The Royal KAREN Has Come Out To Play

The Royal KAREN Has Come Out To Play
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The Royal KAREN Has Come Out To Play.

It’s silly season for Karens the world over. For some reason, they are everywhere. Not a day passes without some account of an entitled white woman exhibiting peak privilege, by making their own choices and then playing victim and acting a complete fool, when it doesn’t go to plan. When in full Karen mode, they are an outright danger to whoever is in their path.

They will cough or spit in your face with the hopes that you catch a virus that they may knowingly or unknowingly be carrying because, they say it’s their right to not wear a mask and you questioned it. They will call the police and put on a dramatic act to feign danger or a threat because, they expect that when the police show up, your life can literally be taken from you. They will make a huge song and dance about why your success is not worthy or deserved because, their own lives suck and they wish they were in your position.

As if we didn’t already have enough to deal with, a royal Karen said hold my coatdress. She called her royal media police, to do a number on a lady who is minding her own business, probably enjoying some avocado toast by the pool on a sunny California day. She did that because, she expects the “police” to take her side. I for one am tired of this constant scapegoating and am having no parts of this latest royal propaganda lynch mob.

Karen is KEEN to be ‘KWEEEN’

She wants the moon. Once upon a time, a young lady grew up in an upper- middle class family. She was fortunate to be enrolled in private school, where it is reported that, in her teen years she had a poster of a certain young prince on her wall. Harmless teenage fantasy right? What young lady doesn’t have a poster of a guy she admired? After her A-levels, this lady reportedly got admission into her dream university(Edinburgh). Around that time, it was announced that the prince she likely admired was to attend St. Andrews University, after he has taken a gap year . For reasons that still remain unclear, the young lady made an about turn, and rejected her already confirmed place at her dream university. She decided to take a gap year and apply to St. Andrews University.

It was described as a gamble, as St. Andrews had become very competitive once it was known that the young prince would be attending there. Also, the young lady wanted to be an art history major and Edinburgh’s art history program was said to be among the best in Britain.

Whether by a stroke of luck or fate, the young lady got into St. Andrews University, where she went on to become friends with said prince. They subsequently embarked on an almost decade long courtship, including a short period of separation. She was bestowed a nickname on account of the perception that, she had waited for a long while and had yet to be rewarded with the much coveted royal engagement. Wasn’t that cold, considering that after Uni, she literally put her career on hold to be available to the prince at a moment’s notice? But all is well that ends well. The waiting paid off. She and the prince became affianced and subsequently married. This put her squarely in the path to be future queen consort.

Riding on their wave of pre and post nuptial publicity, the lady and the prince settled into a quiet life in the countryside. The now duchess did not assume full time royal duties because, her prince was holding a ‘regular’ job and not a full-time working royal himself. Their stint in the countryside was dotted with a handful of royal engagements here and a few tours there. She even got a new nickname, Duchess Doolittle. She and her prince were described as ‘work-shy’ and were under pressure to step up to the plate.

This was all BEFORE her brother-in-law, Prince Harry met and fell in love with his then girlfriend Meghan Markle. Karen was enjoying her cushy life, with all eyes on her. Then in rolls this strong, gorgeous, and accomplished woman on her brother-in-law’s arm. Their engagement and ensuing marriage captivates the attention of the world. Together, they are dynamite. The world and its media can’t get enough of them.

Karen is ANGRY

She wants the moon, with no stars in the sky. The newest Duchess was magnetic. She seemed to just naturally ease into her duties. She exuded warmth and had an easy and natural way with people , that endeared her to them. She took on her first foreign visit to Ireland like a duck to water. Wait, who is this girl and where is her learning curve? It’s four months after she became a working royal and she already has a project ready to launch? Oh no, no, no! Karen is on a mission to save Britain’s kids at a yet to be decided date but, can we just tell everyone now? I’m working too you know.

It’s now the autumn of 2018 and the world is watching a dynamic royal couple take Oceania by storm on a packed two and a half week tour. Thick crowds, meaningful engagements, funny, heartfelt and memorable moments, captivating speeches, showstopping fashion. It’s all a bit much for Karen, and this time Kevin, and they have taken notice. Something must be done. “Kenablers” in the Kingdom concur. Before the couple could wrap their tour, the palace all of a sudden developed a curious plumbing issue. Drip, drip, drip… “ Meghan made Kate Cry”, “Meghan was rude to Kate’s staff”, “Meghan was rude to Windsor castle staff”, “ Meghan wanted air fresheners in the church”, “ Meghan is demanding”. Thus begun an orchestrated campaign to dim the stars. It came thick and fast.

