I Just Want To Abuse You, What Is So Wrong With That?


On January 8, 2020, Harry and Meghan announced via the SussexRoyal Instagram page that they had made a long thought out decision to step back from Senior Royal duties. The desired intensions have been laid out on a well-developed website. Overall the main points are a quest to forge their own path with their philanthropic endeavors which includes living financially independent of family and taxpayer funds, rear their child(ren) in a more expanded environment, and ditch the incredulous Royal Rota and divide their time between the UK and North America. The initial announcement has been followed by negotiations that ended yielded a deal that will see the Sussexes step back from all royal duties, including Prince Harry’s official military ones, spend most of their time in North America and pursue both their charitable and personal professional ventures without oversight from the palace.

Based on the unending refrain of “ The Sussexes can leave if they’re not Happy”, “ The Sussexes are doing damage to the monarchy” etc., coupled with the palace’s own year-end public relations push to frame/ define the future of the monarchy literally and visually as one that did not include the Sussex family, one would come to the logical conclusion that Harry and Meghan’s choice to step back would be met with cheers! Bigots spanning from the UK to the US with the urging of right wing media outlets mainly in England, have had a mandate to remove Meghan from their lily white equation for nearly four years.

I would even theorize that unfortunately members of the British Royal family and or the royal establishment have been working on her departure as well, judging from the unrefuted hints from some royal reporters that no one in the family support Harry and Meghan. Even if we didn’t have those accounts, that the family has come to the defense of other members; including most recently trying to rehabilitate the image of Prince Andrew, who is currently playing a game of hide and seek with US law enforcement in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein case , and yet sat aloof while the media machine dissected Harry and Meghan to the bone speaks volumes. It makes the Queen’s numerous references to family and wishes that the couple would remain as Senior Royals in the palace’s January 13, 2020 statement eye-roll worthy. Well, you had your chance!

After all, the wishes of these various forces have included Meghan’s removal from the spotlight they so covet. Not to talk about the protracted and disingenuous whining about public funding for rehabilitating the couple’s home; one I might add, is very modest compared to other members of the family, even those of lower rank. Those wishes have been granted! Harry and Meghan will no longer undertake royal duties, which the media and their public following always seemed to have one thing or the other to gripe about anyway. They no longer have to worry about paying for Harry and Meghan’s home as the couple have elected to refund that expense. All is good and all must be content now. No?

Incredulously, these same detractors and instigators, are now mad as Hades that the couple have heard and heeded those suggestions. What with all the posturing and faux outrage about “how dare they do that to the queen” and “Prince Charles is hurt”. Let’s not forget that “William is upset that his brother’s exit leaves the rest of them to take on more duties”. Well no sh!t. That is the least he could do in return for the fawning benevolence of the British taxpayer, regardless of what he says, does or doesn’t do.

The media’s whiplash is ubiquitous too. Two of Meghan’s most ardent stalkers Piers Morgan and Camilla Long could not help themselves. Piers told Meghan in July 2019 to ‘Go back to America’ yet, since January’s announcement, he has had several on-air and print tirades, strangely expressing anger that they are indeed leaving! As for Camilla Long, she still hasn’t quite figured out that when you repeatedly tell a person to leave and they do, shock would be the wrong response to have. Unless of course, your ego took a hit, when your prey called your bluff and told you to shove it.

Maybe if Ms. Long wasn’t so busy trying to present the best facial angle, she would have had time to read the room. The hilarity and absurdity of it all is summed up well by Twitter user Paulie Doyle.

These examples embody the sentiment across the right wing British Media and spilling into what I like to call social media #Bigotlogic. There have been meltdowns decrying Meghan and Harry’s exit where there should be celebration based on the prior tone.

The same Royal sycophants, I mean pundits, that othered Meghan and berated her and Harry this entire time are now trying to figure out why they would leave. To absolve themselves of any responsibility, they have characteristically failed to pause and reflect and rather proceeded to gaslight, deflect, dismiss racism as a factor and place blame mainly on Meghan’s shoulders, and minimize Harry as not the ‘All Man’ that he is. The conversations have dipped into the theme of the British Media’s tradition of being hateful to Royal brides; chiding Meghan for not choosing to just endure the abuse until some unknown period in time in the future that they may stop the onslaught. Barbaric! The tone of these conversations also vacillates to lamenting what a blow this decision is to the Monarcy. One British Breakfast TV host asked Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu @SholaMos1 if Meghan was “missing an opportunity” to teach Britain about it’s 1000s year old bigotry by not staying to continue to endure the racial abuse that they deny? The good Doc cleared that one up for her. I would suggest Dr. Mos-Shogbamimu’s Twitter feed for clips and also enlightenment on racism in the UK. Long time truth-teller Afua Hirsh @afuahirsh has also been fighting the good fight on UK and US airwaves. Her recent New York Times OP ED is an insightful and instructive read. Sadly, the tomfoolery continues; the gaslighting and feigned shock has been thick!

