Thomas Markle

Thomas Markle

Thomas Markle was born in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania before moving to California in search of the American dream. Thomas was married to Roslyn, with whom he had two children Samantha, also known under the hashtag #theotherdaughter, and Thomas Jr. His two oldest children are both in their 50s and estranged from their own children.

Thomas worked in Hollywood as a lighting director on the set of ‘Married with Children’ and ‘General Hospital’ where he met his wife Doria.

Thomas has two brothers, Frederick and Michael. Frederick is a cleric with two sons who have refused to comment on Meghan’s life, perhaps respecting her privacy or because they really do not know her. Michael on the other hand worked as a diplomat and claims to have helped her secure her internship in Argentina. Meghan never mentioned him at all on her lifestyle blog or in any interview, so this assertion cannot be corroborated. Michael had no pictures with Meghan when he sold his story to British tabloids, so again, his claims cannot be substantiated.


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