Open Letter to Dr Pamela Ayewoh-Bernard MBE

Open Letter to Dr Pamela Ayewoh-Bernard MBE

Your tweet on March 13, 2021, caught my attention and stayed in place like a snagged piece of cotton annoyingly flapping in the breeze. Figured I’d write a letter since I don’t have a Twitter account to respond to you and I do want to respond.

Right off the bat, I acknowledge your credentials: the MBE, university degrees, and whatever you said you’ve done for African and Caribbean communities.
And yet you move with the energy of a Judas and with the righteous indignation of a sanctimonious spirit, to disrespect a member of the royal family, to scorn Blacks outside of the UK, and to ignore a person’s mental health distress and its cause, all to make your point.

I’m a grown woman but, as a child, I’ve had adults such as yourself move through my life. And they were more dangerous and more manipulative and unhelpful than anyone outside my Black race.

I’m part of three generations who’ve lived as immigrants and were born in the UK and also attended university in the UK. Still have immediate family in Clapham. My father was an engineer who helped restore London, helped build those resorts in the Caribbean, helped build infrastructure in the U.S. And because of that exposure and experience, the Black experience should never be weaponized as nationalistic silos of which Blacks are better than other Blacks. And most certainly, not by skin folk who clearly aren’t kinfolk.

You say:

“The majority of UK Black population do not walk around with “victim” mentality and we’re bringing up the next generation NOT to have that!”

To make such a definitive—yet, vague on data—statement, is akin to someone making sh*t up as they go along. “It’s just a tweet” as your possible excuse doesn’t work because you took it upon yourself to jump on the platform to puff your chest out and preach.

Getting back to your mention of the “UK Black population,”; As compared to whom do they not have a victim mentality? Because I know you, O Learned One, aren’t about to compare histories of the diaspora and install yourself as judge of my people’s experiences. But that’s exactly how you seem to move through your world, like Queen A-ha-ha, condemning and condoning according to some internal, flawed metric for appropriate Black racial mindset and behavior.

With your “the next UK generation” prediction, again, you lord over your contribution to humankind as if no other contributing factors, in combination or as an overwhelming influence, will affect the next generation’s continued rise. AND more importantly that you again, are woefully myopic on your prediction for the rest of the diaspora, as you pointedly dismiss their relevance in your condemnation.
And I’m still wondering about the term victim. I suspect that this is your choice of words to serve as an obvious insult, adding quotations for emphasis, and using it as an adjective —as a qualifier of mindset. O Learned One, who basks in the math and science arena, you prove that book sense doesn’t equal common sense.

How dare you be so dismissive of the trials and also the accomplishments of the Black population outside the UK? How dare you be deliberately obtuse about structural designs through laws, race wars, and cultural biases that were and continue to be used to inhibit and damage segments of a population’s advancement?

The power of free will and lifting of amplified voices grow with each generation in democratic societies, and also encourages better critical thinking skills and freedom to assert oneself and insert oneself into a broader society. And those attributes are not a monopoly held by the UK Black population, as much as your toxic statement implies.

We’re all working towards equality, tolerance and understanding.

Really!! You love to use the royal “we” liberally to elevate the contradiction between your holier-than-thou messaging and your divisive implication. By this statement, you again thump your chest to proclaim something that Black activists and allies of human rights, democratic ideals, and environmental protections are doing beyond the shores of the UK for years.

Since you are putting yourself out there as the Black UK representative, why the need to instigate a comparative discussion over the matter? But you seem to want to go there, so let’s go.

Starting with this fact: UK Blacks are 3% of the British population to U.S. Blacks 13.4% of the population.
Financial Inequality: the ethnicity gap in pay, wealth and property, The Guardian, June 20, 2020: 63% of families own homes, 20% among Black Africans. Black people had the highest unemployment rate of all groups at 9%; most likely to have a household income below £400 a week; Black African and Bangladeshi households have only 10p of savings and assets for every £1 of white British wealth.

Five Charts That Show the Extent of the Black Wealth Gap in U.S., Bloomberg, July 18, 2020: U.S. Black home-ownership rates remain below 45%; Whites approach 75%; Black people hold $6 of assets for every $100 owned by Whites.

U.S. African American Unemployment Rate, Statista: In 2020, unemployment rate of African Americans in U.S. at 11.4% over 1.4 times the national average of 8.1%.