When you take in the rhetoric, it is very evident that Meghan was just expected to stay and take the toxicity. Why wouldn’t she want to just stay in the den of the abuse? What’s so wrong with that? EVERYTHING: Civilized people don’t behave in the manner that has been exhibited to this couple. Welcoming people don’t do that either. Neither does anyone with a conscience. Also why are the agenda-driven British media and their like-minded readers happy to see other members of the royal family be defended, but are aghast at the sight of Harry standing up for, and defending his chosen wife and family? I hope Harry and Meghan’s detractors can truthfully answer that question. If not, then perhaps that’s where their work ought to be.

The abuse leveled at Meghan for almost four years has been nothing short of evil in action. Rising above that, the strength, perserverence, and mutual love demonstrated by Harry and Meghan has also been something to behold. I applaud them for protecting their family’s mental and physical wellbeing above all else. I applaud them for knowing their self worth and having the spine to draw their boundaries. May God richly bless them in the next chapter of their life and may he hold this beautiful young family in his heavenly arms.

*The writer’s decision to not address Harry and Meghan by their man made titles in this piece is because her support for Harry, Meghan, and Archie is rooted in their personhood, not titles.


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23 comments on “I Just Want To Abuse You, What Is So Wrong With That?

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  2. Dr. Marilyn Kay Troupe

    H and M and the palace, including the Queen, Charles and William have been working on this all of 2019. That is why the palace told the media that the UK was not big enough for both the Cambridge’s and Sussex’s. That was why H and M would be moving to Africa or some other continent. The Sussex were sucking all of the air away from Will and Kate. Well now the RF is getting what they want. Kate can now be the center of attention. Let us see how long this honeymoon will last. The BM are like hyenas, they need constant feeding. Hurray for Harry and Meghan.

  3. Bridget

    Thank you very much for an enlightening article. Seriously, why are people expecting them the stay? I think it is time for the Royal Family to take a good hard look on how they mistreated Prince Harry and his new family by not being vocally supportive and calling out the media on the treatment that Meghan in particular received. Who would seriously want to be royal if it means this? I in particular hate all the Wikipedia educated self-proclaimed psychiatric experts claiming that Meghan suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. No one but licensed professionals are entitled to use a psychiatric diagnosis. It has been horrible to watch and Prince Harry’s family has failed him miserably. I mean come on – why take his military titles away from him. How mean and petty is that. He served his country with honour and they find that necessary. That is vengeful to the max.

  4. Norah

    People in the UK are acting like Harry wasn’t serious about getting his family the heck out of that very distorted, outdated institution called British royal family, and the parasitic hold the tabloids have on it. The Sussexes just wanted to do their work, support the things they are passionate about and to be treated respectfully and fairly. Harry has been telling the British media to leave his girl now wife alone for 3+ years, didn’t want to listen. They’re done with the UK, their media and the family that left them to bleed.

  5. Alicia

    It is comforting to read an article that isn’t a hit piece against the Sussex family.
    Perhaps some of you are aware of the monthly Majesty magazine with editor in chief Ingrid Seward.
    If you read her article (February issue, Page 27) you will not be happy that she tries to blame “Sussex vanity”
    as the reason that Harry and Meghan made their escape, carefully not mentioning their vile abuse by the
    tabloids. Meghan and/or Harry graced the covers of her magazine nearly every other month since 2017 but I suppose now that they have left the royal family, they can be kicked to the curb. Guess the love of money truly is
    the root of all evil.

    1. Joyce

      They have not left the Royal family, they’re stepping back as senior royal working member so they don’t participate in the rota where they are exposed to the abusive press pack. Ingrid Sewage has had it in for the Sussexes so not surprised. The problem here is why don’t they concentrate on their favourite. I t is mind boggling.They are all crying because they have no access to the Sussexes, all those who have made money of trashing them will not spend them wisely as karma will visit them.

