The Royal Madness Goes On – And The Fight Goes On

The Royal Madness Goes On

After the Palace and the British Monarchy decided they couldn’t accept Prince Harry and his Wife Duchess Meghan’s proposal for a different working module for them under the Royal Institution, and with them having stepped down, I thought the media’s interest in them would die down. Afterall, they are no longer being funded by the British taxpayers, are living in the United States of America, charting their own path and have severed all remaining financial ties with both the institution of the monarchy and the public purse.

Unfortunately, the smearing of Meghan and increasingly Harry, continues unabated. The same old stories are being regurgitated by Royal Reporters and TV “Body Language Experts”. One such Body Language Expert even alluded that Prince Harry looked like he had been taken hostage by his wife Meghan, when they both participated in a zoom discussion with some young people from the Commonwealth Trust.

Another claims that, Meghan “showed signs of anger” when she was interviewed during the Forbes most powerful women virtual summit. Perhaps when a rent-a-quote body language expert with a below-basement track record is called upon, and the discourse is at such a high level that she’s are out of her depth, then she just makes sh!t up. The same expert who read “trouble in paradise” all while Henry Windsor was busy sourcing a conflict-free engagement diamond from Botswana. Really, who is paying for this rubbish? Its royal media so I guess it means we should have no expectation of standards.

Even though there is a treasure trove of documented information about Meghan’s pre-royal career, the British media’s campaign to dismiss Meghan’s remarkable attributes pre marriage to Prince Harry is now in overdrive. Gullible people continue to feed on programmes such as Good Morning Britain, Loose Women, and several other “royal “ news programmes. They go to extreme and ridiculous ends to in their attempts to minimize Meghan. E.g. In an episode “The Royal Beat”, when a guest remarked that, Meghan is the most photographed woman/ one whose photograph is most sought after in the world, the man who would know –Dan Wootton– said that it is actually Madonna and Britney Spears, not Meghan.

That is how far back they are going to fall to denigrate Meghan. Laughable isn’t it? I get it, the royal world they are accustomed to is akin to navigating a pre-historic museum, but come on! Even if she is not the most photographed woman in the world, Meghan is the most talked about woman in the world. For them, it is a do or die situation and they are not prepared to admit defeat. Meghan and Harry are living their best unrestricted life, but the royals and their media mouthpieces cannot accept or acknowledge it. In place of facing the brutal truth, they will continue to litter and clutter our senses with nonsense stories.

This week our media space was polluted by the rubbish opinion of yet another dubious character. In a world where accused and law-evading paedophiles, philandering spouses and back-stabbers are embraced, and even protected, it is not surprising that the drunken, wife beating, alleged drug-dealing uncle of a desperately mediocre duchess, is considered by the royal spin machine to be a character witness. One who is worthy to express an opinion about Harry and Meghan. The desperation is real when you literally have to reach down to the bottom of the barrel to make an ineffectual point.

Meghan has been accused of a thousand sins. The world is battling a pandemic and Britain appears doomed to Brexit hell, but the British Media choose to prioritise daily reporting on her. It’s almost as if she is the relevant royal, but what do I know?
A few thoughts about the Meghan “sins”. Consider the non-exhaustive list below.

  1. She has bullied Prince Harry and taken him away from his family
  2. She has put Harry under her spell
  3. She is the driving force behind them leaving the Royal family
  4. She started the discussion on racism (according to “Loose Women”)
  5. She is irrelevant to the Monarchy
  6. She has spent taxpayers money on herself and is selfish
  7. Taxpayers don’t want to fund her Hollywood lifestyle
  8. She left the UK to become a “Hollywood Princess”
  9. She is an actress and therefore fake, etc.
  10. Her avocado toast has fuelled terrorism
  11. She doesn’t understand royal protocols
  12. She made Kate cry
  13. Almost caused the death to Princess Charlotte
  14. She is a hypocrite for flying private jets
  15. How dare she get work which could earn her millions of dollars
  16. Driving in a fuel guzzling vehicle and damaging the environment
  17. She is too political etc. etc. etc

Assuming everything written about her were true, why does the media who loathe her so much report on her daily? If she is “irrelevant” why is there still an agenda to disparage her? Shouldn’t she be an afterthought? The loathing the media have for her should be enough for them not to want to cover anything she does right? Wrong….

Sky News interrupted their scheduled programme to broadcast Meghan giving a speech to online participants of the UN “Girls Up” programme. Meghan is no longer a working Royal, and yet her speech was “BREAKING NEWS”. Everything she and Harry do, is major news in the UK. Almost as if there wasn’t a whole reigning monarch and fading line of heirs awaiting her passing.

The British Media, from the onset, had their agenda on how to “deal with Meghan and put her in her place”. This is evident from the coverage she received. They always fall back the Meghan is an actress “therefore she is always acting” trope. Yes, she is an actress, that is what she trained for as a profession. Whilst other actors are praised and given Oscars and other prestigious awards for their craft, Meghan is torn down for choosing that profession. They just cannot concede that the is a confident, eloquent and engaging speaker, whether scripted or off-the-cuff.

