Users, Abusers & Clout Chasers: The Case Of Gary Janetti

Case Of Gary Janetti

The Case Of Gary Janetti. In 2019, the Year of the Self-Serving, we will take a look at someone who’s sure to be a runner-up if not the winner of the 2019 Most Self-Serving Hypocrite award – Gary Janetti. Submitted for the judges’ approval is his statement about his main victim the Duchess of Sussex:

Fans of Gary Janetti’s popular royals’ parodies on Instagram may have noticed a tone shift in recent weeks: The TV writer’s take on Prince George has been more sympathetic to Meghan Markle amid heightened media scrutiny.

“I haven’t really watched [the ITV documentary], so I don’t really know that much about it, but I do know it feels like they’re having a rough go of it – I think that’s the gist”

The audacity of such a statement, boggles the mind. This is from the man who for the past few years has been basely profiting from the tabloid stories about the Duchess of Sussex? He uses the headline and captions from the tabloids’ sustained written harassment of the Duchess of Sussex but wants to pretend he has only now become aware that she’s having a “rough go of it”.

Below are this hypocrite’s Instagram posts after the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and after her first outing, post-engagement.

Are we to believe a man who gets his pictures for his Instagram (IG) post from the tabloids, was not aware of the stories and narrative surrounding the Duchess of Sussex? All through her pregnancy and maternity leave, the tabloids, daily (and sometimes even hourly), criticized, defamed and denigrated her for the most basic actions, from daring to cradle her growing stomach to the way she held her baby. Janetti cultivated a growing fanbase who took great delight in his alter ego’s mean-spirited remarks based on these same stories yet, now he feigns oblivion? How convenient is it that after two years of making denigrating remarks about the Duchess of Sussex, Janetti’s “awareness” that she was “having a rough go of it,” coincides with the publication of his book. A deal he probably got from his increased social media profile; an increase he owes to his skewering of the Duchess of Sussex.

No doubt Janetti is hoping his “awakening” will expand the audience for his book, beyond his IG commenters who find it hilarious that a grown man uses a child, as his alter ego, to make mean-spirited remarks about Duchess Meghan and others, and call it parody.

We could say that Duchess Meghan is not the only member of the Royal family that Janetti targets, after all he uses Prince George as his alter ego, but it is his ‘trolling’ of Duchess Meghan that gets Janetti the most attention from publications.

The trolls also flock to Janetti pages. The same people who take great pleasure in visiting Sussex Royal to express their hatred of Duchess Meghan and wish for her death also flock to Janetti’s page to worship his ‘wit’ and add their accord to the sentiments he expresses. In him, they feel they have found a kindred spirit; a surrogate who willingly propagates, on the world stage, their hatred of Duchess Meghan.

Gary Janetti’s IMDB page lists executive producer, writer & creator credits, but his bio reads more like that of a bit player than a showrunner. He still lives off the past glory of his executive producer stint on a top ten sitcom from more than a decade ago. What is giving him some semblance of relevance, if it can be so described, is his co-called “parody/satirical characterization of Prince George and the child’s imagined and often catty, response to various news and stories about Meghan Markle and other members of the royal family that has gained him international media attention.
More accurately it’s the responses to the Duchess of Sussex that has brought the most interest and substantially increased his follower count.

Janetti began his parody of Prince George, weeks before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, but it was the announcement of the engagement that gave Janetti the most attention.

He became another (ungrateful) recipient of the “Meghan Effect” and the public’s insatiable appetite for all things Duchess Meghan. While supporters of the Duchess of Sussex far outnumber the dissenters, there is a dedicated virulent group who are insanely committed to telling the world about their hatred of the woman they feel does not belong in the royal family. Their numbers may be small but their vitriol is amplified by the toxicity of the British Media’s coverage of the Duchess.

The media’s attacks against the Duchess is coordinated and sustained; there seems to be no lie they will not print and no action they wouldn’t misconstrue to vilify her. The reporters openly interact with known trolls who belong to a hate group that has not met a virulent racist, sexist, xenophobic trope they will not use against the Duchess. They doctor videos and photographs to malign the Duchess and to them, Gary Janetti is a mere extension of their toxic sentiments.

Their assumption is logical in that, during her pregnancy when the media increased their harassment and the haters questioned whether she was pregnant, and claimed her bump was a pillow, Janetti used it as fodder for his “parody”. When the media mocked Duchess Meghan for daring to cradle her growing belly, where previously they had swooned and waxed poetic when the Duchess of Cambridge cradled her stomach in public, Gary Janetti who claimed the ITV documentary made him realize Meghan was “having a rough go of it” joined in the harassment, by mocking her holding her stomach.