Karen’s mother even tried to throw some shade at Meghan in an interview saying, “royalty is not just about giving speeches”. Curiously though, Karen all of a sudden was delivering speeches at every turn. That is, provided she could flip the notecards quickly enough, to get to the next line. She even “designed” a garden and became a pro at climbing into tree houses and oscillating on rope swings. Every outfit change and accompanying smile became an engagement. There was even a groundbreaking log design. Whew! I tell you it’s the stuff of CEOs. Top notch executive stuff. Catapulting the British monarchy into modernity, one log at a time.

The palace even prevented CAMFED from using pictures they took with Prince Harry the previous year. Why? It would be a tragedy if the future queen’s garden is overshadowed by Meghan. Note that, Harry and Meghan had no involvement with the CAMFED garden, and Meghan does not appear in the images in question. But that was the PR line. Meghan, who was home nursing her baby and editing British Vogue, was somehow threatening to overshadow Kate’s garden.

Through all of this, Kate’s pregnant and now post-partum sister-in-law was being raked over the coals. Mostly for things she supposedly did to Kate, or for being the source of a feud, for doing everything wrong that Kate did right and for supposedly causing war and drought among other things. Kate, despite being a self-proclaimed champion of new mothers bit her tongue and never once offered a word of support to her sister-in-law. The Kingdom was silent too.

As the year drew to a close and the Sussexes took a break from the royal Christmas to spend time in Canada, it was time for the K-team to reclaim the spotlight. At least that’s what the propaganda machine told us. It turns out that the spotlight is not just bright and shiny, it reveals things and “pigeons” like to keep things under wraps.

As it turned out, The Sussexes had decided that their family’s well-being was paramount and said, here is where we draw the line. We are out. What? What do you mean? Are we going to have to do more work? I don’t know Karen, you have the stage. For the time being, the ‘Kenablers’ told us that Karen was relieved now that Meghan had left. She now feels more relaxed that she doesn’t have to be compared to Meghan. Sure.


She bit more than she can chew. It has been exactly 2 months since the Sussexes left the UK. In that time, a pandemic has put the world on lockdown and forced people to adapt to telework. Kate has not had to leave her palace or country home to make an appearance anywhere. She has had the monumental task of dressing up and showing up to zoom calls and clapping for carers. And like every working parent, there’s been homeschooling. But apparently, this has proved too burdensome and so Karen is exhausted! She feels exhausted and trapped” by “the enormous workload” after Meghan and Harry left. She’s working as hard as a CEO and doesn’t want this.

Wasn’t it a month ago that Karen was saying how relieved and relaxed she was? In order to understand the sudden about face, I have 5 BIG Questions for Karen. Regarding the spotlight, could she “taste the smell by smelling it”? How exactly was she planning to keep the spotlight? Did she fatigue from writing with her left hand while being right-handed and talking on the phone? Did changing her hairdo for zoom bingo prove too taxing? Or did she just realize that she played herself?

Jokes aside, what exactly is the extra workload that Harry and Meghan’s departure has burdened her with? There are no official royal engagements for the foreseeable future and it’s not as if she has had to carry on the work of Harry and Meghan’s patronages. With her live-in nannies and other royal staff at her disposal, one wonders what exactly is exhausting the duchess.

I’ll hazard a guess. Could it be that, Karen preferred her royal life before “The age of Kate” and “Catherine the Kingmaker”? She enjoyed the perks of royal life but didn’t do much. She got this idea into her head that Meghan stole her shine and roped herself into this one-sided contest with an “opponent” who has now left the ring. She’s had to bake on TV, garden, explore textiles and a whole lot, to make her point. She’s created a new expectation of “work”, which she no longer wishes to meet. That would make a person feel trapped. Unfortunately, there is no time for pity parties because broken Britain is waiting to be saved and there is some big data from a groundbreaking project that is yet to be analyzed.

The kicker in this latest “woe is me ” act is that, apparently Kate and William planned to be hands on parents but Harry and Meghan by leaving an “enormous workload” have “ effectively thrown the Cambridge kids under the bus”. REALLY. This is wild even for Karen. She called the “police” and has to cry big tears to match. What a joke! You can’t be a hands on parent, or do school runs because Harry and Meghan are living their lives?

