Monetizing Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex Part 6


Co-written and edited by Etta Ibok

An In-depth Look at How the Markle Clan Abused and Used the Duchess of Sussex for Money

Grant has used Twitter masterfully, in conjunction with the British tabloids, in her virulent and mean campaign of hate against Duchess Meghan. Her Twitter posts are replete with insulting, belittling, and denigrating epithets, such as “DUCHASS”, “Cruella de Vil”, and Duchess of Nonsense”, all no doubt intended to put her biracial half-sister in what Grant considers to be her proper place. Additionally, Grant is not only an enabler and facilitator of the British tabloids, but she is also the darling of internet trolls and Megxiters who are engaged in a sustained, cynical and dark campaign of hate, humiliation and “othering” of Duchess Meghan, the clear intention being to hasten her exit, by whatever means, from the royal family. In engaging these dark forces, Grant is unfazed and unconcerned about the personal physical danger to which she may be exposing Duchess Meghan, who she claims to be “family”.

In no particular order, some of Grant’s greatest hits…

  • Grant promptly slammed the newly released personal (as opposed to her family’s as is traditionally done) coat of arms of Duchess Meghan, with a tweet: “Extremely improper that my father was not named on the coat of arms, and quite frankly it looks like it was drawn by someone in kindergarten classroom. Our father is American but we have ties in the family tree to royalty in several places according to the college of arms.”
  • Following Mr. Markle’s July 17, 2018 interview in which he said his daughter “looked terrified” and was having difficulty adjusting to royal life, Grant defended criticisms of her father, tweeting: “My father is not an embarrassment for loving his daughter! The Royals are an embarrassment for being so cold. You should be ashamed of yourselves @Kensingtonroyal”.
  • In response to a caption under a photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stating “Mr. Markle has made a mess of his relationship with his Daughter, Grant responded: “No folks… she is the one who has made a mess of things by her arrogance and disregard. Family merely responded to her indulgence.” Then she followed this up with: “Glad you have so much time to gallivant around paying tribute to others while ignoring your own father! How cold can you be and look in the mirror? Harry? I guess I was right.”
  • Grant mocked the new royal’s title by referring to her as the “Duchess of Nonsense” and went after Prince Harry, who she dubbed “a wuss to allow the Duchess of Nonsense to mistreat everyone who has been close to her, especially her family.” Invoking Harry’s mother, Grant said: “Diana would be ashamed”, before going in for the kill: “Stop wearing Meg’s skivvies and bra and take your pants off of her! @KensingtonRoyal”.
  • Grant posted a picture of Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s white, ex-girlfriend, while observing: “She is much more like Diana. That’s who Harry should have married”.
  • After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited an exhibition in London charting the life of the anti-apartheid leader, Nobel Prize Laurette, and late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of his birth, Grant tweeted: “How about you pay tribute to your own father? Enough is enough. Act like a humanitarian act like a woman! If our father dies I’m holding you responsible, Meg!”
  • Grant shared a story that claimed The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “taking a step away from the media spotlight”, tweeting: “OK so Cruella De Vil is retreating LOL. Let me know how that works out for you.” The tweet continued with: “There are smoke and mirrors you try to hide things with, but you can’t hide from what you see in the mirror.”
  • On Duchess Meghan’s 37th birthday, Grant tweeted: “Happy Birthday Meg! It would be so lovely and appropriate of you to send DAD a BELATED birthday card for his July 18th [birthday cake emoji] @KensingtonRoyal Cheers”.
  • Following one of Thomas Markle’s media interviews Grant fumed in yet another tweet: “There would be no just reason for her not to want him in her life, as he was good enough to use to make her everything she is,” following up with: “She should be grateful. Her diplomacy skills suck and are inhumane. Freezing people out is the best way of hiding the truth.”
  • In another rant, Grant threatened: “I am not candy coating anything anymore! The DUCHASS should be humane to our father who has given her everything… and this media crap can stop! Fake waves and smiles can stop. The duchASS can bow to the daddy”.
  • Appearing on Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show on October 1, Grant ostensibly apologized to Duchess Meghan, but defended her criticisms of the Duchess and claimed she wanted to “get a message across from my father”.
  • Highlighting a headline reporting that Pierce Morgan slammed Duchess Meghan for “disowning” her father, Grant tweeted: “Sorry folks there is no valid or a good argument in favor of inhumane treatment of both sides of the family and a best friend of 30 years. Snobbery and arrogance are not humanitarian traits. She has an obligation especially to treat our father with kindness”.
  • In another mean-spirited tweet on Christmas day, Grant snarled: “I’ve never seen anyone so rude and hurtful and heartless and absent a soul in my life. #MeghanMarkle #SamanthaMarkle shame on you for what you have done to our father. No PR machine can fix this. I retract the merry Christmas, you don’t deserve it. How dare you walk into a church”.
  • Responding to an article about how Duchess Meghan can help Prince Harry continue to build on Princess Diana’s legacy, Grant snipped: “Not possible when she ignores a sister in a wheelchair because it is an embarrassment to her. Dianna would scoff at Meg”.

Here, it is worth mentioning that Samantha Grant has also shamelessly tried to use her disability in her predatory monetizing of her tenuous filial relationshp with Duchess Meghan. As one on-line observer pointed out: “Samantha and her ex-convict boyfriend… both twit about her supposed disability to shame TRH Duke and Duchess into making contact with the Duchess estranged stepsister. The disability related twits escalated to claims that Samantha was not only disabled due to MS but also that she was a disabled veteran who should have been included in the Invictus Games, an annual event created by Prince Harry”.

Following the engagement announcement, with the media fixated on who would be invited to the wedding, Samantha wrapped her alleged disability tightly around herself in the hopes of generating sufficient public sympathy to snag an invitation to the wedding. Her response to whether she would attend the wedding if invited was typical self-serving: “I’m in a wheelchair”, she gratuitously lamented, “I don’t know that it’s that easy to travel. But if I were invited I would find a way, out of love and respect”, adding, “I would never be disrespectful or make her feel that I wasn’t sharing her joy. I would be honored to go — but that will come down to Meghan and her heart. It will be what it will be.”

Fast forward to September 25, 2018… After months of sniping at her half-sister, the same wheelchair-bound Samantha Grant informed the world that she was in Italy. From Italy, Grant’s publicist (yes, with the money she made or anticipated making off her half-sister’s fame, the once-bankrupt Samantha Grant could now afford a publicist), in an obvious headline-generating stunt, announced to the world that Samantha Grant was on her way to the U.K. “to confront” Duchess Meghan:
“After making numerous attempts in private to arrange a one on one meeting with The Duchess of Sussex to discuss their 74 year old father’s health, Kensington Palace have refused to respond. I fear Meghan may not be made aware of these discreet attempts and therefore making this public is the only option we have left. I currently have Samantha in Europe with just one short flight away. This DOESN’T need to be public, we would prefer to keep this private. Samantha is coming to the UK this week, like it or not[.]”

It all came to a head in September, when Grant arrived in London and proceeded, with much media fanfare, to visit both Buckingham and Kensington Palaces in her effort to “confront” her royal half-sister. The “confrontation”, as anyone could have predicted, ended at the gates of Kensington Palace where Grant was turned away. Grant was photographed holding an envelope, which she claimed to be a letter to Duchess Meghan, towards a uniformed guard. Of course Grant got what she wanted the most out of this contrived non-event – a few days in the news cycle, as well as something she did not want or anticipate — the dubious honor of being placed on the police royalty and protection unit’s “fixated persons list”. Translated, Grant is now deemed to be someone who poses a “reputational risk” to the British royal family.

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