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3 comments on “There Is A British Media Agenda Against Duchess Meghan

  1. Veronica D Bisnaught

    WOW! It was an eye opener reading this. What is the saying? “Karma is a Bitch”. You reap what you sow.I really enjoyed reading this article. May the Good Lord continue to watch over Harry, Meghan And little Archie.

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  3. Aisha

    I’ve been a royal watcher for a long time and have supported Meghan since she was announced as Prince Harry’s girlfriend. I had a few observations on the whole saga and I wanted to share them here. Many in the Sussex squad have spoken out about the following points in great depth, including this brilliant website.
    To begin with, I’ll attribute at least 60% of the media coverage around the Cambridges and Kate in particular to the work of the Middletons. Tatler did not lie with this statement ‘”None of them can quite believe that they have hit the jackpot, so between Kate, Pippa and Carole there is an unspoken bond. A sort of “We have to bring it to fruition at all costs”.’ The foremost aim of the Middletons seems to be to make Kate queen. Infact, the whole Tatler article is as true as it gets. Secondly, Kate’s position within the Royal Family is shaky. She was only protected by the silence on William’s many affairs. The Middletons created this illusion that Kate was deeply beloved and if William divorced Kate, there’d be hell to pay and he bought it. In addtion, Kate was also protected by Harry’s presence. Among the many roles he was relegated too by the family and the aides, Harry also likely fought in her corner and took her side. She believed that in him she had an ally within the family. The arrival of Meghan and his relationship with her really upended plans. Kate, her mother and sister did not think that Harry would find anyone who would overshadow her and reveal her many flaws and the deep cracks in her relationship with William. This latest affair with Rose is more serious than anyone realises. That’s why it’s out in the open. The parties involved realised that Kate is only protected by the secrecy and therefore, they blew the lid wide open. This explains why Kate has been looking as haggard as she has been this year. The truth has been a bitter pill to swallow. This also explains the wall-to-wall ‘Kate ready to be queen’ articles in the media, though they have always been there but now it seems the ‘keen’ and ‘ready to be queen’ line is being pushed more aggressively. This is a ploy to instill Catherine as the future queen in people’s minds, never mind that she is two queens behind. Her position is not secure and getting shakier. The Tatler article was not supposed to backfire like it did. It was most definitely commissioned by the Middletons but as with everything, they did not look too deeply into exactly what was being written. They thought they were in bed with the media and would not be ‘betrayed’. Except, they weren’t really betrayed. Anna Pasternak faithfully narrated the whole thing. The whole affair is incredibly dirty and gold-diggery and it reads just like that. Lastly, it is my belief that Catherine Middleton will not be queen. The likelihood is they will get divorced and/or the monarchy will be abolished by then.

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