The Idiotic Accusations Made Against Duchess Meghan


Being a mother of three children and grandmother of two and also being of similar age to the late Princess Diana, I have some kind of affiliation to her boys, but more particularly to Prince Harry, and now his family, Duchess Meghan and my Godson Archie.

My affiliation has been because of his tireless efforts in championing causes that he believes in and also being able to use the privilege into which he was born, the connections he has made, access to wealthy people and corporations to raise huge amounts of money for these causes. And now that Prince Harry has married a woman who was prepared to “take on the job” and who also shares in his passions, having herself been raised by a single mother who is a social worker, this is a match made in heaven, so to speak.

HOWEVER, for some reason, which I still cannot fathom, the British media as a whole have taken a dark path with this newlywed couple that is bent on wanting to destroy and cause them great harm. Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, are constantly in the media, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Australia and the USA. I will not even mention social media, which reaches far beyond these three countries.

So I had to ask myself, when did advocacy for change, wanting to use your privilege to do good, become a curse for those who have passions, purpose, drive, means, a good heart to champion those causes that, let’s face it a lot of us would turn a blind eye and look the other way, turn into a fault? And why is the British media hell bent on finding fault with practically anything the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (but more particularly Duchess Meghan) do to the point where their questionable reporting has been used as ammunition to incite hate against them and in some cases harm/endanger their lives? As I am writing this article, I feel drained. By nature, I would describe myself as a strong woman who likes to get things done and does not tire easily, but even I am tired, yet I am not the one living this nightmare. Every day I wake up hoping that whatever news I read or see about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be about their causes and that the media would use their platform to champion and report “fairly” about this Royal Couple, but I still am faced with continuous noise, negativity, lies, mistruths being reported about Duchess Meghan. I can only imagine what it has been like for them, and even my imagination refuses to go deeper because I would be cut into pieces.

In spite of this, Duchess Meghan comes out to fulfil her engagements with a big smile on her face and giving her full attention and effort to the causes. Watching from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device, one would never know what a day it has been for her or what emotions she is going through, but she shows up and we are happy, calling out her name, wanting more of her, whilst others are blowing their negative trumpets against her… nitpicking at the way she walks, closing her car door, turning up to work in a chauffeur driven car (you know who said that recently right?) the way she styles her hair looks, her dress choice; from why she has repeated that dress to how much did it cost the taxpayer, why does she always wear black?….. and on and on and on?

As I have evidence that the trolls, media outlets and so-called journalists read our articles and also listen to podcasts by Sussex Squad Teams, I am going to list a few of the things that the Duchess, in particular, has been accused of, for which there is a continuous witch hunt against her. Unless we continue to fight, and not get fatigued, the tabloid media will continue to use their platform and privilege to relentlessly spew hatred on this couple, and please, let us not allow them to do this.

You do not have to be a fan of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. All Duchess Meghan asks for is that you report “fairly”. She is not being scrutinized, she is being maligned. For those of you who seem to critique everything she does just because, or for those of you who say things like “I don’t like her” but are unable to articulate what it is you do not like about someone you have never met, someone you have never sat down and talked to, someone who the media have managed to get you to hate, just take a moment and really think about what it is that Duchess Meghan has done that you do not like. Duchess Meghan is a well-educated woman, self-made millionaire, she worked in an industry where struggling actresses have done some shady things just to get a part but as far as we all know, the media have not found anything shady or dubious about her and so they have created their own narrative, to the extent that scenes from her successful show “Suits” were doctored and put on a porn site. This is how desperate they are to defame her.

Remember, if you go online, like I have, and search you will find her achievements which are well documented, from age 11 and compare it to what is being written about her today and ask yourself if any of it makes sense. How many of us at age 11 thought to write letters to change an advert? It is also very telling that people who know her, who have worked with her have nothing but praise for her and also, for all the years she worked as an actress and advocate we never heard any stories about her. Since becoming the Duchess of Sussex, and for the most part championing the same causes, maintaining her same personality and even for the most part having the same dress sense, she has suddenly become this “problem person” for the British people’s, as the media will have you believe. I think the real problem is obvious and it is not the Duchess.

