Like Mum, Like Son: An Influential Archie


Baby Archie is quite influential already. Not even twelve months yet and Archie is making positive waves. Like his mother Duchess Meghan, Archie’s influence can be seen in many places.

Ever since the little one was breathed into this world, the world has been captivated. Archie, which means “truly brave,” had been gaining steam prior, but recently took off.

His name is inspiring parents and has shot to the top of popularity charts. Taking the top spot for baby boy names in 2019 so far, according to Nameberry.

The name dropped from the Top 1,000 list in the U.S. back in the late 1980s, but returned in 2018. In England, Archie has been a Top 100 name since 2000.

Archie is also expected to have a positive impact on Britain’s economy just like his mother. Meghan raises fashion sales by 216 percent following public appearances, reports Vox.

Archie is expected to generate growth in the sale of infant products and children’s wear over the next two years by £1.125 billion, which is approximately $1.62 billion USD.

The public hasn’t seen much of Archie as he’s still young. His parents thankfully plan to raise him as normal and out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Archie is expected to go to Africa in the fall with his parents. Since his birth there months ago Archie continues to be such a positive force in the world. His influence will only grow from here.


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