Harry And Meghan Have Moved On – The Firm and Their Minions Need To Retire The Pointless Power Pageant

Harry And Meghan Have Moved On – The Firm and Their Minions Need To Retire The Pointless Power Pageant

The royal household is desperately trying to create a perception of control over Harry and Meghan’s new life. Don’t buy it, it’s just an anemic display.

We’ve just entered the sixth month since Harry and Meghan officially transitioned into their next chapter. All indications are that, the couple are moving ahead with their plans to be financially independent while charting a philanthropic course. The other party in this separation, the institution of the monarchy aka the firm, somehow hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact that, Harry and Meghan are on to bigger and better things.

Anyone who has paid even a little bit of attention to the reporting around Harry and Meghan, while they were in the royal fold( as working members) through their well-publicized departure and afterward, cannot have missed a common theme. Always present, albeit paraded as one slight, gaff, misstep or another, has been the need to exert control on The Sussexes’ choices, actions, speech, work, living arrangements – everything.

While they were working members of the royal family, the British media, which is in lockstep with the firm and has largely become it’s propaganda arm, has never missed the opportunity to tell all who will listen how Harry and Meghan don’t know their place, or how they cannot upstage X, Y or Z. The subtext has always been to clip Harry and Meghan’s wings.

Among other things, Harry and Meghan were told they could no longer use SussexRoyal or the word royal because, apparently the word royal is protected in the UK. While this may be true, it was obvious from the reporting that, this move was expected or projected to handicap the Sussexes.

Remember how they tried to convince us that, Harry and especially Meghan wanted to monetize the SussexRoyal brand, hence the need for copyrights? Never mind that all the other working royals who have charitable foundations also have the same or similar copyrights, whose purpose is protective. So how were Harry and Meghan supposed to make a living since according to the propagandist (and I imagine some in the institution), Harry’s and Meghan’s market value was tied to their royal status?

After Harry and Meghan finally left the UK, there were a plethora of stories detailing how irrelevant Harry and Meghan now were, in the age of coronavirus lockdowns, zoom bingo and awkward once in 12 years video visits to patronages about to give up the ghost.

Who can forget the protracted public and dangerous litigation of their security arrangements – Since you’ve decide to leave the firm, you’re on your own. We won’t pay for your security!

When their temporary living arrangements became known, without knowing the exact details – whether it was a short-term rental or on loan, – the new script was dispatched. Essentially, the message was that Harry and Meghan couldn’t even afford their own place and have to subsist on the benevolence of Tyler Perry. When it suited them however, Harry and Meghan were living too large for “Eco-warriors”. Also, if you hadn’t figured it out, Harry was supposedly feeling trapped and miserable in the lavish mansion (with its numerous bathrooms) and missing his U.K life. What is the British media’s obsession with bathrooms anyway?

The media and their puppeteers, hoped that all who read these stories would appreciate the power of the royal institution, no matter where one’s sympathies lie. If you were of the monarchy or suicide denomination who agitated that, the couple should leave if they won’t “fall in line” and are now besides yourself that Harry and Meghan basically told them to shove it, then you might feel somewhat vindicated that outside of the institution, they appeared, through the media’s lens, to be struggling.

On the other hand, if you were rooting for them and did not have any other concrete information to the contrary, you might have been concerned for their welfare and wondered what impediments could be in their way courtesy of the firm. Either way, the firm would look powerful. Hold that thought.

In the meantime, Harry and Meghan, just as themselves, were ploughing away, doing amazing and impactful work. Whether it was a zoom discussion or a day volunteering at a charity, they put one foot in front of the other, garnering significant global attention in the process. Whatever they did was newsworthy – from South Africa to India, New York to Dubai.

Hmmm… It looks like these two may have it together after all. The world seems to acknowledge it. Maybe we should play nice a little.

“There is room for Harry to return to the UK for a limited schedule of events, a few times a year. It will help ease the workload on the remaining senior royals”. Oh really? You don’t say! Ok, I’m not shy to beg. “Harry and Meghan, please forgive our (press) bad behavior and come back. The Monarchy needs you. Your relatives can’t do it alone”. What do you say?

Boom! We bought a house. An estate, actually. We’ve found our happy place and are planting roots. The last six weeks here have been heavenly.

Roots? What do you mean roots? There is a one year review, where your mea culpas are expected. By the way, how did Harry and Meghan afford such a spectacular slice of luxury?

