It Didn’t Have to Be This Way – A reflection of the British Media’s Animosity towards The Duchess of Sussex

Replying to Recent WTFery Online Comments Regarding Meghan

It didn’t have to be this way – The media’s animosity towards Meghan.

I think the hostility of the British media towards Meghan, The duchess of Sussex, was evident right out of the gate with the Daily Mail’s “Almost Straight Outta Compton” headline. From then on, Meghan’s nightmare began with her dodgy, envious and hateful paternal relatives engaging in verbal guerilla warfare on every media outlet that would pay them. The sister touted a non-existent book about being “Princess Pushy’s Sister;” the brother penned & published a shockingly nasty poison pen letter defaming her on a global stage, warning Prince Harry not to marry Meghan; and the father began a campaign of lies and character defamation. They were the epitome of ‘crab in a bucket’ mentality. If they were not going to be elevated to the perceived status and fringe benefits of having an HRH relation, they were determined as hell to make sure Meghan didn’t either – EVER!

The instant and prolific attacks were hurled at Meghan from so many different directions, that it had to be emotionally taxing and apparently was – so much that Prince Harry issued an unprecedented statement addressing the racist & sexist undertones of much of the commentary. Unfortunately, nothing changed. In fact it got worse. Thomas Markle ramped up his atrocious behavior and became complicit in the very mean spirited eruptions of vitriol spewed at Meghan from his other daughter. Together these two are an absolute monstrosity of enabling and manipulation. The emotional toll had to have been magnified by these insensate creatures being granted the megaphone of a hostile British Media conglomerate determined to destroy Princess Meghan and weaponizing her paternal relatives to so.

The abuse and hostility was unrelenting during her first pregnancy, a tender period for any woman. A period during which most decent and rationally minded people bestow kindness, consideration and care on the gravid woman. Knowing the untoward effects of stress and pressure on the wellbeing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child, one wonders if it was part of a sinister plot to harm the pregnancy. It is not farfetched if you think back to the same British media sympathizing with and decrying the “harassment” of a certain “heavily pregnant woman”, who was outed as an alleged leaker of stories about her friend to the tabloids.

In fact, I think Meghan would borrow the words from Queen Elizabeth and say, 2018-2019 are not years on which she will look back with undiluted pleasure. For although she her handsome and dashing soulmate who happens to be a prince, the joy was sullied by her father’s shenanigans up to and after the wedding day. It seemed that every single time she did something good, someone in the British media found a way to belittle and find fault. The Hubb cook book was a best seller, with immediate tangible results benefitting the recipients of the project.

Meghan’s singular talents include making sure that her efforts are still productive after she has stepped back into a less active role and the organization/entity is able to sustain the momentum independently. Nevertheless , immediately after the successful launch of the cookbook Camilla Tominey penned a hit piece for the Telegraph stating that “Meghan’s mosque” was linked to terrorists, putting Meghan’s life in danger as well as the lives of the women in the community who were being helped by the cookbook.

Meanwhile out of the blue, a person who masqueraded as an ally and “friend”, who will not be named in this piece but just identified as a television personality on ITV, made a complete U-turn from effusive praise and recommending Meghan to Prince Harry as a “real keeper”. He even supported Meghan on his television show where he publicly scolded Thomas Markle’s other daughter, calling her a vulture for trashing Meghan regularly for over a year.

Then this TV personality inexplicably began doing the very thing he castigated the other daughter for doing. In the meantime Meghan, like a true Disney-esque princess, continued to work in the shadows. I imagine she whistles while she works. We know she smiles and encourages all who come in contact with her during her projects. All those involved in the Smart Set Initiative had nothing but good things to say about this Princess.

What is amazing is the stark contrast between the positive and glowing comments about the type of person Princess Meghan is and the bitter critical and caustic accusations of narcissism and diva character peddled by certain television personalities as well as jealous hostile paternal family members. It seems everyone from her sperm donor and his other spawn as well as his fame and clout chasing brother, son and grandsons have two things in common. They have nothing going for them and they are desperately thirsty.

