The Curious Case of William’s Care for Harry

The Curious Case of William's Care for Harry

There is not a day that passes without the British and Royal press blasting some headline about Prince Harry or Duchess Meghan, which news supposedly came to them via a well-placed source or a “friend”. Never mind that Harry and Meghan categorically stated that no one in the palace, or any royal source, well-place or whatever speaks for them. You see, since Harry and Meghan formally stepped back from their roles, there has been this insidious strategy to strip Harry of his agency and autonomy as a fully formed and accomplished human. Why would this be necessary? I think it’s a two-pronged aim.

First, it is obvious that despite the abundance of documentary evidence about Harry’s own feelings about remaining within the institution of the monarchy- ones that pre-date his meeting his wife- and since then, just the wretched way in which the media, some in the country and his royal family have treated him and his wife, the media and its puppet masters are trying. Trying to get us to take our thinking caps off and believe that Meghan alone informed their decision to step back. In the face of all logic and reasoned consideration, the powers that be are desperate to persuade us that Meghan is the big bad wolf. It would appear she’s the thing they fear or are threatened by the most, judging by how hard they try. Her power!

Secondly, If indeed Harry didn’t know better and has been supposedly led astray by Meghan, then that leaves a helpless Harry in your mind right? Does that sound familiar? “Harry is lonely in Canada”, and now “ Harry is lonely in LA”, “ Harry feels out of sorts in LA”, “ Harry misses the UK”, “Harry misses his friends back home” and all that jazz. Poor Harry, you’re being led to think. What would they ever do about poor Harry? I have an idea.

Apparently there is a person who by birth is the second in line to the British throne. For whatever reason, he has been incapable of taking that birthright and his own God-given talents to create a profile for himself, outside of some tangent to his younger brother who is sixth in line to the throne. It’s been the unending refrain since their childhood; Look how responsible William is compared to Harry, or he’s smarter, he’s more traditional, he’s more dutiful, he has more hair… oh wait that wasn’t one of them, but you get the point.

Operation reclaim the spotlight is being resuscitated after an attenuated response to all previous iterations. It seems the role of future king and the business of preparing for kingship(if I hear this one more time…) is not enough to capture the spotlight, so the hunt for the shiniest new medal is on. I give you the embryonic stages of “benevolent future king”. The one who reached out and extended a hand to poor lonely Harry. Take note of the very recent headlines: “William is in touch with Harry” and the latest “Prince William writes letter to Princess Diana Charity from ‘my brother and I’” or “ Prince William Shouts out Prince Harry in Letter to Princess Diana Organization”. What the h-e-double hockey stick? I’m sure Prince Harry was dying for a shout-out like the air he breathes.

This is where I get off my detour back onto the main road. William cares about only William. And that’s what this not so cleverly disguised propaganda is about. Don’t forget that, it is this same William “who dropped Harry like a ton of hot bricks”, and who was reportedly “tired of holding his brother’s hand” during the feverish coverage of Harry and Meghan announcing they were to step back.

The timing is also curious because. Prince Harry has been receiving A LOT of great global coverage about his work with Well Child, the Netflix-Thomas The Tank project, Invictus, and recently his support of vets through the Guinea Pig club and CASEVAC club. And may I add, it’s coverage that has not been filtered through the refractive lens of the royal press. So like clockwork, here comes tag-along K to do what he does best, trying to get up the coconut tree. Don’t be deceived, all these weird stories about Harry missing his family, the UK, and XYZ have been laying the ground work for William to not only be inserted into this positive news cycle, but also for him to emerge as a magnanimous figure.

Nice try. This latest round of PR is dead on arrival, because no one is buying what they’re selling. We haven’t forgotten that it is this same brother, who sent his media attack dogs after Harry’s wife in particular, as a way of diminishing their popularity. If you don’t believe me, take it up with Tim Shipman. And while the media went after Meghan and stoked the most negative sentiment against her, this same brother, the principal at Kensington Palace, who is reported to be an anti-bullying advocate and even presided over a failed anti-cyberbullying initiative, did not avail his digital media resources to sanitize their Instagram feed of the most vile, vitriolic, threatening and at times outright racist commentary about his pregnant sister-in-law. It’s because this team was working overtime deleting comments and blocking posters whose comments were deemed as infringing on his “human rights”. Okay!

It wasn’t even a year ago that, when Harry and Meghan were called every name in the book for traveling on a private jet(something all royals do and are defended for it), his brother tagged along that media cycle to pour salt onto Harry’s wounds. The night before their trip, last minute flight arrangements were made with the now bankrupt budget airline, FLYBE on behalf of William and family to travel to Scotland. He was cast as the responsible and eco-conscious future king for supposedly flying budget. Naturally, the royal rota were swift to his defense, when questions about the convenience of said budget flight were raised.

