Queen Doria Is Indispensable, And You Will Not Erase Her!


After days of silly speculation about Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, and Master Archie’s Christmas plans, Buckingham Palace released a statement on November 13 confirming that The Sussex Family would spend Christmas 2019 with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland.

Following the straightforward statement, all media platforms in the UK and even the US started a very annoying narrative filled with double standards and the continued feeling of entitlement over Duchess Meghan and her son’s lives. Even crazier, there have been attempts to erase the importance of Queen Doria of California as part of Meghan’s life. I call her Queen because that is how I regard her and make no apologies whatsoever. This Insider.com article details the unfair treatment.

Prince Harry and then Meghan Markle began dating in 2016. She reportedly spent Christmas 2016 with her mother. They announced their engagement November 2017. In what was considered unprecedented, as his fiancé, Meghan spent the next celebration with the Royal Family at Sandringham. This gathering garnered an amateur photog a big payday as she captured the now infamous “Fab Four” pic. Fast forward to 2018, the couple spent their first Christmas after their wedding with the Royal Family. During that period, the rumor mill promulgated that Ms. Ragland was invited to the Royal festivities. This of course got the royal penny/pence pinchers’ trousers in a bunch; bringing on unnecessary hate toward Meghan and Ms. Ragland for no reason. Alas, pregnant Meghan took the customary walk to church chatting it up with her English Rose Sister-in-law Kate, which earned photogs and the media at large much money. Ms. Ragland remained wherever she was, minding her own Nubian business. The Year of Our Lord 2019 brought tremendous joy to the Sussexes with the birth of King Archie May 6, 2019. Meghan now has her “two best guys.” However Meghan took another year of dealing with the directed smear campaign against her which has led to law suits and an admission that it was indeed affecting her. After the Southern Africa tour, speculation was rife about a “6 week break,” prior to the release of the Buckingham Palace statement.

Immediately after the statement, there began a sinister and bigoted narrative that placed the importance of one human being Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and her wants and traditions over another Doria Loyce Ragland. Yes, Elizabeth is the Queen of England and Harry’s Grandmother but Ms. Ragland is equally as important, Meghan’s mother. Queen Doria has seemingly been the one steadfast family member Meghan has had her entire life! Moreover, the idea of rotating holidays with extended family is nothing ground breaking or earth shattering. Families do it all the time. The Cambridges did so with praise multiple times. There is however an obsessive need to police Meghan’s choices that has gone beyond the pale. Part of that anomaly includes people carelessly suggesting verbally or via keyboard that, Meghan needs to forgo Christmas with her mother because the Queen’s traditions are important and take precedence. The continued bigotry of it all is that, it is rumored that Palace courtiers informed the press that if Meghan was spending the holiday with her White (problematic) father, there would be no issue.

What I have read and heard over the last couple of weeks has been just pathetic! The British Press have now put the Queen and Prince Philip on their death beds, deeming this their last Christmas. Others have been telling the non-royal and non-British subject Queen Doria of California that she must report to Sandringham to see her daughter and family or else. Many in the media as part of their propaganda machine have quacked on about Harry and Meghan needing to weigh the “optics” of the supposed Fab Four Rift(due to their absence) as more important than spending time with Ms. Ragland; as if Meghan and her husband should care more about that than missing a third Christmas with her. To add some ironic humor to it all, the very people that beat their drums all year about how unroyal and unwelcome Meghan is among the Windsors, and who we’ve been told repeatedly have isolated and do not support her and her husband, are screaming to the top of their lungs and Twitter fingers that Meghan must go spend her Christmas with the those same group of people. That their absence from Sandringham will be the undoing of this year’s Christmas. If you’re scratching your head, you’ve got the right reaction because it makes absolutely no sense. I call it bigot logic. All those haters and bigots who endlessly gripe about Meghan should be excited that they will have a Meghan-less Royal Christmas to enjoy! They should be enjoying the good ole’ melanin free Windsor Christmas!

All should be smooth sailing, except for one major hitch; MONEY!! No money shots of their most marketable royals. I personally have gotten so much enjoyment out of the Sussexes starving the undeserving British Media of money shots and footage and attendant narratives. We all must understand that the Press could care less about the Queen’s age or her traditions. They are just using it to further their agenda. There will be no “fab four” photos or video to analyze and so body language quacks such as Judi James will have to sit this one out. No stories about Kate and Meghan playing chess or Meghan making Kate cry (depending on the day of the week)…blah blah blah.

There is an entire industry full of despicable people that value all of this nonsense over a mother who lives in another country spending her first Christmas in the last 3 years with her only child and first grandchild. I’m so glad that Duchess Meghan with the full support of her husband will not allow the construct of a colonialist Monarchy to erase the importance of her nurturer. I’m impressed that the Grandson of the Queen of England and sixth in line to the throne appreciates the importance of his bi-racial American wife’s black mother. I thank this Prince for valuing the importance of his royal born son’s black grandmother. The British Media, royal courtiers, online bullies or anyone else for whatever motive, WILL NOT ERASE DORIA. She will not be removed from Meghan and Archie’s life because some Brits think they “own” them. Ms. Ragland will not be put aside just because the white father messed up his chances of being a part of the holiday rotations! The things I have seen and heard over the last few weeks have been appalling, but I am also renewed in strength by the resilience of Meghan to continue to honor her loving mother, Queen Doria of California, in all her grace.


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22 comments on “Queen Doria Is Indispensable, And You Will Not Erase Her!