Neither side is a bed of roses. The point is that inequalities exist on both sides of the pond. To imply that you’re better off than the other Blacks and that there aren’t underlying structural root causes for those inequalities because according to you “It’s not always about skin colour” that puts you in the junk yard dog category of humans.
But just like your choice for the term, victim, you have a specific remedy that must be followed—“By talking and listening to each other properly.” For the love of God, what does that mean?

People are speaking. Meghan, more specifically, did speak. But you didn’t like what she had to say. You didn’t like how she said it. So therefore, it’s not proper. Where does the “listening properly” come in when you can’t seem to do that much?

“What a POC sees as a racist remark may not be seen that way as a white person.”

So exactly when does the lessons begin? Or is it “Suck it up, buttercup, put your head down and deal with it” or “Chin up, luv, pretend all is right with the world”? You want the abused to understand where the abuser is coming from and show tolerance for their actions. And that garbage is what you plan to propagate to the younger generation? that’s utterly sad and demoralizing for those young people.

And to frame any behavior that pushes back on a racist trope or narrative as displaying attitudes of a victim is alarming and out of touch. Because what also came from that interview with Meghan (and I’ve noticed you haven’t castigated Harry nor included him in your disrespectful remarks, although he was a part of the interview and corroborated his wife’s experiences) was the trauma Meghan felt from such toxic behavior and biases and how it metastasized into feelings of not wanting to live. With all your glorious degrees and distinctions, you understand all about metastasizing, right?

You see no role in the tabloid press and collusion of the Royal Rota in their three year and ongoing character assassination of Meghan. You see no role in the “never explain, never complain” attitude that is selectively applied to defend their own by the Palace. You see no role in the effects of an ongoing toxic living environment on a pregnant woman’s health and safety.

Oh learned one, who has taken on the task of teaching the younger generation. What exactly are you teaching them with your emphatic statement about victim mentality when someone says they needed help, asked for help, and got none? Does their net worth, social class, nationality, gender determine the level of support, level of attention, level of empathy? Because according to your statements, not until they act “properly” can they earn your undying love and support.

What exactly are you saying to the parents of children who have died by suicide because they felt helpless and adrift? Should they have pulled themselves up by the bootstrap, stop playing the victim card, think positively?

You might want to raise your hands up in defense as, I’m being crass. With a toxic person like you, crass works to highlight your mindset. Crass pushes boundaries against your manipulative messaging. Crass stops stupidity with the let’s get along to play along mentality that can make someone who’s hurting feel unsupported.

And on a final note—no matter how much you voluntarily wear the collar and leash and perform as the junkyard dog to protect and uplift the British institutions and values, you are still not a royal. What do I mean? because I can just hear you squeak, “I don’t want to be a royal” or “it’s not about being a royal.” You interjected yourself, as an outsider of the royal elites, to diminish how Meghan felt, as an insider of the royal elites. You have zero credibility to strip Meghan of her experience.

Rachel Meghan Markle is a member of the royal family. Like it or not. And if and when she is in the U.K., and you have the opportunity to be in her presence, you will still have to bob, curtsey, or perform the appropriate sign of respect, despite your shriveled heart’s displeasure. She will not be erased, even if she lives all her days in the U.S., as you claim she must do as the self-appointed gatekeeper of the U.K.

So, while you haven’t used your platform to condemn any problematic member of the royal family, but chose to do so for this POC duchess, you can take two steps back and f*ck off.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will live, love, and laugh as she damn well pleases and will continue to be outspoken and relevant inside and outside of the royal purview. And there is not a thing you, or your hateful words can do about it.


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27 comments on “Open Letter to Dr Pamela Ayewoh-Bernard MBE

  1. Joyce

    Thank you as always for this wonderful piece of work. My only gripe is seeing this piece of stupid woman’s face next to the wonderful Duchess. I don’t want to look at this person twice. They all want to be relevant by using the Duchess.

  2. Alicia

    Just finding your article tonight Mitch and have only one question – does Pamela still have her skin? (-: Awesome Job!

  3. Ruby

    I shall start using “Emergency black” every time a black person praises the BRF. Mich, your message should be posted on this Pamela’s Twitter account to put her in her place.

  4. Elizabeth Badu

    That was insightful, educative and on point article, it’s was beautifully written merci Mich

  5. Akua A Boateng

    A very well-written article. I am never surprised by my own kind, POC, who just…sometimes wants to please the “massa.”!

  6. Beverly Jewell Hardy

    Hi Mich and all POC. This article was awesome. You can always tell the ones that have been purchased with 30 pieces of silver.

