Prince Harry Made The Right Decision To Remove His Wife, and Son Master Archie from Their Toxic British Environment


Prince Harry made the right decision. Prince Harry had loathing and contempt for the UK media before he met Meghan and now, he’s even more justified in how he feels because they have been waging a campaign of destruction against his wife, The Duchess of Sussex and their son Master Archie. He’s right to leave Britain for their mental and physical well-being. Here’s a compilation of him discussing his feelings about the British media on various occasions.

For three years and two months, beginning from when it was confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan were dating, the British media have digitally pursued Meghan, writing one vitriolic and hate inciting screed after another. The first poison dart titled “Harry’s girl (almost) straight out of Compton” was crafted to tie her to Compton, so as to justify pushing a narrative about her growing up in a gang infested area. Why? Simple, the message was that she wasn’t good enough for Prince Harry and it’s all down to racism. For those who are unfamiliar with metropolitan Los Angeles, the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles where Duchess Meghan’s mom lives is relatively closer to Beverly Hills compared Compton. Even after Prince Harry’s November 2016 statement to request that the media stop publishing lies and propaganda steeped in xenophobia, sexism and racism about his then girlfriend, Meghan, they doubled down.

The incessant bullying of Duchess Meghan by the British media intensified after the announcement that she’s was expecting their first child. Almost as if the goal was to use the stresses on Duchess Meghan to induce a miscarriage or harm the baby in some way. If you think that sounds hyperbolic, consider the request for kindness towards Rebekah Vardy and Boris Johnson’s girlfriend, while both were pregnant and under the media spotlight for various reasons. This by some of the very media fixtures that perpetuated the abuse and harassment of Meghan, either because of how she dressed her gravid self, cradled her belly or for some completely fabricated birth arrangements. Was it simply because they didn’t consider the pregnant duchess worthy of kindness and consideration? And if so why? Or was it more sinister? None of the possible answers are good.

The impact of maternal health and well-being on foetal and child health is well documented. Even at the lay level of understanding, maternal stress is known to adversely affect the foetus. As stated previously, the British media are aware of this, but they did not relent in their onslaught against Duchess Meghan. It’s a malevolent thought to consider, but one that aligns with what seems to be British media’s modus operandi. After all they have driven several public figures to their deaths by design – manslaughter by media. The most recent death is Caroline Flack and their most famous victim was Princess Diana. In both instances, they have capitalised on and monetised the tragedy.

The irony is, now that Prince Harry has left Britain with his nuclear family, the British media establishment is throwing a tantrum. It’s obvious based on their reactions that, they wanted Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and Master Archie around to use as the scapegoats and punching bags, until they succumb. They have for the past few months told The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on multiple occasions that if they want to avoid relentless bullying, harassment and intrusion into their personal lives, they should leave their senior royal roles and leave Britain. No one can forget one particular morning TV show host telling Duchess Meghan to go back to America. Now he’s leading the British media in continuing to peddle hate against The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He’s attempted to import that hate to the US by recently appearing on morning shows, and he routinely appears on Australian TV shows to peddle hate against them. The British media’s latest narrative is that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have been disrespectful to the Queen, when there’s evidence to the contrary.

The largely Murdoch-owned British media no longer make a pretence of publishing the truth about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They publish lies and propaganda even when the facts are readily available and verifiable. It hasn’t been without consequence. The couple have received death threats, with people openly wishing them harm. One would think that since the couple decided to step back from official senior royal roles, the media’s insatiable desire to villainize them will abate. Not so. Their new goal is clear; to drive the Sussexes into the most precarious position with their double-barrelled approach of further invoking an intensely hateful sentiment towards them, through their agenda-driven and propaganda rich “reporting” while also stirring up public sentiment to strip the Sussexes of their security. They seem to have a blood lust.

This week, we got two first-hand accounts of royal reporters/members of media who cover the royal beat, making very disparaging comments about Meghan, voicing what their perception of her motivations were, with most displaying a personal dislike of her. They blame her for everything under the sun and perhaps what was most shocking is the account that, the TV crew of a major British network that was covering the Commonwealth Day Service, called Meghan a witch and photoshopped a broom into her hands and a black hat onto her head! Truly astounding, not to talk about unprofessional. In spite of all this, to quote Ciara Phelan in her revealing piece about her encounter with the royal rota on William & Kate’s Ireland tour, “The paparazzi loved to photograph her, she was the ultimate money shot. But really she was nothing but a pay check to them all”.

