Overview Global Humanitarian Work prior to Royal Family

  • Photo by Meghan Markle/The Tig

  • UN Work– advocating for female participation and leadership in politics
  • World Vision– bringing clean water and saving lives of children in Rwanda and promoting gender equality
  • One Young World– encouraging youth empowerment in their communities by serving as counselor
  • Volunteering at homeless shelters as a teenager in Los Angeles and Toronto


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2 comments on “Overview Global Humanitarian Work prior to Royal Family

  1. Albert H. Johnson

    My wife and I love Duchess Meghan, Harry, Archie and Doria. They are truly a special and altruistic family. It is great to see the support you give them in a world that does not appreciate them enough or the positive impact they have had on so many lives, my family included.

    1. Gladys

      Duchess Meghan is a true, through & through Humanitalian & that will never be taken away from her & her pre- Royal works cannot be erased by hateful jealousies of the British Media, Royal Reporters,some Royals & her envious paternal family.

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