This time last year, the horrible rhetoric had reached a hellish crescendo. The momentum built up with steady insanity starting in the summer when said sperm donor gave a NINE HOUR INTERVIEW to the Daily Mail. His other daughter engaged a publicist: I remember rolling my eyes and laughing at the thought of the arrogance and complete lack of self-awareness that would propel this other daughter to think she was going to retain relevance for any length of time, that would require her to retain the services of a publicist. Delusions.

It was absolutely the stuff of black comedy. This team of juvenile mediocrity was so bad they were banned from Twitter within weeks of working for the other daughter. Unfortunately, the inane and vulgar publicity team quickly spiraled away from any semblance of publicity professionals to absolutely violent, threatening cyber bullies. Google searches of these women revealed they had had serious run ins with the law. The bullying became doxing and increased so much so that some members of the Sussex Squad deactivated their Twitter accounts and took legal action. Those of us in the Sussex Squad who had the dubious privilege of engaging with this team of hacks christened them the “thuglets”.

It is unimaginable to me, the mental fortitude it must have taken for Princess Meghan to endure the never ending character assassination from her paternal side as well as the sniping hit pieces from the British media. All of this is happening as she becomes pregnant for the first time. She also begins a huge Oceania tour of four realms of the commonwealth. Meghan sails through the tour with the grace of a goddess and gives a fantastic self-written speech about female education in Fiji. Her paternal thirsty myna bird relatives respond with an unending chorus of accusations and slander. Again, it is bad enough to endure bad faith from relatives but it seems Meghan’s mean relatives have magic nasty pens and lips that turn their vitriol into manic headlines for media bullies. As 2018 closed out, the Markle bullies hyped up the malicious drama for Christmas. Thomas began begging the Archbishop of Canterbury for help in mid-October.

There was a Christmas card which was published saying “call dad.” Meghan was harangued by media personalities and panelists to extend an olive branch. By the time the year ended one of her relatives had been placed on a fixated person list after morphing into a full out stalker, showing up in London and trying to pass a letter to a guard to give to Meghan. Needless to say, the letter was rejected along with the messenger. This ill-judged attempt was the culmination of a European tour of lies and slander with the fixated other daughter traveling to Italy, Ireland and the UK doing her Pinocchio best about Meghan inexplicably “ghosting” her father.

By February of 2019, friends of Meghan had had enough, and were quoted anonymously in an article in People magazine where they cut the legs out from under the constant barrage of sympathy snipes at Meghan for abandoning her dad, when they revealed that Meghan and Thomas had been in touch via email and snail mail. This proved him to be a massive brazen liar. It was incomprehensible to think about all the times he dramatically and extremely inappropriately called on the Queen and even the Archbishop of Canterbury to intercede and force Meghan to reach out to him because he “innocently” had no idea why Meghan refused to talk to him. He accused the royal family of holding her under some kind of cult-like spell, claiming he could see terror in her eyes at the repression she had to be under. All this time, this man was LYING – that’s right – all caps!

To make matters worse, this walking parental abuse warning sign stupidly sold the letter to the Daily Mail and allowed them to publish it, thinking it would make Meghan look bad. It didn’t. It showed him to be the liar he was and is. Amazingly, the British Press didn’t take a step back, and have a think about their pandering to this emotionally abusive monstrosity of a family. They doubled down and hired handwriting experts to analyze the depths of Meghan’s supposed character flaws. That in itself, was indicative of the fact that the British media were only in it to abuse Meghan and profit off the scores of inflammatory stories they churned out about her on a daily basis. They could care less about Meghan’s family dynamics.

After 3 years of this unjustified media abuse which didn’t even let up during pregnancy or post-partum, Harry and Meghan shared a fraction of the struggle they have endured. At this point, it is worth distinguishing between being in the spotlight and being the subject of relentless character assassination from a national network of royal reporters, television panelists and individual presenters, that have on occasion extended beyond British borders to the wider UK, Australia and the US. The latter is malicious. The British media and their gullible followers conflate the two, to absolve themselves of responsibility. We aren’t stupid and we see the manipulation.

