Monetizing Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex Part 7


Co-written and edited by Etta Ibok

An In-depth Look at How the Markle Clan Abused and Used the Duchess of Sussex for Money

Two recent posts by Samantha Grant reflect just how deep and terrifyingly dark her hatred for her half-sister has become.

  • Following Archie’s christening, Grant tweeted: “Everything about the Christening look faked and photoshopped but more at issue is the fact that she has traded an entire family to be royal and shame in her. I’m surprised the church did not catch fire when she walked in”
  • On July 31, 2019, Grant posted this ominous tweet: “Mark my words if my father dies without the love and respect he deserves because he is an incredible loving father, the world will never hear the end of me. I will avenge his death. Record that in history”.

The third prong in Grant’s assault on Duchess Meghan was her tantalizing “tell-all” book. So, what about the book?… Is there a book or not? It is known that the title of the book changed twice. The world learned about the first change on May 15, 2018, four days before the Royal Wedding. In an interview with Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain”, Grant announced that “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister” had undergone a name change and, apparently some content revisions. The book’s new title was going to be “A Tale of Two Sisters”. Lest we forget, this was the interview during which Piers Morgan memorably called Samantha Grant a “media vulture”, reminded her that she had been trashing her half-sister in the media for two years, and challenged Grant, without success, to disclose how much she had made in speaking fees. Unfazed, Grant later appeared on Dan Wooton’s Bizzare to disclose that she had been approached to sell rights to the book, with the grandiose plan of making it into a movie or a TV mini-series.

As to the change in book title, Grant credited her agent, Linda Langton, for the brilliant idea that “A Tale of Two Sisters” was more reflective of Samantha Grant’s “loving feelings for her sister”. Reportedly, Langton herself told The Mirror: “This book is extremely well-written and is a dynamic and sympathetic portrayal of two sisters, one of whom is soon to be a real live [sic] princess”. However, it was later reported that Grant had written only three chapters of the book at the time of this ringing endorsement. Samantha Grant herself described the book as “a sociological journey”, that she said “paralleled . . . [her] sister’s life being doubly marginalized as a biracial woman”. Grant also promised that, although the book “talk[s] about . . . [her] family”, it would not be “gossipy”. Langton and Grant are reported to have parted ways after the summer of 2018.

Nevertheless, in January 2019, Samantha Grant provided a major update about the book via Twitter in the following post:
“I couldn’t help but let it slip! There are actually two books coming out! ‘In the Shadow of the Duchess I and II’”.

According to subsequent information provided by Grant, the release of the two volumes was timed to occur approximately in April and August 2019 — the first falling around the anticipated birth of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s first child and the second around Duchess Meghan’s birthday. This, of course, led to widespread speculation, in both the media and online, that Grant was set to “hijack [or, more accurately, monetize] the royal birth”.

As to what the new books are about, Grant lapsed into her usual obfuscating self. The books, she now promised, would be “a sociological journey [that] covers everything from behind the scene that the world does not know about… from lullabies to lies.” The books are also a “way of saying sometimes the most beautiful parts of life are found not in the bright light or the glare of the sun, but in the shadows and through challenges”. The title, she added, “suggests that there was a lot going on in the shadows that you don’t see and it does not mean that I am in the shadows. It means a lot of life happens in the shadows”.

Challenging any suggestion that Duchess Meghan was raised as an only child as “a PR lie”, Grant promised, “I’m not fluffing anything nor am I insulting or out to disparage. Life is full of a lot of challenges and some really beautiful moments. My book is honest and human about a lot of things including my own accomplishments and shortcomings. It’s reality and anyone in a family can relate. The books will also explore how the family has suffered from cyberbullying since Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry got married last year”, said the instigator of the most intense, dark and dangerous cyberbullying of her own sister for money and a few seconds in the spotlight.

April has come and gone. Archie is almost four months old. Duchess Meghan has celebrated her 38th birthday. It’s September and still no books.

Back in 2017, when Samantha Grant was generating anticipatory hype for the “Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister”, she would not disclose the book’s release date, claiming that the publishers were in control of that information. She would not disclose any information about the publishers, claiming she could not talk about that, either. Can we assume that there are no books? For starters, you cannot write about a person of whom you know nothing. Duchess Meghan did not grow up with Samantha Grant or Thomas Markle, Jr. Samantha Grant knows nothing about Duchess Meghan. All she has are a handful of old baby photographs and a graduation picture. The world has already seen those. In two years of her one-sided war of words, Grant has disclosed nothing substantive against Duchess Meghan. She has called Duchess Meghan names. She has hauled insults at Duchess Meghan. She has been abusive towards Duchess Meghan. The media rewarded her handsomely for her viciousness and spitefulness. To use her own phrase, it’s been all “smoke and mirrors”. Nothing more.

Dare we hope that the ride is now over for Samantha Grant? That her shelf life has expired? Probably a piece of wishful thinking because Thomas Markle has come roaring back. And Samantha Grant is quite possibly a few steps behind him. So, expect more drama.

And, for Duchess Meghan? Well, it seems she has made her peace in a situation where no child ever wants to find himself or herself. If the article in today’s Daily Mail has any credence, then the Duchess has reached her point of no return and all that is left is to ride out the storm that will surely follow. With her adoring husband, their adorable almost four-month-old son and two dogs, life may not be perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. We are told she is immersed in personally caring for her son and is enjoying the challenges of first-time motherhood. And, yes, in spite of being on maternity leave, she continues to work hard, one act at a time, to make someone else’s life better and the world a better place for all of us, including those who look at her and see nothing but the dollar sign.


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3 comments on “Monetizing Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex Part 7

  1. Sussex Fan in US

    Rumor is the “book” is still “coming” from an unknown publisher, hardcover only because Samantha feels it’s going to be so popular if it was out on Kindle it would be pirated. Here’s your grain of salt.

  2. Gladys

    At first it was monetizing yes, it was the money in it, sadly some Royals felt that the talk & writ shouldn’t be about her since they presume she’s bellow them to the Royal reporters the good deeds should not be done by Meghan, alas the Sussexes should not be adored & applauded BUT what about the $ £ € what can be done?? they question themselves SO the HATE, SLANDER- CAMPAIGHN to make her hated, unloved & unapplauded & still fill up their coffers or pockets, so the Media embraced the embittered jealousy sleezy envious half siblings to squash & tarnish the amazing character & person of the Duchess & yes still they’ll be earning, a win win to all involved, the gutter BM, RR, & ROYALS & yes her hateful paternal family.
    Yes the’ve earned but they have not won thanks to the amazing support of the numerous people especially the squad who have worked so hard on pushing back & ready to continue come 2020😊

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