The Meghan Effect Is Still In Effect

The Meghan Effect is still in effect
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The Meghan Effect is still in effect. As if the very idea that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had ceased to be a trailblazer, a game-changer, an influencer, and a role model upon stepping off the British senior royal roadshow. Only, in a hater’s dream.

Meghan’s freedom from The Firm has elevated her sparkle, and with an extra glint of steely resolve, continues her awesomeness. She’s happy, glowing, and radiant. After delivering a speech to the 2020 graduating class of the Immaculate Heart High School, her alma mater, in a virtual commencement speech. The British media performed a collective U-turn of approval and warm regards, something that smelled like praise: Royal SHAME: How Meghan Markle’s speech reminds Royal Family of ‘what they’ve lost’. Meghan Markle urges students to ‘rebuild’ America in a heartfelt speech. Meghan Markle sounded ‘less restrained’ and ‘like her old self’ in George Floyd speech.

As if Meghan would ever need the British media’s validation to admire her oratory eloquence and her sincere passion to be a motivator for youth. She’d stopped expecting honest, journalistic reporting after repeated abuses of lies, innuendos and constant harassment from certain TV reporters.

When you know who you are, what you value and what you believe, there is a confidence that radiates from your soul. Her mother’s love and teaching about charity, the impact of her school’s efforts with student volunteering requirements, her eventual volunteer work around the world, and her journey as an actress in an industry that still fails with representation. All provided a rich combination of experiences that equipped her to be this phenomenal trailblazer.

At a time when various authority positions have betrayed its citizens, adults seem to be failing at adulting. Take for example America, the violent reactions from police departments, the divisive language from Trump, the unabashed show of hate from a segment of American society who abhors racial inclusivity and equality, can cause one to despair in humanity.

And then, over this week, hope is being rebuilt, in the heroic examples of people stepping up to assist their fellow fallen protestors, even at risk to their own wellbeing, which happened many times. In one particular case, a Washington, D.C. resident in a brave act of solidarity invited about 70 people into his house as a refuge from the police attack of tear gas and violence. We have seen and heard from supporters beyond the shores of the United States who are using their platform to condemn the crimes against black bodies. For example, the Korean group, BTS, donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement, perhaps grateful for a music genre that has been inspired by black culture and music.

Long after the protests have dwindled and we return to other priorities, the rebuilding of the foundation must not be forgotten. As Meghan said,

“We’re going to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild until it is rebuilt, because when the foundation is broken, so are we.”

A loud and clear call to action, that resonates deeply with our world today.

And so, who among us will step up to rebuild? Who among us has the stamina to stick around for the duration of the rebuilding? Meghan made that comment because she has been working for years (long before a royal marriage) to make the world a better place. She didn’t need the Royal Family to serve as her platform or to be a productive global citizen.

The Royal Family’s level of rebuilding never gets their hands dirty, never sees them sweat alongside others, never allows one to forget that they are the elite or first class citizens. Standing in front of the ‘rebuilding’ to take a photo holding the shovel isn’t work. Standing on the sidelines in spiffy hats and tailored suits to wax on poetically about the work needed to rebuild isn’t work. Orchestrating the fanfare around cutting the ribbon for the completed project isn’t work.

No other member of the Royal Family could have delivered such an effective speech. And yes, they have made remarkable speeches — The Queen will get her kudos for the war efforts. But by fortune of their birthright, they are unable to deliver a genuine emotional connection of economic-based hardships, racial inequality and injustice, nor can they emphasize with what it means to work one’s way up to financial and social success on one’s own merits, because they have to idea what that means.

But Meghan can and has used her life to connect with all peoples, especially the children and young adults. There is a down-to-earth charm with Meghan that makes her accessible to those young admirers who want to hug her upon meeting her. They speak about her patience and her listening comprehension, with which she easily gets an in-depth understanding of their issues. And for the fortunate ones who have met her in person, they find it easy to want to share their dreams and achievements with her. She just connects.