There was no let up. No understanding. Meghan and Harry were criticized for whining. Seriously? I dare anyone of their accusers to walk a mile in her shoes and see if they could take it. The same reporters, commentators and bloggers whose thin skin is on full display on social media as they spew propaganda, but quickly block and then cry harassment when challenged on facts and substance? Imagine not being able to back-up one’s nonsense and playing victim. It takes a special breed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on a break – spending the holidays with Mama Doria. Even with a statement from Buckingham Palace bidding the couple Godspeed on their holiday and noting that this was not without precedent, hostility and criticism erupted from all quarters. Even washed up rockers and has-been tv starlets chimed in with criticism for the royal couple completely dehumanizing Princess Meghan and scoffing at hers and Doria’s right to have Christmas together, as have other members of the family prior.

Meanwhile glowing testimonials to the actual triumphs experienced by Meghan’s patronages including Smart Works continue to roll in. The Bible says, in Matthew 7:16 “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

The character and caliber of people that have flocked to support the Duke & Duchess of Sussex is a reflection of the caring humanitarian nature of these two royals. They are walking and talking illustrations of the biblical exhortation to not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

The good fruit following their good works will continue to proliferate and multiply. An accepting unbigoted reception to Princess Meghan would have made these benefits available to multiplied thousands more of UK humanitarian causes, if not for the constant insane need to diminish and second guess every good initiative Princess Meghan undertakes.

Supporters of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex reflect the spirit that animates this loving generous couple who chose to sow kindness when pilloried with abuse, as evidenced by several organic fundraising drives that have benefited several charities. It is my sincere prayer that these kinds of initiatives give Prince Harry & Princess Meghan the encouragement and strength to walk in the path God has called them to.
Through a landscape of unprecedented hostility and sabotage from kin and country, they have persevered and remained admirably focused on helping and highlighting the causes dearest to them. While they have seemingly stayed steadfast, It really didn’t have to be this way.


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30 comments on “It Didn’t Have to Be This Way – A reflection of the British Media’s Animosity towards The Duchess of Sussex

  1. Mary L Brown

    I pray that people would think twice about bullying others. Wishing Harry, Megan and Baby Archie the best life possible. I am from American, and I think they are great,

  2. Alexandra Coetzee

    All we as SUSSEX SUPPORTERS can do …is pray to the ALMIGHTY for devine intervention…to protect and keep them
    Let the British Royal Family rot on planet EARTH and may the spermdonor KARMA !!!be realised soon

  3. Carrow

    I’m so happy that H&M have taken such massive steps to control their own destiny.

    I have a very close relationship with my father and I just CAN NOT understand why Thomas Markle is so willing to hurt and betrayed his own child. Is he that desperate for money?

  4. Alicia

    Excellent summary, Kip! I have spent some time mulling over the reason that Meghan’s father turned on her. Remember the story of him buying two sets of dolls, one white family and one black family so that she would have a representation of them? Perhaps he considered himself a “liberal” without realizing that considered Meghan “less than” and when a Royal Prince chose Meghan, he was afraid that she would feel herself “elevated” above his level? Apparently his unconscious bias manifested itself in causing him to side with his Caucasian first born daughter to try and bring Meghan back down to where he had placed her in his mind.
    Harry must feel so much sadness that because he found a lovely woman to share his life and was willing to give up her livelihood, friends and country for him, that she has been pummeled from all sides. They MUST win their lawsuits so that their lives will be their own in the UK.

  5. Rose

    Great article thanks. Personally I hope Meghan never talks to that sperm donor ever again. What a despicable human being. He sold out the Duchess over and over again, and piled on under the guise of defending himself. What about defending your child, that is what most parents would do. He could have stopped it all at the beginning by stating that indeed MEghan had supported him financially when Smarnkle started the lies. At one point I believe he told he who shall not be named that Harry and Meghan had brought the whole thing onto themselves. This man and all his family made the whole situation a hundred times worse!
    The law suit states that Meghan was the primary caregiver for her grandmother. So where was this man and his brother who wants to Apparently take credit for Meghan’s career. This was their mother, why were they not the primary caregivers? Where was the oldest grandchild and her crazy brother?

