Thomas Markle’s treatment of Meghan is ‘incomprehensible’


Here are words by Thomas Markle justifying and defending abuse against Duchess Meghan

If Meghan had been nice to Samantha. She wouldn’t be attacking her.

Justifies abuse against Meghan and supports half sibling Samantha who was never close to Meghan and has not seen Meghan in over a decade. Samantha is also a documented child abuser based on an interview by her own mother Roslyn and daughter Noel in the Daily Mail.

Thomas justified Samantha’s abuse of Meghan by stating:

Meghan could have won Samantha over with just a few kind words and Samantha would have praised Meghan for all her days. instead, Meghan turned her back on Samantha and now Samantha won’t stop talking negatively about Meghan.

Samantha and Meghan were never close and Meghan has not seen Samantha in more than 10 years. According to Andrew Morton’s book Samantha never liked Doria and told everyone that Doria was their maid. Samantha according to Morton was practicing witch who dabbled in the dark arts and tried to cast spells on Meghan, so why Meghan should tolerate this behavior is unclear to everyone.

Never has Thomas Markle not once ever defended his daughter Meghan. He has never respected her request for privacy and has instead violated her human rights by selling letters to tabloid. These actions may be justified by some however this behavior is not love or concern it is incomprehensible.


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