How was it parody when Janetti merely echoed the sentiments expressed daily by the media and social media trolls? There is nothing notable about questioning a woman’s pregnancy and implying that said woman is a fraud, but sheer cruelty. It is not funny, period. Janetti gained notoriety as some celebrities and racists flocked to his page, with his follower count growing as he joined in piling on the abuse directed at the Duchess of Sussex. If it was all fun and games, celebrities will not quickly remove their likes on his posts and offer mind twisting apologies on why they liked the posts in the first place. They all know this is beyond the pale, as does Janetti himself.

No topic was off limit and nothing seemed to give Janetti pause, at least not while his follower count was growing. Janetti knew what was happening to the Duchess and he knew what his role was in perpetuating the abuse but hey, there were posts to monetize and popularity to build.

His conscience was on hiatus while he exploited the image of a child and pregnant woman of color. A woman of color whose presence offends the haters, who seem to want to keep their British royals white. She was being exploited by a man whose partner was allegedly subjected to bullying because of his perceived “difference” – his sexual orientation. That was wrong, and so is Janetti’s exploitation of Duchess Meghan. Rather than empathy for the Duchess of Sussex’s position, Janetti became another bully; condemning a pregnant woman of color being vilified for being different. No doubt he deemed money and fame a more compelling reason than common decency. Very disappointing for a person who should know how damaging bullying is, even if by proxy.

Proof of his concern for his bank balance is evidenced by his sudden and convenient attack of conscience about Duchess Meghan when it was time to sell books. Rather than apologize, Janetti left his options open by claiming he was only recently aware of her ‘suffering’ and would be easing up. Ever the opportunist should his book fail to achieve the glory he craves, I suspect Janetti may return to building his base by continuing to target Duchess Meghan.

But we are onto you Janetti, we are familiar with your kind, people for whom others are currency to be “cashed in” as needed. So enough with the fake concern.
Apologize to Duchess Meghan, then say thank you for giving you the relevancy you crave. And while you’re enjoying your new found fame, know that we are watching you. More importantly, understand that ill-gotten gains will not prosper. Are you simply a small man so desperate for fame and fortune that you exploit the image of a child and pile on to the abuse of a woman of color by pretending to be ignorant of the negative impact of your bullying? or just another soulless carpetbagger who doesn’t give a damn about the victim of your bullying UNTIL it is convenient for you to appear reasonable and somewhat of a decent human, so as to market your wares?

To all the “celebs” who “love me some Gary” think of the mixed message you are sending as you step out to champion the end to bullying and the exploitation of women and children. Your endorsement of this despicable platform makes you just as hypocritical as the half-wit, expressing ‘concern’ only when you want to cash in your social activism credit. When you’ve paused from your laughter, ask yourself how you would feel if it were your child’s image that Janetti was using for fame and fortune or cruelly exploiting you, your spouse or relative.

If one was ever in doubt of what a hypocritical opportunist looks like, look no further than Janetti. Now that his book has been released, the book tour over and follower count stagnant, his “concern” has predictably faded. He’s back to his usual fare of mocking the Duchess.

Gary Janetti may think he’s played a smooth game but in reality, he’s played himself. He will forever be that creepy guy who but for the mere existence of Duchess Meghan in the British Royal family, would be a forgotten relic of yesteryear. We all know that, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Janetti knows he’s a bonafide clout chaser. Take a bow.


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14 comments on “Users, Abusers & Clout Chasers: The Case Of Gary Janetti

  1. Paula

    Thank you Kristine, I had never seen any of these before.

    Gary is a shameful part of the harassment of the Duchess of Sussex, but also in my opinion, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Kensington Palace are also part of the harassment.

    Why? When a photo was put up of Kate, advertising baby botox, it was remove almost immediately with the statement that the Royals do not endorse commercials. But the picture of George is being used to antagonize his uncle’s wife for YEARS and the RF do not see it proper to rebuke it. By such it is as good a green light to continue with the abuse and if the celebrities feel like the RF is against her, then they will find it sport (and are showing their true stupidity/wickedness) to spread the harassment of a pregnant woman not caring they had had concern even on her ability to conceive in her late thirties to even hold back on stressing her upon all the stress of meet and greet and caring for a new royal household.
    Also, the Prince Andrew interview was restricted for use overseas (I do not understand how that is judicially just) because they coverage was bringing negative reviews about Andrew. Prince Williams sued for respect of his privacy because HIS WIFE’S FRIEND WITH LITTLE CHILDREN would be negatively portrayed etc
    So how can this man continue to use George as his meme and not be stopped except it is all part of the insecurity within RF? Alas, what they fear most will fall upon them.

