An Open Letter To The British Media: Remove The Log In Your Eye


Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, released a powerful statement heralding his decision to seek legal redress for the British tabloid media’s relentless bullying of his wife Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. This news sent the British media into conniptions, eliciting a variety of mostly knee-jerk reactions devoid of consideration or reflection. Permit me to address a few issues:

Read the room, the negative reaction is mainly yours. Stop trying to tell us how unprecedented this lawsuit is, knowing full well that other royals including The Queen, The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales have all sued the British media on privacy grounds and prevailed. Stop projecting your fears on the public, who overwhelmingly support the Prince’s decision. Don’t cry foul now that you’ve pushed him to the brink. He asked you three years ago to stand down but your greed kept you doubling down. You are not taking the news well because of your guilt. Guilt from actively participating in the long-standing harassment of the Duchess of Sussex by parroting fabricated, embellished and malicious stories about her that are usually overtly racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and classist. Guilt from silently observing your colleagues present abuse as journalism. Your failure to call them out, given the opportunity, makes you complicit. And no, your gaslighting does not absolve you of responsibility. When two of your colleagues raised objection to some of the reporting that they saw as racist, you instinctively attacked them like a mob. Take a long hard look in the mirror. Prince Harry is not overreacting. You really went too far.

Stop misinforming the public that Prince Harry went rogue, The Queen and The Prince of Wales were not consulted/ or informed about the legal action. How would you know that? The way you knew that Ms. Ragland was going to be interviewed by Oprah or that Duchess had hired a doula and was having a home birth? The same way you knew that the Queen was having a birthday tea for the Duchess of Sussex at Balmoral or how you knew that Duchess Meghan was going to be getting a dressing down from the Queen during her visit to Balmoral? or was it the way you knew that the Sussexes had a “PR problem” and needed to overhaul their team or the way you knew that, said incompetent team was also behind their Successful Southern African tour? Your narratives are incongruous and your accuracy record is dismal. Give it a rest! If you don’t know for sure, say so and stop fudging the details and facts. That is how you got here. And for those of you who like to blame your sources, your jig is up. Improve your methodology or find more reliable sources.

And all this talk about the lawsuit casting a shadow over the tour? Again, read he room. The work The Sussexes did is solid and enduring. Days after the tour, the organizations and individuals are still reflecting and tweeting about the tour. As one of your colleagues wrote in a piece, the people in South Africa don’t care that the Duke/Duchess took legal action against a tabloid, they care about the substance of tour, which remained their focus even amidst the legal breaking news. Your decision to focus solely on the legal action in lieu of the last few tour engagements, as some sort of justification of your narrative that the action hurt the tour is weak. You can walk and chew gum. The local press did. So did the Sussexes, who carried out every last engagement with aplomb. You focused on the legal news because you thrive on sensationalism. You spent your time writing inflammatory pieces, questioning the mental stability and judgement of the Duke. A man who most of you do not know personally and have never had any meaningful interaction with. You are not qualified in any way to make such judgements and it is highly unprofessional of you to tread those grounds. Showing emotion is not a flaw. It is human. As most of you appear to have sold your souls for clicks, it’s no wonder you cannot relate. What is unstable and irrational is you extrapolating your wishes and packaging them as the people’s wishes or sentiments, and constantly trying to force feed made up narratives to your readers, in the abundance of evidence to the contrary.
While on this subject, Prince Harry does not belong to you. He has agency and the free will to make his own decisions, in the way HE deems expedient. For those of you whining, I am sorry that you have not had the opportunity to experience the unconditional and unequivocal love and support of a partner or spouse, hence your failure to recognize it. The only “US” of note consists of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It appears you missed it, but the choice has already been made, Ms. Woods. Get over yourselves, you have no leverage here. You’re not the story, just report it.

Your obsession with this whole idea that, The Sussexes were getting a lot of positive press and yet filed a legal claim is dumbfounding. In case you haven’t yet come to that realization, let me ease you into it: what you call positive press is neither an act of benevolence nor a gift. It is positive because the tour was successful and that is what was there to report. It is called doing your job! The Sussexes do theirs by showing up and engaging with the organizations and people and you do yours by reporting it. It’s that simple. It is not penance for your past malpractices. There, I hope that helps.

And for those of you fixated on the timing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the timing. As noted earlier, one can walk and chew gum. The timing might have been inconvenient for you because it put your unethical ways on the world stage. To you, it was inopportune because it forced to publicly confront your deeds after years of pointing fingers at the Sussexes. There was no blanket coverage when the Duke of Sussex won his case against Splash news agency or for the recent IPSO triumph over The SUN. We all know why. The publicity of such events exposes the underhanded dealings of the press. You know what they say about sunlight being the best disinfectant? The level of discomfort you felt from the exposure of your dubious ways pales in comparison to what you have put the couple through in the past three years, especially during the pregnancy and birth of their son. It is not lost on readers that, the few ethical journalists whose hand are clean, are able to just report on this news without casting aspersions or re-writing history.