  7. Gael Lewis

    Mich, thank you for another scathingly accurate response. You are always on point, always accurate in ratting out the inconsistencies in haters’ rants, and always welcomed by those of us who support our gracious Duchess Meghan. It makes it doubly insulting and is a greater sense of betrayal when a POC pulls down another POC. Continue to shine your light in the dark corners of hate. Even the tiniest spark of truth is a blessing.

  8. Rose

    First of all who appointed that woman to be spokesperson for the majority of black people in Britain? The arrogance of saying that all black people elsewhere are playing the victim is beyond! Here are just a few names of people who played victim, George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Tamil Rice, Elijah McCain, Rayshard Brooks, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and so many others. I guess they played the victim so well, they were rewarded by being put six feet under!

  9. Amy Kimble

    Great article. The disrespect of Harry and his wife is unbelievable. Why do she feel the need to separate Meghan from Harry. Wether she likes it in not she is the member of that awful family and she deserves to be respected just as much she shows it to that family. Book smart sometimes does go with common sense and she sure is lacking. Thank you for a brilliant and educational article.

  10. Dell

    A splendid article. All of it, well said. Thank you for so eloquently setting her straight. She has a slave mentality & doesn’t know she’s enslaved.

  11. Marjorie Ireland

    I am from Jamaica. Queen Elizabeth gives out medals to the mainly Black commonwealth countries that are an inspiration to all those who want to mimic George Floyd`s brutal murder. The medal the so called Queen gives out depicts a white child( an Angel) standing on the neck of a black man( depicted as the Devil) . Our Governor General in Jamaica returned ALL these medals to the Queen late last year. I have no respect for Black Apologists of the Racism being experienced in the UK right now. What HRH Duchess Meghan and her child experienced was reprehensible and will not go away anytime soon. Jamaica, Barbados, Canada et al are are discussing getting out of the commonwealth. It will happen because people are sick of this Racist WERLFARE Family behaving like they are better than the rest of us. Thanks for a wee researched, insightful and timely article.

    1. Donna Miller

      Thank you for your reply to an extremely dangerous idea of any community of color. What the white supremacist wants is to shut all people of color down. That way they can continue to abuse us without notice.

  12. Connie Brussels

    Another excellent 👌👌 article!!!!!! Every word was on point!!!!so thank you very much and keep it coming!!!! well done 👍👍💞💞👏👏

  13. Sharon

    Meghanpedia. You have never disappointed me when I read your article. This was a brilliant masterpiece. When I was reading her tweets on Twitter I had to block her. But I thank you for putting her in her place. I think about what Don Lemon from CNN’ said people like her is called Emergency black. We call you when we need you. We have never heard from this Emergency black until she was need. Thank you.💞💞💞💞💞

  14. Lillybell grant

    Thank you for your brilliant reply to the said lady. First of all I would like to to make it clear that as a black woman of 60 born and bred here in the UK. This woman does not speak for me or my family and for the ones the pioneers who came to the UK during and after the second World War to fight and work to rebuild the UK. The ones who were treated worst than dogs work for pittance and was not afforded any respect or thanks. So far her to make that derogatory statement amount the Duchess of Sussex is very insulting to people like me. I hope she’s being paid very well for her offensive comments.. It’s amazing how thay can throw a bit of nothing by giving them an MBE and they forget who they are. So no I am sorry that meghan was driven out of the UK with the help of people like her, but glad she did not stay and suck up to her abuser. By the way Prince Harry is her husband who you’ve failed to recognised I wonder why(oh yes he’s a born Prince part of the family you hold so high but meghan Duchess of Sussex his wife who you don’t think is worthy) will still hold a place higher than you.

    1. Lillie

      Thank you for this amaze article, you broke down everything and showed her how pathetic her words about Duchess Meghan were.

    2. Vivienne

      Well said. I am 63 years of age also born in the Uk. I have the upmost respect for Harry & Megan.
      This lady who claims to represent black people in England, most certainly does not speak for me.

  15. Diane padilla

    Yes as a block professional(Dam) in the USA I found her unfounded ignorant comment irrelevant and unfortunate

    1. Carol

      These people who have smarties for medals think they are royal and above others. You only have to look at Edwards medals not one earned. Thanks again for a brilliant insight

  16. Yolunda

    It is disturbing that some POC have come out to defend the actions of UK with their nonsense. Where was all these voices when it came out about the prince andrew and his dirty friendships with pedophile friends. Not one word but you speak up about the only POC in that royal family. And she can keep her attitude about Black people outside of UK because I am a Black American and at least we call the bulls**t what it is. UK try to sweep it under the rug. So please keep your opinion to yourself woman and quit gaslighting POC.

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