    In all the posts in this write-up, you see way less likes clicks on the George’s picture of ‘this is how gay I am’ because they obviously see it as an attack (each post), and they do not like an attack of George but they like an attack of Meghan. If it was all for sports, why like that post less? It’s not like all the other posts about Meghan were not speculations, was it? And I do not think it was because they were homophobic but rather because they were not willing to dwell on the topic of whether or not he was before his family was ready to discuss it, but it did look fair game to them for a pregnant woman and an unborn child to be attacked without the parents consent who had been behind door requesting lies about them not to be published.

  2. Agnes Amara

    Kristine what a fantastic piece.As a mum, I always find it painful reading about the cruelty and racism she have endured.I ask myself how Doria was coping reading and seen your only child been dehumanised, vilified and abused daily.
    I think it will be a great idea to deal with all the royal reporters.I know a piece was previously done on them.I think we need to be more outspoken and intensify our push backs everytime they attack her/them.Taking the high road will not work.They will be on the attacks as soon as the foundation goes live.
    After 8yrs of having the royal platform with no impact on anyone or community all of a sudden Kate is visiting maternity units and children’s hospitals.I find it laugher.What I believe is simple.You cannot be what you are not. Charisma,Authenticity, Innovative and a visionary.Meghan is all of those things because it is coming from within.This is why she appears to be having too much fun when she is out on engagements.Kate main while appears tortured.

  3. Joyce

    Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. I am speechless and abhorred, all I can say is we need to be more fervent in prayers for The Sussexes in the coming year ahead.

  4. Marjorie Ireland

    Prince William & his wife claim to be against bullying but to date I have not seen them come out against the bullying of Harry and Meghan. Until they do, I will not believe a word they say.

    1. C.T.

      The Cambridges are never going to publicly defend or support The Sussexes because they’re part of the problem. The Royal Family & The racist British press are responsible for the well organized smear campaign against The Duchess of Sussex. What The Sussexes need to do is not only sue the publications, but the writers, editors & royal reporters as well. They also need to go after people like Piers Morgan, Gary Janetti, Katie Hopkins, Lorraine, etc. This will definitely send a strong message that if you play, you must pay dearly. It would definitely make them think twice before making another defamatory, slanderous or libelous statement.

  5. Pepper

    Thank you fir highlighting this despicable behaviour of this idiot. I hope no one buys his books. After all he like the guards at Auschwitz want to claim they had no idea what they are doing is wrong not today satan.

  6. Lisha

    A clout chaser a bully and a racist that’s what he is.
    Hé jnew abiit the racist comments,he knows about the lies printed on tabloids.He encouraged megxit etc.
    They were all around trying to eat meghan’s Flesh.

  7. Sarah45

    People like Gary always get what’s coming to them. Him using a child in his parodies is suspicious and it would surprise me if something came to light. I hope it doesn’t apply to children but there’s something wrong with this man.

  8. Maureen roberts

    I thought kids are off limits, regardless how u choose to Use their image, I would respect him more if he would be a Man & not a Mouse & state his hate for the DOS up front instead of hiding behind the photo of a six year old & why have’nt the Palace put a stop to the use of PG image being used as a source of BULLYING & HATE?

    1. Gladys

      Maureen Roberts, i dare say the reason why the Palace has not put a stop to this idiot of a man using that child, it is that the parents of the child are of the like mind as the abusers, clout chasers, racists & yes they do relish in the pain caused by this idiot & others like him, & it would be no wonder if that couple have secretly subscribed to & following such hateful accounts, oh they’r so insecure, envious & heartless.

      1. Rose

        Gladys, you are absolutely right. You could see in that interview they all did together William pushing Kate to speak, and giving her credit (rightly so), but he was very much afraid that his wife was being overshadowed and tried his best to push her forward.
        Then of course the undermining started in earnest.

    2. Trinette L Mitchell

      The Palace aren’t going to stop it because they’re complicit in it, just like they selectively choose to defend who they want.

  9. Gladys

    For me the Janetti idiot is yes a clout chasser & belongs to the same cesspool as the British Media BUT the people i condemn mostly are the parents of the child he’s using as his alter ego, how on earth can it be tough to stop this idiot of a man using yr child in abusing, dehumunising yr brothers wife knowing that its taxing yr’ brother’s mental health?
    So for me the way i see it is that the Cambridges are enablers of the hatefulness towards the Duchess & i pitty & abhour them for their envious jealousy insensitivity & so they all belong to the same cesspit with all the envious RR, BM & the trolls.

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