We’re going to pretend that Meghan didn’t have any money of her own before marriage, and has not been receiving residual income from her acting work, so lets focus on Harry. We know he inherited money from his great grandmother and his mom, but unlike most people who invest and grow their money, Harry probably stashed his inheritance in a mattress for safekeeping, so it’s unlikely that he can afford such a property. Prince Charles probably chipped in.

Let it be known that, not a red cent of the Prince of Wales was party to the acquisition of this property. They have a mortgage. What? How? So they really are doing this?
Ok, so about that big fat mortgage, do they realize that they have to make a lot of money to be able to pay the monthly installment which we have no knowledge of? Emily Andrews, can you call upon your crystal ball and do an annual expense sheet for us? Copy. I’m on it. I love this stuff. They can expect to spend around $5 million a year in living expenses. Really? Harry and Meghan need to find a job ASAP.

Anyhow, while you our British media darlings, are painfully salivating at Harry and Meghan’s house, here is a real mansion that you have wrongly called an apartment for years. It has a lot of rooms and there’s even one reserved for only luggage! Oh and the best part is that it is fully funded by the public purse. You should recognize that, his house is bigger than theirs, but it doesn’t make him an Eco-hypocrite. It’s all good.

Remember, those other folks allegedly have to make $5 million or more every year, to afford their house. We really wonder how they are going to afford it. You know, they signed with that speaking agency but, Ingrid Seward says that, they can only justify high fees, if they spill some royal tea. Who wants to hear them talk about the environment, mental health and women’s empowerment? But the gag is, they are not allowed to use the word royal or cash-in on their royal connections. It’s going to be tricky for them.

Boom, Bam! Breaking: New York Times – Prince Harry and Meghan Sign Megawatt Netflix Deal.

They really are intent on being financially independent huh? Ok, not so fast. First, Chris Ship, Lord fence straddler and instigator extraordinaire of ITV hasn’t been able to confirm it yet, so maybe it’s not a thing yet? Oh it IS a thing. A big one too. But do they have the experience? “The palace will cast a critical eye over Harry and Meghan’s mega-bucks Netflix deal”. “Royal officials will examine Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix deal after they agreed to approval of any new commercial ventures when couple quit public life.”

Bullocks! The palace or royal officials have no jurisdiction over that business transaction, and they know it. It’s just a power play, grandstanding for the benefit of their audience. They surrendered that authority when they rejected the part-time model proposed by the Sussexes. What Harry said is that, whatever they do will uphold his grandmother’s values. Also anybody who thinks that a man who was adamantly opposed to the idea of a one-year review (essentially bringing the firm back into their affairs), somehow agreed to get approval before he makes a deal, is on a serious trip. Wasn’t there supposed to be a certain royal mental health project that was supposed to be aired on Netflix? They can take a look at that.

Or do they think that the deal was brokered on September 2nd when the New York Times first broke the story? Knowing how the Sussexes operate( historically), that deal has been done for a bit. Lawyers on both sides have combed through the provisions, dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s. So no, there is no authority here, or room for control by the “royal officials”, just an attempt to project such.


Seeing as the Sussexes are not in the business of hawking princely jersey milk to Chinese markets, selling access to palace princes and then turning their train wreck disastrous choices into a docu-series, or doing their darnedest to avoid talking to the FBI about a child trafficking and rape allegations, the officials should be fine. Or not so? For some reason these royal officials have buried their heads in Harry and Meghan’s business, but while they’re stooped over poking their noses where they don’t belong, their bare bottoms are on display for the world to see. And it’s not pretty.

My opinion is that the Queen is Happy for her grandson and his family to chart their own course. At least that’s what she has said. But there are egos within the royal household who are obsessed with power or the appearance of it. They have power by virtue of their position, whether by rank or by job designation. That is a given. However, its ego-driven exercise has turned it into a power trip, a false power really, where they can exercise control (translate, subdue others) by various bully tactics and threats. At its core, false power lacks influence.

Harry and Meghan have influential power, in that, though they have some positional power by virtue of who they are, they inspire others to be better, they use it to empower people, not overpower them. Their power is a collaborative force for good. It is true power- and it has humility. They operate in a different realm, making the attacks impotent.

This, in my estimation, is the crux of the matter. Whether it is by design or by accident, the religious fixation with hierarchical power in the firm, has compromised the ability of some higher ups to develop influential power, which is what I suspect they truly crave. That which others seemingly easily wield. The trouble is, influential power cannot be decreed, legislated or contractually obligated- say, at the Baftas- It must be earned. Therefore, at every turn, by all means possible, there will be attempts to subdue, or at the very least, create a public impression of it.