Last year William was quoted as saying he struggled to find time to spend with his children. They didn’t have the “ enormous workload” then so it seems they may be barking up the wrong tree here. Not that I sympathize. They have a household staff at their disposal. And it’s not as if royal engagements take all day. Last year Kate did 126 engagements which works out to about one every third day. That includes evening/ fancy dress functions, the Wimbledon games and all that gardening. That was far less than the older and more senior royals. Look it up on the court circular .

Karen’s friends say that “ she keeps her head down because the prize of being future queen is so great”. Well good for her. Now would be the time to summon that royal stiff upper lip and keep ploughing on. Get on with it. In any case, wasn’t Sophie Wessex, her right hand mean girl supposed to be stepping into Meghan’s shoes? Why is Kate complaining so much then? Or did the Ford run out of gas?

There is nothing enormous to do. Karen is just out to scapegoat her usual target. Even if there was more work to do, I would think that Kate should take it on. After all isn’t she the future “kween” who has “modeled herself after The Queen” who historically has had a heavy schedule of events? You see, Karen had it made. She was called lazy, and boring and stiff. And then Meghan showed up and suddenly Karen became the best thing since raised bread. Her privilege kept her afloat but that wasn’t enough. She wanted more. Why? Well…

Karen feels ENTITLED.

She thinks the stars must dance to her beat. The kind of entitlement that makes a person think that they have a right to dictate the terms of another woman’s wedding. And that woman should abide those stipulations because, Karen said so. When the woman doesn’t entertain her ‘requests’ she kicks up dirt. “Meghan made Kate cry”. “ I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life”. That is the stuff of CEOs; Chief Entitlement Officers.

It turns out that, all the media and online castigation of Meghan because she supposedly made the delicate future queen cry was over some tights. Some freaking tights! What woman cries because someone else didn’t want her bridesmaids to wear tights? Is she for real? This story essentially set the tone for how Meghan was portrayed by the henchmen. How dare she come in and upset the English rose? It put a dangerous target on Meghan’s back. The degree of callousness is stunning. It is shocking because Karen has always portrayed and maintained a certain public persona that may be at odds with who she really is. Her royal act is designed to throw you off her scent. That is my impression, at least. It seems others may have more insight as shown in the screenshots below. “Underestimate her at your own peril”-Anna Pasternak, Tatler, May 26 2020.

Apparently, Kate was following protocol by insisting that Meghan’s bridesmaids wear tights. Zara Tindall’s bridesmaids didn’t wear tights either. I would think that if there was a royal bridesmaid protocol, Zara being a blood royal would know. Even though Karen is described as having “impeccable protocol”, it seems she has missed the basic one where you mind your own business.

Karen is NOT Happening despite being NEFARIOUS

She has tried everything to dim the starlight, but the stars are shining brightly.
It is no wonder that Karen is now exhausted. Behind the scenes, she’s had to contend with a load of permutations and combinations to figure out the perfect kind of mud to sling for each season. That’s not counting the time it takes to curate looks for special occasions , in a manner that will inject her into her brother-in-law’s narrative. I’m talking about her dressing her son like a young Prince Harry for 2019 trooping the color which was Meghan’s first time back on the public scene, since giving birth to Archie. Also Kate choosing the earrings Princess Diana wore at Prince Harry’s christening , to wear to Archie’s christening was just the worst form of posturing.

In spite of all the underhanded machinating, Karen is not happening. Her audience has not expanded beyond the characteristic sycophantic bubble. The global profile she and Kevin are desperately trying to grab on to, remains elusive. All the “unprecedented”, “groundbreaking”, “dazzling” and “stunning” Catherine the Great magic potion is failing to deliver well…magic. The machine is loud but has no teeth. The savior of the Monarchy’s association, did nothing to improve or help some of her patronages. Sadly, a few have had to close.

In the meantime, over in sunny California, Meghan Markle, who has been battered and bruised in large part because she was perceived as threatening to Karen is soaking some sun, nurturing her young family and living her authentic life. She and her husband are building their philanthropic future. When her name comes up the world pays attention. That has got to be frustrating, not just exhausting. Karen should have just sat down and enjoyed her regal tea and crumpets.