Below are just some of the ridiculous things the whole British tabloid media and TV hosts continually criticize Duchess Meghan for and then invite so-called “Experts” to advance their hatred:

Credit: Sussexsquad Podcast


  1. Eats avocadoes which fueled drought
  2. Opens her own car door
  3. Wears off shoulder dress and is called vulgar
  4. Wears black nail polish
  5. Holds her own Baby’s bump
  6. Wears wedges
  7. Does not wear tights
  8. Social climber
  9. Ghosts tabloid media person (allegedly) as there is no proof of such meeting) after meeting them just once
  10. Writes her own speeches
  11. Wakes staff up early and sends emails
  12. Staff leaving in droves
  13. Always acting
  14. Uses her hair as a curtain
  15. Snob
  16. Uppity
  17. Responsible for climate change for flying in a private jet
  18. Attends baby shower organized by friends costing millions of dollars
  19. Has celebrity friends
  20. Jinxes Serena Williams thus costing Serena major tennis championships
  21. Tells some unidentified person not to take photographs of her
  22. A Diva
  23. Constantly breaks Royal protocol
  24. Changing the British Monarchy and traditions that are centuries old
  25. Renovating a cottage given to them by the Queen at huge expense to the British Taxpayer
  26. She is American and her “can do” attitude rubs people up the wrong way
  27. Did not show her baby straight after giving birth thus broke yet another Royal protocol
  28. Has not lost post baby weight
  29. Does not hold her baby the correct way
  30. Left her baby to attend tennis match in USA
  31. Guest edited a magazine and chose only 5 white women
  32. Did not choose the Queen as someone who inspires her in British Vogue September 2019 issue
  33. Too political
  34. Made Duchess Catherine cry
  35. Her wedding bouquet could have caused harm to Princess Charlotte
  36. Her husband ignores her
  37. She wears the trousers in the marriage
  38. She has changed her husband and made him miserable
  39. Her pregnancy was a fake
  40. The baby the Queen saw and took photos with was a rubber
  41. Her cookbook was affiliated to a jihadist group
  42. Exhibits mental issues and is unstable
  43. Banned residents from parking near their home
  44. Wears expensive clothes
  45. Shows too much PDA

These accusations are, in my view, petty and trivial and shows just how desperate those behind the hate campaign are to sow discordant seeds which are harmful, spiteful and cruel. The negative reportage of the Duchess for over three years, does not measure up to her global impact, dating back before she became a member of the British Royal Family and after.

The media’s continued pursuit of this line of reporting shows just how tone deaf they are. There’s a world of eyes watching in bewilderment, so-called journalists display such a difficulty with integrity and it is shameful. The denunciations of the media tactics and the affirmations of support for the Duchess have come from all corners of the world, literally. Some 72 female Members of Parliament sent an open to the Duchess showing support for her stance against the “neo colonial” reporting which she has been subject to.

The fact is that, the Duchess of Sussex is a well-educated and highly accomplished woman in her own right. She had a successful acting career on a long-standing TV show, is a humanitarian who has lent her platform to bring attention to water and sanitation issues as a World Vision Ambassador, a gender equality advocate who has graced many a stage and in her current role as the Duchess of Sussex, together with her husband the Duke of Sussex, are arguably the most relatable and effective of the younger working royals. Her impact in her short year and a half as a member of the royal family is unparalleled. She has set the pace in many ways and her critics are now “students” who strive to emulate her every move. It is said that when people fail to control you, they try to change the way others see you. That ladies and gentlemen, is simply the case here. The truth of the matter is, no amount of aspersions or accusations can transpose the Duchess’ natural charm, charisma, savvy and sheer brilliance to her detractors. Their focus on her every move and their myriad attempts to cast her in an unfavourable light are proof that they acknowledge that she is superior.


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23 comments on “The Idiotic Accusations Made Against Duchess Meghan

  1. Anne

    These people cannot be serious, what a load of rubbish. The Duchess is not here to live according to haters’ rules.

  2. Debbie Coulsey

    As an American I agree with all the comments I have been reading. I must add that since Harry & Megan have been out of the limelight since Thanksgiving I am seeing Lots of stories on Will & Kate…hmm. Future King & Queen, Louis 1st word, Kate wearing jewels on & on. Honestly not 1 single article has any substance to them. Oh, Kate is talking to other Mothers? Megan helped with a cookbook for those hurt by the fire. Megan encourages girls to stay in school and be strong. Kate makes a garden that I guess kids can’t go to? At least reports here said she took hers even thou they were to young. Then there is Will, I’m trying to think of something important he’s done and honestly at the moment I can’t think of one off the top of my head. I’m not being a wiseass, I really can’t think of something. Yet Harry, I think Invictus games is amazing! Then Sensebal, and ALL he us doing for Veterans! Is there a chance that those back room men who made Diana’s life hell in the castle seeing just HOW much Harry & Mehan do compared to the “future King & Queen ” and they may be behind some of this to get the people against them? I wouldn’t put it past them to make up stories to the press. As an american I so loved Diana that when I got engaged about the same time as her I got a saffire & diamond engagment ring also. I had children at the same time, so I enjoyed watching her boys grow up. I hated what the press did and can’t understand HOW the people can let them do it to Harry & Megan & Archie. Maybe at some point the people will say enough. I am just saddened that Harry’s own family isn’t standing there sayung enough, from the Queen to his Father & Brother. Well, they are on this side of the Atlantuc now…maybe we should keep them since we love all 3 !