As gag-inducing as this all sounds, it is consistent with the skewed vitriolic content they have generated, waging a targeted and coordinated smear campaign via digital, print, TV and radio broadcast, and social media( on their Twitter accounts, even interacting with hateful trolls). This is proof positive of Prince Harry’s assertion in his October 2019 statement when he and Meghan took legal action against The Sun and The Mail Group; the media have commoditized Meghan to the extent that she is no longer treated like a human being.

By taking a firm stand, and refusing to hand over unfettered access his beloved wife and son to be exploited by the media, Prince Harry has become an extended target of the media. This type of pursuit (yes, and forget the royal reporters who will feign ignorance of the figurative use of words, to excuse their bad behaviour) contributed to Princess Diana’s death in 1997 – when Harry was 12 years old. Prince Harry rightfully holds the media responsible, and is determined to make sure that his wife and son would not continue to be subjected to that same treatment. I say more power to him.

Through all of this media onslaught, the royal family have surprisingly refused to come to their defence, and through briefings by courtiers, it has been made known that the family do not support the Sussexes. Instead, the British royal family and British media have conspired to use the Sussexes as a foil to distract from the morass that is the ongoing fallout from Prince Andrew’s questionable alliance with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted paedophile and child sex trafficker, as well as Andrew’s own alleged sexual crimes. It has become so fine-tuned that whenever there is a head scratching story about the Sussexes, one can almost guarantee that the Palace is trying to drown out some unfavourable or unsavoury Andrew-Epstein related news, or the palaces’ surreptitious schemes to reinstate Andrew as a working royal, all while he’s evading questioning by the FBI.

On Tuesday, February 18, to distract from the official birthday honours for Prince Andrew in the face of public opposition, every British media outlet told the world the Queen had banned The Sussexes from using Sussex Royal. This apparently was decided at the time of the formal agreement but the timing of its release was quite strategic. The “news” was amplified by the international media without verification. On Friday, February 21, there was more bad Andrew news; he had failed to cooperate with FBI as promised. As usual the Queen’s courtiers went back to the well and before long, there was an outrageous story about Meghan challenging the Queen’s authority over the word ‘royal’. Sigh.

The lie, which I won’t repeat, was so egregious and damaging that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex within 3 hours issued a press release and posted their full transition plan for becoming non-working royals on their website to correct the lie. Even that, was somehow used to transition the media narrative into the next phase of faux outrage, by harping on a factual statement of the Queen/ UK Government’s lack of jurisdiction over the word ‘royal’ outside the UK, to accuse Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of disrespecting the Queen. That qualification by my read, was meant to demonstrate the Sussexes’ commitment to honour the Queen’s wishes, even though in north America, she had no standing to enforce it. While it may not sound palatable, those are the bare facts of the matter and show just what a ridiculous and mean-spirited decision it is. However, to the usual cabal of royal reporters, dispassionately reporting the facts is never an option, and are gleeful as usual to feed their readers a steady diet of hate where The Sussexes, and particularly Meghan are concerned. Below are excerpts of pertinent parts of the plan, which can be viewed in full here.

In a “365-day period observed, Duchess Meghan appeared in negative news stories 21.1k times, across 29k tabloid and broadsheet publications. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton appeared in 4.3k negative news articles from 14k publications” as found in this research. In other words, 71% of stories written about Meghan are negative. Without equivocation, that is meant to damage her reputationally, not to talk of mentally. No one can credibly and clearly articulate what she has done to deserve this treatment by the media. One is left with the obvious reasons of xenophobia, misogyny and racism.

Archie’s safety and well-being are paramount. He too has been subject to racist and coded commentary by the British media. Two days after his birth he was likened to a chimpanzee by a BBC radio journalist. He’s back on BBC radio after what initially looked like a dismissal but turned out to be a two month hiatus. Of course Hello Magazine, promoters of the farcical eponymous campaign for online decency, ‘Hello to Kindness’, were not going to be outdone by Danny Baker. In a not so covert manner, they also likened Archie to a chimpanzee, by a very questionable word choice in a headline about how prince Harry wanted to give Archie as normal a life as possible. Dr. Jane Goodall, who was being quoted, is an anthropologist, a primatologist and a serious environmental advocate with name recognition. Hello Magazine decided that, to quote a person who was relaying a conversation about a mixed-race prince, the best descriptor of said person was “chimpanzee expert”. Unbelieveable!

