Underestimate Prince Harry At Your Own Risk

Underestimate Prince Harry At Your Own Risk

Prince Harry shares the spotlight and public/online platforms with his wife, Meghan, as they continue to raise awareness on several issues near and dear to their hearts. They are the dynamic duo who complement each other and do not detract from the other’s light. In other words, they are a perfect match who are in sync on many levels.

Affectionately known online as #thegingerstallion, #thegingeravenger, #peoplesprince, #kingarchiesdad, and #husbandgoal LOL, Prince Harry holds our respect, admiration, and love with the same zeal as we do for Meghan.

And like Meghan, Harry has his devoted friends who step up to defend and commend Harry’s character and integrity. The support that reaches global magnitude is a testament to their mutual commitment not only to each other, but to their shared vision to help make the world a better place.

Prince Harry Draws Ire

For his sincere efforts to improve lives and hold institutions accountable, Harry draws a lot of unsavory royal watchdogs’ criticisms questioning his mental stability or ability, his independence of Meghan’s influence, among other insulting elements and characterizing his advocacy as hypocritical.

Some regularly bring up the list of Harry’s past misdeeds that exist forever on internet. Events that were leaked and splashed across the media pages and television screens to create a “PR nightmare” for the palace. I say create because, given what we now know about how the palace works in tandem with the media, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Harry’s failings were so highly publicized to cast him in a mold that would suit the palace agenda of a wayward spare. Harry became the royal bad boy. He had privilege, but in the case of his scuffles with the photographers, he harbored deep-seated animosity for that lot.

In one case, Charles had ordered Harry to visit a rehab center for a day, sounds like America’s Scared Straight TV show, because he was caught smoking weed. Even this was alleged to have be crafted in a manner that would portray his father, Prince Charles, as a caring and responsible father – positive press that he so desperately needed in the wake of public backlash following the Diana-Camilla saga.

Harry has apologized for his misadventures as a young teen and twenty-something year old. More than an apology, he has demonstrated with his life, the growth and reformation that has taken place. Regardless, some still choose to invoke his past to discredit his actions and his work. It is the most stupid premise of an argument, in the face of evidence to the contrary. It makes you wonder why those same reporters and royal watchers, made so much about Charles sending him to rehab, if they didn’t expect it to result in reformation.

It seems to serve their purpose, to continue to portray him as not smart, rudderless etc., all while he keeps putting one foot in front of the other, creating an impressive legacy of work with real human impact. When are these old time monarchist going to snap out of their time capsule and stop throwing sticks at Harry the caricature at every opportunity? Talk about not evolving.

Prince Harry’s honesty about his Mental Health

Prince Harry has alluded to using mental health therapy( “talking to someone”) for his ongoing rehabilitation. I’m talking about the wounds that he’s suffered on this human journey that we all sustain in some measure in our own way. I also suspect that his life in the military provided a real opportunity for character refinement and a chance to create bonds of friendship and a brotherhood that weren’t a direct result of his aristocratic ties.

By openly talking about his mental health challenges, he demonstrated a level of emotional maturity and self-awareness that screams confidence and self-assurance. In the man Harry, that confidence permeates all aspects of his life and work. As a man who has a measure of himself, he handles his setbacks with steely resolve, and exhibits a determination for what, and more importantly, whom he wants in his life.

It has been reported that some in the royal household find public emoting embarrassing. Its not hard to infer who they’re talking about. They like to describe Harry as emotional. By being strong and confident enough to show his vulnerability, his humanity is evident. Ironically, that which the old guard try to use to denigrate Harry, is the very thing that makes him a human magnet.

What sweet irony! They try their best to make him irrelevant and inconsequential, yet the perceived faults are really his armor. His life experience, falls, bruises, cuts and all, give him credibility to be an impactful mentor, advocate, champion, – whatever- and be successful. But his detractors continue to try and use his past against him, and not to give him due credit for his accomplishments. After all, if he’s no longer the royal bad boy, who will be the villain against his brother’s manufactured image of future king?