  3. Emerald Campbell-Derrick

    I am so glad to have been referred to this incredibly positive site about Duchess. This is my first time here, and I must congratulate all the wonderful people who think just like me about her. She’s an amazing young mother who has done nothing wrong except fall in love with a man who fell in love with her, but just happens to be a Prince. Just read a piece of advice spoken to her on a Talk Show by the Helena, the actress who is playing Princess Margaret on this season of the Crown, “ Never put your self esteem in the hands of strangers!!!!” That is such a powerful statement. We will continue to support the Sussexes, Duchess is blessed to have such a caring, protective husband. Love them and Master Archie.

    1. Rose

      Welcome, I am also grateful for this website, and grateful to the people who created it. I talk it up any chance I get.

  4. Jacqueline Bennett

    Karma is patient. She will allow the spiteful evil-doer hang themselves by the rolls that they themselves twined together. Let us be patient,too, for Lady Justice is blind “but that _itch can hear” (movie qhote)…

  5. Wm

    I wonder if they will ever leave this wonderful couple alone. It’s just so sad how they are trying to destroy Meghan just because she is biracial. There is so much racism in this world, it’s really heartbreaking.

    1. Léo T Golden

      I have just read this well written and well articulated article. You gals seriously deserve all the awards… I mean you report facts, you respect your subjects and write fair and truthful based articles. The true MvPs are here…

  6. Rose

    “Friendship for most people is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust. … True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests in a crisis. Friendship goes beyond just sharing time together, and it is long lasting. › definition-of-friendship“

    Piers Morgan claims he was friends with the Duchess, I would say he is highly delusional. They followed each other on Social Media and met once! She sent him advanced copies of Suits, and I can’t discern what she got in return. He never interviewed her on his show, thus giving her a higher profile in Britain, so I would conclude he used her not the other way round as he claims. He says “I have a rather more cynical view of Ms Markle’s ‘good intentions’ based on my personal dealings with her” , that would be the one meeting in a pub, unless you are a total lunatic, nobody considers following somebody on social media personal.

    We all saw the tweet angling for an invitation to the wedding, sad to say if it had come, Piers wouldn’t have this unhinged hatred towards the duchess. Weddings are for family and friends, Piers you are just going to have to accept that by definition or otherwise you were never a friend, get over it, and get over yourself.

    1. maggie howell

      Well said. He has never behaved like a friend. Friends do not attack and trash each other. True friends have each others back. The Duchess has never said he was a friend.Piers has never gotten over the fact that he found out about Her dating Harry through the press and TV. He realized that he was not as important as he thought and his ego was bruised. He is acting like a child and is lashing out. But the Duchess has gone on about her business and have left him in the dust.

  7. Joyce B.

    The U.K. media has been on a campaign to destroy The Duchess of Sussex from the beginning. They thought that by now she would be cowering before them begging them to leave her alone. The mission was to drive her completely out of the Royal Family and the U.K. Instead of cowering Meghan is fighting back in a way that reflects her level of intelligence. The media had their narrative all set with the “Straight outa Compton” headline. They have been waiting for the stereotype they created to show up, but sadly for them she never has. If they had looked past the fact that she is biracial they would have seen her for the well educated, talented woman she is. Nothing about her has ever supported the false narrative the media has chosen to promote but their bigoted, racist beliefs have rendered them incapable of seeing her for who she really is. When you listen to some of the RRs they sound more like rabid dogs than journalists. Their faces are visibly contorted by their hatred and jealousy for someone who is just doing her job well. Hopefully Karma will be taking a big bite out of their rear ends sooner than later.

  8. Alicia

    What I have found most incredulous is the large number of people (mostly women) who read a tabloid lie and then go to a Sussex instagram fan site and repeat the lie as though it came from the bible. When one woman posted that Meghan wasn’t really pregnant but bought a plastic doll it made me aware of the large number of mentally unbalanced people who live among us. Thank Goodness that Duchess Meghan still feels that her Harry is so worth the past three years she has endured.

  9. Estrella DA

    Some sectors of the Brit media and of the Brit population never expected a seamless transition of Meghan nee Markle from commoner to royal. They thought she would stumble, fumble, flounder figuratively and when she didn’t, they were resentful and outraged. So the demolition process began relentlessly. What they didn’t reckon was that if Hollywood didn’t crush her spirit when she was struggling to find a niche in that glittery world then no one and nothing could knock her down without her consent. They tried to find fault in her being an American but never looked deeply into her roots that she was a child born in that land of the free and nurtured in that home of the brave. Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry, and Archie will be okay. They have a global audience and a global support. So help them, God.

