“The Only Wrong Thing To Say Is To Say Nothing”

Meghan supports Black Lives Matter

Meghan supports Black Lives Matter.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, once again did not disappoint with her latest public engagement. Her continued ascension as a transformational figure for so many, especially for the youth, is a profound and poignant journey. This time, she addressed the 2020 graduating class of Immaculate Heart High School, her alma mater, in a virtual commencement speech.

The unusual mode of delivery for her speech was due to the continued social distancing and quarantining requirements as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Schools and universities used alternative, but still meaningful, ways to honor their student bodies’ achievements thanks to digital technology. And Meghan stepped up to congratulate the graduating class and send them off with a heartfelt, personal reflection on the ongoing global protests condemning the murder of George Floyd by one police officer, along with his three colleagues who aided and abetted in the act. The protests also encompass the systematic acts of racial profiling, racial animus, and savage, brutal, all too often deadly acts by police against black people.

She acknowledged the nervousness about speaking to the young ladies on the issue, of having the right words to say, knowing that her words likely would be picked apart. Clearly, she is aware of the rabid desire to condemn any action that she takes or does not take, anything she says or chooses not to say. Living life on her own terms, with her family, stirs the anger in her haters.
But it was her teacher’s advice to her before heading off to a volunteer assignment that gave her the boost to her confidence: “Always remember to put others’ needs above your own fears.” Letting that message sink in, Meghan knew she had to speak up. She had something to say.

In a five-minute speech, she shared an inspirational and celebratory message that was on point with a quote from Maya Angelou: “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” And Meghan indeed had a song for all to hear. She stands at a unique vantage point with certain life experiences that has shaped her worldview. From the racial abuse that her mother endured, the life-sucking ordeal while in the clutches of the royal family, and the harrowing memories of what she saw during the Los Angeles riots that were triggered by the acquittal of the police who assaulted Rodney King until his body was broken in the streets. Honest and earnest, she lamented that these students “would have to have a different version of the same type of experience,” and regrets that “we have not gotten the world to a place that you deserve it to be.”

Meghan certainly didn’t enter a world free of hidden agenda, where she would be treated fairly. Instead there was palace intrigue, media and tabloid efforts to stamp out her shine if it ensured the status quo around a cast of milquetoast characters. The collective hate is on par for those baffled, insecure, and bothered by a born leader who inspires change, who fully encourages others to think outside the box, and establishes a deep bond of friendship with those she meets and works with for a shared goal. Meghan is a trailblazer and the young people love her.

Unfortunately, what young black Britons learned was that their acceptance and inclusivity in a rigid classist and racist society had still not been achieved. They witnessed mention of Meghan’s “exotic DNA” and “(almost) straight outta Compton” remark. They saw a BBC presenter tweet a picture of a chimpanzee and likening it to the couple’s son, Archie. Within the walls of the palace, Meghan suffered racist overture by Princess Michael of Kent who wore an offensive blackamoor brooch when she met Meghan for the first time.

The British youth are not in doubt that Meghan’s treatment and the blatant double standards in the approach towards her vs. Kate were coded language all about race. They acknowledge the subtle ways and not so subtle ways that their society has perpetuated its white privilege and racist ideology. Candid conversations about race and its historical shaping of their country is markedly different in the U.K. vs. the U.S. In the case of the U.S., those public discussions are not toned down and made palatable for white fragility and defensiveness, whether in the mainstream, or within dedicated spaces of academia, community, and organizational zones. The desire for genuine participation in such discussions about race and a willingness to listen and understand are more likely among the younger segment of British society. Hence, the impassioned speech by actor John Boyega at the Black Lives Matter protest in England. Or the honest take by actor Delroy Lindo in The Guardian’s recent article: British Racism Is As Violent and Virulent As America’s.

For these young students in America, coming of age at one of many critical times of their lives, they will step into social and political responsibility as voting-aged citizens. Meghan reminded them of what they had learned, skills they had embodied at the school and the conscience they had developed through Immaculate Heart’s teachings to know that Black Lives Matter. And she didn’t sugar coat the work necessary to make that world they deserve.

“We’re going to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild until it is rebuilt because when the foundation is broken so are we.”

That tenacity to do better, work harder underscore Meghan’s work ethic and approach to life’s paths. It is a wonderful feeling to know that she’s not done. She’s not daunted. There is work to be done. Our duchess will continue to inspire, uplift, and transform lives.

Meghan supports Black Lives Matter, see video below.

How to Support Black-Owned Businesses

There are various ways that you can help black-owned businesses to survive COVID and to show your support for the current Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the USA. A primary way to help is to divert your spending towards Black-owned businesses. But this is by no means the only way to ensure social solidarity amongst US citizens, and there are many paths forward. Some of these mechanisms are outlined below. Read more here.

How to Support Black Lives Matter

Split a donation between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers


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24 comments on ““The Only Wrong Thing To Say Is To Say Nothing”

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  2. Vixxo

    Thanks for a well thought out analysis. People shouting we’re racist and Nazi salutes in London is sobering and scary. This Gbemisola Ikumelo had better NOT get a BAFTA.

    1. Mich Monk


      Thank you.
      Yes, it is an appalling sight to see how much people will embrace the negative parts of history or deny the trauma that it caused.

      I had to look up Gbemisola. I knew about the sketch, but didn’t know the name of the person who voiced Meghan. That’s a coon’s mentality. Maybe one day, she’ll stop “self-hating” for the dollars and fame.

