Apart from white privilege definitely in force here, the fact that this abuse from this journalist has been tolerated and in a sense legitimised, lends credence to notion that when it comes to Meghan, there are no rules or ethics. The goals is maximum sensationalism. This theme has pervaded the coverage of Meghan across all media platforms, where they literally will stop at nothing to write stories or produce commentary that will provoke the most hostile response from readers/listeners. From outright lies and fabrication, to purposely withheld context details, nothing was off the table. We just got the report of Simon Rex being offered $70,000 by British tabloids to lie about the nature of his association with Meghan. This was before the wedding, so you can see that right from the beginning, they’ve had it out for Meghan and still do to this day.

Add to that, the audience that support all this venom being spouted by the media, ensure that their abuse is also profitable, hence enabling the cycle. It says a lot about the state of the UK today, and the media’s hostility towards the Duchess of Sussex could be described as a microcosm of UK in the era of Brexit. With the number of situations where racist and other extreme views are openly spoken about now, without challenge, and an increasingly hostile environment now in existence for many immigrants in the country legally for many years and working to contributing to the economy, it is no wonder that in the last few months the Sussexes have decided this isn’t a place they want to raise their family. The media in the UK have created a hostile environment for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and they need to take responsibility for their actions and especially the ensuing increased risk to their safety.

The Firm, as The Royal family call themselves capitalised on Harry and Meghan’s wedding to present a progressive image, and lapped up every ounce of PR that came in its wake but, behind the scenes it is pretty evident that this was never the case. As stated in part 1 of this series, there is documentary evidence to suggest that there were attempts to undermine the wedding. Looking back now, I don’t believe that the Royal Family believed it would go through, and they certainly did not expect a child to come along as soon as he did. If anything it seems that the family hoped Meghan would leave, but never for one moment expected Harry to leave too. My opinion but one I firmly believe. As things are unravelling in the Royal camp it is clear that there are alliances between the Royal family and the Press. A decades old agreement between the two bodies. Royal Rota get first bite at the cherry in terms of royal stories, and agreements about the things that the press will not write about, in return for the pick of other stories before the wider press audience get an opportunity.

The issue with this approach, is that for the last three years there has clearly been a concerted effort to focus on the Sussexes, in particular the Duchess, as a distraction from reporting on other matters within the family that they would prefer not to be discussed at all. It became easy to predict what story was being pushed to the background, when there was a definite push to be controversial about the Duchess. The polarising stories usually attracted a massive response. The media loved it, as it was good income for them, and the Royal family loved it even more, because they kept certain news out of the public eye or at the very least, less prominent.

We are told that the Royal family runs itself like a Firm, and yet we’re led to believe that it is a family too. My view is that, they seem to be doing very poorly on both accounts.

Organisational structure is a system that outlines how certain activities are directed in order to achieve goals. i.e., rules, roles, responsibilities (Mintzberg). The structure determines how information flows between levels within the organisation. A Hierarchy is a system which brings things, categories, values together, and orders them. A visual way of connecting activity; a way of seeing how components relate to each other, directly or indirectly.

The dilemma I see with the UK Monarchy, unlike a corporate hierarchy as in the military for instance, is that their structure is not based on competence or skill. The monarchal hierarchy prioritizes birth order and until recently, male gender. It solely concentrates on maintaining a Royal family presence and string of heirs, regardless of ability or interest. The rest of the family is somehow expected to stifle their personalities, creativity, skills and passions and metamorphose into a docile cadre of plain Janes and Jacks, who should instinctively know just the right amount of their God given nature to retain, so as not to overshadow the heir. Crazy, if you ask me. The institution is unforgiving of deviations from this artificial standard. This is quite simply abusive. It could even be called a form of enslavement, that strips individuals of part of their humanity.

The Firm does not seem at all interested in a collectively strong workforce/ family, which goes against organisational success. There are those who would argue that The Firm is different blah, blah, blah. I’ll give them that. In that case however, it should be pretty obvious that there will be needless discord within their ranks. Any situation that prevents another human from advancing upward the summit of Maslow’s hierarchy, would and should elicit a resistance of sorts. Given these norms, it is not surprising that often the Firm has stood aloof while some members are abused and dehumanised by the media, and have on some occasion been the instigators. It is their language of survival. What is stranger is that the so-called royalist who condone the actions of the Firm are themselves free to live their particular lives how the choose; if they feel unappreciated at work, they may find another one. They will remove themselves from unhealthy associations and will likely not accept these situations for their loved ones. There seems to be a huge disconnect in their endorsement of these conditions in the monarchy.