To be clear, Karen can want what she wants and prioritize whatever she wants in her own life. As women, that is what we constantly fight for. The right and freedom to make choices for our own lives. Naturally, one’s choices may not be another’s cup of tea and vice versa. That is OK. Where we run into issues is when Karen decides that, in order for her choices to be more palatable, she must invalidate another’s. Or throw them under the proverbial bus. That will never fly.

It always backfires. Ask Amy Cooper, Alison Roman, or Emily Giffen. Like all of them, Kate Middleton has found out that, “Karen-ing” usually leaves you in worse shape than you had imagined. It emerged that Kensington Palace has denied that “Kate feels trapped” and that they had no prior knowledge of the profile that Tatler did of her. They however have not denied that “ Meghan made Kate cry”.

That left more questions than answers. Tatler has done previous features that include one about Kate & William having the highest social capital, and a hit piece on Meghan calling her Britain’s top social climber. By the way, how is a person a social climber when they have not engineered their life to be in a position to get the “prize”, not changed their way of speaking in order to sound ‘posh’, not cultivated a circle of aristocratic friends, BUT said, I’m out of here, when her humanity was devalued and the life sucked out of her? But I digress. That’s a different bag of beans.

Since the palace didn’t deny prior knowledge of those features, does that mean they were aware? Plus this is not the first time since Harry & Meghan’s decision to step back, that we have heard about ‘William & Kate having to pick up slack” and what not. Or are they just trying to save face now because, they went a little overboard with the CEO savior of the monarchy propaganda? Was the overly sweet sauce making people queasy?

Following Kensington Palace’s denial, Tatler’s editor-in-chief Richard Dennen, who is reported to be in Kate’s friend circle, issued a statement contradicting Kensington palace’s account. Meghanpedia has laid out the links between Kate and elements at Tatler in a previous article. Mr. Dennen says KP had prior knowledge of the Catherine the Great feature and were asked to work with them on it. The statement is below, see for yourself.

Whatever the case, enough is enough. What we are all entitled to, is the God-given free will to make of our lives what we will. Kate has made her life choices and so has Meghan. She does not get to use Meghan as her crutch any longer. She needs to learn to live her life and leave Meghan to live hers too. Kate the Great will have to “carry the monarchy” by herself, as we’ve been told to no end. We have been inundated with countless puff pieces of Kate “stepping up” or “moving the monarchy forward” yada, yada, yada. It’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time for the Princess to lay in her bed. I hope she finds the pea.


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51 comments on “The Royal KAREN Has Come Out To Play

  1. Kitty Walsh

    I think what is really telling in the Tatler article is that the “sources” presumably the aristocratic circles the the Cambridge’s move in have thrown total shade over Kate. Every word uttered is either tongue in cheek or openly taking the mickey. These people never accept outsiders and will always rush to defend one of their own. Meghan, as an American, would not have been a target of these people. What she would have been, given the chance, would have been a staunch ally for Kate. Sadly Kate is setting herself up as the next media target. The wolves are circling. Who will watch her back?

  2. Kelley

    I love how they always say, “For reasons that remain unclear,” Kate didn’t end up attending Edinburgh but applied to St. Andrew’s and then took a gap year. The reasons are obvious, no? Come off it; it’s totally clear why she did that. Ask her mother.

  3. Chris.

    Excellent article. You were spot on! We know the Cambridges have been behind the smear campaign against the Sussexes. I am so glad they moved to North America. Their life is going to be so much more peaceful away for those toxic people. Karen will have a bigger break down this summer, because the Sussexes are about to rule the world .

  4. Marjorie Ireland

    I have always believed that Kate & William leaked the fact that Harry was dating a bi-racial woman to the Tabloids. They thought it would end the relationship. From day one, Kate, Witch Carole Middelton & Judas William hated HRH Duchess Rachel Meghan, Bi-racial Princess of the UK. I think that now that Karma has started to arrive CATHERINE THE GREAT RACIST LIAR is reeling, floundering in the sea of evil and lies she made!
    Wonderful article as always!!!

  5. etta ibok

    I am on my feet, 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.

  6. Donna Holiwski

    Wonderful article! Clear and point by point examination of the mess they made to paraphrase Alanis Morrissette! Thank you.