Harry and Meghan individually and together, have a track record of creating things, building and growing them into impactful ventures. Creatively, organizationally, innovatively, they check all the boxes and have results to prove it. Why wouldn’t they get a production deal? What has this “royal machine” built? I can’t think of any of note. But tear down, destroy, sabotage, that’s the sweet spot! That is what they do best. Can they not see that they are destroying the influential power they desperately pursue, by seeking to destroy others? You’re in danger girl. Wake up.

Send them to some place in Africa, Harry doesn’t have his wits about him, He is very fragile, nobody in the royal family support Harry and Meghan, I can no longer put my arm around my brother, You cannot use the word royal, Pay us back our money, We won’t pay for your security,… The royal officials will have to examine the deal. Same animal, different coats. This will not be the last time this beast will rear its head, but I hope that next time it turns the corner, you recognize it for what it is and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

Funny how they have no words when Harry and Meghan are being pilloried for crap, but suddenly find their words when things appear to be going well for them.

Before I go, to those trying to get a lump sum repayment for Frogmore Cottage refurbishment costs, on account of the Netflix deal, go and dig the wax out of your ears. Harry and Meghan do not own Frogmore Cottage, which was refurbished (already scheduled) with funds from the sovereign grant, in line with the Queen’s duty to maintain the royal residences. Harry and Meghan added value to property they do not own, by paying for all interior fittings. They are currently paying rent because, they no longer work for the firm and don’t get free housing.

Because you lot made so much noise about your £2.4 million and were annoying as heck about it, they decided to reimburse the landlord for maintaining the property. Technically, they are making you a grant. You will get it when they give it, so sit down. Save your energy, because it won’t be long before you’re triggered by the Sussexes again. Bank on it.

UPDATE: Monday, September 7

Harry pays back Frogmore Cottage money

Since publishing this article, it has been reported that Prince Harry has officially fully repaid the £2.4 million renovation cost. A statement from the Sussexes’ spokesperson, per Harper’s Bazaar royal editor Omid Scobie, reads:

“This contribution, as originally offered by Prince Harry, has fully covered the necessary renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage a property of Her Majesty The Queen, and will remain the UK residence of The Duke and his family”.

The cord has been cut in my opinion. This I imagine is the biggest fear of the detractors – That he will have the financial independence to not be beholden to the institution and be directed on their whim. It is why they try to put impediments in his way.

Note that the payment was not required, but offered (voluntary) by Prince Harry. As stated earlier, this renovation cost had become a stick for the UK media and some Brits to beat on the Sussexes. They used it to justify the unprecedented intrusion into their private lives, and the disparate criticism of their work and choices, calling it public accountability. “We pay, you pose”, they would say. No more. Neither their security, residential, personal nor professional expenses are borne by the so-called taxpayers. Will they leave Prince Harry and his family alone now? Or are they going to ask him to pay for being born into the royal family next?

The Sussexes will not be the only non-working members of the family who live in a royal residence. Princess Eugenie and her husband live in a cottage at Kensington Palace, and of course her father Prince Andrew still has the royal lodge, where her mother Fergie also lives. Zara Tindall lives on her mother Princess Anne’s estate. All of these people are behind Prince Harry and Archie in the order of precedence, which remains unchanged, so seniority/hierarchy cannot be the reason for the next possible gripe. But with these people, you just never know. We live to see.


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42 comments on “Harry And Meghan Have Moved On – The Firm and Their Minions Need To Retire The Pointless Power Pageant

    1. Sheffaneese Knight

      Wow. I absolutely love this article. It encapsulates everything so beautifully. I always want to know however which Royal called Meghan the Degree Wife, as if that quote is true, it tells that their aim was to have Meghan get fed up and leave Harry in 3 years max, so the reason for the abuse. The script was for William to have throne, power, prestige and beautiful family while Harry do the work and also bear all the negativity. Be second class. He flipped the script and they did not like it. William could not even celebrate being an uncle, after all he only has one sibling by blood. He had to damper enthusiasm by stating he is already an uncle and that tells me all I need to know.

  1. Gladys

    A fantastic read, all what i wish & hope for is that the BM & the RF to just rest their jealousy & envy towards H & M as its clear as day that they’re loosing & loosing big where the Sussexes are concerned.