  6. Gladys

    I applaude the way you’ve written the truth in this article, it buffles thousands how the Royal family & their dogs the British Media or visevasa have behaved for the last 3,5 years towards this lovely amazing couple but as we all know the envy was enormous.

  7. Debbie

    I enjoyed reading this thank you for writing it. I dislike the British Press because they print what they like, the Royal Family lives by the rule “do not interact, react or respond” as it gives credence to what ever drivel they are printing. The down side of this is it encourages the press to become more outlandish and outrageous. I think they need knocking back a peg or two.

    Personally I wish H&M a happy and fulfilling life, if they want to live as private citizens outside the RF that is their prerogative, they are adults who can and have made decisions. I also think that these discussion to leave were not spur of the moment but the release was as it was going to end up on the front page of the Sun or the Mail courtesy of a palace courtier.

  8. Val cedeno

    Great insight- sometimes your abuser don’t only want control but are envious of you because you represent every thing that they want to be. They all want to be part of the royal family- be it friends, invitees to functions, rubbing elbows, etc. They hate our Duchess because they all lusted and wanted Harry in some way or the other. He rejected the all white British girls for – our Duchess.

    Let them “eat their hearts out”

  9. M

    Great article, spot on with the relevant points. God bless Harry, Meghan, Archie & mama Doria 🙏🏽🙏🏻😘🥰❤️ @sussexroyal #WESTANDWITHHARRYMEGHANARCHIE❤️

  10. Amy

    Another great article Regina. The nerve of these people. I am so glad they made a good choice to leave this toxic family and the bigotry of the people of GB. I know the God I serve has his hands on Sussexes. God is in control of this situation.


    It’s really sad and shocking that people will stoop so low. I have zero respect for the RF for being owned by the evil BM.This article is mind blowing. Keep it up and God bless the Sussexes 🤗

  12. Joyce

    Thank you for a great and wonderful analysis of the situation we can see before our eyes. This brought tears to my eyes. I can’t believe that these perpetrators expect this couple to sit and endure all the garages thrown at them. They underestimated the couple and God will protect them and be their guard and guardian always,we will continue to support them.

    1. Airat

      I agree. Thanks,Ms Hartley. In my heart I see them as Hqrry and Meghan and l still believe their names already constitute a brand without the titles. They are a formidable force…without the titles!
      With regard to the hue and cry from the British press reporters et al,they were genuinely flummoxed. Why? Their premeditated narrative or headline was to celebrate Meghan’s exit,sans Harry. They wanted a divorce or a scandal;they never anticipated in their racist,warped minds that their predicted Megxit would include Harry.
      It is so liberating for even some of us now. We can sleep better because no information is revealed about the couple. No Palace sources dropping stories. None of their power of snooping has revealed anything.
      IWhat we have left ot the straw the drowning press are hanging onto is the man who is even the black sheep of his own family:Meghan’s father playing the clown and making a spectacle of himself…as usual or how do we reconcile his own attacks targeted at his own daughter till she left with his demand for reward from Harry and Meghan? I don’t know about others,but l am amused at the trio—-the father the son and the witch romancing the press and leaving no doubt as to why Meghan gave them a wide berth in the first place.

    1. C. T.

      What a dynamic, thought provoking, well written articulation. What an inane question that was posed to Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu. Who in their right frame of mind would stay around to be constantly abused in the hope that it would get better? I’m glad The Sussexes stepped back from being Senior Royals. They demonstrated that no amount of wealth, position & privilege is worth losing your healthy state of mind, dignity & self respect!!!

  13. Kelley Small

    Once again a great piece, right on. Thank you for highlighting the absurdity and ridiculousness of the British press.

  14. Lovie

    This is an excellent piece. They r dying cAuse they c the Sussexes don’t need the media or the BRF. I was done when I c that plane stunt they pull on H&M all because of jealousy. The god that I serve will not let evil win. What is a man who worship worldly things and give up his soul,

  15. Jessyca

    Oh, I just LOVE this article. This article was so beautiful, it made me cry. It brought out the evil and insanity of the actions of the British Press, those ridiculous amateur and evil talk show hosts at once. It is insane and illogical to think anyone would be willing to remain in such a toxic environment, indefinitely. One would have to have a heart of stone to expect such a thing.

  16. Catherine

    Excellent article. The behavior of the BRF and the BM is frighteningly pathological. It’s been astonishing to observe.

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