  7. Steph-in-Maryland

    Another excellent article! Your research is on par with the best news organizations. I wish you readership reach was wider and I am constantly pointing people your way. Keep up the great work!!

  8. Joyce

    Thank you Irene for this very detailed analysis of the real truth behind the experience of The DOS in the hands of the royal family. The Sussexes have been very dignified and maintained their grace,letting the others play themselves to the gallery, to the amusement of the world. The truth is coming out and we are all seeing them falling apart, be careful what you wish for, they are falling into their own traps. It started with the service of the Commonwealth, the display was very telling that it is still a topic of conversation. I am happy The Duke took his family out of that place. We will continue to support them and praying for them to succeed which we know they will. We will continue to pray for their strength and good health, protection from these evil families of theirs.

  9. Claudia Barnswell

    Irene, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I 1000% agree with all that’s written. Believe me when I say, Almighty God is going to drop some pants and lift some skirts in that racist family. And then the world will see and know what’s been going on all this time. KARMA IS HERE!

  10. Jacqueline Matthews

    Fantastic article Irene. Royal Karen needs to leave Meghan alone. It was beyond creepy and sociopathic to dress Louis in his first balcony like Harry when Harry just had a son. To top that she cosplayed Diana wearing a copycat dress and earrings Diana had worn for Harry’s christening to Archie’s christening. Strange how she’s working so hard to get Harry’s attention when he’s not her husband.

  11. Beverly Suzette McCaskill

    Ivy, thank you for the above article. I have been reading your site for the last two months, just found out about it then. I will try not to make this as long as Ivy Barron, Jose Smart or Deborah Fraser, but everything that everyone has stated is so so true. I have been following the DDoS sine I saw them walking down the stairs in Canada at the Invictus games. Love them and what they stand for, how the two of them complaint each other. Prince Harry stated that the “first time” he saw her and I think that within those first 15 minutes of them meeting he knew she WAS the one, and that is when he fell head over heels in love with her. I think for Meghan it was that second date (the feelings were there on that first date, but she didn’t want to trust herself). My disgusts for the BRF was at the Commonwealth Wealth event, she didn’t even look at her (forget abt Sophie) and the fact that our Duchess Meghan was looking ‘WOW’ ‘WOW’, the ugly Karen probably went into meltdown when she got back into the car. I am just asking everyone to please keep GOD’S LOVING ANGELS AROUND THIS FAMILY and Ms. Ragland. (Sorry for going so long)

  12. Linn Tramble

    Everyday I’m so thankful that I found the Sussexsquad. All the information that is share, I usually feel so many emotions. I cry, get mad, feel angry, I laugh, I smile. I’m always full of emotions when it comes to the Sussex family. I don’t mind the passion I feel. I love that the Sussex Squad was created. It’s a relief to find camaradery regarding this fascinating family. It’s a great feeling to be on the right side of history. Take care out there.

  13. Nicole

    All they had to do was leave Meghan alone, but they chose to continue to attack her, so they will continue to get this work!!!!!

  14. Elizabeth Ingraham

    Glad I found you (via Twitter) as this was well worth reading—detailed, well-argued and beautifully written.

  15. Jose Smart

    Bravo Irene for a great piece. You and the other authors have been spoiling us with delicious yummy intellectuals feast . Thank you for taking your precious time to feed us mentally and allowed us to reflect on Meghan’ s experience, but beyond her it is the Whole of black Women‘experience / black people from The Americas to Africa to the whole diaspora. Our sister/niece/daughter has been through a lot. You sit down and you like:these are abuses that I ve read about , this how some black talented people loose their jobs or never make it huge in their field; these are psychopath behaviors that I watched on Lifetime and LMN movies channels. A woman so jealous and obsessed with another woman’s happiness and success that she stops at nothing to destroy her. Recording/spying on her. Wearing her clothes, laying on her marital bed, smelling the sheets to see if she just been intimate with her husband, feeling envious when she imagines their passionate love making compared to her cold embrace from her own husband.and It goes on, and on. All the while, this person has everything she ever wanted and that many women can only dream of. She doesn’t care. It has to be me and no one else. In my culture, it’s called WITCHCRAFT/ Sorcery in broad daylight.
    Poor Meghan, poor daughter of Doria. I pray for you, May Lord protect you. You were in great danger . May your husband and mother, and children’s love help you heal from this ordeal. You were figuratively in the Castle of Dracula. Or was it figuratively???? Sad,sad…
    Dear Ivy, what can I say ,great comment and feedback. I am waiting for your piece . I am so full , I need to relax and watch the documentary on Epstein. Hum, What a week!! Kate the Great, when Queen Elizabeth II is still alive… humongous ego.