At seven months old, Archie was labelled a spoilt brat as supposedly, not spending time with his cousins the Cambridge kids will render him so. Forget the upbringing his very capable parents will give him. At only 8 months old, before he could even utter a syllable, the media already wanted to negatively define him. Then there are the faction of the media who want to see Archie because they are “concerned” about his well-being and want to make sure he is okay. We all know they’re just keeping tabs on his appearance so they can churn out sensational articles. It’s sickening frankly. In today’s digital age, can you imagine how damaging it will be for him to grow up and see what has been said about him? Prince Harry has been there. With the added layer of racism, there is no way he will subject his child and any future children to that toxic environment.

To many, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have claimed their self-respect and they are the definition of courage. Now, they are on their own path, away from the British media and the British royal family. The British royal family contributed, sanctioned or at least by remaining on the side-lines, are complicit in the media’s abuse and bullying of The Sussex family. For three plus years Duchess Meghan has endured the nightmare of character assassination at the hands of the British media cartel. Prince Harry has every right to protect his wife and son from the vitriol and bullying.

Both Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have brought energy, talent, and dedication to their senior royal roles. They have answered every unkindness by being doubly kind. Their final week of engagements was a reminder of the breadth and depth of substance they brought to their work. If this distinguishing quality which endears them to many, is indeed at the core of the friction between them and the rest of the royal family, then fair minded members of the public understand and applaud their decision to prioritise the well-being of their nuclear family and support them fully.

Though the Queen tried to cast a conciliatory note in her statement about the Sussexes departure from senior royal duties, all doubt that the situation as they found themselves in was untenable, was removed by the classless and puerile display of froideur by the Cambridges assisted by Sophie Wessex. If that was the public show, I shudder to think of how frigid it is in private. Perhaps the most shocking was Sophie, who herself had a rocky start to royal life following her misadventures, and was not cast out but extended grace. With that history and her foray into female empowerment, it was particularly stunning and odd to see her fight even a fleeting cordial moment with Meghan, while her husband cheerfully chatted to the Sussexes.

Nevertheless, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are both greatly admired and respected role models who are poised to do a lot of good, as they chart their new path. Harry is a strong, brave, intelligent and principled man. A battle-tested soldier. I admire his decisive courage and grit in standing up to powerful forces around him, without compromising his integrity. His family comes first, and no one can begrudge him that.

May God continue to bless The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Master Archie and any future siblings. I’m looking forward to what’s next for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.


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13 comments on “Prince Harry Made The Right Decision To Remove His Wife, and Son Master Archie from Their Toxic British Environment

  1. Wm

    This was a wonderful article,. It’s really sad how the RF acts. They really showed their true colors on Monday

  2. Gladys

    I hear the Queen has no say in what she says or what is decided upon in that damn firm, she says what is written for her, signs what is put before her by the Palace courtiers without sitting in on the discussions, & as for the courtiers they watch the mood of the people directed & produced by the media to decide, & we should also not forget that some Royals conspire with both the courtiers & the Media to push their desired agenda, so it must have been a nightmare for the Sussexes are authentic & all what is good a Royal should be, so there arose envy & jealousy from some Royals because of those Sussex qualities. So i say the Queen hasn’t extended an olive branch for she’s not a good person like most of her family, otherwise she would have said something in all those 3,5 years where the Sussexes have endured the most hateful reporting in the whole of the past decade.

