The British Media Never Welcomed Meghan – Stop Gaslighting And Rewriting History Part 3

The British Media Never Welcomed Meghan
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Her family hasn’t been left out

The British media have shown a lack of perspective or boundary in their pursuit of stories from disenchanted members of Duchess Meghan’s paternal family. Her father, Thomas Markle, half-sister, Samantha Markle, and her half-brother, Thomas Markle, Jr., have all been trotted out at one time or the other to build on a false narrative of Duchess Meghan as an unscrupulous social climber determined to get to the top, no matter the cost in human suffering to those closest to her.

In creating this false narrative (a process in which Duchess Meghan has had no participation whatsoever), the British tabloids have sided squarely with Thomas Markle in his efforts to bully his way back into his daughter’s life through emotional blackmail and public humiliation, such as when he released to the media a private letter Duchess Meghan wrote to him and by painting her as an “ungrateful” daughter.

A few days before the wedding, Thomas Markle colluded with the British media by agreeing to participate in a staged paparazzi photo shoot for money. Shortly thereafter, Thomas Markle was outed by same media. Out of guilt, or embarrassment, or both, Thomas Markle abruptly cancelled his appearance at his daughter’s wedding, where he was expected to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away. Thomas Markle later claimed that he suffered a heart attack, which heart attack his about-to-be-married daughter learned about through the media.

Samantha Grant, her half-sister who had not had any contact with Duchess Meghan for at least ten years before the relationship between Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry became public, immediately changed her last name back to Markle as soon as the engagement was announced, no doubt to appear closer to her half-sister and, no doubt, gain financially from that association. In fact, Samantha, the most vocal of the Markle brood, has been quite honest about her use of her half-sister as a reliable meal ticket and had been expected to release a tell-all book depicting Duchess Meghan in line with the dominant tabloid narrative, as a narcissistic and vain social climber. Finally, Samantha Markle, also known as “the other daughter”, often engages with megxit trolls online, encouraging their racist, sexist, hate-fuelled personal attacks against Duchess Meghan.


British tabloids did not welcome Meghan Markle when her relationship with Prince Harry became public. They did not welcome Meghan Markle following the couple’s engagement announcement. The tabloids did not welcome Meghan Markle after Kensington Palace announced that she was pregnant. In fact, throughout her pregnancy, the tabloids continued their daily assault on her, dogging her every move for negative stories and it would seem that the attacks increased during her pregnancy as we witnessed an innocent, heavily-pregnant woman get attacked every single day for basically nothing, other than for being alive and married to a British royal.

She was body-shamed constantly and attacked for holding her own baby bump with claims she was virtue signalling and making other women feel bad. The tabloids even attacked Duchess Meghan when her close friends organised and paid for a baby shower for her in New York City!
Not surprisingly, British tabloids tried to link the cost of the baby shower to the vaunted British “taxpayer’s money” (even though the entire event, including her flight to and from New York, was privately funded), no doubt to get the public riled up and angry at Duchess Meghan and to gin up further abuse against her by online trolls.

To now claim that the British media ever put Duchess Meghan on a pedestal or treated her with respect and a welcoming attitude is disingenuous. A simple survey of the headlines and careful reading of the articles will show that the use of dog whistle has increased. As recently noted in a recent post by Stephanie Guerilus, Meghan Markle is the British Royal Family Scapegoat.

In the end, only Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan can decide what level of access they would grant the media when it comes to their child. Prince Harry is known to be very protective of his wife and to have cautioned the media in the past about the kinds of comments they have made about her.

The British media show no sign of reducing the barrage of depreciating headlines about Duchess Meghan. This comes as no surprise given their financial dependence on her for online advertising revenue. So, even though the tabloids should leave the new parents alone and let them raise Master Archie as a private citizen, that will likely not happen. That being the case, and having realized that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan do have complete control over private aspects of their lives and could literally shut the media out at will, the British media should stop gaslighting and rewriting their sordid history of abuse of Duchess Meghan to present themselves collectively as her victims unjustly denied what is their national right.


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5 comments on “The British Media Never Welcomed Meghan – Stop Gaslighting And Rewriting History Part 3

  1. Marcy

    Excellent article that encapsulates the events of the last several years. Now, as they begin the transition into their new arrangements, it is going to be very interesting to see how the global media treats them. I fear a tsunami of reckless and feckless reporting on their every move.

  2. Paula

    Just read the trilogy.
    My heart weeps; not in weakness but as a human. Perhaps as Christ heart was moved before Lazarus grave but instead of seeing concerned people, I see a 21st century 1st world country who called Indians and Africans barbaric, yet troubled a pregnant woman in what I can only call a mission to cause miscarriage. I see people telling an abused couple they are hated from within their family hence their boldness to print life endangering lies.
    But like the poet said, “still she rises”.
    I watches that Fiji market video, the place was so hot and crowded, the woman she was speaking with was using a hand fan and people were standing so close on the stalls to see her. The Vika carrying mosquitoes thrive in heat. I felt either a mosquito was sighted or she felt a sting or the temperature measurement exceeded the safety measure so she sensibly left after staying about 3/4 the time.
    These hateful reporters have no shame, they should know that whoever is prompting them against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will only treat them worse. That is a guarantee.

  3. Pamela Johnson

    Just found this article. So we’ll written and researched. Bravo to you lot and all you’re doing for our Duchess!

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