BAFTAS so colonial: Thomas Markle and patron ‘saint’ Prince William

Thomas Markle

Before the British ever set foot onto the African continent to enslave and colonize, they had propagandist John Locke. John Locke’s job was to describe Africans as ‘savages’ and ‘beasts’; and set the stage for the exploitation of Africans. They were after all ‘savages’ in need of British ‘civilization’. Most British people embraced the exploitation of Africans because after all they were not regarded as human. John Locke through his work had laid out the justification for slavery and colonialism.

In 2018, Piers Morgan was a modern-day John Locke in his interview with Mr. Thomas Markle Sr. Piers’ interview portrayed Thomas as a good father who made one mistake; while Duchess Meghan was depicted as a hard-hearted daughter who abandoned her sick father.

The agenda of course is to preserve intact the establishment. To make it clear that people of color are not welcome. To ‘other’ the Duchess of Sussex and remove any connection with regular Brits; and to rob Duchess Meghan of her dignity and justify attacks against her. To give validity to the racist trolls online and the fake relatives who the Duchess hardly knows but have gone into full colonial mode to attack her. The same relatives, who do not talk to their own children, are fixated with a distant relative at Windsor…

To achieve this goal the UK press has gone into full colonial mode to attack the Duchess of Sussex.

Below in an excerpt from The Sunday Times article dated April 21 2019:

This sense of embattlement has been entrenched by William’s decision to reach out to senior figures in the media as he prepares for kingship and by the apparent decision of those same newspapers to side with the palace over Meghan and Harry by peddling the most negative coverage of the duchess’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.

The writings of John Locke made colonialism acceptable to the average British person. Thomas Markle Sr. is the anti-dad and father in name only sold his daughter to British tabloids and lied about it. He has never publicly defended his daughter against unwarranted attacks by his cruel offspring from his first marriage. These Markles are like welfare queens relying on tabloid benefits to pay their bills.

Just as John Locke got his orders from the Crown, the modern day royal reporters got theirs from Prince William, who is the head of Kensington Palace. The Sunday Times confirmed this and Kensington Palace did not deny it.

There have been various ideas floated for them to take on a job abroad, such as governor-general of Australia or Canada, wherever, … the palace brains trust has been working up plans for a role for the couple, probably in Africa, where Harry has longstanding interests and which he refers to as his “second home”. (The Sunday Times, April 21, 2019)

To add insult to injury the Baftas nominated the GMB Thomas Markle interview for an award. The Baftas are giving justification to hatred and bigotry, outright lies, thus, giving neocolonialism a platform. John Locke sought to prepare the hearts and minds of the British to accept slavery & colonialism. The UK Media and Baftas in 2019 seek to promote neocolonialism. By maligning the princess of color (Duchess Meghan) through hit pieces they are making Brits sympathetic to the neocolonial agenda. The neocolonial agenda also encompasses the Back To Africa campaign that has long been championed by the alt-right and racist trolls. This is of course with the full backing of the patron ‘saint’ of the Baftas one Prince William of Cambridge.


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