  3. Rose

    Kate’s behaviour was beyond the pale on Monday. I won’t say shocking because none of them have stood up for the Sussexes, and it was clear KP was feeding the press. I found it especially egregious because Harry stood up for Kate so many times in interviews. He welcomed her with open arms, but the silence from both her and William has been really telling. Somebody pointed out that this was really short sighted of Sophie since she has a large Common Wealth portfolio, but beyond that, where was her human decency? I have seen Harry who has always had a soft spot for kids interact really nicely with her kids. So when her kids see that abhorrent behaviour on tv how does she explain it to them, and what kind of example is that to your children for the whole world to see? And yes if they behave like this in public, imagine what it is like behind the scenes as Meghan alluded to in her interview.
    I also don’t think Kate’s red coat was her intended choice, but Meghan had just spent the week blowing it out of the water, so she either felt she couldn’t compete or wanted to reinforce the false narrative of Meghan’s extravagance while she was frugal by wearing it again, by the way she has it 3 colours! Never mind that she had just treated us to several new uninspiring items on the trip to Ireland, small prints etc, complete with frilly clown collars. I don’t usually go there but that display in church really made me angry. Now all the headlines are about Kate overtaking Meghan as the biggest fashion influencer, they don’t of course mention that she has the stage to herself!
    Somebody mentioned the Sussexes making book deals and I hope they do some of that to secure their future. But knowing this couple’s dedication to their causes, that is going to be very important to them. So my wish would be to help them get their foundation off the ground with a bang once it has been established. If anybody knows Stormzy how about putting out some feelers for a banging benefit concert with other British artists to show support and give a finger to the racists. In America, Pharrel Williams is an admirer and a giant in the music industry, I am sure he could organize something with a lot of other musicians to show support. Another concert could be organized in South Africa. In other words global power, this is my dream anyway, but I have no way of making it happen. If anybody out there has some contacts, I hope it can happen.

  4. jose Smart

    Great read! Excellent article, summary and constant reminder of that story. Always good to know how we got there.

    Now that It is all said and done, we know who doesn’t like who, who did what, for what purpose (jalousie, envy, racism, complex of superiority, a black woman cannot be better than her white counterpart: Those with that mindset forgot about Beyonce, the best femaie singer and performer of the 21 century , Serena Williams: the best female athlete, Ophra, the best entertainer and media mogul who are all black women). Like these black women, the Duchesse noire could have been or was the best female royal of that british crown. There is really nothing new here. She was better prepared for the job. And Prince Harry knew it. Go back to their engagement interview.
    Having said that, I humbly think it is time to act financially on behalf of the Sussex. Mrs Michelle Obama received $60 millions for her autobiography : Becoming… and sold 14 millions copies. i am sure our sister La Duchesse noire and the world Prince can certainly match that record or even go beyond that with a simple book. It doesn’t have to be a tell all book of the nastiness of their family. There are so much we don’t know about them. Their love story, the trip to Botswana or Lesotho where Prince Harry invited our Duchess for a camping, how the deal was sealed, the birth of their first child, her first child at 38, what were her feelings, anecdotes about their different tours, Meghan childhood etc. I am buying this book. With 11 millions followers on instagram, if only 5 millions of those purchase whatever they decide to sell, we won’t be needed Prince Charles’s money.

    One more thing regarding their security, some reporters and experts are saying that the best security for the Sussex can only be provided by the state, ie the British state. Let me remind them that the President of the Usa, JF KENNEDY was gunned down under the watch of national security, same thing with his brother, President Reagan, the Pope Jean-Paul 2.

    So, enough with the scare tactic. I can wait to read their book with a double narrators.


    Merci encore à l’auteure de l’article madame Jacqueline Matthews pour cet excellent papier. C’était un véritable regal que de lire cet article qui nous retrace les faits de la campagne d’intoxication et de mensonges continuels cousus de fil blanc dont a été victime notre soeur la Duchesse noire. On a besoin de ce genre de papiers pour se rappeler constamment les raisons qui nous ont emmenées à soutenir ce jeune couple brillant, passionnant, charismatique et beau.

    Ceci dit, cette histoire de la Duchesse noire et son tendre et cher époux , le prince mondial Harry VS la famille royale d’Angleterre a été expliquée sous toutes ses coutures, ses aspects, les motivations des-uns et des autres. Il est temps de passer à l’action: les soutenir financièrement en achetant tout ce que La Duchesse noire et le Prince mondial mettront sur le marché. (livre autobiographique, livre pour adolescent, toutes formes d’articles.) Moi, je suis prête à faire ma part en achetant leurs produits. Leur page instagram a enregistre 11 millions d’inscrits, sans compter nous autres qui refusons de participer aux reseaux sociaux et qui ne sont pas déclarés comme followers . Si le couple vend un livre à $20, il suffit que 5 millions de leurs supporters l’achetent, faites le compte et vous verrez le pactole que cela leur fera.

    J’attends leur livre autobiographique à double narrateurs alternés (La Duchesse noire et le Prince mondial). le livre n’a pas besoin d
    être un tell all book. Juste leur histoire d’amour, leur rencontre, ce qui a motivé Le Prince, ce qui a motivé la Duchesse, la naissance de la Duchesse, son enfance, les emotions entourant la venue de leur premier enfant, la vie du Prince dans l’armée, la perte de sa mère, la préparation de leurs tournées en Australie, en Afrique, etc. Il y a tellement de choses que nous aimerions savoir sur eux.