    1. Angela

      DITTO, Gladys! I’m so happy Meghan and Harry have found their way and forgive the ‘caps,’ but i must say, ‘ON THEIR OWN!’ Hurray! Iget so sick of “the firm” seemingly trying to force H & M back into the fold that looked to these eyes like they were nferior and not really wanted, i.e. Meghan anyway. So happy to see Harry standing by his.’wife’ after all!!

  2. Elizabeth Badu

    Excellent enlightening and educative article well done Irene,keep it coming because am always looking out for all of meghanpedia articles, it’s always insightful and full of knowledge, as for the British media and the Royal family they are just beating an empty house their tenants have already left and there’s nothing they can do but to whine, because that’s all they ‘ve got the train have left the island.

  3. Kathryn

    Harry and Meaghan are very courageous. It took a lot of courage to walk away from an archaic and controlling monarchy that stifles the individual. That whole Frogmore Cottage thing is just offensive. When we hear about the 4 story “apartment” of Willuam and Kate, which is paid by public funds. Thanks so much for the insightful article.

  4. Stephanie A Harp

    I don’t doubt what you say, however you may not realize the Actual people in the royal family have been puppets for the public. Those poor people have never had the power. They have truly sacrificed their lives for their country. However the naive people who love the idea of Royality, and believe them to be powerful are going to veiw you as picking on the royal family. They are not going to see the point your making. They want to believe the fary tale. You are believing your press, you can not live your lives caring about what the press says you are. Just do your magic for pure sake because you do care. And stop reading about yourself in the press that alone will destroy you.

  5. Just Some Thoughts

    This is an article I thoroughly enjoyed reading from beginning to end. You’d have to be dim witted to believe H&M are broke, almost broke, or can’t pay their bills. I’ve often wondered why the negative press never have anything good to say about people who’re trying to do good (H&M) but have nothing but good press for people who do nothing but play dress up and have royalty parties (W&K)! Frankly, I don’t recall Kate touching members of the public before Meghan showed her how it’s done. To try and predict their success or failure with the Netflix deal is a fools errand since it’s been widely reported they have links to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. If their associations are true, don’t you think these folks will be very helpful? Besides, everyone has to produce once before they can get to # 2 and so on! We the public have no right to know their personal business, e.g. buying a home, making a deal with Netflix, etc. They are private citizens and don’t have to share their salaries/income. It’s obvious the Sussex’s are holding their heads high and moving on. I wish them success beyond their wildest dreams! I wish the negative press or reporters who have nothing good to say about H&M would also move on, get some real, true stories and stop peddling speculations and opinions.

  6. Lady Bezique

    Enjoyed every succinct word of this article !!! It was a fresh breeze, blowing the noxious gases being belched by ‘the firm’, over this couples heads from the get go. Soar Megan, Harry & Archie. Turn your beautiful souls loose on our bruised & bloodied planet earth !!!

  7. Chi ukaga

    Beautiful and factual. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful article. Way to go Harry and Megan!

  8. Alicia

    Thank you for confirming that I need to buy a subscription to Netflix in order to support Harry, Meghan and Archie. This couple has been dragged to hell and back and now deserve all the support we can provide to them.
    Based on their innate loving kindness for their fellow humans, Netflix is lucky to have them!

  9. Joyce

    Thank you so much, but you made my day and had me in stitches. The Sussexes have moved on and not on the same level as the royal family and their minions. They minions became conveniently obtuse that the Sussexes had jobs before them becoming working senior royals. Harry is a Soldier and paid taxes on his salary before he was forcibly asked by the firm to leave for their own benefits, he still receives some money from the army. What did they think he spent the money on.? His wife also has her own money. In legal terms what is happening before our eyes is nothing but abuse, dehumanising, disrespect for their human rights. It is alright for one of them threatening to sue because their human right has been violated, but for the Sussexes they have none. The royal family are not looking good in all of this saga because it’s clear they are part of the problem. I am happy that the Sussexes have been consistent and going on about their business and that shows their strength and God will continue to bless them.

  10. Mary Ann osademe

    A billion thanks mr Gilbert for this awesome article .It is beatiful written.There is so truth in it, Am going to have a very night sleep. With people like You Justice will prevail. You are a great human being.

  11. CRP

    Excellent article as usual from You! The British media and the Firm can’t seem to make up their minds. Go back to America- Ok and glad to be home…Get off the taxpayers dime-Ok, No problem, Megadeal done! Next….

  12. bamaborn

    Excellent! One of the best articles involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex I’ve read in a while. Please continue keeping it real.

