Because Black Lives Do Not Matter To You

Because Black Lives Do Not Matter to You


First, they called HER straight out of Compton, and you did not speak out—

Because Black Lives do not matter to you.

Then they said HER seed would taint the royal blood

again, you said nothing because Black Lives do not matter to you

When they lied that SHE made you cry

Still you said nothing because Black Lives do not matter to you

Then they bullied HER while with child, saying her love of avocados

fueled drought and murder, still you did not speak out

because Black Lives Do not matter to you.

When your staff at Kensington Palace called HER by derogatory names

still you said nothing because Black Lives Do Not Matter to you

Then they called HER SON a monkey, you did not speak out—

Because Black Lives do not matter to you.

When the tabloids said royals don’t guest edit magazines, still you said nothing

Even though you guest edited Huffington Post

because Black Lives do not matter to you

Then they gave you credit for HER Smart Set, and you said nothing

Because Black Lives do not matter to you

BBC aired a show portraying HER trying to kill you,

Still silence, dead silence

because Black Lives do not matter to you

Now the world is saying enough is enough

you too want a say

You cannot say Black Lives Matter

when you failed to embrace your Black family member

You cannot say Black Lives Matter

when you rode on HER bruised back

Then your fans who hate the Black princess are upset with you

Even they know this isn’t you

Because you have shown time and again

That Black Lives do not matter to you

In seeking to please everyone you please nobody

Your spots are indelible

A dozen photos will not cut it

A thousand cloaks will not suffice.

[Adapted from Martin Niemöller]



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20 comments on “Because Black Lives Do Not Matter To You

  1. Trinette L Mitchell

    Short, sweet, to the point and yet very powerful. This is a clear message to the British Royal family, “black lives do not matter to you”.

    Bravo to the writer of this article!

  2. Elizabeth Badu

    You said it all there’s nothing to add Bravo, she is a disgrace to all women and motherhood, when she claims she is an advocate for children it makes me want to vomit,

    1. Rose

      She also says she is an advocate for pregnant women. She says she has done research and has found stress can be very detrimental to a pregnant woman and her baby. She said she wished she knew then (when she was pregnant with George) What she came to know with her two later children. Well Meghan’s pregnancy was after that. Where was the help and advocacy for her sister-in-law knowing all the health risks. So now when she goes out there and talks about it, it just all seems empty.

  3. Sue

    NO LIES DETECTED. Maya Angelou said “when people show you who they are, believe them”. Well Kate, you showed us. When you don’t stand up for something, you will fall for anything. You never stood up for Meghan or Harry so nobody believes you care about BLM. Such a poor role model for your children. Shame on you Kate. Couldn’t help but notice there was a statement issued when you got mean comments on a post about your selection of a BLM protest photo. Funny that. Total silence when it involved Meghan or Harry.

  4. Dianne Hawkins

    The Shamebridges showed exactly who they are, their lack of character/principles, and their vile/evil souls everyday for three years. Silence, inaction, staged media events meant to sabotage the good works of Meghan and Harry all while releasing those supposedly stiff, upper lips to deny Botox , hair extensions and proven extra-marital affairs. Wm and Kate are despicable, they showed us, they told us , we saw, we believe it. Recognize.

  5. paulette clough

    I agree with everything you say in this post i am very happy for Harry and Meghan they will do just fine with out them

  6. Joyce

    The hypocrisy of this woman is beyond beggars belief, how insulting to the intelligence of people of ethnic minority. I am lost for words. Thank you for a wonderful piece. Please keep calling them out.

  7. Marjorie Ireland

    Duchess Do Absolutely Nothing is so arrogant that she thinks people are fools! The world saw how Duchess Do Absolutely Nothing And Sophie Fiesta Wessex treated HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan Black Princess of the UK & California at the Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey in the presence of a predominantly BLACK Audience! So she now believes that a TOKEN Photo can make up for that! We saw how she and William Cain , her husband who loves Roses posted a picture to show the world how happy the trio was prior to Meghan but this backfired because all we saw was Harry winning the race and leaving them far behind. It mirrors Harry`s life since he met and married HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, Black Princess of the UK & California!

  8. Evelyn Bell

    To paraphrase James Baldwin. I can’t believe what you say now because I have seen what you have done. The UK media and royal family have shown the world that we who are black don’t matter because you stayed silent when it did. The article is timely and truthful.

  9. Gladys

    Thank you for writting this, now its become cemented or i say embeded in stone for nothing those people do can or will erase what evil was done to Princess Henry of Wales & to tell you the truth am tearly just reading this, thinking of those three to four years of hell & the pain they caused Meghan & by extension Prince Harry.

  10. Conie Brussels

    I totally agree with everything you wrote👍👍!!!!!!Who do they think we are???🤣🤣we see through them!!!!!take a seat Dolittle!!!!!!.

  11. Helen Hawkins

    Poor Harry must have been beside himself on what to do but decided leaving was the best outcome for his family. Totally agree with this post regarding BLM and in relation to the treatment of the Sussexes🙏🏼🙏🏽

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