Many have racked their brains trying to understand just what would motivate a father to publicly and so crassly spar with their daughter, strained relationship and all. The discord stems from the fact that, his actions continue to undermine the filial relationship that he claims to be on a mission to salvage. The man is obviously greedy and cares nothing about the relationship. The least said about the spectacle of him and his older children’s media antics, the better. Their greed has made it easy for the British media to weaponize them against Meghan. The father has repeatedly been offered money to offer comment issues that frankly are above their pay grade, to be honest. In any other instance, it would be unthinkable how the media have repeatedly dragged that family into the thick of everything. In this case however, according to Tim Shipman that William sanctioned the use of the father to cast Harry & Meghan in a negative light.

With each appearance, he seems more emboldened and sounds coached. It was reported by Bylines Investigates that, the US editor of the Daily Mail, who happen to always have the Thomas Markle exclusive articles, spends her weekends traveling to Thomas Markle’s house, ostensibly to “babysit” him. Why would that kind of action be necessary from a media operative? This, I think is another ruffle in this whole sordid mess, that we can easily unpick. In much the same way that this father has been emboldened, so have social media trolls who posted the most shocking and abusive comments about Meghan on Kensington Palace social media, and saw them ignored in spite of social media guidelines and cyberbullying advocacy by the principals. What is worse is that less offensive comments about the Cambridges were promptly deleted and posters were even blocked. Records of those exist.

The Royal family is a company whose structure is there to ensure its survival. It has zero interest in having any impact, and the same applies for any type of meaningful measurement of any of their activities. Someone new entering into their protected environment made them uncomfortable. Everyone would have much preferred to have members from the established gene pool, who were raised like them, and who wanted to be part of the elite. Being born into such affluence was considered sufficient, and there was no aspiration other than to be a figurehead. Women are there to purely produce heirs and ‘spares’ and to be in the background to smile, cause no drama and not have any independent thought.

Harry has had this all his life. He’s been the fall guy for others, with next to no recognition of his skills, abilities and experiences in the armed forces. How soul destroying must that have been? The only person who loved him for himself was his mother, and she was taken out of his life by a media machine. Then he met someone who loved him as Harry the man, not Harry the Duke, and look what is happening all over again. Harry was correct in removing his family from this toxic situation. The damage to mental health would have continued, because the aim was and is, to break them until they comply. The Royal family and the newspaper industry are dying structures, and their mutual support of each other is there purely to ensure survival; survival of the system that is in existence now.

A final thought. When you observe the Christening photo of Harry, Archie and Prince Charles. That was posted on father’s day, the distance between father and son cannot be missed. Prince Charles looks as though he is peeping over a garden fence. There is no affection there, more like bemusement to me. I saw no warmth in that photo from grandparent to grandson. I saw a love beyond words from Prince Harry towards his son. I saw a boss standing next to an employee and their baby, not a grandfather and son and his new baby. That image seems to embody the reality now.

The emotional abuse that has gone in both families is clear to me, and they all are responsible for any negative outcome should any occur. Now that the Sussexes have removed themselves from the equation, will the family be content? Will the attack dogs now stand down? Early indications suggest a big no. What gives? Will the pending litigation provide any answers? Not all is currently known, but what is for certain is that one party is resolute in their refusal to play games. For that, I say more grease to their elbows.

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(This book showed up in many different searches that I made for reference material, and was recommended by a number of people. It may be of interest to some of the readers).

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17 comments on “The Abuse of The Duchess of Sussex Part 3: The Protagonists

  1. Triny Mitchell

    I an about to read the 4th Installment of the series and I’m a say that all of them are absolutely brilliant And it’s every board meet of everything they’ve Had to indoor or the last 4 years. This makes me sad and angry, That anyone feels they have The authority to treat a human being this way is beyond my comprehension!

    I will continue my prayers for Harry and Meghan, continue ue my undying support as well as calling out the injustice.