In the meantime, Harry is laying Invictus and Endeavor bricks, giving wounded veterans their sanity and self-worth back, one sport at a time.

Prince Harry walks the talk; no empty promises

Claims that Harry is a hypocrite because he supports green measures for the travel industry yet has flown on private jets is playing with gotcha optics. His advocacy is not a moratorium on the necessities that he must undertake at his discretion. If the critics were well-intentioned, they would call foul on the rest of the royals who speak on their topics, but whose actions contradict their earnest messages. Harry is putting not only his voice, but his energy, intellect, convening power and financial investment to ensure the success of his vision to protect the planet and communities, through sustainable travel.

Though they came from vastly different worlds, Harry and his wife Meghan, both cut their philanthropic and activist teeth, far in advance of meeting each other. They bonded under their common belief that they had the power and moral obligation to help others, especially those suffering extreme hardships and injustices. Watching this beautiful couple, one can see how they enjoy giving back, sharing their talent and support to various causes, and being among the people rather than performing a distant sort of social activism.

A man of action himself, he was astute enough to recognize the potential and forge a partnership, one that transcends romance, with a woman who is equally a doer. Again, their detractors find a problem with them wanting “to do, rather than be”. They will have to keep playing catch up because, while they are busy strategizing how to scuttle Harry’s “doing”, Harry just keeps doing. That action and his credibility, begets the influence that he wields- that which seems to rattle them to the core.

Under Meghan’s influence—so what?

Another “weak/rudderless man” trope his detractors use to invalidate his self-efficacy and achievements, is that he is under the influence of his wife. To say that Harry is under Meghan’s influence is a lazy condemnation. The simpletons who live to destroy Harry’s credibility are attacking his identity and will power when we’ve seen not only through his misdeeds but his numerous accomplishments that he’s a pretty head-strong guy.

I mean, this is the same guy who co-founded a charity as a young adult, was bold enough to not hide behind the cloak of privilege and served on the battlefront with his comrades, despite tremendous risk to his own life. Yet, because he is a man who is unapologetic and unequivocal in his expression of love for his wife, somehow, he ceases to be a man’s man.

Even so, if he were under Meghan’s influence, so what? She is his wife. They make decisions together. She is part of the equation when he has to take action on behalf of his family. It would be an anomaly if she didn’t figure into his decisions. But for a mindset that believes women should be seen and not necessarily heard, it is unsurprising that they feel this way.

But we know that more than undermine Harry, they want to stereotype Meghan as a manipulative, even destructive, woman charming a prince to his ultimate demise. And they will clutch that fictional typecast to their chest forever and ever like a one-trick rodent on a hamster wheel.

It really boggles the mind to hear people who have supposedly known him all these years, and witnessed the steps he has taken in those years, resort to such lazy thinking. Whether it is a defense mechanism to shield them from the reality that the royal fall guy no longer fits the bill, or simply a failed appraisal of the situation, I say good! They can keep underestimating Harry because they will never see him coming.

Harry: “There is so much more still to do.”

Calling Harry woke in a negative sense, along with a being snowflake, or complaining about his discourse about his mental health says more about the parasitic pack than about Harry. Woke is simply an informal word that means alert to injustice in society, especially racism. Now tell me why people who are desperate for widespread acclaim, in a world that is increasingly diverse with a growing socially conscious generation would frame “wokeness” negatively?

Call it woke or whatever you please, Harry has shown that he is not afraid to recognize his privileged birthright, but he is willing to encourage discussion of difficult issues that matter to a world of people, and be part of the solution.

The misguided monarchists thumped their chest in dismay when Harry said,

When you look across the Commonwealth, there is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past. So many people have done such an incredible job of acknowledging the past and trying to right those wrongs, but I think we all acknowledge there is so much more still to do.

The royal defenders need to understand that the histories of America and the U.K. are intertwined and the racial scar upon its societies are under renewed scrutiny. Not that America has advanced its racial progress to satisfactory lengths, but the U.K. skirts any real or frank dialogue and thus the potential for action with aggressive solutions.