  16. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again a very excellent article, you really executed all points and nailed it BRAVO Irene good job ma belle, l pray that all these meghanpedia articles gets bigger platforms, l know we will get there, merci.

  17. Helen Mekang

    Wonderful article and so spot on. Is it possible for
    these Meghanpedia articles to go on some of the big newspapers out there? Some of us are ready to pay for that. Articles like these need to be read by the poulation out there.

  18. MJ Smith

    Thank you for such a comprehensive expose of Kate Middleton. I was on to her at the time of the wedding and argued from day one that she and her mother were behind the smear campaign of Meghan. She is everything you say here. To Kate’s fans I say yes she is free to live her life as she chooses but no right to scapegoat Meghan. Also Meghan has never treated her in kind – even smiling warmly at her tormenter at the Commonwealth service in March, 2020.

    1. Gladys

      Hi MJ Smith, i guess you meant to say ‘unkind’ 😊
      Yes i too believed immediately that the smeer/hate campaign had to be mostly enginered by the mother & daughter duo.

      1. Grace Florence

        Thanks for the analysis of the Catherine the” great document ” but please it has some segments which go deeper in meaning especially where it mentioned the mother and the two girls that they like to control and they will get what they want at all costs. That is terrifying please let every one go back and read line by line.
        Then if it is tights which caused all this grudge and the time has passed why are they still going on following them where ever they are, now they are having drones over the house, do you realize the consequence of pushing too much on an issue, if I am not mistaken it is even mentioned in an article that they might not know how to end it “now.
        Look what happened” To PM” saying he went too far and above on how he has treated MEGHAN,every morning that was his breakfast fulfillment but now he is beating his heart. They should all start thinking who started it and what have they gained out of it and what is happening in the future.
        There is beginning and end to each every thing which happens that is why timing is very crucial in our lives. GOD IS THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA NO ONE ELSE.

  19. Mich Monk

    At what point does she say, this ain’t worth it. I presume never because this life sentence is an investment for her family. But if Charles has his way about trimming down the paid royals, technically only George will or should be carried by the taxpayers. Still, what a life to voluntarily step up to live where every decision, every action, every utterance is a fully orchestrated piece. And yet, I have zero sympathy for such a shallow life. This couple truly deserve the ugly side as they glory in the shiny bits of monarch life.

    1. C. T.

      Brilliant article! The Cambridges are definitely behind the smear campaign with help from The Royal Family. That’s why they’ve all been silent throughout this entire ordeal. The Royal Family has never truly embraced Meghan as a part of The Family. They were betting on the wedding not taking place by sabotaging it behind the scenes using the Markle family. They intentionally inflicted stress upon Meghan with the hope that she would suffer a miscarriage. I hope you could get the mainstream media to publish these Meghanpedia articles! They definitely need more exposure. These articles are so factual, well written & provide great insight into Meghan’s plight being part of The Royal Family!!!

      1. Gladys

        CT, i get horrified when i look at baby Archie’s pictures thinking that, that the RF using the Brit Media wanted this so handsome a boy to die invitro, don’t thïnk that his parents will ever reconcile with that & neither do us.

  20. Conie

    Once again other excellent article.time for Cain and his knee to step up,I will say it again KARMA IS HERE TO STAY so watch out DOLITTlE!!!!!! So well done Irene.

  21. Sunmbo Omotayo

    Such an awesome piece! May God continue to protect Harry, Meghan and their adorable son!


    I read this article and it’s so painful that another human being can treat another they way Meghan and Harry had to endure but God will always be on their side.

  23. Kelley

    I just want to say, Kate will not be a future queen, she will be a future queen consort. Big difference, huge. I’m glad it’s being exposed just exactly who is the real social climber in that family.

    1. Karleen M Edwards

      Queen or Consort! It makes no difference to Catherine the Great! She and her Mother put in many years of work and maneuvering to be her where she is.

