Give The Duchess of Sussex Credit and Acknowledgement for HER hard work


With much anticipation whilst the world awaited the launch of the Duchess of Sussex’s Smart Works collection, we knew without a doubt that we would not be disappointed, based on the snippets we viewed prior to the launch.

Countdown to the launch Thursday, 12 September 2019: The Duchess of Sussex arrived at the launch wearing some of the pieces from the collection, including a white button-down shirt by her designer friend Misha Nonoo and slim black pants by Jigsaw. Smiling, looking fresh and confident, the Duchess warmly greeted her hosts and guests before mounting the podium to deliver a 7 minute speech without notes or use of a teleprompter. During her speech she reminded us that as women we must support and uplift each other to champion each other and not set each other up for failure. She also announced that she was informed while in route that the tote bag, part of the launch, was sold out. All in all, it was a very successful launch.

Of course, the media had to put their half penny’s worth in by using their usual tactics of spewing old and regurgitated nonsense. Thankfully, we at Meghanpedia and Sussex Squad teams, were ready for them.

So as expected, On Monday 15 September 2019, one Phil Dampier , an elderly journalist and author and Graeme Culliford, in their delusional minds stated the following in their tabloid papers:

“BEAMING in a smart white shirt and black trousers, Meghan’s slickly managed return to work was a welcome contrast to the PR disasters that have lately been dogging her and Prince Harry.”
“And many think she has her sister-in-law Kate to thank – as she looks to bury their differences and learn from the woman best placed to help her.”
One well-placed source revealed: “Meghan accepts that she has lost her way and lost her mojo. She knows she needs to take radical action to get the public back on board and allow people to fall for her again just like they did when she started dating Harry.”
“Kate is a huge inspiration, as she has provided a priceless masterclass since she married William, and Meghan realizes she has a lot to learn from her.”
“Kate has been constantly graceful and elegant – flawless, actually – and has an intuition for how ordinary British people think and feel about things, which Meghan has struggled to grasp.”

Now, let us STOP right here, please. Not so long ago, we were told by these same tabloids that Duchess Meghan made Duchess Kate “cry” and that these two women were “feuding”. Inside palace sources reported that Duchess Meghan was “barking orders”, losing her temper with staff causing aides to resign in droves. Inside gossip claimed a bitter falling out between brothers was sparked by Duchess Meghan. Her behavior was so out of control HM the Queen had to intercede. The couples designated the “Fab Four” separated their staff and foundation. The Sussexes upped sticks and moved from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage. It’s been barely a month since photos were splashed in the media of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children in tow, boarding a cheap flight to Balmoral in an attempt to shame the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as carbon footprint hypocrites. So throughout all this drama, Duchess Kate was being an inspiration to Duchess Meghan?

Duchess Meghan has been praised by women globally for her role in the launching of the Together Cookbook, she accompanied her husband on a 16-day tour to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji and a tour to Morocco; guest edited the September issue of British Vogue featuring 15 women representing Forces of Change; gave birth to their first child. So I ask, at what point did she “Need to take radical action to get the public back on board?” What contribution has Duchess Kate given to Duchess Meghan to get the public back on board? What priceless Masterclass has she given to Duchess Meghan that she could not put into her own patronages and Foundation? Exactly what inspiration has Kate given to the Smart Works Collection?

If “graceful and elegant – flawless Kate” is so good, why is the media exclusively reporting on Duchess Meghan, the one who consistently breaks royal protocol instead of focusing on some of the work that Duchess Kate does? In fact, apart from the garden project, what else has Duchess Kate done for her own patronages and why haven’t we heard about them?

Mr. Dampier, please take your nonsense elsewhere. In their initial post on their IG @sussexroyal, the Duke and Duchess state,”We look forward to sharing the work that drives us, the causes we support, important announcements and the opportunity to shine a light on key issues.” There is no mention of gratitude to Duchess Kate for her assistance, therefore it is safe to assume she’s not involved in their work.

Your article implies that the Duchess of Sussex could not make it on her own, despite her outstanding background, without the Duchess of Cambridge to pave the way. Shall I remind you that the Duchess of Sussex worked as an actress, has experience in humanitarian work, worked on projects fighting for women’s equality and promoting aid for children in Africa, and launched a similar capsule for Reitman’s, Canada’s largest women’s retailer? She did all these thing before dating Prince Harry. So please tell us why would she need the Duchess of Cambridge to help her now? The same “graceful, flawless” Duchess who has remained silent while her student (Duchess of Sussex) endured 3 years of bullying, death threats, her child likened to a monkey, and outright lies.