    1. Angela

      Rose, I was married to a man like Duchess Meghan’s sperm donor, he really doesn’t like his daughter in for the benefits and attention…

  6. Dinah

    The most painful thing is that Meghan is not only maliciously attacked by the press and her white trash family, but that she is even undermined by the royal family; the family she gave up her carrier, freedom and life for, to serve. All these people are not only on a mission to stain her character, but they are all out to break and destroy her spiritually.I can imagine how hurt and sad she must be. Thank goodness she has her mother and husband, her good friends and the blessings of the Almighty, to face these evil spirits. Yet I believe that she and Harry have a hard time dealing with the persistent hatred, false media stories, racism and betrayal by the royal family. If all this has happened to me, if I were in their shoes, I don’t know if I could take this much of garbage. I would seriously question if it is worthy to stay in this role in this family. I hope they have taken the time to come up with a good strategy to fight back through the lawsuits and their new foundation. I am afraid that Meghan and Harry will need our support even more in 2020 !

  7. Kimberly Ramsey

    Thank you for surfacing the assault and character assassination of the Dutchess of Sussex as well the malicious attempts to block Prince Harry’s protection of his wife and son and ability to move forward with their philanthropy and good works.

  8. Marjorie Ireland

    God has collected Doria`s tears in a Bucket! This lovely woman cried for her daughter. The Bucket of tears is going to be poured out on the Racist RRs as well as those in the Royal Family who have peddled lies to the Press about Meghan!! Still she rises while her dtractors will have a spectacular fall!!

    1. Gladys

      Marjorie Ireland its not only Ms. Doria’s tears for many have cried, her dear friends, her husband, the Squad & to any sane human & i always tear up reading Meghanpedia articles sad yet loving, for they highlight the witchful mistreatment of Meghan by the BP, RR, some Royals who’re concerned with popularity & thus vexed by the Sussexe’s popularlity & the bounty fruits of their works & oh that insane-envious partanal side, so its buckets & buckets of tears, personally i hope they all suffer at one time in their lives a million times more than the pain they’ve caused this couple especially to the Duchess, for she has done nothing wrong.

      1. Airat

        Absolutely nothing wrong; all we saw in Meghan and Harry over the years were the values of kindness tenacity,gracefulness and warmth. Thank you Kip Zane for this piece.
        My take is that Meghan is on my pedestal…as she is on other people’s, so she should continue to do her charities and perform her royal role conscientiously . BUT,she should wear much brighter clothes. For 3 years,she has tried to play it cool with blue,grey,more navy blue and too many black outfits…there is no need. The Duchess should assert herself more. She should not cower or shrink for anybody for she cannot please every body.

  9. kelleybelle

    As usual, factual and right on. Thank you for a fascinating read and for outing the despicable liars.

  10. missKartinsWorld

    Good read! Definitely Meghan will shine and be the star she’s always been! She’ll have a good year better than this year!She’ll always have my support regardless. I only wish her and Prince Harry the best.
    Thank you for taking time to write this.

  11. yona

    Hope 2020 is better for the Duke and Duchess and king A. We will be supporting them as always and showing them love

  12. Gladys

    MrsMe, good idea, come 2020 just concentrating on the Sussexes goodness👍👌✊ & with lots of 💙❤💜💛

  13. Gladys

    Surely it really need not to be like this, the partanal side of her family is so satanical & that half sister is a devil incarnation😈never saw a jealousy like hers, that woman is the most hateful of all for there’s venomous hate within her all displayed on her face, in her eyes, she at first tried to hide it in a documentary like a snake she is praising the Duchess, for the spam donner, he’s so demented that one wonders if he does know what he says, you can surely see that he’s coached in what he says & of course there’s money & his intoxicated envious failure son, it would be no wonder if he was told what to write & say by the hateful BM & where there’s payment he can spuur his jealousy hate with abandon.
    For the Media as we now know its the money, BUT again the British Media, Royal reporters & the Palace we know all what part of the Palace & Court & particularly the boss of that court, its Envy & Jealousy.

  14. MrsMe

    As always, superb. Reading content like this keeps me sane and glad I am on the right side of history supporting the Sussexes. Oh how I hope for 2020 that this content will replace the toxic dishonest bile that is currently circulated by the hateful media and ‘paid for bots’.
    I am tired of challenging the hate so my agenda for 2020 will be to focus on the positive and celebrate the good and measurable outcomes created by the Sussexes, their foundation and their true supporters. ❤️❤️❤️

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