We’ve all seen actors flub their acceptance speeches at award shows, but it hasn’t yet clicked to these folks apparently. However, when Meghan gives a speech, she is deemed a fake and a performer. Has it occurred to these dumb people that to be an actress, one has scripts to memorise? That one actually needs a sharp brain and a level of intellect to be able to study and embody a character? These are the same people who call Meghan a failed actress but somehow, the perceived failure and her her alleged poor stagecraft has equipped her to be a good speechmaker? That is some wild failure electronics!

Excerpts from yet another royal biography has really tapped into the “failed actress juju” to ascribe Meghan some legendary litigative chops. According to the author, Rachel Zane herself presided over the Sandringham negotiations. Talk about bonkers! Maybe the royal enterprise of Kate the great should enroll the possible future queen in acting classes because, those elocution and speech lessons are not doing the trick. It’s all a load of crap, and they know it. You and I know that, the possible future queen would already be in theatre school if that was the ticket, because they copy everything.

But they really don’t need acting lessons do they? I would say that the Royal family are the real actors. The have perfected the act of appearances. They outwardly acted as if they welcomed Meghan, while behind the scenes, they engaged a thousand-man army and dressmaker, to make her life a living hell. They publicly act tongue-tied when she and her son are derided with racial epithets, but behind the scenes they let it rip and their gossipy and undisciplined old men spill the beans.

They outwardly pretend to love the sixth in line, but behind closed doors the plot daily on what part of his humanity will be placed on the family alter next. They mostly(save Prince Charles) have perfected the act of working, while actually producing nothing.

They’ve honed the act of being perceived as frugal, while actually living high on the public hog. They act apolitical for public viewing, but behind the scenes, there are palace letters, black spider letters and a revolving door between palace and government.

Their plastic smiles at Harry and Meghan’s wedding and in Archie’s christening photos were all just to make the Royals look good. It was a stage set up to be used against her. It was to make the media’s faux outrage seem plausible to the gullible public whenever the media peddled their ridiculous stories.

Prince William and Kate couldn’t keep up with their façade and pretence any longer during the Commonwealth Celebration when they totally ignored Prince Harry and Meghan for the whole world to see. There wasn’t any backlash about their behaviour and yet stories that were printed about Meghan three years ago are still doing the rounds on a daily basis.

Once again, the media upped the ante and got their knickers in a royal twist because of the book “Finding Freedom” by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. This is a biography from both writer’s own observations as royal reporters. I should add that in a recent court proceeding, Meghan’s lawyers categorically denied that she cooperated with the authors, challenging the veracity of several accounts.

Several unauthorized biographies of Meghan and Harry have been written, a lot of them by people who have never even been in the same space as The Sussexes (including our Suits-obsessed author), but because they tow the company line, no fuss is made about it. Rather, they are elevated as credible and given airtime to propagate their message. Madness really, if you think about it.

Now, they are upset that The Sussexes own a stunning piece of property in sunny California, and are embarking on lucrative business ventures and continuing to advocate for the social issues they care about. I will never understand the devotion and investment of the BM and their online trolls in the nitty gritty of the lives of two people they claim to dislike and are happy to be rid of. The negative wheel continues to roll and I hope and pray The Sussexes continue to remain poised, dignified, resolute and unbowed, and supported by Sussex Squad, for however long it takes.

I would like to congratulate all ‘Squaddies’ for your continued support and receipts to counter the media’s negative reporting. We have been loud and unwavering. Some people choose to call us trolls etc.. our impact has been felt and heard. They seek to knock us off our game by distracting us with stupid click bait. They would have us expend our energy on nonsensical stuff rather than focusing on and promoting the cause-driven and impactful work the Harry and Meghan are doing. They depend on us for engagement, so that they can get paid.

The success of the various Squad-driven initiatives shows us that we have the power to amplify and propagate a message. It is why the media have targeted individual members and it is why they are perpetually lurking in our social media threads, trying to harvest posts that they can manipulate into a negative media story. I hope we use this power judiciously in our fight to defend the Sussexes. We are on the right side of history.


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24 comments on “The Royal Madness Goes On – And The Fight Goes On

  1. B

    Thank you we always look forward to articles that gives better perspectives to break away from all the rubbish and unnecessary media madness. Good in letting us be more aware and continue our support to wish them and family all the best good health and safety to their purpose driven lives

  2. Elizabeth Badu

    This is really really excellent, on point, insightful and full of knowledge article, well done ma belle

  3. Sharon Augustine

    I appreciate you thank you. Thank you for this well written article. You are awesome . I love it.

  4. Patricia Nixon

    Amazing article, very truthful every word. My how the irrelevant rein. You are always on point with your articles. Love them. Keep up the great work. #ISTANDWITHTHESUSSEXES

  5. Beverly

    Ms. Daniels a very very excellent and well written article. Thank you for everything you have written and the way that you put it together for all of it is true. I wish a copy of this could go to our major American newspapers, magazines and the TV stations that would do it justice and maybe finally get rid of the so call royal commentators who know nothing and keep telling the lies that there British mouthpieces tell them to say. Thinking that we American/Squaddies are as dumb as those over in the UK. Again, thank you for writing an exceptional piece of journalism facts…..