  24. Ivy Barrow

    Absolutely brilliant article Irene. On point. FFK and his FFQC have never had a period that could be described as having a heavy workload. Prince Harry was always used to cover/hide the major lack of the required skill set or empathy for such positions. They liked to hover in the background and be front and centre for photo opps. All the time pretending it was a joint effort with Harry.
    Then our girl came along and shocked FF & the rest of The Firm. Sis hit the ground running, and every appearance and project was First Class. FFQC clearly felt exposed (for a change not because of revealing body parts) but because her inadequate performances was now on view. There are many in The Firm who could be described this way, but the UK was being told every day since Meghan arrived, how fab FFQC was and how Duchess Meghan could learn so much😐. Yea right. The whole Firm was comfortable with the income delivered by the Sussexes. The Firm were comfortable the RF was in headlines around the world again. The Firm wad happy with the boost to the economy. In fact the Firm positively glowed with the official story line about how inclusive the Monarchy was and patronised Commonwealth nations with fake affection and caring.
    When the Sussexes walked away from all the various forms of abuse sent their way, the official line was that everyone was happy now in the Gilded Ghetto. Peace and calm had been restored. FFQC no longer had to worry about her light being dimmed by others. FF was no doubt confident that he could walk from A – Z without his brotherly prop and if all else failed, the people would adore him and be sycophants around him because, well he was FF. The BRF are all delusional and their bubble is about to burst.
    FF and FFQC wanted the spotlight. Now they have every light pointing at them and they are starting to realise that one needs more than a Chucky Doll grin to impress. Both should be able to impress by deeds. There should be no need to put so much effort in trying to destroy another person’s reputation, in the hope that your own lack lustre performance will fly.
    The international community are having the scales fall away from their eyes. The Karma bus will be collecting a few passengers over the coming months and years. The chew toys have left the building and are continuing to out perform the whole Firm on their uk charities from across the pond. FF and FFQC have the stage. We await the next comedy play to be enacted. The tea is ready. Popcorn and various snacks are ready along with comfy chairs. The UK is becoming the comedy corner of the world. The double act of Monarchy and politicians are the star performers, the RR KKKlan are the support acts. Meanwhile the Sussexes are healing and destressing far away from the madness. The DDoS are in contact with their charities and getting to know new ones nearer their new home. Meanwhile let’s see what drama will be created to distract from real UK news. Let’s also reserve tickets for the continued in fighting ahead. Royal Egos at War. Might be the next Life movie😂😂😂😂

    1. Joyce

      Ivy, God bless you for your well documented analysis of the abuse of The DDOS and the shenanigans in the royal family. They have exposed themselves to the world, but only the ones that think like them will continue to buy their hypocrisy,as for the rest of us we are done. Only here for the Sussexes.

    2. Nina Kelly

      Cant’t figure out what all the acronyms mean. Like FFK, and FFQc to name a couple. Can you help? In the future when you use acronyms, at least once, spell them out and then you can use them. I even tried to google them, to no avail.

      1. Ivy

        FFK: Future Future King
        FFQc: Future Future Queen Consort
        BRF: British Royal Family
        DDoS: Duke & Duchess of Sussex
        RR KKKlan: Royal Rota

  25. Jessyca McCargo

    Wow! What an awesome article. Thanks for laying it out so clearly. I am so happy that Meghan and Harry has left that whole toxic situation. They both (including that sweet little Archie) deserve all the happiness in the world.

  26. Deborah Fraser

    Bravo, brilliant article. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Every base was covered concerning the vilification and biasness of it all, against Meghan. Now Karen’s teams are on a cleaning up campaign after the fecal matter hit the fan and like a projectile missile strike back into the face of Catherine the Great. To be honest those tattlers actually threw her under the bus. Due to the fact the history of the real Catherine the great was one of a treacherous woman. She is too dense to realise that she has been hammered by people who see her as below their class. Thus traumatized work wife is further exposed for all it’s worth, by persons who she assumed are her friends.
    Concerning the tights issue and that silly protocol. Tell Ms. Doolittle for goodness sake to put weights on the hem of her garments. We ain’t want to see her knickerless genitalia. That is breaking royal protocol, if you want to be so ridiculously prim and proper, according to the mausoleum of the walking dead institution, with the alledged pedo vampire slithering along the palace corridors. She forgot as well she broke royal protocol by airing out her insecurities to fake friends. She forgot the royal company motto, ” Never complain never explain,” Also that she has become an embarrassment to the UK as well. She has become an English Rose traitor. For Jolly Ole England her whining can be viewed as her treasonous behavior because she did not activate the ” British stiff upper lip,” when the going was tough. Quite frankly Ms. Shambridge is a pathetic,sniveling creature. That is white fragility with a humongous portion of Nazism and supremist ideologies.