At the center of it all is the royal institution, the nucleus of the empire, from when the sun never set on it, to its diminished status on today’s global stage. The younger generations of our societies are less tolerant of social stratification and less acquiescent to softening the brutal past or the effacement of others’ contributions to building the society. For them to have any standing, any relevance at all in a decade or two, when the dogmatic old guard are wobbling of the stage, they have to honestly contend with this difficult and uncomfortable truth.

Harry is showing leadership here, by mustering the moral courage to be a change agent, assailment be damned.

Harry works to be part of solution

The reckoning that has come to pass in many countries will not disappear because the protestors are not on the street holding up signs. The reckoning will continue, in social settings, in places of work, at levels of leadership, at the ballot box, in every facet of our society. Harry recognizes this new chapter and wants to elevate those whose voices are often taken for granted or muted to be the vanguard. Meanwhile, others misguided in their traditions and royal ambitions will have missed the opportunity to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

What Harry has displayed, thus far, is wisdom, foresight, and dogged determination to be a relevant, value-imparting participant, not as a royal, but as a part of a bigger and brighter future. Underestimate him at your own risk.


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26 comments on “Underestimate Prince Harry At Your Own Risk

  1. Ivy Barrow

    Wonderful article. All of the ‘grey men in suits’ in all of the palaces, combined with the automatons otherreisr known as The Firm, always looked Harry when it suited them to do so, but they never tried to ‘see’ Harry. In a similar way, when a person’s inner core is weak (for whatever reason) they need assistance to stand upright and to move around. Crutches are often used at the beginning until body strength returns. Some of those individuals become deluded in their ability to move around and try to move around without the crutches. Invariably they falter and the support is needed. The arrogant ones continue to tell everyone that they do not need support and that strength is improving and that the support is a mere temporary measure.
    The BRF have a bad habit of treating all siblings that follow the first born and who are designated to be a crutch for the first born. The men in grey suits tell the first born they will be loved by the people because of their position, and spare/s will always be there to cover any deficiencies they may have. Those first born who lack a work ethic stop trying to do actual work and just provide the PR for any initiative. It is accepted practice. All the focus is on the first born and there is no real thought or affection given to the other siblings. In any other ‘world’ that would be described as a form of child abuse.
    Prince Harry is a good man. Someone who any normal family would be loved and appreciated and would recognise the person and the tag “spare”. Is it any wonder he preferred to be in danger on the front line in the military for ten years, than be with his family who did not even recognise him as a living human being as opposed to a robot primed to attend to every wish and whim of his older brother?
    No consideration or interest in any aspirations that siblings may have at all. How short sighted and cruel. It is pretty clear that the BRF want Prince Harry to return to the fold. This is not because they miss his company. It is not to please the Queen or help put Prince Charles as the tale spun by photographers Arthur Edwards recently. The Queen and Prince Charles Will not be around for decades, so the real reason is that the next in line needs his crutch back.
    No consideration to the plans that the Sussexes May have but just a plea for Harry to do his duty to come back and be a cover for his older siblings failings. Arthur Edwards even admitted in his recent video plea that everyone thought that Harry would be there for William for the rest of his life!!!
    No one ever tried to get to know the real Harry. He is worth far more than what The Firm wants from him. He is no ones doormat and definitely not mat or crutch to his older brother. The same brother who put Harry’s wife and unborn child in danger. The same brother who ensured that RRs made life so difficult that the Sussexes had to leave the UK. Now because the BRF star is fading and gathering rust, they have the nerve to ask Harry to return without his wife and child.
    Yes Mich you are right. They ignore Harry at their peril. Courtiers et al never took the trouble to see the gem standing in front of them all these years. He is no ones doormat. He has found the love of his life in Meghan. A true soulmate. Someone who his own family abused for four years with the additional help of the uk media. Big mistake. The Sussexes are going to light up the global sky. Harry has found his calling. His skills and knowledge is appreciated by people that matter. Oh yes they ignore this wonderful man at their peril. Soon, they all goin’ learn today and for many decades to come. Go Harry. Shine bright. Dazzle the haters with your brilliance

