Meghanomics – Duchess Meghan is Most Powerful Dresser of 2019


The global fascination with Duchess Meghan makes the Meghan effect known as Meghanomics a reality with core facts and data to make her the global fashion queen.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has put the royal family on the global fashion map. Her influence is undeniable and when it comes to fashion the former fashion entrepreneur continues to make her mark in the fashion world. She is a trendsetter, championing sustainable not just the usual high brands but bringing in little known brands and making them household names. When Meghan wears a brand the promotion of that brand is worth millions of dollars.

Duchess Meghan World’s Most Powerful Dresser of 2019

  • Duchess Meghan outfits fuel an average of 216% increase in searches for pieces like those she wore
  • Meghan wore a stylish silver and gold brocade dress to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Prince Charles’ Investiture resulting in 500% rise in online demand for brocade dresses in 24 hours

Introduction of Prince Archie at Windsor castle

  • Duchess Meghan wore a trench dress by bi-racial British designer Grace Wales Bronner
  • Results: searches for white trench dresses jumped 46% in 12 hours
  • Demand for Grace Wales Bonner rose by 28%

Royal Tour Fashion Meghanomics Effect

  • searches for her Club Monaco dress spiking by a whopping 570%
  • The Club Monaco dress sold out in less than 24 hours
  • Duchess Meghan wore multiple shirt dresses in South Africa, searches for the category rose 45% month-over-month
  • J Crew skirt Duchess Meghan wore saw a 102% increase in searches for the brand
  • Meghan wore a khaki Staud dress, which sparked a 625% rise in searches for the brand’s dresses in less than 48 hours
  • At Waves for Change at Monwabisi Beach, the Duchess of Sussex‘s denim jacket by Madewell — saw an 80% rise in demand within 24 hours

Meghan’s Black Jumpsuit

  • When Meghan wore a black jumpsuit while on tour searches for black jumpsuits are currently up 384% on Lyst

In 2018 Meghan, Duchess of Sussex was ranked the 3rd most influential woman in fashion by global search engine Lyst.

Lyst, ‘monitored the spikes in demand and social media mentions generated by 50 global superstars during the course of 2018, by looking at search and sales response to some of their most talked-about outfits.

In 2018 on average, when Meghan wore a designer, that brand would see a +200% increase in search demand over the following week.

Prior to her marriage Duchess Meghan worked with the UN, World Vision and other global organizations in Africa, India and Canada. Meghan’s trademark is empowering women and promoting businesspeople.


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