    I don’t have many words right now. This is extremely upsetting

  2. Wm

    This series is fantastic. I love these articles, the facts are undisputed. The things that their so call family have put them trough is insane. Shame on both their families.

  3. Lovi

    Another great read. All I can say I cannot wait for Karma on them all. Meghan made them a lot of money because you had so call experts and protocol police coming out of the woodwork. Let them stay on their little Island and the spotlight they crave will b their downfall. If Harry is giving it up for his immediate family they are stupid to think he would leave his family for them. Kamart forget she is a commoner and if it wasn’t for her mother in law making sure that her son marry for love not for title she might have been unable side piece. Instead of setting her dogs on another woman she should have been the first to bond with Meghan. My god is not asleep you all. As Meghan said when u turn on a light is brightens everywhere just not on you. (Not those exact words but u get my meaning)

  4. patricia Brunet

    je vous adore pour tout ce que vous écrivez,j’apprécie le contenu de vos parutions

  5. Donna

    BRAVO BRAVO!! This article is BRILLIANT!!
    The Firm will regret their abandonment of Harry & Meghan!! They are feeling the pinch, re the bots on Sussex Royal. I’m sure these two brilliant souls can’t wait to start H&M anew!!
    Harry is the man every lady would desire. FORSAKING ALL OTHERS, & CLEAVE TO HIS WIFE!! He took his goose & golden eggs and flee the thrash!! Imagine Archie will grow someday, to read that he was once called a chimp, and nobody faced the consequences!! We are indebted to THE REAL HRH PRINCE HARRY for being relentless to protect his Lady, PRINCESS MEGHAN & MASTER ARCHIE.. LOVE will see this couple through! God is indeed the Author & Finisher of their faith. He brought them together, two people with the same zeal & intensity & love of working assiduously for others!!! H&M will RISE to every occasion they are presented with!! They COMPLIMENT each other.
    It’s the Firm’s loss. It’s TIME FOR NEW GROWTH, NEW BEGINNINGS for our HARRY & MEGHAN❤️❤️

  6. Rose

    Great article.
    That video clip of Piers Morgan says it all. If that invitation had come, he would never have become deranged.

    There are several pictures online of Markle sr. With Caroline Graham, the mail online reporter, with their arms around each other. I don’t know anybody who could look at those and see a reporter doing a job! Of course forget about objectivity. But there is also a picture of her posing in front of the confederate flag. Stop for a minute and take that in. The father of a black woman is in cahoots with this woman, feeding her stories that he knows very well generate a lot of hate for his daughter. We know he has admitted to lying to Piers Morgan, and nobody called him out on that the next time he was on. How money hungry and greedy can you be to sink that low? Given different circumstances, I could see this money Grabbing man pimping his daughter out without any qualms. He would justify it as being owed because he had given her life! Human beings don’t come any lower than that.

  7. Millie Kuhar

    I have been feeling guilty because of my suspicions of the Royals thinking they had to behind some of this nasty write ups on my favourite newest Royals. Now I feel nauseous after having it confirmed. This new family is the best thing to happen to “the firm” since the famous brothers became adults. Imagine a Royal wife with a personality and extremely clever.
    So depressing but happy to have them here in Canada. Thank you

  8. Marjorie Ireland

    Great article! Some in the “Royal Family” do not want the Lawsuits to continue because, I believe that if they do, the world will see who was really behind the Smear Campaign” of Meghan. Karma is coming sooner than later. William siding with the people who caused the death of his mom is despicable and against his younger brother too! Betrayal of the worse kind! William and Kate fail to understand that there is coming a day when they will have to P”Pay The Pier” which in the case is the UK Gutter Press. Boring dos not sell papers and they are both Very Boring!!!!!!

  9. Connie gyarteng

    Another masterpiece of perspective.make no mistake,karma will come to their door.and they never expected MM to have a baby that soon.

  10. Gladys

    Joyce, trully i now believe that they don’t love Harry, so true those reasons you’ve stated, but also the fact that he’s intelligent, hard working & compassionate & he went on & got him self a beaultiful amazing wife he adores & loves & she too adores & loves him back, so they ask who does he think he is with his mixed race wife??