Your article created a huge backlash from those who support the Duchess of Sussex as well as people of color because historically, whenever a person of color is successful it’s almost always because some white person helped them to get there. Slaves built the nation, while slaveholders took full credit. We see you.

So Mr. Dampier, please tell us in what way did the Duchess of Cambridge assist in the Smart Works launch? Based on what we’ve seen of Duchess Meghan over the years, we know she would have honoured Duchess Kate in her speech so that everyone would know she played a part. As a matter-of-fact, it’s very likely Duchess Kate would have been present to accept the acknowledgement. However since her contribution was zilch, she received no mention.

God forbids if Duchess Meghan becomes more like Duchess Kate; gives in to the bullying and is morphed into nothingness. If that is the Royal you want, then you have your “elegant, flawless, graceful” Duchess Kate for that. Duchess Meghan’s reputation has not taken a “battering” as you would like to think. Please check the records and you will see the great impact she and the Duke of Sussex have had since raising awareness of the various charities around the world that are now receiving many donations, or are we to assume that this is also due to Duchess Kate’s influence?

If the Duchess of Cambridge is such an inspiration, why are you not spending more time writing about all the wonderful things she does? May I suggest that you utilize your writing expertise to encourage the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to spend their time and energy supporting the patronages they are responsible for because their expertise is required there. Your colleague Andrew Morton states, “Kate and Meghan can join forces they can still be a dynamic duo who bring glamour to the Royal Family, but also a much-needed humanitarian dimension.” Please tell him the House of Cambridge and House of Sussex have different paths hence the reason their households were divided. And since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “are doing things their way and Duchess Meghan has broken every single Royal Protocol there is,” why would he suggest they join forces again?

We all know that the Duchess of Sussex is the Royal Reporters meal ticket and your empty article is just another piece of trash from your stable. The Duchess we saw last Thursday did not appear to be someone who is worried about the continuous bullying and harassment by the media. I guess she like many of us are becoming accustomed to your articles with their sensational headlines, spewing old, regurgitated stories designed to fill space. Quite frankly Mr.Dampier, your attempt to boost the Duchess of Cambridge’s profile at the expense of the Duchess of Sussex crossed the line. This last piece says you have definitely used all your creative nonsense and have nothing else to offer.


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7 comments on “Give The Duchess of Sussex Credit and Acknowledgement for HER hard work

  1. Diane

    The duchess of Sussex work will always speaks for it self but just in case let me add she is a masterpiece and a mastermind as what she dose., pure perfection, unmatchable success
    I also appreciate the way the Cambridge and others have decide to put their effort in because after 8 years if one has not yet learn and found the voice even with such a powerful example as Meghan then situation would have been hopeless.

    1. C T.

      I enjoyed reading your article. The racist British press and The Royal Family will never give Duchess Meghan the credit she deserves for her work. She is a visionary & a trendsetter. They’re trying to diminish anything positive about her. Duchess Meghan is intelligent, ingenious, passionate, innovative, creative & resourceful. These are qualities greatly needed in being a force for change. She is truly that force.
      It is important now more than ever, that we get both open letters of support from The Sussex Fans & The African Women’s Lawyer Association to the Sussexes’ friends, mainstream media, Sussex Royal IG page & keep them trending on Twitter. These letters speak volumes. The more publicity the letters receive, the better.

  2. kelleybelle

    I’m glad there was plenty of backlash. There probably wasn’t enough backlash for this garbage. That story turned my stomach. It was one of the worst attempts ever to steal credit from Meghan. Shame on Mr. Dampier, SHAME on him. That completely ruined his credibility.

  3. Gladys

    Oh Mr.Dampier as your name sounds please dump your nosense some where else it belongs, actually the stupidity you displayed in writting such a nosensical article reveals how a dumb dump you ‘re & need to be dumped & flushed but it seems you a silly dump that fails to even go when flushed.

  4. Gladys

    Oh Mr.Dampier as your name sounds please dump your nosense some where else it belongs, actually the stupidity you displayed in writting such a nosensical article reveals how dump you ‘re & need to be dumped & flushed but it seems you a silly dump that fails to even go when flushed.

  5. Earlene B Torres

    “The world is and will continue watching closely Mr. Dampier…wake up and drink the Tea of Truth! You’d be surprised how intelligent and enlightened we factually and histrically have been, all along.” 🇺🇳 #OneWorldOneHeart

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