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Stunning Sussex royalty meets music royalty Jay Z & Beyonce

By Alyson North

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex partnered to “Protect the Pride” in order to protect lions from extinction across Africa. Prince Harry is President of African Parks and Patron of Rhino Conservation Botswana. African Parks is a non-profit conservation organization that takes on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas. This

Sally Jones changes her Duchess Meghan Wimbledon story

Javier Garcia/BPI/REX

By Alyson North

A picture is clearly worth a thousand words. Here are people taking pictures of the Duchess of Sussex as she leaves Wimbledon. No one is stopping them or asking them not to. In the continuous racist, sexist war against the Duchess of Sussex British journalists failed to verify the Sally Jones story. Instead they printed

Childbirth: A choice not a tradition:

Getty Images/Pool

By Alyson North

The move by Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry is not modern or progressive… it’s traditional. 900+ years of private births vs. 44 years of hospital births… you do the math. Duchess Meghan is not public property.