  10. Donna

    I agree wholeheartedly! The list you provided is proof orf the spiteful tactics used to harm her. What is the end game here? Drive a wedge between her and Harry? Make them both leave the U.K.? I don’t see either happening. I hope they kept suing the tabloids and start individual lawsuits too for defamation. She’s intelligent, strong and beautiful. Harry is standing by her. So are we.

  11. Gladys

    The thing is the Duchess is uncomparable to all her detractors the hate campaigners & yes they know that she’s superior & see her brilliance, so in their warped minds because they’re idiots they feel that it has to be their prefered person with such work ethics &intelligence. Otherwise Loved the Article & Hope this Site is Visited from Far & Wide.

  12. Gladys

    Yes, they do know that she’s uncomparable in intelligence & her work ethics & they want to be like her or they fill that its the other ones they prefer to possess such qualities & as it is not so, then this hate campaign due to their envy, otherwise this article is so brilliant & hope its read far & wide.

  13. Airat Adekunle

    Another fantastic and more enlightening article—this time by Rachel Daniels. If I read 25 articles per week from this site,they will still not be enough to replace the number of negative articles we have read per week in the past few years about the Duchess. Please,we need as many positive ones because I for one ,had gone through the gas lighting experience. I had to look for how to see what terrible things they saw in the Duchess as I had been doubting my own sanity. On the Daily Mail, I had had task the question several times,’What exactly has Meghan done?’. I hope the Duchess comes here to read these pieces in order for her to feel energised and encouraged to continue pursuing her laudable feats.
    I never felt the need to share this,but it is pertinent. I actually shed tears on 4 occasions(2 ,happy and 2 sad) : the 2 sad situations were the time her handwriting was analysed by so called experts and when she was given the social climber award;the happy tears came when I saw Archie in South Africa and when she decided to sue the Mail on Sunday for publishing her private letter…now she is suing the DM too. A very good move. I hope to God there is a way Piers Morgan can be penalised for being a monstrous bully. I wish The Duchess’s PR are looking for loop holes or some technicality to bring him to book. I am praying for a divine thing that will make him say something unforgivable and career destroying like Roseanne. That will be Karma.

    1. Sunshine

      Don’t cry sad tears…. karma comes around quicker these days. Let’s just send up positivity and prayers on her And her family’s behalf.

    2. Josephine Mphusu

      👏👏👏👏👏Spot on my sister .I decided not to click on anything these tabloids report about Meghan, the Sun, Daily mail, Express and now I suspect Cosmopolitan. I Just ignore them and everyday I check or Meghandepdia on Instagram. The joy I get from reading the articles it’s just pure joy because majority of people can see through these haters👌#WELOVEYOUMEGHAN

  14. Gayle

    This is a brilliant article and totally resonates with me in terms of being particularly protective of Harry. Meghan is undoubtedly a strong woman to have faced what she has done on a daily basis for over 3 years now and still tonhave the positive impact and influence that she has. She is unparalleled within the Royal Family and despite my fear of going to the tower, even against the Queen!

    1. Rose

      I am not British, so no tower for me. I agree with you though, it is the fear that there Is nobody like her in the Royal Family that brought out the fangs. In my mind I can see two starting point for the hate. The first was during that first appearance of the so-called Fab Four. You could see William’s fear of having his wife overshadowed. He tried to urge her to speak up, and she is like that’s very kind of you to say, self effacing. Even after all these years, Kate seems uneasy to speak in public whereas Meghan had already had a world stage. That made the Palace very nervous. The second one is the Australian tour. I think they were reluctant to go after her and hoped she would fumble and fail on her own. When she didn’t they went straight for .

  15. Christine Noke

    When history reports on Meghan, as we know it will, I hope that this racist treatment of her is condemned. At what point will people in the UK wake up and stop buying what the tabloids are selling?

  16. Grace Florence

    I think from the point of observing what has happened seen and heard on TV being said every morning it would be in light of Burkingham Palace and all people who work in that place to review their privacy and confidentiality documents. We know they need money to live but this is beyond and it leaves you with only speculating that they only need to see the marriage fail due to the fact of the woman being of biracial, but they think she will leave and prince Harry will marry an English rose but they donnot know what this might cause to the whole monarchy and the whole country as I come from the common wealth the conversation is changing. I think they should learn from what is happening with Prince Andrew and the negative impact it has caused to the people with one day. Jobs a lost, fundraising cut and what next it will have on the impact of the economy as a whole and the reputation of the monarchy and those who think will have to rule in the future.

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