Meghan Doesn’t Need Permission To Pay Her Respects

Meghan Doesn’t Need Permission To Pay Her Respect

“I have already settled it for myself, so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.”Meghan

The duchess of Sussex, quoting Georgia O’Keeffe Sep 29, 2020, on how she navigates public criticism.

When it comes to Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, people have lost their minds.

A degree of insanity and derangement that defies reason. Since it was a day of the week ending in the letters ay, and Meghan was out and about living her life and making an impact in ways that she can, human adults who should have better sense and frankly more pressing things in their lives are acting a complete fool on the internet, because a woman with agency and autonomy, exercised it and traveled to a Uvalde,TX, a community traumatized and grieving the bloody slaughter of 19 of their children and 2 teachers, to pay her respects.

Meghan went to pay her respects and offer support to those who are helping in the community. She’s reported to have taken some food and beverages to volunteers and donors at a blood drive organized by Texas Blood and Tissue, and laid flowers at a wooden cross memorializing one of the slain children. She talked with the volunteers about the horrific killings and how the community was coping. The only reason we have a reporting and read out of the visit is that, a local Buzzfeed reporter, Kadia Goba, was at the Herby Ham Activity Center (site of blood drive) to cover a visit by Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke (who was there to donate blood), when the Duchess arrived to drop off the food. She got the story( details) from the volunteers, which story was published by Buzzfeed.

People have a problem with this, calling it a publicity stunt because images of her were captured at the memorial. I have seen stupid comments like “why did she take photographers? It would have been more meaningful if she didn’t” Never mind that this is a major incident where all kinds of media are present. Indeed, I have seen dozens of pictures of Meghan from Getty Images and there is no proof that she had a photographer. I have even seen video footage from the BBC, who were not there on the Duchess’s account, but captured a newsworthy moment. The fact that people cannot think clearly and logically in context, is quite disturbing. Are they just lazy or not smart at all? Do these people have jobs? How do they function in any organized environment?

One writes, “Why did she go there? Ordinary people don’t go to these places”. Well thank you for for confirming that The Duchess of Sussex IS extraordinary in her desire to positively impact communities, and for letting us know that you’ve lost your humanity and cannot process why someone will go and commiserate with a grieving community. Says another, “Its so many miles from door to door, did she go by private jet?” I don’t know and I don’t care. I just care that she was there. So what if she went by private jet? What about it? Yes, the Duchess of Sussex has the means and access to travel by private jet if she needs to. Are you peeved that her passage to Texas might have been comfortable? Who even are these people?

Anyone who has followed Meghan closely, from her “Suits” days up until now (her views on social issues are clear), wouldn’t have been surprised at all that she went. Indeed she previously(in 2016) shared her views on gun violence in America, with a reporter who shall remain nameless on this platform.

She has famously said, If something is wrong, somebody has to do something about it and why not her?(I’m paraphrasing). She has also said that whatever platform she has where people are paying attention to what she’s saying or doing, she feels that she must do or say something valuable.

This is nothing new, and her visit to Uvalde is consistent. Particularly, when you consider that children were the targets and she herself, a mother of two young ones would be moved, as anyone would. Also, Meghan IS an American, who went to school in a post-Columbine world, that has tragically only gotten worse. She is allowed to have feelings about the latest tragedy and she’s allowed to help if so inspired. She saw a need to support a grieving community and did that.

A lot of people may not have known that there was a blood drive with volunteers, but now they do because she was there. The creation of that awareness is a by-product of her personal desire to be impactful. More people can now go and donate blood or volunteer a shift at the blood drive, or support them in whatever way they can, if they so choose.

For those who are criticizing her, are you really upset that she went and gave food to volunteers, or that she privately consoled and offered assistance to some families, while you sat on you bullsh!t tripod and spat out absurdities? Or is it the fact that her visit made news that has your dander up? Either way, you seriously need to examine your priorities in life, because when you cannot recognize the gravity of a situation and modulate yourself in the context of a tragedy, “then YOU have a serous problem, and YOU need to ask yourself, what are YOU going to do about it?”.

Was it was a publicity stunt when she arranged for food from craft services on the set of SUITS to be sent to shelters? Or when she was organizing fundraisers with Rwandan kids’ watercolor paintings (with water drawn from newly dug wells in Rwanda) to benefit their community? People who know, have met, interacted or worked with Meghan have a similar account of her kindness and charitable nature. It never fails that it is perfect strangers, who know nothing of her and those who have supplanted their own gumption for the droppings of an agenda-driven media caricature. Here is a previous article from Meghanpedia on Duchess Meghan’s activism/philanthropy while at North Western University.

“It’s funny, we didn’t even know it was her until after she left and now we’re so sad.
I mean, to be honest, we thought she was our our neighbor”- Blood drive Volunteer to Buzzfeed reporter.