  13. Rose

    Great article. Chris Ship shouldn’t be talking about the Sussexes anymore, he, as you pointed was on the bandwagon of their irrelevance, and declared he would no longer be covering them, and yet he has never stopped. I had a peek at his latest podcast which I don’t normally watch, but I was curious, and he spent the whole time talking about the Sussexes! He had an American reporter on there, new to Britain, whom he was trying to suggest that she as an American had been welcomed to Britain with open arms, thus implying that those saying Meghan hadn’t been welcomed were lying. It is idiotic to compare the situation of this reporter to that of Meghan’s. The obvious is that this reporter maybe in a public arena, but she is not a public figure. Nobody is interested in her life 24/7. Nobody is hounding her and writing 100’s of articles about her in a day, and since most of this has been tinged with racism, this is a white woman! Above all, she is not married to Prince Harry, which to some was reason enough to hate Meghan. Sometimes, I can’t believe the idiocy!

    1. C.T.

      I’m grateful for these well written and factual articles!! There are no kind words to describe The Royal Family and their flunkies. They are the most barbaric, deceitful, disingenuous, demonic, morally depraved people. They operate through bullying, coercion and character assassination. Unfortunately, every now and then, I too read an article or listen to a podcast of the racist British media or Royal Rota. You have to know what the enemy is thinking at all times. You have to be proactive instead of reactive with these ghastly people. They’ve made it known loud and clear that they are more than determined to completely destroy Meghan.

  14. Beverly S McCaskill

    An article that is right on point. Thank you for putting it in a language that everyone can (British Media, Royal Rota, and The Firm) understand. Knowing that they are totally dumb over there this next step in the Sussex’s life is and will make them very much free from the firm and the “taxpayers”. Your future king (William) will not be sitting on the throne. The world is watching and taking notes. I am so happy for our Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and can not wait for all their Netflix programs. Also wait till their IG account goes up and they launch the Archewell foundation, BOOM BOOM BAM OUT OF HERE….

  15. Beverly Suzette McCaskill

    An article that is right on point. Thank you for putting it in a language that everyone can (British Media, Royal Rota, and The Firm) understand. Knowing that they are totally dumb over there this next step in the Sussex’s life is and will make them very much free from the firm and the “taxpayers”. Your future king (William) will not be sitting on the throne. The world is watching and taking notes. I am so happy for our Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and can not wait for all their Netflix programs. Also wait till their IG account goes up and they launch the Archewell foundation, BOOM BOOM BAM OUT OF HERE….

  16. Abena Boaitey

    Brilliant piece! So much jealousy from the rotten rotas and their co-conspirators. First it was their estate, H&M, were not going to live on a two up two down, surely! Now it’s Netflix., which caught them by surprise, and much to the envy of the media, is going to make them, financially independent.

  17. Marjorie Ireland

    As always, a GREAT READ!!!! I am glad you also FINALLY CLEARED UP THE FROGMORE REPAYMENT NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Caroline Tubbs

    great read as usual, humorous and so on point. That institution is so outdated and need to be abolished and learn they can’t tell grown people what to do As for H&M,A&D onward and upward you can not mess with gods children they are blessed and highly favored.
    thanks again for the great read

    1. Cheryl Harrison

      Brilliant ad usual!!!!
      I always said Harry has a mind of his own. He just needed a partner who had the same values as he does..Kudos to them

      1. Kuukua

        You remember the song at their wedding????
        “STAND BY ME”….
        Stand by me, Harry it will be well. We will weather the storm……
        I just love them..

  19. Winifred Morris

    Lovely article totally enjoyed it
    Boom- we bought a house- shook
    Boom bam Netflix- shooker
    Coming- shookerest

    1. Sherry

      Fantastic read. Whether royalists want to admit it or not Harry and Meghan have moved on while they are stuck in a world of conjecture, lies, misinformation and hatred. The things they constantly moan about have no effect on Meghan and Harry’s current reality and nothing cements that more than this Netflix deal.

  20. Mercia De Bruin

    Brilliant article. The global community is supportive and willing the Sussexes on.

    The Netflix contract is awesome, giving the Sussexes a mega global platform to inspire and influence the world at large.

    Blessings to the Sussex family and its supporters.

  21. Jacqueline Matthews

    Fantastic read Irene! Everything I read about the monarchy’s attempts for control of Harry and Meghan through their cabal in the British media is massively hilarious. The whole enterprise is drenched and drips in incompetence. The courtiers and British media have so damaged the reputation monarchy and the establishment no rational observer can ever take both institutions seriously.

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