Naturally, like everything hatched in the dark, that publicity stunt unraveled when a report from the Scotsman uncovered, the last minute arrangements and the lengths the airline went, to position an aircraft for the auspicious royal flying act.

Fast forward to the next media storm around Harry and Meghan- The Southern African Tour documentary. As is customary with the British press’ dealings with Harry and Meghan, they always find the most negative slant and this time, the consensus was to portray Harry as “ mentally unstable” or “vulnerable”. Of course brother, the mental health advocate, did not miss the opportunity to enter the news cycle with his own label, Fragile. Why not ? Mental health advocacy and stigmatization go hand in hand right? The Curious Case of William’s Care for Harry!

My point is that, every time William has had occasion to be linked to Harry in a news item, it’s usually designed for his benefit. Whether it is a negative story or a positive one, Harry always gets the short end of the stick, so that William can smell like roses. This time is no different. Everything Williams’s actions have shown us does not track with this new narrative, except the part where there is a potential for good press. It is always selfish. They are brothers, and if they decide to smooth their differences, great. I however doubt that any genuine and well intentioned effort will be cataloged in the news. If for nothing, to protect that precious relationship you’re trying to rebuild.

So to the propaganda hacks, I say try another. Harry misses his UK friends? Are these the same ones the media hacks told us that Harry no longer hung out with because, you guessed it- Meghan had chased them away? And now he’s missed his family, the same ones who said they did not support him and his wife, and had moved to distance themselves?

The same family which the media told us Harry and Meghan are no longer part of its inner circle? And this was all while they still lived in the UK. The very ones who couldn’t manage polite pleasantries at the last Commonwealth day service. Give me a freaking break! I think Harry is just fine in LA. And his brother could care less. He just wants you to think otherwise.

Nothing new under the sun. Just the tired old alliance whose enterprise is money-making on one hand and profile building on the other.

Sylvester McMonkey McBean might think “you can’t teach a sneetch”.
I say, not so fast. “When people show you who they are, believe them”.

Dr. Seuss and Dr. Maya Angelou. Over and out.


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24 comments on “The Curious Case of William’s Care for Harry

  1. Jpyce

    Thank you Irene for this article, this problem with W’s sense of entitlement started from their childhood when he was indulged by the Queen mother and others in that family. This is why their mum late Princess Diana invested a lot of time in H because he was always left out and made to feel second best, we could now understand why the death of his mother has left a huge vacuum in his life, she was the only one fighting his corner and she is no longer around . H has put up with a lot in that family and the final straw was getting married to a woman who loves him for who he is not for his title He is not suppose to have anything better than his brother, he should always play second fiddle to the FF & his wife. The sad part of all this saga is the RF cannot read the room or smell the coffee, the courtiers are still in their bubble to realise that society has moved on from just accepting sense of entitlement without anything to show for it. The media who is promoting W & the rest of the RF because they want to demean H & M are deluded, but their collective behaviours towards the couple has made the world take notice and it is not looking good for the RF. H & M have been more effective from their home miles away in supporting their charities than the so called more important FF. The constant PR stunt is not working so they should give it up and be themselves, we can all see the farce, it is ugly and shameful.

  2. Gladys

    William, the BM, the RF, Palace sources, fake Royal Experts & the gossipers aka Royal Reporters should STOP talking about the Sussexes for they’re now private citezens & in that matter not even residing on that island.

  3. Claudia Barnswell

    Irene…I applaud you for all you have written. I remember when I would do research about Prince Harry, some of the interviews were with both Harry and William. Now, I know siblings rib each other from time to time, but there was something about the way William would rib Harry that rubbed me the wrong way. I never liked how he would put Harry down under the guise of “joking”. Just like the rest of the world’s eyes are opened to the farse known as the BRF, my eyes are also opened. I have never had any respect for that family, however, I gave them a chance when I had thought they had accepted Meghan in that family. But now that the truth is out, I’m happy going back to having 0 respect for them, as well as ignoring whatever they do or say. #IStandWithHarryandMeghan!❤❤❤❤

  4. Airat

    Irene,this fantastic article hit a nerve: l cannot fathom the negative sibling rivalry William has been expressing overtly and covertly. It is one-sided and heartbreaking.
    I had to ask myself after going through silly news items, telling us how Harry is trying to acclimatise in LA. Seriously? He ran away from piranhas and barracudas to whom he appealed , to stop their bashing of his pregnant wife; shared his emotions and resolve with us..and them during the South African trip. What did they do after that? They ridiculed,mocked him and Meghan and went ahead to intensity their bashing. Why would he miss such a society?
    He is in a haven and not ready to submit himself for crucifixion. William should give him some space and focus on performing his ‘regal feats’.