  1. Rose

    I bet the Cambridge children are going to make their Church debut on Christmas morning this year. Am I being cynical?

    1. Yaa Boama

      The Cambridges are all about photo ops. No creativity, no balls, no guts, they are just there!!! At least the next Heir has carved something out for himself, even when he was ridiculed, he stood for his beliefs and that is admirable to me.

    2. Gladys

      Yes the Cambridges will most likely parade their older two children left, right & centre, now tell me, who is hogging the limelight?😕

  2. Pat Strickland42

    I enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments about Harry, Meghan and Doria. It is a shame that the Royal Family has shown the world how “white” they are. I will put Meghan and Harry up against all of the Royals.

  3. Airat

    I am recommending that we publish,Antonio Baldascani’s response to the question,’Why is there so much talk about Meghan Markle?’. I am sure he will give you the permission to publish it.

    1. Yaa Boama

      Where can I read Antonio Baldascani’s response to the question,’Why is there so much talk about Meghan Markle?’

  4. Wm

    This was a great article. It’s really sad to see how racist the U.K. is. I loved the royal family before Meghan came and when she started dating Harry I was so excited to see her join the family. Now to see how the royal family & U.K. media are being so racist & hateful towards her has caused me to no longer care for the royal family. I look at all the work Harry & Meghan does & they are still not appreciated, it’s truly sad. The best thing would be for them to leave the royal family. It’s not what I want but it might be best for them as a couple. The racist U.K. media can leave them alone since they hate Harry & Meghan so much. I pray for this couples safety all the time. The U.K. media has put them in so much danger.

  5. K

    As it relates to Archie, his grandmother will be far more important in his life than a great-grandmother. Sure, the Queen is a figurehead, but she’s 93. She’s not going to play a significant role in his life. As Archie’s grandmother, Doria will play a much longer and larger role in his life, and it is important that they have this time to be together and bond. The Middletons claim their time with their grandchildren (including at Christmas), and no one ever inquires about how much time the Cambridge kids spend with the Queen.

  6. Gladys

    I do love Ms. Doria she seems to be a very kind & lovely person & she raised her only child well, instiling in her empathy & love, am glad that the Duchess honours her mother & with her husband Prince Harry’s support.

  7. Dinah

    Through all the years of humiliation, hatred, racism and characters assassination towards her AND her daughter, Doria stayed composed, dignified and respectful to her daughter, Harry and the royal family. She deserves a big hug and a million kisses!
    The so-called ‘monarchists’ should show some more respect to this woman.

  8. Dinah

    Thank you for your great contribution.
    Every word in this article hits the nail on the head. Doria has had to miss enough enjoyable moments with her only daughter – and now grandson – since Meghan crossed the pond to join this unloving, harsh and calculated royal family, whose members conspire with the press against her, to ‘put her in her place ‘, as they and her haters, with great pleasure, used to say.

    People tend to forget that from the moment the press learned about the relationship between H&M – more than 3 years now –
    and subsequently, the royal marriage of her daughter, Doria’s life has also been completely turned upside down and restricted. E.g., by the press invaders in her home environment, her work and social life. She was forced to change job. She can no longer (proudly) talk about her daughter & her family, or even the royals, with random people or with her own family & friends, for fear that information or pictures would be leaked or sold to the press. So how can people be so thoughtless, so mean to deny her existence and pleasures as a mother/grandmother/mother-in-law?

    I hope that Harry and Meghan will take their break to make up their mind how to continue to contribute to and be part of the BR family. Things have to really change for them to be able to feel joy in their hard work and have an unbothered union/family life – in Meghan’s words, ‘’…That (this) is not the point of life. You got to thrive, you got to feel happy’.

  9. WandaC

    Excellent article. I agree wholeheartedly. I just hope Meghan and Harry don’t change their minds and attention the Royals celebration. They should stay away and not give into the bullying. They can always visit the Royal family and celebrate with them after Christmas.

  10. Airat Adekunle

    The truth has been expressed by Ms Regina Hartley. The press and the royal reporters have not just put the Queen and Prince Phillips on their death bed,they have also scheduled their death for Christmas! Impressive clairvoyance on their part but how frightening and saddening for the Queen and her husband who had had to read or hear of their predicted or speculated imminent death in the papers. It makes one wonder: has it not sunk in that the Queen and this wonderful couple are next-door-neighbours and they can see one another every day if they so desire? Or it did not occur to them that you cannot profess to love the Queen and predict her looming demise in the same breath.
    We will continue to watch and pray for the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex because the press are desperate to use them as clickbait or commoditise them,by fire or by force; this desperation,albeit amusing, was depicted in the Sun and Daily Mail’s asinine report about how Meghan responded to Prince Andrew’s interview!
    We will be seeing more of these concocted stories when the Sussexes come back from their deserved holiday with the revered Doria. but now we have understood the game and the desperation.

  11. Hanging Betty

    That’s the whole truth that needed to be said. And we are not gonna rest to put hate and racism in the non existing needed box where it belongs

    1. Connie

      This was perfectly written. I too am glad that Duchess Meghan is not conforming to their “colonial” way of thinking. This is 2019 not the 1700’s. The racist British press & The Royal Family see this biracial Duchess, her offspring & her mother Doria, as their property & not as their equal. They’re trying to “whip” Meghan into submission using their tactics of lies & smears. They want to use Duchess Meghan as a token. They expect her to be seen & not heard. They also expect her to speak only when spoken too. They want total control of her simply because they fear this highly intellectual, eloquent, independent, self made innovative, creative woman of color.

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