The Meghan Effect alludes to the clothes, jewelry, and accessories that sell out in a flash because Meghan wore, used, or mentioned it. That’s the successful celebrity buzz at work. Dig deeper and what Meghan also possesses is an unquantifiable IT factor that stirs eager, continuous consumption of these products. She also possesses an authentic, passionate and positive creative energy, which is channeled deliberately into the construction of a better society. Also, with her creation of communal spaces, for exchanges of ideas and information, she opens up the discussion for others to share new, insightful, not thought about ways, for collective solutions.

It’s a wise thing, to know one’s strengths. Meghan knows her voice matters, not more or less than another’s, but she also understands that hers comes with a global platform. With that comes responsibility and an obligation, which, should one decide to take on that challenge, accept humbly and perhaps with a bit of trepidation, rise up to. And so she did and has, with humility, respect, confidence and strength.

She will continue to have her say with strong, positive, optimistic messages, full of hope because that is who she is. The bonus is that, she will roll up her sleeves to work side by side for that ‘rebuilding until it is done right’. With the state of the world today, that is a message that is solely needed and one that will echo through humanity as long as we inhabit these spaces.


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26 comments on “The Meghan Effect Is Still In Effect

  1. Marilyn Troupe

    I love all of your articles about Meghan and Harry. They are doing such great work in Los Angeles. They are quietly going to visit charities and working with the people without the media knowing about it until after the event is over. More power to them. God bless them. They will be successful because they are patient and take their time to do things right. They never said that were going away to never be heard of again. They wanted to stop being working royals in order to make their own money. They are still royals, just like Beatrice, Phillip, Eugenia, Andrew, Edward and all the rest of the grandchildren, great grandchildren. Zara makes money using her name for endorsements. It just makes me so angry the way they do our couple.

    1. Joyce

      Exactly, Harry was born third in Line, now sixth in Line. He is and always be in line to the throne including his children, it is his birth right and that will never change. The British media keep misinformation and hateful propaganda as a way of abuse towards the couple because their audience are too full of hate and conveniently be obtuse to the truth. I am grateful to this platform and others who continue to call out the lies. Harry is a Prince until his last breath on this earth,let them deal with it.

  2. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again you are on point and excellent as usual, your articles are always soul lifting and insightful thanks MM,please keep it coming, cos am always looking out for your next article, merci greetings from Brussels.

  3. Marjorie Ireland

    Great article. HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, Black Princess of the UK will be a Historical figure that people will talk about, write about , make movies about for years to come. She will be one of the famous accomplished people of history who also happens to be a very accomplished, Black woman. Harry sure married up!!!!

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Marjorie

      Thank you. I agree with you wholeheartedly 🙂

      The future documentaries/movies of the royal family will not be complete without an objective look at Meghan. We see her impact now but history will show how massive it was to the RF, the young people, and the island in general.

  4. Joyce

    Thank you Mich for another beautiful article. The DOS knows who she is and proud of who she is, she made it clear in her engagement interview hence the jealousy from those who could not measure up to her standard. The grace and strength with which she has handled all the nonsense thrown at her is an example and more admiration from fair minded and reasonable people across the globe.. I will continue to remember them in my prayers.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Joyce,

      I appreciate your kind words.
      Yes, please let’s continue to lift them up in prayers.

  5. Patricia

    Cette article décrit bien Meghan, tant sur sa personnalité que sur ses actions pour le bien commun et l’égalité. A chaque apparition, Harry et elle laisse un message positif pour la restauration de l’humanité.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Patricia

      I placed your comments in Google Translate:
      “This article describes Meghan well, both on her personality and on her actions for the common good and equality. With each appearance, she and Harry leave a positive message for the restoration of humanity.”

      Merci beaucoup pour vos aimables paroles

  6. Adama Hassan

    I just love Meghan and Harry, this couples are simply amazing. I for one pick interest in the British Royal family because of this two. I still love them come rain,come sunshine. I wish to meet with them some day. Love from Nigeria

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Adama

      Thank you and I sincerely hope that you do get to meet them.