  2. Bridgette

    What an excellent perspective true to the effect of the everyday issues. With the public inundated with million negative articles how much can these readers consume in time to understand it’s value. It’s always disingenuous detractors and their relentless effort to discredit others using past indiscretions as leverage to attack them. Is this how one-sided nowadays ppl refuse to engage in civility or others POV it appears to be. When a woman has the edge to stand out she’s difficult or beguiling her partner especially a WoC it has to be unacceptable or an anomaly. Am wondering what inclusive prism of lens are they adapted to see their POV now become their status quo. Am happy there are voices of reason who never proselytize to such practices. Harry will always be himself and has been but others are blindsided to denigrate his character to be less than. Among 61M+ in the UK population overall 7-8B worldwide there’s bound to be an agreeable group that sees Harry for who and what he’s become celebrate his journey and respect him for that. Continued success in his endeavor to persevere through it all and beyond.

  3. Laura Filmore-Berry


  4. Marjorie Ireland

    This was spot on! You nailed it! I have been following the “World`s Prince,” HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex since he was born and his lovely, accomplished wife HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan Black Princess of the UK from her days on TV. What a history making couple!! Thank you for this article!!!

  5. Marjorie Ireland

    Words fail me! This was spot on! You nailed it! I have been following the “World`s Prince,” HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex since he was born and his lovely, accomplished wife HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan Black Princess of the UK from her days on TV. What a history making couple!! Thank you for this article!!!

  6. Gladys

    Excellent article all positive truth about Harry.

    Harry is a leader & an intelligent one & with his wife Meghan who is also extreamly intelligent god, what a dynamic duo i say the rf made a grave mistake in allowing the courtiers & the media control the narrative whch was so abussive especially to his wife which made Harry escape with his family to North America & there they will thrive as well as surviving.

    Loved to see that their dogs seem to be also happy, thriving & so contented.

  7. Beverly Hardy

    I love this article. People have been underestimating Harry most of his life. Harry has always had a heart like his mother. Diana knew that Harry would be used to prop up his father and his brother. Harry wanted to leave the family more than once before he met Meghan. I remember when he was pulled from his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, he wanted to leave. Then again in 2015. Harry has always felt like an outsider even more so after his mother’s death. He grew up in a family that always saw him as the spare to is brother, with his life mapped out for him to be the doormat and the scapegoat. That was not the life Harry saw for himself. He saw his life as someone with a purpose. He poured himself into projects, that had the same drive as the only person that he felt truly loved him, and that was Diana. He fought for his projects with passion. Harry always did the things that he thought would make his mom proud. He also remembered what she told him about life and love.

  8. Jacqueline Matthews

    Fantastic article. Prince Harry’s character and mettle as a man was forged through his lived experiences. Those who continue to underestimate him will be at their own peril. The monarchists know. That’s why the monarchists want to disrupt his happy family life in the hopes they can return his emotional state to that rudderless young adult severely impacted by tragedy so they can have the bad boy in their British Royal soap opera again, in the hopes of continuing to prop up others with limited imaginations, IQ and EQ.

  9. C.T.

    This is a terrific article. Harry has grown up to be a bright, loving, benevolent, responsible, charismatic man. It’s a shame that The Royal Family tries to downplay his intelligence simply because of the equally astute woman of color he has chosen to spend his life with.

    1. Cheryl Harrison

      What a fantastic article…as usual.Spot on. Harry was always smarter. He says hat he does..and does as he says.

      He is a really good guy They never expected Harry to marry such an educated woman. Just sayjng

