Sussex Billion Pound Impact on British Economy


  • Since Meghan’s arrival to the House of Windsor, there has been a 1.4 Billion Pound increase to the British economy.

  • £300 million uplift to tourism: 
    2011 saw a rise of more than 3% for U.K. tourism over the month of its royal wedding, according to Haigh.“We said, ‘OK, if the same thing happens this year, you have on average 3 million tourists a month to the U.K. If you get a slight increase in that, and they all spend a certain amount of money – I think about a thousand pounds, we said – then you’re going to get to that 300 million figure,” he told MarketWatch, in describing the impact on hotel operators such as InterContinental and other travel-industry players.
  • £300 million in public-relations value: “It’s essentially advertising value equivalency to the U.K. as ‘Brand Britain,’ as a result of all the additional coverage related to the royal wedding,” Haigh said.• £250 million boost to retail/restaurants: A recent survey found about 40% of Britons were interested in the wedding, and that amounts to roughly 25 million people, Haigh told MarketWatch. If each person is inspired to somehow spend an extra £10, that works out to £250 million.He suggested that estimate could be lowballing it:
  • “It’s actually minimal, the benefit that you’re getting, and it actually could be potentially much higher.”

  • £150 million uplift for fashion industry: “People seem to go crazy as soon as Meghan is seen wearing absolutely anything,” Haigh said.
  • For example, one green dress that she wore last month reportedly sold out within hours.

  • £50 million boost to merchandise: Think “coins, stamps, mugs, all that sort of stuff,” the Brand Finance exec said.


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