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6 comments on “Duchess Meghan Gives Empowering Speech At 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit

  1. JB

    What an excellent speech. Go girl, I believe in you as you believe in yourself. Keep it up, may God continue to be with you and your family. Be blessed.

  2. Gladys

    Meghan is really a woman of substance & she gave an inspiring speech, there were so many brilliant take aways, not only to the younger girls but to all people of different ages & gender.
    So happy she’s away from Britain where she was sat on & villified by both the RF & the Media & i believe that they wanted her killed by the runatics they pumped with daily lies about her.

  3. Joyce

    Well written and very detailed analysis of the speech. The royal house is now copying her and the media are more obsessed than ever. The Sussexes are trailblazers, I can’t wait to see the next chapter in their life. God bless them and all who support them.

  4. Marjorie Ireland

    Wow!!! Brilliant, beautiful & compassionate HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan Black Princess of the UK.

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