  3. Gael Lewis

    It is always heartening to read balanced, truthful and intelligent reporting that affords the Duchess of Sussex the dignity she so richly deserves. Her behaviour is examplary and an inspiration to any one with a brain. More like this please to counterbalance the rubbish the tabloids shove down the ‘sheeple’s’ throats.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Gael,

      The good thing about Meghan is that there are so many wonderful things to highlight about her and her accomplishments that it’s a pleasure to write and share it.

      And even those who might have been sucked in initially by the tabloids, may now be open to see what we’ve always seen and know what we’ve always known.

  4. Gladys

    The Duchess’ speech was so on point, i mostly loved the – the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing & the rebuilding & rebuilding & rebuilding until its rebuilt, for me i was like this is one intelligent leader speaking.

    Thanks Mich Monk, as always its a blilliant article & am in accordance with all you’ve said.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Gladys

      Thank you. There were certainly a lot of gems that Meghan delivered in that speech.

  5. Joyce

    Thank you for a very well thought out presentation of The DOS speech to students of IHHS,her fellow alumni. The presentation was a message to everyone who heard it and to those who pretended they were not interested, even her detractors and tormentors were riding on her coattail. You cannot keep a shining light hidden because it will always be bright in the darkest place to give light. The most amazing thing about the speech was her vulnerability she made the world to see as a result of her life experiences and the inhumane treatment she has had to endure from both families has endeared her to many. Her strength, grace and dignity with her husband has been encouraging to the world and an example to us all. In her coat of arms is a picture of a bird and a quil, that sums it that she understands the power of words and how use it to convey her message. She is a leader, both her husband and herself have always have youths leadership and empowerment in their portfolio and I can’t wait to see their impact.
    We wish them all our prayers and support.

  6. Patricia

    C’est un très bon article. Vous avez très bien développé la manière dont Meghan s’est démarqué de ce nid de vipère.

  7. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again excellent article and on point as usual, l knew our Duchess will speak on black lives matters ,and she did not disappoint, she was authentic and inspirational as always, l for one know no matter what the haters do she will rise above it because she knows most of the young generation looks up to her and Harry

    1. Mich Monk


      Yep, I agree. The young generation absolutely admire and are inspired by Harry and Meghan.

      I’d hoped that she would speak on BLM and she didn’t disappoint, as you’ve mentioned. We are blessed that she’s out of the palace and is enjoying her freedom to make such important speeches.

  8. Conie,Brussels

    As always you are on point with your wonderful article!!! MM and thanks a lot.

  9. Donna Edwards

    Despite all that has been done to Meghan, she has handled it with style and grace. It is a shame when Black people allow themselves to be used to put down and vilify their own. It is interesting that you mentioned Alison Jackson. I believe she was the woman who appeared on a TV show in the UK crying and saying she was worried about her son as the Brits took to the streets protesting what happened to Mr. Floyd. I found her behavior very interesting. Since it appears she is in such good standing with the powers that be, you would think she wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Most people know that no matter how much clout you have, when the rubber meets the road, people are quick to remind you are Black.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Donna,

      I agree with your sentiments.

      And hopefully we can be a protective barrier for Meghan. So that no one gets to do or say anything against Meghan and not hear from the Squad.

  10. Jacqueline Matthews

    Thank you for your analysis and going beyond just the words in the speech. Spot on that Meghan is a trailblazer and young people love her.

  11. Mich Monk


    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thanks for reading and sharing your insight.

  12. dominique Ravenel

    Gbemisola Ikumelo She received a BAFTA nomination apparently Meghan’s trashy role pleased the president.

    Excellent article as usual

    1. Rose

      As president, will William be called upon to present the BAFTA? He could do double duty if Andrew’s interview wins.

  13. Rose

    In talking about the blatant and subtle racism Meghan suffered, the brooch is front and centre as one of the most shocking displays. But I often think we let Gbemisola Ikumelo off. That skit she did for the BBC was absolutely disgusting. She used all the stereo types used against black women, violent, angry and trailer trash among others. My understanding is that there is an epidemic of knife crimes in Britain, and she chose to depict Meghan as threatening to knife Kate. Wasn’t that playing directly into the stereo type of be afraid of black people, especially if you are white, they will harm you. This is what makes people cross the street when they see a black person. Her reasoning for doing this was as buffing as it was stupid. She was trying not be silenced and show her emotions and dispel the black woman stereotype. Then she should have cast herself, after all she is an actress. I also found it very interesting how she darkened Meghan’s skin. In life, not that it matters, her skin appears to be shade darker than Meghan’s, so why did she choose to depict Meghan darker. In my opinion this had a worse impact than the brooch, by the mere fact that Ikumelo is black, it gave it some legitimacy, as witnessed by that old hag Mather going onto American TV and calling Meghan trailer trash.
    Before that there was the “celebrity” spoof photographer, Alison Jackson, who staged a cat fight between “Meghan” and “Kate” , and of course it was “Meghan” pulling “Kate’s” hair.
    All this, plus the examples you have given in the article point to a solid case of racism against the duchess. Just the slightest unflattering story about Kate makes KP go up in arms, but nobody put up any objection, especially with that vile BBC skit. Now we are supposed to believe by statements through charities that #BLACKLIVESMATTER. The RF has lost all credibility when talking about mental health, bullying and racism. They should STFU.

    1. Mich Monk


      I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thanks for reading and sharing your insight.

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