  5. Airat

    Irene,in this fantastic article hit a nerve: l cannot fathom the negative sibling rivalry William has been expressing overtly and covertly. It is one-sided and heartbreaking.
    I had to ask myself after going through silly news items, telling us how Harry is trying to acclimatise in LA. Seriously? He ran away from piranhas and barracudas to whom he appealed , to stop their bashing of his pregnant wife; shared his emotions and resolve with us..and them during the South African trip. What did they do after that? They ridiculed,mocked him and Meghan and went ahead to intensity their bashing. Why would he miss such a society?
    He is in a haven and not ready to submit himself for crucifixion. William should give him some space and focus on performing his ‘regal feats’.

  6. Léo

    One of my all time favourite articles. I honestly do not understand why people don’t see through these shallow humans that they call royals, specifically british royal family.
    Meghan and Harry have always been in a league of their own before they met and now it’s even bigger. Don Baldy never had a chance and now even #KingArchie has done more impact as a 1 year old than kathmandu and rose’s side piece have in the whole years they’ve been married. That island just sit there and applaud them for the most mediocre things. Irene thank you again for exposing this fraud with receipts and the best punch lines.

    1. Gladys

      Léo those who don’t see through the fakeness & dishonesty of BM, William & the entire BF apart from Prince Harry are envious, jealousy & lots of isims on their part, infact they know the untruth written & discussed on those fake shows about the Sussexes but they choose or pretend to believe, but the thing is deep inside they know.

  7. Och

    I wish the sussexes the best in life. You can’t choose your family but you can certainly choose your friends and they seem to have good people in their cycle. I pray for peace and love for them and baby Archie❤️. I believe they were put together for a reason and to do good in the world. I really hope Meghan works for UN women again we need voices like hers and also she brings back her lifestyle blog. the outrage from the British media will drive the Blog clicks up the roof lol. Perfect for advertising. Karma will be waiting for them. With the sussexes not around who will the next scapegoat be ?

  8. Em

    Anti bullying my foot. He should take a look at their social media feeds at the words aimed at Meghan and Harry and his new hair transplants will fall out. They think bye excluding his wife and child they’ll draw him close ? Things haven’t changed one bit. The abuse aimed at them has been disgusting and I applaud them for their strength. This is a classic Cain and able story or even Jacob and esau and you know how it turned out for the bad brothers. I wish Harry and Meghan well. I wish them peace and I hope this will bring them closer. ❤️

  9. Kate

    Wow, what can I say, I Don’t a thing for words..but always this very true.
    Thank you so much to all the people in Meghapedia.


  10. M

    Wonderful article as usual 👏🏻👏🏽, thank you. You spilled the ☕️ & served FACTS, little willnot & kanot, rroches, brf (#backstabbingroachfamily) think we are nitwits, no sir, we see what you’ll are really like. MEGHAN, HARRY & ARCHIE WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. The trolls & their leader can kick rocks. THE LORD IS FOR THE SUSSEX FAMILY 🎤 . Keep up the great work #meghanpedia 😘

  11. Pinky Donaldson

    The only definitive no holds bars book that should be written about Meghan and Harry and their struggles, that would not gloss over the racism, the stabbing in the back by the Queen, the royal rota, the rest of the Royal Family especially Andrew’s role and the British Media establishment that has been on a search and destroy mission since before Meghan joined the family, should be written by members of the Sussex Squad with Meghanpedia and their vast archives leading the project, please consider this.

  12. Joiska

    Ik woon in Holland, maar ik volg jullie op de voet. Ik heb zelden zoveel excellent geschreven stukken gelezen. Deze was er ook weer een.
    Wij hebben hier 1 keer in de week op zaterdagavond een samenvatting van oa de werkzaamheden van ons Koninklijkhuis. En verder bespreken zij ook het nieuws Van de Europese vorstenhuizen. En zo hadden ze vorig week een item over Tyler Perry..En het nieuws kwam uit de tabloids. Ik heb ze toen deze website gestuurd.🤓

  13. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again insightful and informative article, l always know William is the low of the lowest, he will never be able to impact charities or inspire people like how his brother Prince Harry does,in other to get our attention he will always need Harry to that,this is the Prince William the future king we are talking about,,useless and uninspiring ,a future king g my foot.