  6. Elizabeth

    Can’t even imgaine what would have happened to Meghan had the Sussexsquad not been at hand to debunk. I’m not ascribing omniscient powers to the squad just that we will never know the ultimate intent of the RF or the extent at which they wanted to cause her physical harm
    Thanks, Rachael, for a well written article.

  7. Chris

    The good news is that Meghan and Harry cannot hear this crazy noise in Santa Barbara. The American Press is not reporting those trashy stories. It is so peaceful in America. I am so happy for them. They are thriving! They are safe here. They are loved globally, and the BM can see it. It just kills them to see the Sussexes succeed in less than 6 months!

  8. M

    This article is truth to power, these people seriously think that everyone is stupid & will adore them because they have the word royal link to their name , please err gtfoh. They are all a trifling bunch of a** 🤡 We stand 💪🏽💪🏻💪🏼 Harry, Meghan, Archie & mama Doria. We pray that the blood of Jesus bless & protect them always and their enemy be destroyed, amen 🙏🏽. Fabulous article as usual, thank you ☺️ 🥰😘😍❤️💜🤎🤍🖤💚💛🧡⚔️🛡

  9. Joyce

    Thank you for a well written article and I am glad that the BM and their co conspirators are showing themselves to the world. The truth is that the RF have exposed themselves to their own disadvantage, as for the FF and his wife good-luck to them they will need it. The so called irrelevant couple have been in the media everyday and the royal family have been using all sorts of tactics to see if they will change their mind.The latest is the former head of the army begging Harry not to stay away too long because the veterans need him. What does that say about the remainders? It is obvious who has been making the Monarchy relevant. We will continue to support the Sussexes with our prayers and victory will continue to be theirs as they have stayed dignified in all the nonsense going on. The noise has been one sided coming from the perpetrators and that is telling.

  10. Mary Daniels Daniels

    I enjoyed reading your article. Very well stated and thank you for writing this article. I have great respect & admire them.

  11. Gladys

    Sad Hateful Jealousy & Envy is crippling the evil RF especially KP, as for the BM, they’re evil because of their greed since they’re not able to control & make proper money off the Sussexes.

    For the drunken uncle i believe he was let loose by KP & his sister & she may have arranged the whole thing with that fail paper.

  12. Y Tucker

    The desperation in William to become king is palpable. I cannot see how he can be happy.He is in a one sided competition with both his dad and brother.Kate is just like a lamb.Flat as pancake and zero personality.She is a 37+yr old woman behaving like a 60+yr old woman. I don’t care the amount of pr they do Harry and Meghan will continue to eclipse them in every way.Nothing about them is worth watching twice.The constant need to copy the Sussexes is mind bugging.We must continue to defend and hit back at these morons.Every time they attempt to hit the Sussexes the Sussexes raises the bar.We all know if you desperately chase something you want but can’t have you become deflated and unhappy.William and co have zero charisma.Thank you all and let’s keep the fight going

  13. Conie Brussels

    Once again another excellent article!!!!!!🙏🙏well done and keep it coming!!!!!! Thank you.

  14. Beverly Hardy

    Rachael, you knocked it out of the park. I loved the Rachael Zane part. I laughed so hard, I got a headache and had to put it down. You were so no point, it was scary that the BRF and BM can be so ignorant. They actually think that dissing Harry and Meghan with keep them relevant. What they don’t understand to people outside the UK,titles don’t mean a thing. I have been a Diana and Harry fan since the late seventies. The rest of them held no interest for me. Keep writing facts and truth to power. Love it.

      1. Cheryl Harrison

        I am so tired of all the propaganda against Harry and Meghan. It is so sickening.
        As usual..a very well written artical and you sure speak the truth.

        Meghan and Harry sells…money bakers for the B
        We need to pray for them every single day

  15. Marjorie Ireland

    Fyi Meet Kat`s Uncle Gary
    Prince William to Have a Drug-Dealing Uncle-in-Law?


    JULY 20, 2009
    Britain’s Prince William had a nasty shock this weekend when his girlfriend’s uncle was caught on camera providing an undercover reporter with drugs. Just before fumbling with cocaine at his kitchen table, Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, bragged about his ties with the royal family—revealing suspect intimate details about the couple, including a family dinner at which William apparently openly discussed Kate’s figure. In 2006, the Prince and Kate reportedly stayed with Goldsmith at his $8.25 million Ibiza villa, nicknamed Le Maison de Bang Bang. And you thought your family was embarrassing!

  16. Marjorie Ireland

    Thank you , as always, for speaking the unvarnished TRUTH about HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, Black Princess of the UK and the USA !!!!!!!

  17. Kelley

    Once again, right on. I have most of the RRs blocked. It has never made any sense. They wanted her gone and yet they continue to froth at the mouth over her daily. They KNOW Harry hates the BM yet they place all the blame on Meghan for his leaving. Let them.

  18. Joyce Vose

    Well written as usual. Love your articles. There needs to be a record to counter the misleading information put out out on them. Keep up the good writing.



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