Why do people hate? The baseless hatred directed towards the Duchess of Sussex



Hate is an intense hostility and strong dislike of something or someone usually stemming from fear or anger. Those who hate are classified as haters. In my opinion, the reason why people hate is because the object of their hatred has something they don’t have. Haters need to put others down to feel good about themselves. Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you cannot swim.

I want to examine the baseless hatred directed towards the Duchess of Sussex because no matter what she does, what she says, what she wears, she is harshly criticized, especially by members of her paternal family, the Royal Reporters , and other sources of UK media, with backup from social media trolls. What does the Duchess of Sussex have that the haters do not? She has intellect, charisma, outstanding work ethics, beauty, charm, love for her fellowman, to name a few. In addition, she is proud of who she is and comfortable in her own skin, and has a husband who proudly displays his love and respect for her and a beautiful baby boy who will grow to love the love she gives to him. The haters lack some if not all of the above.

I believe it is fair to say that ‘Megxit’, a group comprised of far-right political individuals who mainly reside outside the UK, directs some of the most abusive attacks, including violent threats on the Duchess. However, her paternal family shares much responsibility for the negative media attention.

Hater Category #1

“The Other Daughter” (just can’t bring myself to call her name) changed her last name to Markle after the royal engagement announcement yet she consistently accuses the Duchess of social climbing. She is 16 years older than the Duchess, has had minimal input into her childhood and literally no contact as an adult, but the notoriety is so enticing she consistently offers lies and hateful theories in return for money from the gullible UK media and has threatened for the past 3 years to write the “tell-all” book.

Hater Category #2

Piers Morgan. Like most British media reporters, Piers is extremely brutal in his assessment of her character. I can’t help but feeling his disdain is personal. He really believed that the one-time meeting with the then Suits actress would eventually develop into a “romance”; it didn’t happen. From Meghan being that wonderful, articulate women he met suddenly leapt to being a “social climber who needs to go back to America” all because he didn’t get the scoop he wanted. I am sure after the one meeting he revealed himself as a loser, a bitter, self-absorbed person. When her relationship with Prince Harry was announced, Piers saw an opportunity for revenge and took it.

Hater Category #3

UK Royal Reporters. The names that seem to crop up all the time are: Emily Andrews, Chris Ship, Rebecca English, Richard Palmer, and Russell Myers, to name a few. These reporters just can’t survive without a daily negative Meghan Markle story.

  • Rebecca English is the royal correspondent for the Daily Mail, also known as the Daily Fail. According to Wikipedia, this right wing tabloid is not considered a reliable source and is heavily frequented by hateful trolls.
  • Richard Palmer is a royal correspondents for the Daily Express, and Russell Myers is a royal correspondent for the Daily Mirror. Both the Express and Mirror are right wing tabloids focusing on sensationalism. The Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Star and OK Magazine all share the same stories so we get repeated doses of negative Duchess of Sussex.
  • Chris Ship, once a political editor and now a correspondent on independent television stations that choose to take the gossipy approach to news.
  • Saving the best for last, Emily Andrews, royal correspondent for The Sun. The Sun, a bottom-of-the-heap tabloid known for fake news and click and bait headlines. Ms. Andrews brings a special gift to The Sun as she’s able to see into the future so she has negative Duchess of Sussex stories before they actually happen.

The negative stories are so excessive, 5 or more falsehoods everyday. Most readers are becoming immune to these daily doses of hate and see them for what they are; exaggerations with the objective to draw out the gossipers.

Haters long for attention because they don’t see themselves as relevant. I’m not certain about the reasons for the hatred coming from men, but the hatred coming from the women is clearly jealousy and envy. They wish they had what the Duchess of Sussex has. How dare she come into their country and capture the heart of the Prince who doesn’t hold back on the public displays of affection. They just can’t conceive. I once saw this printed somewhere and it remains in my mind, so I share this with all the haters: HATE IS HEAVY – LET IT GO.


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One comment on “Why do people hate? The baseless hatred directed towards the Duchess of Sussex

  1. Punkin Burk

    Thank you for defending Duchess Megan. The most I hear is how the British press is so hateful to her. I stayed up and watched their wedding and it was beautiful. I’m glad this couple found each other and love. I wish everyone else would quit the hate and be happy for them. She clearly makes him happy and vise versa. This world spreads so much negativity it’s getting old. I just want peace, kindness and love for all. Why can’t we spread that around in huge doses ?

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