Meghan Markle Never Wanted To Be Diana 2.0

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Then Meghan Markle, now The Duchess of Sussex, never wanted to be Diana 2.0

There is a fool’s narrative that has been going around on gossip sites and seems to have permeated mass media. The narrative that the Duchess of Sussex as a child was so enamored by Princess Diana that she dreamed of Princess Diana; wanted to be Princess Diana; so when Meghan grew up she went on a hunt for Princess Diana’s son. The only problem with that hypothesis is that it is being perpetuated as fact by the gossipmonger Andrew Morton. Morton is the creator of this fake news that has been spread among gossip sites unchecked and unproven.

Duchess Meghan in her pre-royal life was the founder of The Tig, a lifestyle blog that encouraged its followers to live an aspirational life with focus on fashion, travel, food, and influences. The Tig gave us a glimpse into the mind of Prince Harry’s future wife. The topic of royalty was discussed on The Tig so we can discern some of her thoughts about this subject.

Meghan wrote a one liner about Princess Kate and the pomp and circumstance surrounding Kate’s wedding. Meghan blogged,

“Grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy. Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate.” (The Tig, 2014)

Meghan did not dwell on Kate’s dress or any details regarding the ceremony; instead she expressed her excitement about meeting a real life Princess Alia El Senussi of Libya.

In that blog entry Meghan gushed about Princess Alia El Senussi of Libya; never once did she mention Princess Diana. Isn’t it strange that if Meghan admired Diana as we are told, wouldn’t she have used this blog as an opportunity to talk about her role model, Princess Di? It would seem likely… right?

Searching throughout Meghan’s blogs and interviews there is no evidence that she ever mentioned Princess Diana’s name. This is not to say that somehow Meghan has no deep regard for her mother-in-law; but the idea that somehow she was fanatical about Diana is just absurd and grossly inaccurate.

In that same 2014 blog, the Duchess of Sussex did write about a princess that she admired: She-Ra the fictional cartoon character; She-Ra, the Princess of Power.

“Little girls dream of being princesses. I, for one, was all about She-Ra, Princess of Power.”(The Tig, 2014)

She-Ra, is the only princess Meghan respected and identified with. So to the thinking mind and all those who decide to put on their thinking caps, let me pose this question, “Why would a woman, who is obsessed by a princess not even once in her lifetime mention that very important detail?”

We know Meghan loved shoes; obsessed about food and travel; loved creating new experiences and fashion…We know HRH Duchess Meghan was passionate about empowering women…It is hard to believe that a woman, who shared a list of the people that she admired, wouldn’t then Diana been included?

Secondly, not once did Meghan mention desiring the life of a Princes. Remember this is a woman famous for stating,

“I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches; I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. ” (ELLE, 2016)

I’m sure that Meghan has tremendous respect for Diana’s work. I don’t believe it’s a stretch, that now that she’s Harry’s wife, she takes tips from Diana’s playbook. Her tip taking is a nod to Meghan’s reverence, not a delusional take-over of Diana’s persona.

Before Harry courted Meghan, Hello! Canada magazine interviewed Meghan.

In a rapid-fire question round during an interview with Hello! In October last year, she was asked:

“Prince William or Prince Harry?”
“I don’t know,” said Meghan shaking her head and laughing.
“Harry?” she was prompted.
“Harry? Sure,” Meghan said with a chuckle, giggling at the question. (Hello! Canada, Oct. 2015)

You can tell by Meghan’s reaction on the film clip that she finds the question total irrelevant and absurb. If we believe the narrative that Meghan is calculating; why the reaction that was.

The idea that Meghan was obsessed with Diana is fake news. This false assertion is click bait and has been perpetuated to sell books by a has-been writer trying to stay relevant.

Here are the women, who have really influenced the Duchess of Sussex, in Meghan’s own words:

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