All there is to know about Meghan’s pre-royal philanthropy and activism in her personal capacity and on behalf of civil society and multi-lateral organizations is not only available at the click of a mouse, but is consistent with who she is today, albeit with a larger platform. It is therefore puzzling to see people who should frankly know better, not just internet trolls, viciously swarm out at every scent of Duchess Meghan such that, one has to wonder.

What on earth is going on in people’s lives ? What are they missing so badly that they have become so coarsened and callous, speak not of their mindless obsession with Meghan’s every move. As a matter of principle, I don’t engage with trolls, the willfully stupid or those perpetually in search of a gripe, as far as The Duchess of Sussex is concerned. They’re a lost cause- they’re not looking to understand and don’t care to see the point. They’re here to be offended and fill their miserable and otherwise empty lives with their perennial need for a hateful fix. Yesterday was an exception, and it needs to be said. So, to the chorus of do-nothings, do-littles and seat-warming experts, this next part is for you. I know you will see this because you sniff out anything remotely related to the venerable Duchess of Sussex.

To all you grown humans with no other purpose in life but to bitch and throw puerile hissy fits about a person you do not know personally, who’s not spending your money or living your life, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, does not need your permission to do a damn thing. She will go where she wants, express her opinions when she wants, you fill in the blank, and there is not a thing you can do about that! You will crawl out of your hole and scream into the abyss because you’re a pathetic human, incapable of managing your maladjusted feelings about the Duchess of Sussex. You claim to “not care about her” and that she should “go away” but you keep up with her EVERY move.

I personally dislike Brussels sprouts, so when I’m grocery shopping you won’t find me checking to see if the day’s display of sprouts are fresh, a good value or whatever. You certainly will not catch me searching Brussels sprout recipes. That will be madness. However, if I’ve been eyeing a quality cut of meat or fine piece of seafood that is beyond my means, I may look at it and note to myself the next time I will be able to afford it. But if I’m so pained that I start to trash talk the expensive meat- babbling about how lobster or whatever, is not really my taste, I don’t understand why people like it, lobster shouldn’t even be displayed or sold in the supermarket and when I see someone buying or eating lobster, I attack them? Whoa! Absolutely nuts right? Meanwhile, like clockwork, every time I go to the shops or to a restaurant I check out the lobster. WILD.

You, Meghan hater and constant irrational critic, are sadly in the latter category. I know that you know, that you can completely tune her out and curate for yourself, a news feed or social media milieu that excludes her, but alas you CANNOT. Why? because “the opposite of love is not hate- it is indifference”, and you sorry purposeless humans are hooked to Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. You DO CARE about her, only that your life is so empty and meaningless, you cannot reconcile how full and significant hers is. You have thus willingly enslaved yourselves to the very essence of her existence. You’re beholden to her because, her life, being lived on her terms, seems to allow you spells of hateful decompression that enables you to somehow cope with whatever it is that ails you. And to write volumes of claptrap in the name of journalism, in order to make a living.

Do the trolls and masquerading trolls(you know your veneer) think their hatefulness will deter The Duchess of Sussex? She wouldn’t have traveled to Uvalde, TX in that case. The difference between your sad lives and Meghan’s is that SHE moves to her own drumbeat, and YOU HAVE TO TUNE IN. She is living her own life fully, courageously and unapologetically, doing what fulfills her, and you trolls and spiteful bunch get to scavenge on the crumbs she drops along the way.

I wish I could say I feel sorry for what dismal lives you inhabit, but I don’t. For all the noise you make and the uncivilized nuisance you are to society, I hope The Duchess of Sussex’s existence continues to torment you. I hope she does or says something every single day, to upset your world until you can’t take anymore. Oh but you will take it, because SHE OWNS YOU, and you came freely too! She has you in a voluntary choke-hold, and you’re powerless to liberate yourselves. Otherwise, prove me wrong and quit her. Get some humanity and some self-respect. Especially to the bitter crowd from the little Brexit island across the ocean, keep your noses in your sewage-laden rivers OK?

Seriously, get a life.

Editor’s note: Credit and thanks to the various squaddies who collected and shared some of the media used in this article.


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    1. Judy S

      This is one of the best analyses of the Meghan hate brigade that I have read. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  1. Barnadette J

    Beautifully written and an amazing article. Very well said . Meghan is just being herself who she’s always been. A kind and considerate soul.

  2. C. T.

    Thank you ever so much. It really needed to be said. These hateful beings are in awe of her. She possess something they want and know that they’ll never have which is her loving Prince of a husband! They’re in awe of her beauty, intelligence, eloquence, independence, competence, resilience, ingenious and excellence! Keep on shining Meghan. You blessed & highly favored! Keep on walking in your blessing!!

  3. Conie Brussels

    Wow,wow,wow!!!!! what an excellent article!!!! Its really fantastic and I,m Lost for words!!!! Thanks a lot Irene and keep it coming!!!!👍👍👏👏👏💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Meghanpedia

    @ ian hoare
    One more nasty comment and your business email address will be exposed.

  5. Elizabeth Badu

    Beautifully written article, you’ve said it all she doesn’t need permission to do good.

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