      They are an inspiration and deserve to be celebrated.

      Kind regards.

  7. Conie Brussels

    I agree with all you said Airat and once again thank you MM for another wonderful article.Please keep it coming!!!!!

    1. Zobeida E. Leoteau Rivera

      Muy de acuerdo con lo expresado.El efecto Meghan es realmente maravilloso porque ella hace que se venda lo que usa pero también sus mensajes e ideas sociales son seguidas por los que la escuchamos. Ella es auténtica y muy inteligente ,conoce por sus experiencias y empatía las dificultades ,necesidades y problemas que las personas sufren en la vida.Por eso le agrada abrazar y saludar pero acompaña sus gestos involucrándose profundamente en cada trabajo que realiza.♥️♥️

      1. Mich Monk


        Gracias. Tiene toda la razón. Meghan es una persona maravillosa y cariñosa.

  8. polly hudson-ferrell

    Meghan is all that and more and she is still advancing! I don’t know enough about the British Royal Family to say anything about them! There are 54 Commonwealth countries to be considered about! GOD’S BLESSINGS TO ALL!

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Polly

      Yep, we are all works in progress. And I look forward to seeing what the future holds because I sense great things from Meghan.

      Have a great weekend.

  9. Gladys

    Mich, you’ve made me tearly, yet the article is soo positive & soo so the Duchess of Sussex, what a brilliant article!! Let me repeat myself, all what you’ve written is Meghan what a phenomenon lady she is!!
    Thank you & keep the articles coming😊

  10. Deborah Fraser

    Mich Monk thank you once again for this brilliant article that was on target on every point. They can try to diminish Meghan’s holistic DNA nature, but it will never happen. What the antagonist supremacists fail to realize is that Meghan’s life journey was and is mapped out with God’s blessings. With him by her side, every obstacle that they put before her will be defeated. She will prevail in a very phenomenal way. Her attackers are very and extremely tone deaf and blinded by their evil and devilish ways. Karma is here with the final possibility of black people at last will get justice. The world has risen with the BLM, and the royals and the Rabid Rodents are like hounds sniffing out for Meghan and Harry to spin their propaganda, smear mongering machinery. Statues of racist colonizers and their white supremacists ideologies are taken down. But the motions focusing on Meghan. Soon and very soon the call and roars will be at the gates of the royal household because they are the Kingpins of the racists ideologies that has been in existence for centuries and are still sitting on the throne. They may deny they are not racist, but the treatment of Meghan has shown otherwise. Very remarkable so at the Commonwealth Day Service for the world to see. That was a revelation that one will never forget.

    1. Mich Monk

      Hi Deborah

      Thank you. We are in a period of transformation and I’m optimistic that we will continue to push forward. And despite the hate flung at Meghan, she has not bowed (in public) to their energy. And we will not tolerate it either.

      That Commonwealth Day Service is recorded for all time. It was ugly when it happened and it will be ugly ten years from now.

  11. Faye Colbert

    Brilliant article. My favorite line is “When you know who are, what you value and what you believe, there is a confidence that radiates from your soul”. This is what so many recognize in Meghan. Again just brilliant analysis.

  12. Airat

    Yes! Meghan is a phenomenon. My admiration of her started from her acting days…and then learning that she had engaged in philanthropic gestures, not to mention the grace,intelligence and attraction she brought to bear on her Royal duties. She made us research the RF; we were ‘loving ‘ Charles,the Cambridges and the Queen. But all that was short -lived The British press tried to do a number on her,but we thank God that her feats and personality were not pulverised. I didn’t know someone ‘s educational qualifications and achievements could be rendered inconsequential the way the press did. It was like she left the servants ‘ quarters to merge with the RF. It was not worth it.
    Thankfully you guys started celebrating her the same time she was being crushed. For that,we are ever so grateful. Please keep these articles coming. Mich,you rock!

    1. Mich Monk

      Thank you, Airat.

      We will continue to celebrate this dear lady, through thick or thin. She is truly phenomenal.


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