  27. Anne

    Great piece! Glad you brought in the Uber bizarre way she dressed Louis in Harry’s outfit – I would never have done that. I would have saved It for his own child to wear and also wearing Diana’s earrings to the christening….umm offer those to Meghan. It’s strangely possessive of Harry. Kate is such a self involved, entitled Karen she doesn’t even see it.

  28. Gladys

    Umm! So the intetion back fired, maybe its time & i for one am so glad, imagine if it went the way they intended it, bashing the Sussexes especially Meghan, would they have issued a denial?! Nope!
    I sometimes wonder what does Meghan think going through this, knowing the campaighn against her?!! am also sad for Harry for his happiness is being tramped on by the firm/family he worked & stood by for a long time & the payment- pushing him out & his beloved family.
    We all know what these evil people are trying to do, its not only driving hate Meghan’s way but wanting her killed.
    Irene this is heat piece, thanks & i indeed agree with you 💯 Meghan’s name should be left out of their evil mouths not only the Palace & their rodents but the British Media too for the Sussexes r no longer working Royals.


      Never forget, life is long. Kate’s husband is with another person, or so they say and she has no inclination or ability to assume the mantle of Queen. The question is really about William, is he up to the task? I predict he will divorce Kate and find his own ‘Meghan’

      1. Amelia Boston

        I think you are right. Their marriage is in trouble. Whoever is his wife in 25 years is the queen consort. At least she is guaranteed the position of Queen mother.

  29. Joyce Vose

    As usual the article is excellent and right on point. KP
    just needs to stop digging the holes they are trying to put Meghan in, they keep falling in those holes. Every time they try to get positive PR for Kate or Will, they fail. In fact they haven’t had any good PR since Harry and Meghan left last November for Canada. Kate has what she wanted, William and all that goes with that. She can NEVER take away who Meghan is and what she has accomplished in her life, she needs to focus on some accomplishments of her own, what ever that is. She will be future Kween so it’s time to WORK and not complain.

  30. Dominique Ravenel

    Excellent article comme d’habitude. Il est temps pour Kate de laisser Meghan tranquille sinon cela va empirer pour elle. Elle a fait ses choix qu’elle les assume. Elle ne peut pas tout avoir. Comme on dit en France le beurre l’argent du beurre le fil à couper le beurre la fille de la crémière et son sourire. Chaque choix de vie a aussi ses sacrifices. Il est temps qu’elle les assume .

  31. Masa Ndlangamandla

    Great piece Meghanpedia, Meghan Markle indeed remains a threat from thousands of miles away without even leaving her LA house. What a bunch of sore losers the Brits and their royal family are. Karen, please move on already.

    1. Airat

      I wonder,Masa. Meghan has left,so why send venom in her direction.? Great insights Irene and Ivy,cool and powerful contributions. I still get shivers when l see these mean girls bash Meghan still,in spite of what she went through for 4 donkey years. I wonder why Kate did not use these friends to extend her sympathy (or is it empathy?) for what Meghan was going through when the Meghan was still in the Royal family.
      Any lady that could devote her existence to a man as Kate did all those years waiting for William is of a different breed,so.Kate cannot afford to ‘play’ . That is a symbol of envy and avarice, the ones attributed to the legendary evil step-mum. Ha! Meghan went through all that or should we say Kate covertly put Meghan through all that by conniving with the press; ran her out of the UK and she is still maligning her. God started exposing Kate from the Commonwealth event and more revelations are coming because she will not relent…and we shall be around to enjoy the show as she( together with her RR) continues to make a spectacle of herself .

  32. DiSharonno

    What a good read! Loved everything and all so true.
    Bravo well done ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    And thank you.

  33. Bibi

    If I had a mic, I’d drop it!

    And that, as they say, is that. Bravo 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  34. Vixxo

    Irene, i have been reading Meghanpedia since the beginning and re-read some on slow days. This is the best one yet. The whole Karening while Royal is sickly and Karen should keep Meghan’s name out of her mouth. Enough! As a woman you don’t need to bring another down to prop yourself up.

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