If the Sussexes had filed the suit after the tour, you would have called them “sneaky”. There is no hiding here, just plain dealing. While you were busy pointing at the Sussexes, the rest of your fingers were pointing at you! It’s time to remove the log in your eye. Since you keep asking why now? but why now? I’ll tell you why: Because it’s the freaking day of reckoning.


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15 comments on “An Open Letter To The British Media: Remove The Log In Your Eye

  1. Claudia Barnswell

    I believe the british media underestimated Prince Harry. Harry has been taking down names for years. He’s even told them that, but they thought he was weak and couldn’t do anything. Well Harry is going to show them what he could do. The British media was asked to report fairly, they chose not to. Well, they made their beds, now it’s time to lay in it. #WeStandWithTheSussexes #TheBrittishMediaAreBullies #SayNoToBullying ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

    1. Vicky Nano-Dalope

      I am very, very happy to read what I am reading at this moment. I’ve been into fights with some group/groups a lot of times defending the Duchess of Sussex because I truly admire her of what she does as an advocate for humanity. Well, I always knew the truth. As i’ve been flagging in my many comments in those royal groups, THAT Intelligence is always there from the very start. Oh yeah! The Duchess of Sussex is a very pricey commodity for the Royal Palace and it’s monarchy. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex is one of the smartest lady on this planet earth. No one can ever take it away from her. Once you’ve intelligence from the start, you’ll always be an intellectual. Bravo Ms. Meghan! God bless you. Thank you.

    1. G.Norris

      Sounds like the same old patterns keep on repeating history. Besides the older royals. They should shut that press down. They’re just full of hate and jealouse of the royal family. Especially with the latest on the Sussexes. What’s going on with P. Andrew ?? They should be hammering him more than they’re doing to the couple who are trying to make a diffetence in everyday peoples lives. That press company should be shut down for good. All they’re doing is making ppls liveds a living hell. I would if I could. !!

  2. Gladys

    A well written & right on point piece, i like coming here, please keep it up, for there are few or no places to find ethical fair reporting on the Sussexes.

  3. Ajoya Roe

    Bravo Harry! It is about time that the press got their comuppance and rightly so. What “news” they cannot get by foul or fair means they simply make up. They only want to sell newspapers and the reasons I have stopped buying papers is a) they tell outright untruths, b) they are no longer “news” sites but rags who play with peoples emotions and c) treat the public like illiterate morons d) their grasp of the english language is deplorable and e) they can’t spell or form sentences to save themselves. Why would I waste my money on paper that no longer even wraps fish and chips?????

  4. Sharon

    Well this is my second comment!! really I’m very happy for Harry. I remember pier Morgan had the audacity to tell harry to man up. It funny cuz Morgan had no idea he was talking to a very patient man. Him and his little soldier just couldn’t be nice and show some kind of integrity. But to you I love reading your Article thank you. Also timing was a masterpiece move. What better way to shame UK media.


    Fabulous! We must tweet, share and post! This must be shared on as many platforms as possible!

  6. Kelley Small

    An excellent and factual read, from start to finish. Right on. The press was asked to respect their lives three years ago and completely disregarded the request.

  7. Cindy Cummings

    Wow well said everything you post is always spot on. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex deserves so much more than what they get from the RR. We love them and what they stand for. Thank you for all of your amazing articles.


    Excellent article. If only these gossipers would have done their job properly. But I guess this is the British way. They need the Sussexes and not the other way around.

  9. etta ibok

    Excellent article. A well-reasoned counterpoint to the self-serving drivel emanating from the offenders thus far. There appears to be a coordinated effort to confuse the public about a lawsuit (Harry’s hacking claims) that reportedly poses an existential threat to the offenders, which is pretty much all the gutter publications who set no boundaries in their search for dirt on British citizens, famous or not.

  10. Hope brown

    This open letter right here said it all. They are all scrambling right now to place blame. Pierce Morgan has been acting like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum because Meghan blocked him, I said three cheers to her she saw his character and did the right thing. I hope they all pay dearly for the years of harassment on the Sussex.

  11. Marhobby2007

    Another great article. You can tell the Royal reporters have banded together and are repeating the same bull crap. Your one week of positive press, was one week that you simply reported on the facts. You weren’t blowing smoke up their butt , you were just reporting on actual events. That does not excuse the three years of harassment

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