  14. Ivy Barrow

    Apologies, can you add this to the beginning of my comments please. :-
    Thank you for this detailed analysis of the spin being used by the Firm and media partners. It is good to record what games are being played here and to show there is no sincerity involved, but mere mere selfishness about survival. It is an important document for historical purposes.

    1. Mellitie Thompson

      Well said the truth will set u free blessing to u Harry Megan And Archie welcome to America we 💘 u keep hope alive

  15. Ivy Barrow

    I suspect that with the projects within the Foundation gathering dust, or struggling financially, and in some cases, no longer operating, the FFK and his FFQC are at a complete loss as to what the next moves should be.
    It is pretty clear that the new supposed Dynamic Four are from their new tag, and the four combined garner very limited interest from within the UK. I suspect they manage minuscule interest outside of the UK and individually or combined, do not bring in the £s for the media industry, despite their pals in the Royal Rota.
    Harry and Meghan are not living like vagrants outside of the UK. No one apart from the BRF, RRs and haters believed they would be like fish out of water. It was all projection theories and hoped on their part. The efforts by various factions (aka brown nosed individuals to the BRF) to publicly write and give interviews about H&M, painting them in the most vile derogatory terms, have all backfired. Their profile and support has grown as quickly as these nonsense stories have been printed, making the UK factions look and sound like extra in a 3 Stooges movie, but without the wit and intellect of the lead players🙂.
    The combination of the new Fab Four and all the other working Royals who have been dusted off and indoctrinated in the Sussex method, have been wheeled out to perform. The RRs have written fairy tales about their efforts and clearly consulted a Theasaurus a few times to try and write glowing statements in a variety of ways, which in essence meant they left their vouch to visit somewhere, grimaced for the camera and then returned to their hideway. The impact of said visits is debatable on all fronts.
    Harry and Meghan, in contrast, have done more for a wide range of charities, with immediate tangible impact, from across the pond. The interactions have been superb and full of warmth. The international press are still writing about the Sussexes in a positive and constructive way. No one, even in the UK, is writing anything about the BRF on such a scale or depth.
    Yes, it is pretty clear to most people that with all the titles and jewels and the homes that members of the BRF occupy at public expense, more than one home for many of them, the Firm is rattled by one home that is still half the size of any of the properties the BRF occupy. The fact that it is much larger than Frogmore makes them choke on their crumpets and tea I suspect😂. The Firm is rattled by the popularity and support H&M are receiving in the USA and also Canada. Their friends are very powerful indeed. The Firm and media underestimated the Sussexes big time.
    FF does not have the skill set to move his projects forward in a meaningful way. FF and FFQC do not have the work ethic either. It does not bode well for the Royal Foundation and I suspect the accounts will reveal interesting things. The Firm are Relatives not Family. PW is missing his crutch and he is unsteady without it. Aka Harry. With H&M gone, the shield has gone too, and over the coming months, more and more will be exposed from within the Gilded Ghetto. This latest on the shopping list of what the Fab 4 and pals in the media to try and get Harry to help them out won’t work. Note no mention of Meghan. Every time they disrespect Harry’s wife and child, the Firm put more distance between them and the Sussexes. The Sussexes do not need the Firm. The 12 month nonsense is all about the FFs learning to swim on their own, or hoping that Harry will take the arrows of derision for them if they start to sink from criticism. Wrong. Deluded. Willnot and Kan’t burnt the last bridge by the disgraceful behaviour at the Commonwealth service on 9th March. Sussexes are booked busy for the foreseeable future. Even Archie garnered more international coverage and views on his birthday than all three Royal social media sites. The writing is on the wall.

    1. Gladys

      Thank you on yet another insightful analysis, & to tell you the truth on that Commonwealth day service i came to realise & indeed many people got to really see how nasty the Cambridges are, they could not even try to hide their bitterness & try to be codial before the world, so for me at that moment i came to believed that PW sold & fed his brother’s wife to the Media wolves & by doing so he hurt his only brother, so the pr machine can spin as long as they want but the truth is, William has never ever possibly had a care for Harry.

  16. Conie

    Another really good article.what I can say to willybred is what goes around come,believe me KARMA IS WAITING FOR THEM!!!!!

  17. Tee

    William needs to stop adding Harry to his letters. He did the same at the summit when we later found out that he wrote it by himself. Those that support him will see how after Covid19 non performing people will lose gravitas. It’s the way the world is moving. With Harry not close who will they blame?


    You’ve written so many amazing articles, however, this is my favorite so far. The wat you so eloquently and efficiently dismantle the new PR attempts, made my day/weak. The audacity of these folks to think we’re all mindless fools who can’t see through their BS is truly midn boggling and insulting.

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