  11. Joyce

    The truth is that Harry’s problem started from his birth, Charles wanted a girl but ended with a boy who inherited the Spencer genes. Diana recognised the problem and invested in her son. We can see why her death has been a terrible blow to her son, Harry has been rejected by his father all along and his brother has always underestimated his abilities. He did say the best and happiest days of his life was when he was in the Army.They were surprised to see he was able to find a woman so intelligent and beautiful to love him for who he is, the agenda has been that the union does not succeed. I don’t think Harry would want to have the same childhood he had for his son same as his wife. The couple will not come back to this mess, a toxic environment, especially the fact that they know their families have colluded with the press or rather gave green light for the press to torment their lives and that of their son. The others left behind, I say good luck to them because their image is already tainted and not sure what type of monarchy will be left for W & his heir as the world is changing. We will continue to support the Sussexes and praying for them at all time, I applaud their tenacity and resilience.

  12. Gladys

    Emmanuella its the Media pushing & selling that idea to their listeners, its a kind of hate preach like oh Harry is loved but not his wife, another reason the Media knows that the remaining Royals garner no interest so want Harry back may be untill the Cambridge kids become of age, BUT again the thing is William does not want Harry around & so he’s counting on his children to conjure interest in his family & with Harry around he thinks it won’t be easy since Harry won’t leave his son or divorce his wife as they might prefer him to do.
    Now as most know that Harry has been the one behind most of the work, surely W is now not a fun of H.

  13. Gladys

    I trully believe that the money came from the Palace & that is from KP since the go ahead vilification of the Sussexes particularly the Duchess was sanctioned by William its a pity as all is because of jealousy😕
    For that Simon Rex guy i wish he does name & shame what tabloids or tabloiders for we want to know the real vermins & wish more should come out & shame those bad bad people.

  14. Emmanuella

    And when are we also gonna talk about the sanctioned bots on the Instagram page. They all use the same phrases and words. And 880 comments posted in 5mins? That’s clearly sanctioned activity. Members of the royal rota have admitted they stalk the Instagram pages few times a day. They’re are definitely the ones behind the bots. The uk fumbled their bag tbh. No one outside Uk really cared about the royal family before Meghan, sure now people care about Williams and Catherine because of the “drama” but it’s gonna die down pretty soon. They lost the stars of that family and I hope they regret it. They can try to copy meghans outfits, mannerism, even the way the sussexes put out content. But they will never be the original. They don’t call her markle sparkle for nothing.

  15. Emmanuella

    But why won’t they stop, what’s their end goal? do they really think after Harry has seen the treatment of his wife and his child he’ll want to come back. Better yet why is the U.K such a hateful island. Attack Meghan , attack her friends. Harry is never ever going to forgive them for this. Which is why the next thing is keeping their son off the public eye forever, because I can feel in my heart they’re gonna go after him and any other children next. It’s saddening because Meghan had a stellar reputation before marrying into that accursed family. What they’ve done to her is unforgivable. I would advice them to get rid of “Sussexroyal” even the word Sussex and turn off their comments on Instagram. This is really the worst case of abuse I have seen and I cannot possibly imagine how they must be feeling. I hope they know Atleast we love them and are here for them. Also I would say disappointing behavior from William but tbh he has always been like this with his mute wife. I hope to God karma comes knocking. Archie is a miracle baby and I’ll always pray for that adorable baby. That royal family is not a family at all. They’re all a bunch of backstabbers and Diana and Harry are the only good ones.

  16. Airat

    Bravo! I have been an active ‘digester’ of the 3-part series. These exposed us to some perceptions we did not understand. My take is that Meghan never stood a chance in the family. Megxit was a blue print designed rght from the time of the wedding: clandestine plans were made and a lot of money changed hands. But 2 deal breakers: Meghan gave birth and Harry left with her at the end. They may have won this battle, but the war has not been won because articles and ‘pleas’ are being made to get Harry back home . This is going to be the next crusade after the COVID-19 problem. Mark my words!

    1. Madeleine

      Hmmm maybe they want Harry back, however without his outspoken wife. They want him to divorce her in order to marry a doormat they can control. Like they did with Catherine. Who look and act now like a Stepford wife. They suck all her personality out of her. I think the BRF made a huge mistake. Without Harry & Meghan the crown lost his crownjewels. In my opinion: Meghan gave Harry the confidence and strenght to do what he wanted for so long a life outside the royal fishbowl.

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