Thomas Markle never protects Duchess Meghan


Thomas has NEVER publicly defended Meghan against death threats from skin heads and white supremacists threatening her life but joins the smear campaign to further endanger her life. A father is a protector and Thomas has NEVER protected Meghan.

Here are a list of threats against the Sussexes that Thomas has never defended his daughter against:

  1. Threat from Neo- Nazis

Any normal loving father would rush to the defence of his daughter when she was under threat from Nazis but not Thomas Markle; he adds to the hatred of the daughter that he says he loves. He never spoke out against Nazis but now has aligned himself with the Daily newspaper in England that has its roots as the propaganda arm of Adolf Hitler.

Neo-Nazis threatened Prince Harry because he married a bi-racial Duchess Meghan

2. Abuse from Thomas Markle Jr

Thomas Jr. is well known for domestic violence against women. In January 15, 2017 Thomas Markle Jr, 50, was arrested on Thursday at his home in Grants Pass, Oregon, according to  Mail on Sunday. Thomas Jr who has picture with Meghan as an adult has not seen her in well over a decade plus violated her human right to privacy and humiliating and verbally attacking her by publicly urging Prince Harry not to marry Meghan.

Thomas Markle Jr wrote in InTouch magazine dated 05/09/2018 to Prince Harry to call off the wedding.

“As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history,”

Again Thomas Sr. did not defend his daughter Meghan or chastise Jnr for this heartless behavior and silence meant consent.

3. Harassment and verbal assault by Samantha Yvonne Grant/Rasmussen/Hale /Markle

Samantha verbally attacks Meghan and threatens to destroy her marriage to Prince Harry. Again Thomas Sr’ remains silent giving his consent for further attacks against the daughter he claims to love.

Samantha Grant/Hale/Rasmussen/Markle

Samantha Grant/Hale/Rasmussen/Markle

Samantha Grant/Hale/Rasmussen/Markle



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