  10. Joyce

    Thank you for a very well thought out analysis of the state of the mindset of Harry’s detractors. First of all they don’t know him at all, they project their ignorance and racism towards him because he married a woman of his choice. There is a dangerous jealousy in the heart of all these naysayers, for someone who spent ten years in the army where he said that they were the best years of his life says a lot. Harry has been used all his life as PR stunts for his father and brother, he has receipts and if he decides to write his own account that family will not exist. He doesn’t want to be the one to do that, but right now they are doing it themselves. They wanted him to be the next Princess Margaret, but he was two steps ahead of their plan hence the bellyache. The issues of his teenage years are all staged, his brother did worse but Harry has been made scapegoat for the image of the others,especially the rehab, it is now a court case as it never happened,check out byline investigates, this is part of Harry’s case against the Sun for phone hacking. I am happy he listened to his mother who was his only cheerleader in his life, that is why her death created problems for him and couple with his military service in the heart of a deadly battlefield. The naysayers are conveniently obtuse in other to pedal their nonsense, but they are only exposing themselves to the world and bringing those they protect to ridicule not Harry. Harry has proven time
    after time his worth and he is the real deal. They better get use to it.

  11. Vivien

    Great article as always.Harry’s journey has shown that the path to greatness is not an easy one.I remember one of the commentators say on their their wedding day that Harry had written his name in history simply by marrying this woman.Now, with all that is happening I bet the name they are trying so hard to erase is the one that will be remembered.

  12. Elizabeth Badu

    The way you divert into issues makes my heart fonders with joy Mich, once again excellent, up to date and educative article, l have said, the British royal family and media have always underestimated Prince Harry, we are talking about a man who cofounded sentabale at the age of 19 and founded Invictus games, guys he’s nobody’s spare or any woman ‘s cloches, trust me, he knows what he wants and goes after it darm tbe consequences, British press and family get through your thick heads HE HIS OWN MAN, God let him be and breathe. Merci Mich.

  13. Lynette Clarke

    Thank you Mich, you have greatly honoured Harry where others seek to malign him. You have laid bare in the most honest and poignant way the true facts. This very honourable man has chosen to speak out and be the front man for others whose voices have been muted. He has chosen to be part of the solution and not the problem . All the adversity he has suffered in his life has shaped him into becoming a great role model, loving husband and father and humanitarian along with his wife. How can we not laud and admire this very precious man for his good deeds. This is a great article full of truths. A million thanks to you.

  14. Conie Brussels

    Your articles always make me happy b,cos they are soooo insightful!!!! Thank you and well done😃😃!!!!


      I had always love and admire Harry he is the one in the entire RF that seems approchable and human.
      Now that he has married Meghan Markle and has a qute
      Son Archy he is a family man and he is now even more relevant. Both of them are humanist please keep on doing
      The good work.
      I am from the commonwealth, people are *woken the whole world is awake and i know big changes are about to happen.

  15. CRP

    Excellent article. Harry is results oriented and not just photo op ready. I am so impressed that he remains focused and true to his sense of purpose. Harry and Meghan made a conscious decision to grow better not bitter. Empathy, compassion, vision, ingenuity are part of the “it” factor. You cant buy it or fake it. They both have it. That’s why haters run themselves in circles trying to stop the unstoppable.

  16. Esther Powell

    Thank you for this , They will never see his Royal cuteness Ginger Prince coming. The only way is up! Harry’s leaving should be the biggest spanner impacting those in palaces and the realm. Appreciate your article.

  17. Darima

    I love the facts checking of Prince Harry on here. Lovely article and shows the machinations behind… I do not understand why stories always have to be made up to prop up another or a thing? Why not just state facts. The family will one day need to understand that they will need to stand as one against outsiders or outsiders will always be around to separate, divide and use them. There is no other way.

  18. Charmaine

    Those SCAVENGERS in the UK need 2 understand that Harry is not a child anymore. Thank God he has is mother’s trait. Harry has MOVED ON AND SO SHOULD ALL U HATERS.

  19. Amy

    Great article. It’s sad to say that for those who claim to know Harry don’t know him at all. There actions doesn’t reflect there words. They claim to love him but yet treat him and his wife so badly. They either pretend to know him or they have no clue as to who he is. They refuse to see how he has grown up to be such a great man and husband. Some of these people on that island are conditioned to live in the past just like their monarchy. They need to take the scales off their eyes and see that things have changed.

  20. Liliana

    Great truth. I share this report, Harry has grown, he is an example and a role model. The old courtiers criticize him as much as the press and his family, but he moves forward and builds a future.

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