    On a pas besoin de savoir des histoires croustillantes et scandaleuses sur la famille royale d’Angleterre. On sait déjà qu’il y a beaucoup de pourritures comme toutes les familles royales d’Europe. C’est pourquoi, les Russes et les Français ont guillotiné les leurs.

    J’attends donc le livre des Sussex, j’attends le lip stick de la Duchesse. On a pas besoin de l’argent du Prince Charles. Leur personnalité, aura et charisme sont leurs plus grands assets /atouts. Cela couvrira leurs dépenses sécuritaires. Suffit le chantage. Ils ne doivent plus réculer. Il faut qu’ils démontrent au moins pendant cinq ans de quoi ils sont capables. On les soutient, on prie pour eux. Ils n’ont rien fait de répréhensible pour être traités si méchamment et machiaveliquement.

  6. Marjorie Ireland

    Unlike Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex, Meghan shows who is Truly ROYAL with her dignified and pleasant demeanor.

  7. Airat

    Fantastic piece! I am still trying g to find a reason that will explain or mitigate the disposition of Sophie and Catherine at that Commonwealth gatherings. What moral right would make them treat Meghan with such ignominy? They knew what this lady went through…no sympathy,no empathy..and they even withheld their courtesy?
    No no no, these women were definitely an active part of Meghan’s torture over the years. They did some sinister thi ngs too and by some divine intervention, they were exposed.

  8. Airat

    Fantastic piece! I am still trying g to find a reason that will explain or mitigate the disposition of Sophie and Catherine at that Commonwealth gatherings. What moral right would make them treat Meghan with such ignominy? They knew what this lady went through…no sympathy,no empathy..and they even withheld their courtesy?
    No no no, these women were definitely an active part of Meghan’s torture over the years. They did some sinister thi ngs too and by some divine intervention, they were exposed.

  9. Alicia

    Such a distressing article to read about two of the kindest and hardest working people on the planet.
    It is very difficult to express the admiration that I feel for Meghan and Harry’s strength in continuing to work on behalf of their patronages while the Brit media was trying to take them down. Harry has more courage in his little finger than the entire royal family has. The Meghan fan accounts are full of trolls who parrot what the tabloids have printed earlier in the day but seem to be unaware of a single good thing that Meghan has done on behalf of the UK and disparage Harry for remaining with his wife. As I have mentioned before, Harry and Meghan won the lottery for horrible paternal families but with the love of Doria and their true friends, they will bloom and flourish in North America. This too shall pass…

  10. Dinah

    You said it right. The disrespectful behaviour of the royal family, more so William, Kate and Sophie, at the Commonwealth Day service, had proved the world at watch, that the Sussexes have made the right decision to leave the royal family and Britain. Harry quoted one of Meghan’s favorite quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr., which says: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that”. They’ve taken themselves out of the darkness and hell in Britain and the royal family, to the light somewhere else. May GOD BLESS AND GUARD THEM AND THEIR SON.

  11. Estrella

    Thank you, Jacqueline Matthews, for this very well-written piece. It is like a summary of what Meghan has to bear since her name was associated with Harry. The hate continuously thrown at her is staggering and I can’t imagine how anyone can endure such onslaught. Glad that the Sussex Family is walking away from that artificial pomp and circumstance kind of life for their general well-being. I wish Harry, Meghan and Archie the best of God’s blessings and favors. I wish you also the best as you choose to stay on the side of truth and goodness.

  12. Joyce

    If there was ever any doubt that they did the right thing, the display on Monday will convince any observers that the animosity towards them is from the family as some of the reporters have admitted. I am happy they are protecting their wellbeing, you only have one life. Their respective families sold them out and now they need to lookout for themselves now and build their future together to the best of their abilities, I know they will be very successful in their work, they need their sanity and no one will give it to them but themselves. We all should continue praying for them and continue to support them in our little ways.

  13. Gladys

    We have seen the evil slanged at the Sussexes especially Meghan, but to see how the Cambridges behaved on Monday was trully an eye opener to the animosity towards this kind couple & Sophie of Wessex, shame on her, i want to think that she wants to set camp & be buddy buddy with the future King & Queen, personally i abhor the Royal family & i pray for the Sussexes to excell in what they plan doing.

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